Magic Truffles

  • Mr
    Well what can I say, these truffles are amazing, hilarious trip and excellent visuals. I cannot thank enough for giving me the two best nights in I've ever had. You should be proud of your products, proud of your business, and take pride in the joy that you share with all of your customers. You guys really are the best. I cannot wait to shop with you again sometime soon. Peace out :-)

  • Translated from French barthel
    Dragons are two good truffles a bit like Atlantis but just a little stronger with 15g fresh per person you will have a good laugh and beautiful colors in front of the eyes for 4 or 6 hours depending on the dose absorb just a little expensive but for me one of the best truffles on the site in large doses never ill to order without problem

  • Translated from Italian J-One
    Well, what can I say, these truffles are amazing, exhilarating journey and excellent images. I can't thank enough for giving me the best two nights I've ever had. You should be proud of your products, proud of your business, and proud of the joy you share with all your customers. You guys are really the best. I am looking forward to shopping with you yet. Bom! :-)

  • Translated from French MisterChester
    Order received in 6 days, 16g each for a first trip! Taken at midnight. The first visual effects quickly arrived after 30 minutes, with the colors intensifying. At the end of an enormous hour of speed I see my friend all yellow and we start to explode with laughter without being able to stop! We decide to take a walk in a nearby park to enjoy the effects without restrictions ... And welcome to the land of dreams we see ourselves in a kind of fairy kingdom, I see garlands everywhere, toys, we are literally in dreaming, we no longer have any feelings of reality and that's where the best happens! We land in the grass because we find it so magical and I start to leave in a delirium Jurrasic park: I see T-rex and lizards spiraling from the heads of buildings at least, there are one who eats a lamppost and who gets closer and closer to us and who sets out again in the other direction! My friend had a star wars trip, we went back to childhood, I saw my high school in 3D, a goat face instead of that of a friend, heavenly lights, the impression of being alone in the world in another country: it was truly supernatural! : D Thank you shayanashop <3

  • Translated from French Alex
    Hi mush! Order received in 6 days, very discreet! 22 grams for two with my friend. What a perfect opportunity for us to listen to our favorite band, INFECTED MUSHROOM. I found it better to get out, to go in my friend's car, in order to fully enjoy the effects without restrictions. After swallowing all that, we waited 1 hour 30 or so before feeling the first euphoria. We mixed that with a little weed, it went well together. 2 hours after taking it, we were right in !! We strolled through the small town, a SMOGO and a TADMORV ... big big big delirium, giggles, surges of positive emotions, some visual distortions but nothing obvious. We really felt like we were in another world, really soggy !! The delirium lasted maybe 5 hours for me ... A little headache happened on the way down, probably due to the joints .... We strongly recommend this dynamite, as well as shayana !!! Thank you for the discretion, for the little extra grams, and for the experience last night !!!! You are at the top !

  • Translated from French FayaTolosa
    Ahahaha I thought the effect was to fade away, then finally I see my friend arrived with the body of a man but the head of a dog ..: DI was bent! Imagine the head of a French bulldog with a Charlotte Hornet's cap, I'm still not getting over it !!! very good feeling, I recommend!

  • Translated from German Jonas
    First of all a big compliment to the shop for the fast delivery. Transfered Tuesday and Saturday they were already there :) Then I ate with 2 buddies each 15g on Saturday evening around 6pm. We sat with me and listened to chilled music. After half an hour we went. Violent laugh flashes, beautiful optics and a pleasant body feeling. After a good 4 hours around 10 p.m., the effects had largely waned and that without disgusting `` coming down '', so that we were still fit to go out around 11 p.m. but these truffles are definitely a good alternative to normal mushrooms;)

  • Translated from French axel
    Really huge trip after taking 13G a 20 min climb that gave me fits of giggles A totally different perception of the space the right angles became bulging and undulating A continuous trip from start to finish: See graffiti on the walls and it intensifies I ended up seeing some really huge shapes and this trip lasted all the time I was hovering A little bit of auditory hallu I heard strange sounds like gunshots or hear a friend talking next to me while he is at the other end of the room I really recommend for delirium :) Have a good trip everyone

  • Slavo
    THX Shayana! I waited on my DD truffles about one week I paid by credit card (I live in Germany) but it absolutely does not matter. 100% discretion! I didn't try yet, but on Saturday...... yeaaaaaaa!!!! ;-) was waiting for my DD truffles about 1 week (I leave in Germany) but that's absolutle no problem. 100% discret and I didn't try yest but... On Saturday gonna be a very nice weather so.... why not!

  • Dr.
    I took 10 grams empty stomach and waited 4 h.. no effect at all, just a bit of loosing the sense of time. No visuals, just a belly ake and a very very unpleasant acid taste in my mouth.

  • Marko
    I'll put it shortly - Delivery - after receiving an email from shayanashop that my package is sent it took 5 days to descretly land in my postal box. Trip dosage - I took around 12g Trip duration - Around 6 hours (first 3 were better though) Feeling - just amazing! More visual than the mexicana ones, but less euforia. Really good and mindblowing conversations with my friends. For those who never tried any shrooms and cannot compare them to something here's an elaboration: It starts to me as a feeling of light I need to vomit, but not that strong (this doesn't have to be for you too...I only had that feeling, my friends didn't) After half an hour or so the nausia fades, and the wonderful feelings kick in...try closing your eyes, try walking around, try focusing, become one with nature. EVERYTHING is possible! Definitely a good experience for beginners. Recommended around 10g. If you are experienced (ate more than 3 times) and curious about these shrooms, take at least 15g. Thank you shayana! :)

  • Translated from French Xav
    Great product, for me they are the ones that have the most effect, an entire evening to be splitting the mouths with the friends, even those who have not eaten it we have a good laugh about our bullshit !! Be careful, you have to go soft with the alcohol nearby. and above all I would like to thank Shayana for the quality of her service, two orders in 2 weeks received 4 days later in the mailbox, discretion and speed, no complaints!

  • John
    Amazing I took these a few years back in the dam and it was the most visual trip I have had did the whole lot so 20 grams and well I was transported to another dimension for what felt like about 5 hours but was only about 1 or 2 of heavy tripping but I took these at 1 in the afternoon and was still tripping well into the eve at 8 and 9 pm in a cafe with graffiti melting onto people from the walls yet I still managed to skin up a tripple skin and make it look like magic when I sparked it all this was from the 2 people I was travelling with who just smoked even they said I was 1 with everything it was amazing to watch everything work for me and when the trip was heavy they said if it wasn't for the smile and the fact I still took my pass they would have thought I was in a k hole or something but were it took me was amazing their will be a YouTube video of the would I saw one day :)

  • luke
    I took 30 gram of it yesterday and it was very week(It could be just me not reacting to it the right way) .There were pretty much no visuals at all, just the distorted blurred vision that you get on mushroom onset. The head felt very heavy on the trip to the point where I couldn't wait fore the trip to stop. It didn't feel like a bad trip as there were times that i laugh and all.It was just really strange and uncomfortable. The truffles were here in 6 days and very incognito so good job shayana but the quality of the truffles is debatable. Just as a last word i took magic mushrooms in the past and have cultivated them too so I am not a complete rookie, and there has been months since my last trip so there is no issue of tolerance buildup. I fell very disappointed.

  • Translated from Portuguese Alberto
    The experience was good :-) it lived up to expectations, although it is necessary to pack it in a cool place because of oxidation .. The advice is to use it in a short time :-)

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    These mushrooms are of good quality. Their freshness combined with vacuum packaging allows them to keep for several weeks in the refrigerator. The acidity is strong, especially when tasted on an empty stomach.

  • Translated from French Freddy
    The taste is not too bad, a little tart. 5 ~ 6 grams taken with Dutch Orange Intense, deformation of the environment (some objects become alive and breathe: an armchair, a sofa, the walls ...), visual hallucinations (becoming very small, seeing your giant friends with elf ears or growing hair, change of colors, believing that the floor and the ceiling have reversed ...), laugh non-stop for at least 4 hours. Good delirium !!!

  • Translated from Samoan Mathilde
    it was the first time that we had truffles with friends, not disappointed !!! we had a good laugh, I didn't have too much of a visual effect on my part and the next day no effect apart from the fatigue of course from our rather short night!

