• Translated from German Andreas
    The delivery was actually pretty quick. 4 days after ordering, nothing can be said. I already have a bit more experience with all substances that are so consumed at parties. I took one on an (relatively) empty stomach. The second after 30 minutes. A tingling feeling has slowly spread through my body, but a little too little for me. after 1 hour I took the 3rd and again 30 minutes later the 4th. The euphoric feeling was really intense after that, I even started to play around with my jaw. But the head was always totally clear. For someone who has a lot of experience with real MDMA, it probably won't bring total satisfaction. But the effect is definitely there and it feels good.

  • Translated from French Pesenti-Rossi
    Received the order in 5 days niquel, but no effect, early evening 1 tablet and a half no effect in the end I took 4 tablets and a half and really very slight feeling of feeling better, but really not the effect of ecrie

  • Joseph
    Received them this morning along with some truffles. Last time I ordered it took 5 working days, this time 8. I'm from Ireland. Won't be taking them right away but I will be back to inform you how it went. Anyways there not green but a light brown which makes sense as the main ingredient guarana extract is this color. Anyways thank you shayana one again. A trustworthy service I will definitely use again.

  • Joseph
    So im back. I decided to take one. Within a hour I had a ton of energy. Not really a buzz but I couldnt sit down. So I decide to smoke a joint containing about .5g and boom! obviously I was stoned but ive smoked this weed a week now and its couchy stuff. So id say it a woulda be a good pick me up on a night out or for shaggin the woman. But be ready when you mix.

  • Translated from French jean
    No effects at all on me, I took 2 and nothing at all ...

  • Translated from German Sebastian
    Value for money for my taste ok. I took 2 pieces before a party and was well awake, but nothing more.

  • Translated from French PeterPan
    good trip! ideal for dancing or hectic evening! On the other hand for maximum effects take 2 tablets =)

  • Translated from German Anne-Sophie
    I love that stuff !!! Use it mostly for doing sports or being creative, you are awake, concentrated but also slightly dense. Take care in combination with alcohol as you hardly notice the alcohol and it is easier to vomit. I do not know the "original" ^^, but I can only recommend these Herbal E's. However, if you do not take it every day, there will be slight brain mud the next day if you overdo it. I advise against more than one and a half, because you only get bad stomach pains or vomit.

MDNX is your natural party fuel in a smart little tablet. Do not be fooled by its size. These lime flavoured tablets will provide you with an energy boost the likes of which you‘ve rarely seen before.

To give it an extra edge, you can always take them in combination with some alcoholic drinks, but remember to take it easy, because mdnx won't!


Take one MDNX tablet with a glass of water or orange juice three quarters of an hour before you want the party effect to kick in. Do not take more than 1 tablet per day.

The MDNX formula contains Guarana extract, Vitamins (Ascorbic acid, Niacin, methylcobalamin), Chromium III Chloride, ginger, aroma (lime), colourant (E 102, E131).