  • Translated from French Waz0
    We took it for the first time with a friend last night, I had been on an empty stomach since 10am and he a little less, 10 grams each (at least it's bland, not difficult to eat). A strange feeling of high for 1 hour, in waves, not unpleasant but no visual effect ... I would try the others of the truffle pack later, hoping for better: /

  • Translated from French Luna
    Order received in 4 days. Discreet packaging. Good product, at the beginning as we did not know the truffles, my friend and I even took a light back in infusion ... And after 30 minutes, strange feeling in the stomach and uncontrollable laughter, with a few joints and a little of alcohol we spent a few hours of pure delirium !!! we recommend it to everyone. Thanks Shayana!

  • Translated from French Dam
    1st part of my order delivered in 5 days! Nikel. I hope the other half will follow quickly. In any case, in this one I had my little packet of truffles. I ate 2 boxes an hour before. It was already going pretty well. We were going to see a concert. We were going to see a concert. decides to take half of the package each with my girlfriend and PWWAA ... A few minutes later at the end of a song the whole room is in the dark and BAMM; Big discharge suddenly. Not too much felt the rise, I have the impression of having gone to the direct stage. Accustomed to mushrooms and other psychedelics I found them super pleasant. Not mental, very visual and auditory. The lazer of the concert was something the zamis! ! Walls swollen in all directions. Color vortex etc ... Next time I will test them without blotting paper before but I will stick the whole bag on myself without hesitation, see more. They are serious cool and manageable. I am re-ordering as soon as I receive my new credit card and I take it directly from those (with other kinds for varied pleasure) !! rmés they are really on top! THANK YOU SHAYANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from German Patrick
    High Hawaiians - Dragons Dynamite Mix First of all the information that the dosages that I took with my travel partner definitely do not correspond to the safe use, therefore not recommended for inexperienced users! First use 31g per person / 11g High Hawaiians 20 g Dragons Dynamite Very good body feeling, very nice optical changes and colors! Thoughts were present but were in the background with me because I wanted the optics and focused on it. Set was well chosen with us, setting rather mediocre. We were a total of 5 people including 2 travelers and 3 "sober", setting was limited to the garden and the apartment ... unfortunately. However, we wanted to watch a World Cup game together (Brazil vs. Germany). Not recommended! Go out into nature and look for a quiet place to achieve the best effects. Television is no longer possible with these quantities;) Second use 52g per person / 22g High Hawaiians 30g Dragons Dynamite Very good body feeling, very nice optical changes and colors! Set and setting perfect (in the quiet nature and with buddies) We divided this amount over the day so we always had a snack. Not the best choice for me because the effects were less but lasted longer. Duration of the trip estimated approx. 12-13 hours maybe more;) Conclusion: Both products get a clear purchase recommendation! But always pay attention to your set and the setting and these quantities are not for the inexperienced, rather pay attention to safe use! Have a good trip to all and have fun

  • Translated from French Da
    On top of these truffles, first order, just perfect, fast, the products at the top and thank you for the little extra grams added, this site was one of my favorites and with that, I'm going to order again, thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French antoine
    hello know a product rather "marent" in the sense that not know the top of the mushroom but that can be good for that first personal experience I have to take 15 g to see some alue but not much but the caliter price ratio remains correct in all :)

  • Translated from Spanish Pablo
    This is what happens when you eat mushrooms: ----------------------------------------- --- "to transfer humanity to an object or animal, is the first step towards mental alienation" "if what you want is to advance in music it becomes more in two hours tired, than infinite exhausted, but if what you want to work the personal values then continue, ignore the bone pain, the muscle tension, do not fear for the impossible angles in the joints, tear the skin, let the vibration go like the cold through your bones and you will see how warm your soul feels "result i wanna be musician i breath music and i do not know why the fuck i am not spendig the rest of my life to it ---------------------- --------------------- among others this is what hapens when you drink: ------------------- ------------------------- hfdohfoi, you know the otherneoi dayfne, whofiwehoih, whatever, i digged her ifehiehofieh .... ----- --------------------------------------- this is what happens when you smoke cigarttes: -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- so why the fuck do they legalize alcohol and tobacco ?????? people keep up your good work some people will decide to die freelly

  • Translated from German Hinrichs
    So I ordered 2 × 20g super fast delivery. Then on Friday I gave myself half a pack after half an hour it started. The madness after an hour I was in another world. At 2 times a week later I ate a whole pack of leak was the Mega I had Mega the 3D effects and I can turn the time as I wanted. These things are definitely worth it but do it best at home and not outside could be dangerous. Repeat requirements in any case, I order some again.

  • Ashley
    So I brought 3 packets for me and two friends, arrived within a week to uk, although I didnt realise these were fresh and needed to be consumed within 2 weeks, luckily my brother let me cook them into a tea and freeze them, I took a small ammount as I was cooking them and felt mildly trippy, and decided to take some more, this was abit of a blur as I managed to drink most of the liquid (40-50g) I was rolling around on the floor laughing when bro came in some 3 hours later, he said woah youve drank it all! Which then scared the shit outa me as I though I had drank toomuch time, put me stright into a downward spiral where nothing made sence id I thought I was dead, as I was lying there this voice was telling me when you die you will be reborn again, although this was the scariest moment of my life I am now no longer scared of death, iI will be taking again in much smaller doses.

  • Robert
    me and two friends ate them on an empty stomach and within 20minutes i was already tripping and so where they, was the most visual yet profound trip of my life. kept imagining myself in a tron like world. lasted about 6 hours and felt humbled by it, music very much enhanced it for me. will be definitely doing these bad boys again. peace and love on your psychedelic travels! :P

  • Francois
    Fantastic product! Had a super great time with 20gr...

  • McWikid
    Man what can I say about these bad boys, AMAZING! I ate 18g 2 nights ago. I must say I can strongly recommend when digesting your DD's that you don't do it on the train! WOW the come up was harsh, had me hugging the train toilet for my journey! I must say though I haven't had hallucinations like that since I last took LSD (1997). Too be honest I wasn't expecting hallucinations after experiencing different varieties of truffles from Shayana but these kicked ass :)) hallucinations stopped about an hour and a half into the trip. The rest of the trip was colourful, my senses were heightened and I thoroughly enjoyed ridiculing my sitter for the remainder of the trip. After approx 4 hours I started to come down but I have had a sense of euphoria for the past 24/36 hours. Shame I'm on the train heading into work now. Not too worry I've got 3 bags of Dragons and 3 bags of Hawaiians waiting for the weekend. Roll on 1997! Thank you Shayana for your excellent products and speedy discreet overseas shipping 10/10!

  • Translated from French coffard
    good mushroom good fun to start again !!

  • Megan
    Me and my friend paid 30 euros for a 15g box of these in Amsterdam. We followed the instructions closely and nothing happened. We waited and waited before allowing ourselves to eat but nothing happened and we went to bed that night very disappointed and feeling slightly robbed.

  • TookEm
    I was trippin, looking in the sky and I saw a cloud look like a dragon. In this moment I remembered that I eat "dragons dynamite" and closed the case under laughing. Never saw dragon-clouds before or after ^^

  • Aaron
    Absolutely amazing experience. Me and my wife took 5 grams each on a beautiful sunny day as it was our first time, and then we set off hiking. After about an hour and a half they kicked in while were passing through a farmer's field. The thin strands of young wheat were glistening so beautifully in the sunlight that we just stood and watched them for what seemed like an eternity. Then we played with the mud and spotted what we thought was a mushroom man spying on us from the woods, so we went to explore. It turned out to be a split open tree on closer inspection. Suddenly we felt the need to interact with things so we headed back towards our village. On the way back we felt very loose and as though we were made of rubber bands, until we reached a hill where the floor felt like it was made out of marshmallow and therefore was very difficult to climb, but we were laughing all the way up it. We reached the village and came across a thatched cottage that appeared to be absolutely tiny; it was as though we had grown to the size of giants. Then while continuing through the village, we looked up and saw a slightly taller building which then suddenly seemed enormous, as though we were the size of garden gnomes. Our apparent size kept changing depending on which building we were looking at! This was an incredible feeling and made us laugh hysterically. We finally arrived at home, and sat it the garden starring at the plants before going upstairs and looking at the colours leaking out of our bedroom. The light was emitting a red aura and the decorative wall fan was bleeding green into the room. We were on the come down, but still feeling great. Then my sister popped by unexpectedly, and after answering the door the first thing she said was "wtf are you on shrooms?" in an aggressively inquisitive manner, which immediately put us on edge and made us feel very uncomfortable. She only came to pick something up, but the relatively normal manner in which she asked said question was taken much more profoundly under the influence of the truffles. You really do pick up on "bad vibes" much more intensely while tripping. So make sure while tripping you avoid sober people who aren't into psychedelics, or people who might unintentionally send potentially bad vibes your way. Luckily this happened at the end of the trip, so our experience was pretty much amazing overall. 10/10 would recommend. We'll probably try 10 grams next time. Thanks shayana!

  • Chupa
    I Highly recommend this product. Took 10 g with my girlfriend (took 7,5 g) and we had a very funny evening. At first, the high came pretty strong (body felt heavy) and visual effect (bright colours) came afterward. The trip was manageable and very funny. The shipping was very fast. I will try it again for sure. The Shrooms are fresh (it's a good thing !), but if you don't planned to eat it all in the first 2 weeks after you received it you should just dry these puppies. Very simple, just put them on a scott towel in front of a fan for 2 days. After that the shrooms will be dry and you will be able to keep them longer (couples months) Enjoy !

  • Mathilde
    c'était la première fois que nous prenions des truffes avec des amis, pas déçu !!! on a bien rigolé, je n'ai pas trop eu d'effet visuel pour ma part et le lendemain aucun effet à part la fatigue bien entendu de notre nuit un peu courte !

  • HIC
    First time trying a psychedelic, around 15g or less produced an amazing feeling of euphoria and happiness, some (including) kaleidoscope -like visuals and a really nice high. Recommend!

  • daniel
    Excellent! Shipping was faster than light! ordered monday and got them on thursday! I used half of the packe and used a knife to make small pieces and sprinkled them on christmas cinamon cookies, same taste you could not recognize them. I thought they tasted shit ;) well i had a lot of fun for 5 hours , nice optical effects and a great feeling that can best be described like "aaaaaaaahhh ! " ;) very nice! and its super nice that they faded down just slowly and now iam very relaxed and everythings normal.. Very cool! i like them

  • Valentins
    Greath. Think its firs my expirience whit this fairy tail.. Very liked but some times make you feal like psyko or tyrn a depression buut if you take onece a for 3month its make you greath expirience whit your self confidence

  • marc
    Just came in the post today. Only took 4 days to come and im very pleased. Will be doing them in a few days. Post the details soon. Thank you guys

  • yigitko07
    i have already ordered on the date 30 of august. And cant wait for it. I am not sure if it will come safely up to my door n albania tirane. they still dont have proper zip postal codes. İ will share all the details and the journey. best regards,

  • john
    best truffles ever whole pack of these will transport you to the never planes for about 2 hours so make sure your comfortable best tripp best visuals just have the high hawaiians to try to see if they are stronger :)

  • Johnny
    Well...such a trip fellas! Lots of crazy visuals, colours, chromatisms of all sorts. Unstoppable laugh and a general sense of unity. Walking barefoot surrounded by nature was the best feeling ever... Great product! Cheers!

  • Amin
    i took 15 grams on empty stomach, friends who were beginners took 15 and 10. nothing happened to them, my visuals improved for 30 mins. that's it. it was really disappointing. shayanashop delivered it in 5 days. no problems there, but 15g is a very very weak trip.

  • stuart
    hi just took delivery of my truffles, i wont be taking them till the weekend has anybody got info on the best place to store them? any input would be greatly appreciated! thanks! S

  • john
    Amazing I first tried these in the mother land and now order off here quite a lot I did a whole pack to myself and sat watching graffity melt onto people was amazing loved every second on the come up actually left this plain of existence for a good hour were I saw some amazing stuff of which I am writing a book about currently full length was about 8-10 hours tripping but this was a very strong dose :)

  • stuart
    had these truffles last week and they are amazing! 1 of the best trips ive been on and ive took alot of acid n mushrooms over the years, would recommend them to anyone as a must have experience, excellent visuals lasting about 2/3 hours! will definitely do again soon! hanks to the shayana shop for their speedy delivery and excellent products ayahuasca next! lol

  • Noé
    Each of us took around 7 grams of them, but as beginners it was a fairly good amount for a great trip.I personnaly had very few visual effect whatsoever - apart from seeing colours brighter and more saturated - it was mainly on time grasp and chain of thoughts. Indeed, it was very hard to think straight because my spirit was like everywhere, seeing many many things in the same time. For example at one point I tried to make myself a sandwich : a whole epic quest I put myself in. First, I got all the ingredients in one fuzzy and flashy moment and sat in front of them. Then I started to assemble those ingredients - yes, it felt like assembling magical artifacts together - and it took a whole 30minutes to finish it. Half an hour during which my girlfriend rolled a blunt, with the help of our other friend. She felt like if there were animals over the heater, and somehow managed to gather all three of us in the bathroom to show us something. She didn't remembered what it was, and laughed until she was out of breath. We had a pretty great time, laughing, thinking, and seeing wonderfull patterns for my two friends. We fully recommend this product, but guys, if you're like us beginners, do not take the whole bag alone!! =)

  • Translated from German Jada
    The truffles have arrived after 3 days. Weighed the next day - even 22g instead of 20g. Not bad. Since I had very different experiences with truffles, the next day I ate the entire 22g on an empty stomach. The effect began after 30 minutes. A feeling as always on good truffles. Unfortunately it was over after 90 minutes. I guess a lot of grams but little psilocybin.

  • Translated from German Shayana
    As soon as I have received the little darlings I will of course write a detailed review ??????

  • Translated from German Icke1983
    Wonderful trip! On the beach we both sent each other (my girlfriend for the first time and I for the fourth time) with 10gr each. into our own fanatic world ... it started with light looks and intense laughter. After about 3 hours in HD optics (although we are both nearsighted) the trip eased slowly in a pleasant way. Next time, the dosage can still be a higher one. HAVE FUN and remember, it is most beautiful in nature with a person you really like ...

  • Translated from French Chemith
    Hello everyone, I am new to the site! I ordered on July 14th, I am waiting for the order which should arrive within the week! ( well, I hope ) . After analyzing a lot of comments, I am already almost reassured. ??. I chose the dragon's dynamite because I already bought some in Amsterdam in a shop with a friend. Here's the little story: We were in our well-equipped hotel room (1 box each) and we started by eating half each of our respective boxes! An hour later, my friend started to see a painting on the wall come to life thinking it was his girlfriend! (who had stayed in Paris) in short seeing that I started to laugh with all my might !!! I was in control of my high so I took the second half. I decide to go to the bathroom to roll me a big zebra joint and there WWWOOOOH

  • Translated from German Danerino
    Perfect truffles for beginners! I clearly overestimated the effect, but this was exactly the right strength for the first experience. If you have no experience with truffles and mushrooms, these are the right ones to get in, otherwise I would recommend stronger ones. And watch out! Never underestimate the power of the active ingredient and ideally no mixed consumption. Cannabis at comedown is highly recommended! :)

  • Translated from German Mikey
    I am so looking forward to the Truffels ^^ Of course I will also report in detail and give my opinion. :)

  • Translated from French brithyy
    Great, order received in 4 days. On the other hand a question, I keep them how and for how long in their pouch like its ??

  • Jason
    Was very happy to get these in. Just over two weeks from ordering to canada. My wife and I did them and floated along for 6.5hours. Very nice wonderful trip. Will definitely be getting these again.

  • Kristijan
    Like the last time - a friend and I took each 10 grams (half of package) - a great experience, full of visuals and weird feelings :))

  • Philomykos
    Ein schöner Pilz: a beautiful mushroom. I didn't find it very strong (took 20g), but I had an afternoon of much beauty and some valuable teachings. Thank you, Shayana! Enjoy, everyone! I just LOVE mushrooms :-D

  • Laila
    Thanks Shayana Shop for the super fast delivery (4 business days!!!) I am about to eat this :) Okay, I've just been on a magical trip! Much lafter and uch fun with my friend who had none! I really recommend! No much visual effects but the perception of the world is really hillarious :)

  • Alexander
    hey guys! well im not a complete beginner with truffles and/or mushrooms. my personal XP with "Dragons Dynamite" was not sooooo good. in my opinion, there are better products here (like the mexican or golden teacher e.c.). If youre a beginner, try this one here and if you feel save, go to the next step. You can take about 15-20g each person and youre still save. Greetings

  • Dennis
    Outstanding visuals and lucid dreaming just as was in the 70's Thumbs up

  • Oskar
    Great stuff!! came a little late to me in Hungary but i think it's because of the customs here and not the shipping, awesome stuff, tried it in amsterdam first and fell in love! thanks Shayana!!

  • Kristijan

  • Kristijan
    Pure visuals fulfilled with love and peace :)

  • Vincent
    Did it together with a few friends at a nice place with nice surrounding. Had a great and wonderful trip, very intense body feeling, the feeling of becoming one with your environment was really strong. The optics were not bad, had some nice visuals when looking at different objects or simply at walls. I´d recommend to everyone who wants to have an intense but not too strong trip, with nice visuals and thoughts :).

  • Manuel
    At first i only took 10 gramms because i wasn't sure what is going to happen. I often smoke weed so i thought nothing will happen. After about 30 minutes I had a weird but funny visual experience. I thought give it a shot and took the other 10 gramms. This is my first time taking shrooms and I really love it. It was more then 2 hours ago and the visual's are really great. Im still high on them and I only can suggest these to everyone else. 10/10 would eat again. And for the delivery im really impressed I ordered 60 gramms and got 71 gramm instead. It was really fast and there are no problems (even with parents if the suspect something) Thanks for this great product.

  • zania
    I took 13g of these and was really happy with experience, very vivid images. Lasted 3-4 hours and felt really good after. This is my second go with shrooms, the first was the mexicana. I didn't have any scales when I took those so don;t know exactly how much I took but I estimate 10g that time. The Dragons gave me a much deeper experience and images, I love them. Have already ordered the next batch :)

  • ben
    These for me ain't as goof as MushRocks. Nor are Hollandia, left me in a very nice relaxed state nethertheless. I'd go straight to mushrocks and base your experience they are abmuch better strain!

  • !!!
    Me and a friend decided to try these. We waited for a nice sunny day and headed for the a local tourist attraction in my city. There was a big cycling event on and lots of people and colourful tents. At first we took 7.5g each along with some dark chocolate as we couldn't stand the taste, we led down talking about general stuff waiting for them to kick in. Slowly we started to feel more fuzzy and light so we decided to go and play mini golf. As we approached hole 9/18 they started to kick in fully. A family was a few holes behind us and the mother approached us, we expected her to ask us if we'd seen her ball, but instead she asked if we had seen her daughter who she had lost, straight away we burst into laughter and couldn't stop, it was terrible but felt right (she found her daughter). After finishing golf we went back to the grass field and ate another 7.5g each. The grass we were sat on was flat ground but we began rising and felt like we were on top of a hill looking down on everyone. We led for about an hour gazing into the sky, where my mind was just blown, it felt as though is was in a snow globe and my mind was engulfed with a thick layer of smoke which hit every spot in my body. I kept moving my eyes backwards to look at the buildings behind where i found the roof to be moving and talking to me. After this we decided to head for the hills and overlook the city. It felt as though we were sent there on an adventure to find an inner peace, we definitely found it as we reached the top of another golf course with the sun setting over the city. We led down staring into the sky for another good hour. After that we descended down the hill running at full speed, at this point we had so much energy we walked home. As we were starting to come down we felt so drained so ordered pizza, which was the best pizza i've ever had. No doubt will get these again!

  • Maximo
    Shared the bag half and half with a friend of mine. We ate it at 10 on the morning with a beer and a bag of Doritos (know the beer is not recomended, but did it though). We had a soft but very enjoyable trip. Not so many visual hallucinations, but many philosopher moments and also mental hallucinations (self as an ideal). Good for begginers I suppose. It lasted about 5 hours with some reminiscences afterwards. I went to work the day after and apart of a couple of bemusing moments I was quite OK.

  • Winfried
    Good shrooms. I took them on my own, without people distracting me, which was good. Nice visuals, the walls were breathing, had a positive feeling during the trip and felt happy and relaxed afterwoods.

  • HighNow
    Shipping was fast, like every order on Shayana. Ordered Monday came on Friday. Those Magic Truffles got a stronger psychedelic effect like morphing and stuff than the other kinds, and the euphoric level is good, too. The body effect is not too strong so you can still go out but dont underestimate it, combined with a good indica, it makes your limbs feel like rubber. It was comsumed with some tea, so the nausea was more of a nervous stomach, ready to blow up the toilette. P.S. 20 Gr Truffles on an empty stomach are fine for experienced users, if it fades away then smoke some weed, it doubles sometimes the afterglow stage. Thanks ShayansTeam and CoWorkers you are doing a stable job over 6 years, really appreciate it! Peace n' Pot

  • Ibrahim
    good trip, nice visuals. ate full 20 grams no anxiety, little nausea. terrible taste. funny but insightful trip. definitely felt stronger than tampanesis mexicana but also less negative feelings, much prefer it. i advise you eat all 20 grams.

  • Milosz
    Hello everyone. I'm m8 from Poland. I took 10 grams ea with my friend. We were tripping 2hard. I strongly reccomend it.

  • Marin
    I would not give them 5.5 out of 6 that is for sure. I just got them it was a light to medium trip at it best. May be they were a bit expired because they didn't taste as usual and it took longer for delivery, I don't know. I think there are better truffles for this amount of money.

  • Cody
    So that's what the fuss is all about. Certainly the same effects of shrooms. Wasn't a fan of the taste but it was tolerable. I still like real shrooms better but I would definitely want to try again.

  • Willi
    Habe mir eine Packung dieses Exemplares zukommen lassen und sie mir einer Freundin im heimischen Umfeld gerecht geteilt Die Wirkung war vorhanden und positiv. Ich habe aber das Gefühl, dass diese Sorte durchaus höher hätte dosiert werden können, da die Einwirkungen recht schwach waren. Aus solch einem Trip kann man durchaus etwas mitnehmen, aber beim nächstes Mal werde ich sicherlich eine höhere Dosis vorziehen. Gruß und ein dickes Dankeschön an Shayana!

  • Cody
    Took these for the first time high up in a sub-alpine meadow while camping. The taste was definitely unique, a little bitter, but still better tasting than some regular shrooms i've tried. The trip was very fun and I felt completely in tune with nature and even myself. It had a very ancient feel to it which was kind of hard to describe but it was very blissful to say the least. I would really like to try them again someday and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun, insightful, and legal shroom-like trip.

  • Nikos
    Seriously cool product. I shared the pack with my wife. They tasted like shit but were totally worth it. Not so hard on the stomach as other shrooms. I had a trip full of amazing close-eyed visuals like blacklight frogs dancing i the dark, shapes, colours and many more. My wife had no visuals at all, but she had an extremely happy trip full of energy and positivity. Will order again. Thank you, Shayana!

  • Lyndon
    These are awesome! I'm really new to this game. No hallucinations although it was very euphoric and was laughing a lot. I did them with a very trusted person in a safe and super chilled environment but would be quite happy to do it alone. I tried all the weaker truffles and gradually built up to this. I will keep going until it reaches acid. I preferred the visuals of the Mexicana or especially the free truffles whatever they are! I did the free truffles alone in my room watching Apocalyptico which was one of the best experiences of my life! Although I didn't do any outside in nature which I'm going to try in the future. Great experience I highly recommend it thanks Shayana! 😆

  • Translated from German Tijana
    I can only say top notch. We haven't had such fun in a long time. Stay relaxed and you are highly recommended.

  • Translated from French Guillaume
    Really yucky the truffles, live the mushrooms on foot, but after 3g dry they work brilliantly, superb experience, very positive

  • Translated from French psy-no
    tested twice, once in apartment the other in concert. It has always gone well, costo products I recommend it gladly, but to informed people. Thank you shayana for this quality products !! CAUTION: consume quickly because the product is wet and therefore risks molding after opening.

  • Translated from German Marcel
    Very good truffles. The effect is both euphoric and psychedelic. If you are still inexperienced (he) you should try other varieties first.

  • Translated from French MONCEY
    Hello everyone and best wishes .. I loved it, it was New Year, yet I was the only one perched surrounded by my family (they must have looked at me askance but I don't care I'm a shaman; )) but all the zik, the state of mind .. Both at the psychic and physical level: I approve, advise and recommend that shayanensis, no

  • Translated from German DaniBer
    packaging top commodity very recommendable and trip wa also very cool as a beginner with nemm buddy ate 20 g each just great thanks shayana

  • Translated from French Les
    60Gr ordered arrived in 2 days, bravo! At the beginning, a big pole, then it came down again to give way to good undulating hallucinations! Brilliant colors everywhere, and calm in your brain.

  • Translated from German Elwira
    Come today ?? ... soon I will write my experiences ?? 1 week waited ... all well ... Thanks Shsya

  • Translated from German Lisa
    Aaaaaaaalsoooo .. ,,,,, I have to say first, my cell phone looks weird Delivery is super quick! Parts tried directly ... I can only tell you ... people ... these things are awesome !! Everything seems to me to be colorful and blurry ... I don't know, but it is GREAT Good that I have storm-free: D Effect gradually crept in, or what that means is this is my first mushroom trip and aaaallles shines great stuff

  • Translated from German polle
    Just order now and wait to go camping in the Black Forest! ohh anticipating friends rises :) I've only heard good things about truffles so far, still know or have great respect for them! I will definitely write a trip report .. Unfortunately, my first experience was more or less a disappointment, but I am firmly convinced that this time it will be a wonderful trip. peace love and have a nice trip! :))

  • Translated from German Alexander
    Got me the truffles here. Immediate delivery was perfect. We ordered the 3x 20 g which was 15 g more than ordered, thanks shayana! For consumption, everyone has a 20 g pack of forage. We cut it into small pieces and mixed it in a yogurt. It goes down perfectly, but of course the taste doesn't get as bad anymore. it started about an hour later. First a satisfying and happy feeling, then it starts with the optics and you just have to let that happen. It was wonderful. No horror trip or the like. Are really recommended, probably not for beginners, because you should be able to cope with the optics for the first time. I was completely satisfied and would order it again peace and out

  • Translated from German Robin
    The package came a day earlier than expected and now the weekend will show how the truffles work as this will only be my 2nd experience. Thanks in advance!

  • Translated from German Esser
    These mushrooms had very interesting effects on me after the first consumption of 4 g. Unfortunately I had the 4 times afterwards not as strong with some 10 g. I recommend buying a grow box. It's fun and the effect is better.

  • Translated from German Felix
    Super truffle! In contrast to the Equadorian, it did NOT arrive in powder form. The effect was great, even if I had to take almost 20g for a good trip. I would like to order it again.

  • Translated from German Marcel
    Delivery was packed discreetly and quickly. The product was first cream and will certainly be reordered. The cleaning took 5 hours with a light afterglow. was very satisfied peace.

  • Translated from German Tim
    The truffles came a bit late and not in the right packaging but we make the best of it and are excited about the result ... :)

  • Translated from German Cainan
    was really niceee: D were with 4 people in the park and all started with soo 10 grams and then later I increased to 20 and my bros went with 5 extra. Age we were confused but horny confused hahaha: D warn loose 5-6 hours in the end and it was just one of the hottest trips ever aaaber but don't take the parts lightly .. pop your way away: D Now High Hawaians come to the Row ... times looken will .. Have fun shroomzen Treat yourself.

  • Translated from German Benjamin
    After 30 minutes of fits of laughter and could no longer control us, then light visual experiences and very strong sensory perceptions. After about 4 1/2 - 5 hours the trip was over. Location was a large field with forest and hiking trails nearby, there were five (2 trippers and 3 trip sitters). Mega great experience!

  • Translated from German Manuela
    That was my first mushroom trip ever, never had anything to do with drugs and similar stuff before. I still took 10 g ... yes what can I say ... the world is no longer what it was before for me: DI was suddenly with God what I was conscious of. I talked to my consciousness and all boundaries were broken. It all became one and I became space, time and the universe at the same time. It was a different level of reality in which everything just didn't matter. Now I perceive the world and the people much more intensely and can celebrate this world just like the one I was in. Absolutely great! I cried because everything was so incredible. And I saw beautiful colorful, bright patterns. Thanks shayanashop! Thanks world! Om

  • Translated from German Tim
    Everything worked out very well. Good quality. It was great fun. I live in BW and the delivery took only four days. Thank you.

  • Translated from German Aleksandar
    It didn't work visually for me, Hd optik was there. Much more this euphoric feeling. Artist mushrooms! Delivery time: 2 weeks.

  • Translated from German Robert
    I am extremely enthusiastic ... Really violent, really good, depending on the dose ... Best suited for habitual users. Feel the newcomers carefully. if it was too much drink a lot, water, milk or just sit out and a lot of sugar, or eat sugary foods ...;)

  • Translated from French alex
    quite frankly, these are the best truffles with 12g I certainly took the best possible trips incessant smile, face lit up, sparkle and views on the ends of each thing we really feel the difference between the visus of the mushrooms and the lsd it was for me a way to find this difference between the 2, and concretely the truffles are the best psychedelics in general .. in terms of side effects, descent, effects felt everything is good the effects are perfect without having much nausea and a unbearable descent ... I recommend ???? give us back our bangsssss cleaners !!!!

  • Translated from German Zufall123
    Well received, inconspicuous package and everything pretty quickly. Test food is still pending but so far very satisfied

  • Translated from German Chris
    The first optics appeared about 35 minutes after consumption and the euphoria spread. The floor and ceiling started to move weirdly and the walls came to life. It looked like they were waving. The lamp on the ceiling has completely warped XD. I can only recommend it and there is definitely a need for repetition;)

  • Translated from Samoan Willi
    I sent a pack of this copy and shared it fairly with a friend in my home environment. The effect was there and positive. But I have the feeling that this variety could have been dosed higher, because the effects were quite weak. You can take something with you from such a trip, but next time I will certainly prefer a higher dose. Greetings and a big thank you to Shayana!

  • Translated from German Klaus
    Dear Shayana team, I just wanted to get rid of you, you are top notch! I have already ordered from several online shops but nobody tops you from the dispatch. I very much hope that you will be able to pack and ship so quickly in the future that I will never order anywhere else :) Yes, enough has been said / written about the shroomies / truffles. All 3 packs were an experience, good controllable sending at 17g. Thank you and recommend you with a clear conscience :)

  • Translated from French laurence
    All good !!! These little truffles are at the top. Visual effects guaranteed but not very strong. They put on a big speed. Even those who are not very receptive. I recommend it

  • Translated from French emmanuel
    Hi everyone! Just to say that Shayana is doing it! I am always delivered on time, and the products are always of good quality. When it comes to truffles, don't hesitate! A nice journey to all of you !

  • Translated from German MagicT
    First for delivery. Ordered Tuesday evening, Wednesday confirmation by email and Saturday already there. Excellent! Was my first experience with mushrooms / truffles containing psilocybin and I am absolutely thrilled. Next order is already on the way ^^ Thanks Shayana !!!

  • Translated from French leprince
    Order awaiting receipt! : p Great fan of magic champipi from Basse-Normandie (France) for a few years waiting for the next season hihi I wanted to test an order on chanaya and find out more about this site and the products that I have ordered I don't think not to be disappointed with the small grind and infusser. Hello muschers and muscheuse;)

  • Translated from German Max
    On Wednesday they arrived after 8 days of delivery. I only took it with my girlfriend on Saturday (they kept well in the fridge, even though only 18.2 of the original 21g were left ^^). 22:15 we each ate 9.1g with a little raspberry yogurt, you didn't taste the mushrooms a bit. We were in a dark room and first watched a little TV and then listened to music, about half an hour later we really started , nice visual effects (stronger for me than for my girlfriend), good laugh flashes if a little bit and we didn't have to puke ^^. After we spent around 4 hours in the room and saw funny things it was over again, But without disgusting coming down, even if you couldn't sleep at first because you were so off track: D All in all great mushroom trip better than we would have expected, I will definitely order it again.

  • Translated from German
    What my first time with Dragons Dynamite in Amsterdam. I shared a 15g pack with my best friend on the penultimate day. We were in Smoker's Room for the first half hour and smoked a few good bags when it started slowly. We then went up to the hotel room and listened to really relaxed music (hip-hop / psy-trance). I then lay on the bed on my stomach and looked at the white wall in front of me, for about 2 hours. In these 2 hours I experienced a strong philosophical enlightenment, which was followed by very intense thoughts about the universe and existence itself. I just looked at the white wall all the time when the opics came. The irregularities on the wall have deformed into 2D faces that have hovered over the entire wall. Next, rainbow colors emerged from the wall, waving around. Overall, the trip lasted about 5-6h, it was so much more, but you can't put it into words. At some point we went down, built another one (it took a really long time haha) and went outside the hotel. We both felt like rubber and everything was really pleasant and light. Another 2 hours later we went to sleep. An incredibly enriching experience, I have ordered 40 g for 3 people who arrived yesterday. I will test it next weekend, another trip report will follow. Stay natural

  • Translated from German Ostsee
    The truffles were great. Had 3x 20g and then shared it with 4 people. I think the women had 7-10g, I had 15g and a colleague 10g. My colleague had to throw up after a short time at the beginning, but still had the effect. Everything started to move easily on the table. A short time later we went out with blankets and lay on a meadow. We had a lot of salmon bottles until we cried, everything looked nice, especially on the horror you saw slight hallucinations. In the end, one of the two women could hardly move and had to be supported by her boyfriend on the way home. Gladly again

  • Translated from French Alban
    First experience with psychedelics. And which remains the best trip of my life. I took half in high school and loved it. The outside world was totally WTF. I still do not understand how I was not caught but in any case I highly recommend. Thanks Shayana!

  • Translated from French Noémie
    3rd mushroom trip for me, 1st for the friend with whom I took it. A pretty good taste compared to other, frankly not complicated to eat! A little disappointed to have had nothing visual for me, I found the climb a bit slow (1h30) compared to the Atlantis. But as soon as it is there ... Each thing I saw plunged me into an ocean of thought, and berdol I was too good! My friend, after having a huge giggle, phased on the hands of the friends we were with, she was very sensitive to the touch, and had nice visual effects with anything that could wave. At one point in the evening, we shift onto the beach, I lie down and the ... A totally clear sky, stars everywhere, I had the impression of being strapped to the ceiling and that I was hanging in front of the void of the universe ! In short, ouffissime! Special mention to Shayana's customer service who were lovely and very efficient! Thanks a lot guys!

  • Translated from French Shlaguito
    Second time that I test these: Bought 2x20gr on the site, I received two pouches of 35 grams each .. I did not understand well, but as a small mist had formed on the bag, I got said it was the humidity that made them heavier. We ate them at 4, so about 17-18 grams each. We had all been on an empty stomach for about ten hours: It went up super quickly, after 15 minutes we were laughing at absolutely nothing. Pleasant rise, beginning of visual halluses, especially on the parts of my body, I saw my hand change color, deform ... I lost the notion of the end of my limbs, by holding a playstation controller I did not know where my hand stopped and where the joystick started. Time passes slowly, after endless 2 hours (but endlessly good !!) I still hadn't climbed to the top. Small bad of 2 minutes, but probably related to my consumption of alcohol and cannabis at the same time (which I do not recommend, or in moderation) All posed while listening to pink floyd (I highly recommend it!), Extreme well-being , pleasant descent .. In short, the perfect trip!

  • Translated from French yoyo
    really very good experience, I advise you to 2 or 3, outside (beach for me) it's nice, and in techno feast too: D for 2 hours you're a bit in another world, laughing out loud, then again 2-3h a bit like under D. Very cool, to test :)

  • Translated from German Daniel
    It was a very nice trip .... eaten 22.5 g on an empty stomach yesterday .... the optics were just mega ... I had not yet been so intense with mushrooms ... a very nice play of fables combined with an extreme good HD optics and light consumption and also a very nice body feeling. So after 2 hours I gave myself a few bong hits with Amnesia to enhance the effect and then the journey really started ... I got mega complex thoughts ... if you know how to use it, then you can so great training lol xD I can only recommend combining it with weed ... always happy

  • Translated from German Edeltraut
    are quite good but then you have to give yourself all by yourself, if you share them, then you can still do everything and see through.

  • Translated from German Schandenkind
    Super fast shipping! I gave them a buddy every ne 20g pack .. wonderful! First the incredible body feeling, then the laugh flashes and great looks (from colors to patterns) maybe not necessarily the whole pack as a beginner ... and avoiding your own reflection hahaha again and again part of my shopping list here in the shop!

  • Translated from French Sentenac
    Excellent! An experience where you have the impression of detaching yourself from yourself and being part of everything! And the trees danced !!

  • Translated from German klara
    First of all, praise for the fast delivery. Now I have a problem: I ordered Dragon and Atlantis once .... both came packaged in sachets without any labels ... how do I now recognize what is what?

  • Translated from German Marion
    We each took 10 grams, effect after 30 minutes. I was surprised about the "great color effects" in a comment. And I thought what it should be. Now it's clear to me. You can see the auras of the trees and bushes :-) And I saw the sky in purple. Moving became a little more difficult but the body feeling was very pleasant, a little dizzy but funny. Looking into the sun with my eyes closed, many patterns and colors appeared. After about 2 hours I closed my eyes to look inside. Then I saw a path that pulled me inside. Unfortunately we didn't go any further because someone was laughing again ... :-) The thoughts were definitely switched off, which was very, very pleasant, the perception was very clear, everything became clearer, colors and so on Smells grew stronger. The decay was very moderate and pleasant. I even think that something remains of the lightness :-) I can only recommend this truffle. By the way, there were 6 grams more in the bag, thanks! :-) The next trip will put them on top :-)

  • Translated from French Dunkelheit
    Very nice experience! The first effects appeared slowly 1 hour after ingestion (10g - really average taste): inner calm, relaxed body, slight euphoria, small visual deformation (the walls that breathe, but you have to be a minimum of attention). But the real delirium started when I went shopping with a friend at the crossroads, it was like being in disneyland but better especially during the festive period with all the lights twinkling: loss of bearings (time sometimes suspended , unable to know where the sound is coming from), uncontrolled laughter, double sight ... The intense effect lasted almost 2 hours, very gentle descent which leaves room for immense interior joy. In short; trip of medium intensity but very satisfied with these mushrooms, nothing negative. Thank you Shayana for these small hours of happiness!

  • Translated from German Edeltraut
    are ok but not nearly like the others praise the part. for the price I would have expected more anyway aba well it's just a psycho salt: D

  • Translated from French Metaldus
    Absolutely excellent in every way! Total eufori and above all ... An immense pleasure for the senses. In conclusion, a direct ticket for an extraordinary trip that will take you through the galaxy! I VERY highly recommend this mushroom.

  • Translated from French David
    Shayana delivered us (as usual) quickly and discreetly. Dragon Dynamites are good truffles. However I saw the difference between Mushroom and Truffles. The effects are a little less but very nice! We took 20g each. 30 minutes later, it was the "kick" (the climb). First we feel that the fungus takes possession of your body. It is as if the water was gradually rising from head to toe. It is a feeling of heaviness, and at the same time of pleasure. when those waves are gradually coming to your head, I recommend "wrestling" a bit, and then completely letting go ... it is akin to the feel of a wave. We take it at its peak, and let ourselves be carried away by the truffles for 4 to 6 hours. Laughter, altered geometric shapes, oscillating colors on light surfaces. The mushroom will not take you on a very strong mental journey, however. No feeling of unease the next day. So I recommend these truffles to beginners. Personally I was afraid of the dosages at first, but I think you should not hesitate to take the maximum recommended dose if you are in a comfortable, caring and safe place with friends around you. We can't take mushrooms often because of our body's autoimmunity - you might as well make sure you have a colorful trip! :)

  • Translated from French valentin
    received in 3 days; I test with 3 tablespoons in decoction and I come back to tell you what is worth !! peace!

  • Translated from French Frattini
    I took about 10g before going to a club, the lighting effects were overpowering. On the other hand, mixed with alcohol, we become a real pocket: the drinks follow one another because of the pasty. The effect was a little too long for me: impossible to dance, drink and even pee without seeing a great swirl of light distorting what is happening in front of you. Good experience all the same!

  • Translated from French guerin
    a little wait (10 days) but once you have arrived for the test with a friend ... 4 hours of crazy laughter a good feeling no particular halues but a good trip to the land of laughter has to be done again as soon as possible

  • Translated from French Feub
    No regrets, quality product, to recommend and to redo. completely perched for 5 hours, we regret not having taken more;)

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Product not bad 10g with a friend a good pole feeling of being light, Visual level the light intensifies and there is some form, I advise you to mark on youtbe ytp and to look under mushrooms, It is really perfect, Only bars, Thank you shayana again :)

  • Translated from French Matteo
    I bought not long ago, the package is discreet. I eat the 20g that I bought at once. This is my first trip I'm accompanying a friend, I ate 10 grams at the start and 30 minutes later I felt nothing so I ate the other half and the 1 hour later I was having a great trip thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Brunie
    So order for a 1st order place on a Tuesday, arrived the following Monday so impeccable! 2 growkits which I hope will grow well, 1 sachet of Dragon and the nice little kdo besides thank you :) Regarding the product itself, it was with a friend and it was the 1st time we took mushrooms, pose at the apartment with the PC to watch films, put sound etc. Well I have only one thing to say, it was monstrous !!! Effects to make a kid cry, the time which hardly advances, laughs at the end of the day, a terrible feeling of well-being, in short, go there with your eyes closed and try for yourself :) Again thank you Shayana, by far the best tripe in our life! PS: Just the next day a little difficult and a hell of a headache, maybe due to the alcohol consumed during the tripe but nothing hyper violent ^^

  • Translated from French DEHNI
    Well done ! Order received quickly. We took these truffles in the countryside! Very very good feeling and a lot of euphoria. Thank you.

  • Translated from French Alice
    Order received in a week, discreet. Effects are guaranteed. Not even 30 minutes after having eaten them, feeling of heat, and explosion of visual effects, colors ... My living room has transformed into a real light field! I also saw a lot of shapes, afterwards I had the impression of understanding the meaning of life, in short brilliant! Duration 2 to 3 hours On the other hand, the descent not tiptop, stomach aches and I had a kind of discomfort before the effects dissipate completely I recommend all the same!

  • Translated from German Ace
    They were pretty good, unfortunately there were not 22 grams in the bag, but 18.23. But on the whole I am very satisfied and can recommend the DD;)

  • Translated from German Max
    I received the confirmation of the order (shipping) on September 15th, 2014 and I am wondering where my package will be ... Hope it will come this week .. I'm curious how it will be read, yes, here only summarizes positive reviews: )

  • Translated from French taillepierre
    just brilliant shayana don't give a damn about our face !!

  • Translated from German Dirk
    First of all great praise to the shop for the quick delivery .... we didn't feel much of it you shouldn't take other mushrooms a few days before and the truffles because you don't notice much of them unfortunately ... otherwise they are from Price ratio good ... I'm looking forward to the next show :-) the shop is really good and reliable keep it up ;-)

  • Translated from French leprince
    Awaiting receipt of the package! Viiiiittttteeeeeeee We want to do a great trip again in lower Normandy hihihihi :) When it's not the season to go browse our fields and we order!

  • Translated from German Mesut
    First of all thank you for this experience it was one of my best trips and I can only recommend it to everyone. With 2 colleagues we went to the park and ate about 15g each, after about 20-30 minutes we started to laugh until we started to tear. From then on our journey into nature began. The park was quite large and had many places to chill out, a castle with a moat, a fountain that we thought was a waterfall and and and. Equipped with a backpack, we ran past all spots and stopped for a while to hunt Pokemons. We felt independent and enjoyed the freedom we had. In between, it also happened that I recorded things with a time lag, like buffering while streaming. I had never experienced that before, but I'm rather a skeptical person. Ultimately, I can only say that these parts work very well. The only drawback the taste of these parts is slightly nutty and has a minimal bitter taste, which led to the fact that I spent the first hour suppressing my gag reflex. But my 2 buddies didn't have the problem at all.

  • Translated from French Petit
    Hello, I just tested these little magic mushrooms twice. The first time we were 2, my girlfriend and me. We took them during the day around 4pm, we started with 10G each, which was enough for beginners like us. The visual effects are superb and coupled with a beautiful landscape, it is a superb assured trip. The second time with a group of friends we tested it in the evening. This time we took 15G each and it was an impressive trip, the colors were intense, like everything we do, music, film, drawing. It was just awesome, I highly recommend. But be careful, use this while being warned of the effects and in a reassuring context = D Have a nice trip to all

  • Translated from German Timo
    First of all, I am amazed that you can simply order something via the Internet, it took about 10 days but arrived. I had 40g and ate 20g with a friend. For information we first ate mushrooms or truffles. Conclusion: The things are great, but 20g took me to the hospital because I totally had the horror trip: D So if you plan to take it then you might asleep 8g as a beginner.

  • Translated from French Guillaume
    No effect, while I took the 20g at once, 2 hours ago. Menfin it must also be said that so far no mushroom does me effect (I tried 5 times), so I do not know if this product is to recommend or not. For my part I am disappointed with my purchase; Ps: if I vomited while taking 15g (I did not all vomit I must have vomited 3g max) then I took the remaining 5g afterwards

  • Translated from French Grégoire
    Ordered truffles, with a friend we really expect a lot from these famous Dragon's Dynamite :) I will publish my opinion to share my experience with you in a precise way and also to give you an objective report on the effectiveness of these truffles, when I have eaten everything healthily :)

  • Translated from French Rémi
    No effect 20 grams taken on an empty stomach, want to try it is out of curiosity, these Truffles have no effect. So I do not know if this is to recommend. For my part disappointed with this purchase.

  • Balang
    Shipping took 3 days.. I took these with a friend. We made a tea out of them that kicked in after about 30minutes with a bit of nausea.. The trip turned out to be very visual and i had the delight to paint. I like music very much but the effect of audio was very weak. Anyways we ended our evening laughing and painting on the floor.. just perfect

  • Sahak
    I'm 15 years old and I've done drugs before in my life till now. DD is the first drug i've ever done and I'ts a really huge step to take for a first timer. I blended my truffles and mixed it with lemon+orange juice and gave it some time in the freezer.. So when the clock hit 19:00 I began drinking my mix. Wasen't pretty tasteful, was really bitter, mostly because of the lemon. After 20 minutes i began feeling the effects, and I gotta tell ya.. Dont ever do them alone, with a big dosis. This stuff ain't toys and it's not exagerated in ANY WAY! So once I began feeling the effects, I told myself that this is a bad trip, and I just have to survive the 4-6 hours as quietly as possible, cause I didn't wanna get caught or my parents would kill me. I've seen a lot of things in my life, most fuked up things you could've imagine..I remember seeing eyes EVERYWHERE, staring at me as if I've done something bad.. Then I saw really scary faces that looked like the devil... Really evil faces. That's when I told myself, that I wanted my mama to help me and get out of it. But If i told my mama she would kill me even more, at that time i had NOBODY to help me. That's the first time I felt really vulnerable and weak in my life. That's the first time I really cried for help to God. To come and help me and get me out. I was seeing hell, I remember shaking like a pig in my bed. I've never feared anything so much in my life I basically thought I was gonna die . So after the ugly hallucinations went away, I suddenly lost contact with the real world. that's when it really really got heavy and strong. I couldn''t feel any bone or muslce in my body, I lost all my senses. Hearing,vision,touching.. Just my perception of the world totally changed. I saw things from a billion perspectives.. I couldn't explain it.. Everything just got clearer and clearer. I paid attention to micro micro things, you wouldn't even think would be noticeable.. At that moment, I got really scared and feared that I would die even more. I lost my concious to reality. What really caught me was the time. I kept looking at the clock cause I wanted it to end quickly. I wanted to come back to the real world. I was so scared that I would be stuck in all these dimensions, and I wondered somewhere in my thoughts that if you could get wild permanently and maybe go into a coma. I think I died actually in my trip. I couldnt feel ANYTHING , and felt like my heartbeats stopped. But what really caught me was the time. Eveerytime I looked at the clock it would tick so freakin slow. I felt minutes were hours, and hours were days. Sometimes I thought I was dreaming, when I was really awake. And other times I was dreaming in more dreams and more dreams. And

  • Anon
    Was a bit skeptical. Took 20 g New Year's Eve and had an outstanding experience. Much recommended. Such psychedelic. Wow.

  • Foggles
    I took 10 grams with a friend, my friend LOVED it. I on the other hand loved it, the headspace sure was there, but it was less visual than I expected, color was enhanced, sometimes corridors looked to be very long. So I didn't find the trip visual, but I loved the headspace, and I like the euphoria, and well being it brings you. Loved my experience, and no coming down, I recommend it to first time users, being my first shrooms/sclerotia.

  • Translated from Italian Massimo
    Very fast shipping! And the product is of high quality! I was in such profound hallucinations!

  • atee
    wow... i won't tell you my trip here, too long, but just TRY it :D (I took 10g) do it by day I think it's better than night since the colors are so wonderful. I tested that on the beach with a nice sky and sun, that was so nice, fun, and laughtful !

  • Translated from German Felix
    Approx. 13 g consumed Visually: 8/10 points. I saw things in the grain of my laminate, it was awesome. Mental: 9.5 / 10 points. For twenty minutes shit came on (very disgusting) but after that sat out the enlightenment broke over us. TOP ! Conclusion: Highly recommended for "experienced".

  • Translated from German Doc
    The truffles are absolutely amazing! I never thought they would punch in like this! By the way, my last mushroom trip was over 10 years ago. Back then, grow kits were still available in Austria. But as far as I remember, the trip wasn't as great as it was last with the truffles. Or the dose simply wasn't right. Anyway, I was really happy that the delivery arrived so quickly and - more importantly - discretely. I then divided the truffles into two portions and used them up within a week. They were great in the fruit compartment at the bottom of the fridge. Actually, I wanted two servings of the same size (10g each), but my kitchen scale does not seem to work as precisely, which is why I caught 12g the first time - according to a dose for a violent trip. But I was always able to control the trip well so that I could fully indulge in the effects. The trip was quite varied: first total physical relaxation, then the notorious laugh flashes and finally the change in perception. Hallus I had none but cool optics after all! I then darkened the room and turned on the black light. I always do that when I'm high. I find it more pleasant for the eyes. Then I watched the posters on the wall for a while. Especially the UV poster with the spider web and the colorful spiral came across quite cool when the morphs started. Of course, the Playboy posters also caught my attention because everything seemed to be moving and the models' boobs looked bigger than they already are :-) That was awesome! Incidentally, I also had CEVs: Geometric patterns that changed (also in terms of color), especially in the rhythm of the music that I heard during the trip. In between, I always had laugh flashes. So I watched a few episodes of my favorite series 'The Wild Seventies' and almost laughed to death - especially in places where the actors themselves were high and had optics similar to me :-) The whole thing took about 4 hours. Then I was finally able to eat something. The effects of psilocin are already consuming you! I had animal coal steam! The afterglow continued for hours afterwards. I was able to feel a sense of euphoria, relaxation and complete satisfaction until about 3:00 in the morning, the actual effect already starting at around half past five in the afternoon. I ate the remaining 8g of the truffles a week later. Of course the trip was not that strong. I had significantly fewer laugh flashes and optics and the afterglow didn't last that long either. But the trip was very meditative and relaxing. I listened to music most of the time, from psychedelic rock of the 60s to gothic rock and trip hop. I also felt a strong aphrodisiac effect during the trip. In summary, I can say: if you want to spend a few chilled hours (maybe to meditate or something), you should take the dose around 8g. If you want to experience more, you should start at 12. Ultimately, it's either way a wonderful experience that I will definitely repeat! Thank shayanashop You made me high like I haven't been in a long time :-)

  • Translated from German sascha
    Sorry but if I drink 3 beers I have a better head than with the junk. I ordered 20 grams from the Dragons and 20 grams from the Mexican, unfortunately I never received the promised addition and I also missed a precise description of how: durability, storage and which pack contains which variety. Also my request by email was not followed. Now to the truffles: I ate 10g dragons and my girlfriend ate 10g mexican then chilled at home after about 30 minutes was nothing but the feeling like after 3 beers and my girlfriend just felt sick. After another 2 hours it was the same with us and after 2 joints nothing happened except that I was tight from the grass. After 3 hours, my girlfriend's nausea was gone. So save yourself the money and get 2 beers and whatever grass your head is more effective and if you then still eat some old walnuts you also have the shitty taste. All in all, an unnecessary experience that doesn't taste, doesn't bring and is too expensive.

  • Translated from German sandro
    a wonderful and strong variety and I think that the effect lasts a bit longer than with the other truffles. super thing !!

  • Translated from German MushMash
    Had ordered the Dragons Dynamite with a buddy (both 1.9m and approx. 80kg). Actually, a buddy wanted to join in, so we ordered 60g. The buddy jumped off though ... At the beginning (5:30 p.m.) we each fed about 11g and added another 5g after about an hour. We went out with shaky legs and chilled out in a park. The setting was definitely great, can generally only recommend going out into nature on mushrooms. The trip was very pleasant, with the usual laugh bottles at the beginning. We were a little disappointed with the optics, apart from breathing lightly / morphing some objects there was not much going on (unfortunately). The body feeling was super pleasant and the trip was great to control all the time. We went back to the buddy around 9 a.m. and added some more (only the remaining 4g, at the end we also went over the package that was actually intended for the buddy), because the trip already subsided was. But that didn't work anymore, it dragged the trip a bit longer and probably made the landing a bit smoother. Next time we either get real mushrooms or take 20g right at the beginning (in my opinion adding more is not very effective). At this point, however, I would like to point out that we are both a bit older and experienced. 20g is DEFINITELY NOT A BEGINNER'S DOSE. On the whole a successful trip, even if we would have liked it to be a little longer and more intense ... Oh yes, delivery as always super fast and discreet!

  • Translated from German Martin
    Great. Fast delivery and really nice fresh truffles (DEU) super. Fast delivery and really amazing fresh Truffels (ENG) Thousand Thanks to shayanashop

  • Translated from German Musher
    Eaten 20g at a time yesterday... it was the longest and most beautiful 6 hours of my life! You cannot describe this feeling and certainly not what you see! For me it was a firework of colors! TOP!!!

  • Translated from German Michael
    Got me a pack and then pulled another one in. chewed well. At first a little laugh and all that, but then only a strange indifference. was always full. why is that? Was my first experience.

  • Translated from German Dominic
    First big thumbs up to the shop, shipping went great and damn fast. That was my first experience with truffles, it was really great and a great experience. I ate 10 grams with my best cupola, and it was a super cool trip in any case to recommend.

  • Translated from German Spritti
    So who the mushrooms are (from the taste) to bitter will like this truffle! Tastes like walnut kernel and really cleans !!!!!!!!!! I can only recommend!

  • Translated from German PsyEmotion
    simply the hammer the delivery went quickly and now to dragon ^^ hey I have never experienced something like that all the time felt like a cloud was in a very good mood or was in good mood so after the first hour the optics appeared on everything what started growing so sparsely in front of my window suddenly grew so beautiful and what grew that either moved in the wind or made a geometrical movement full of cool I'm all the trip to the window again and again and had these optics in waves and felt so great almost like on an extasy trip but then it got even better in the second hour I got such a laughing bottle that went for a whole half an hour had such a crazy jocker grin with open eyes and made me laugh at everything and felt so great and everything around me felt really right in the third hour we had sex with an imaginary person somehow I knew that but I did it I'll admit everything that comes up in advance and it was awesome the best sex of my life no films no physical matter but as if my mind or my throat had sex God was that the hammer felt totally safe in the 4th hour boha that is so hard to describe but who ever had an opium trip the white what I mean was so 2 hours in the decay but felt like it was 9 or 10 hours the time went so incredibly slowly I was satisfied my skin felt very soft and great I also had my cozy blanket :) total mega relaxation man feels like in heaven was in an excellent good mood just closed my eyes and had optics and visions all the time ne kind of dream trance you could say and in this momment I said to myself it is good the way it is: DI recommend this truffle to everyone ... I think almost the black market will soon turn its back on the legal highs in some cases better than some origijnale are also what come down and side effects Thank you shayana you enriched my life it is nice that you have and merry christmas and a happy new year: - *: - *: - *

  • Mardi
    Shipping took about 5 days. My first experience with psychedelics.... it was fucking amazing. Do it.

  • Translated from Italian Freak
    Great product, for me these are the ones that make the biggest impact, an entire evening to share the mouth with the boys, even the one who does not eat it was good to laugh at our bullshit !!

  • Translated from Italian Mayanshaman
    I highly recommend this product. I took 10 g with my girlfriend (it took 7.5 g) and we spent a very fun evening. Ca ** o good! : D

  • Translated from French tomleperché
    I took 10g, waited 30mins, nothing. I take 10g. A few minutes later, I see my daughter's face twist. I tell myself that it would be better to go out. These truffles make me very Speedy. I have the impression that they are the ones leading me. I move away from the city, from the noise, from the crowd. I find myself in a country lane. And there "welcome to" champiland ". The visual effects are overpowering, as with allucinogenic mushrooms. Big delirium for 2h30, then a feeling of extreme well-being for the descent. Really overpowering

  • Translated from Italian MadMammy
    Dragon Dynamite !! Back then, and it lasted about 6 hours and he felt humiliated by it, the music improved for me. will definitely be made again by these bad guys. peace and love on a psychedelic journey!

Dragons Dynamite

Psilocybe Pajateros

Enter the Dragon. Become invincible and powerful. Enjoy the possibilities of controlling and mastering the universe with the power of Dynamite. Let your inner Dragon rule the world.


Effects begin 30 to 45 minutes after truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


7 grams
10 grams
15 grams


4-6 hours


Take them with an empty stomach and clear head, For the best mushroom experience, make sure that you’re in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose.


Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge and will be good for up to 1 month. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.