Mystic Herbs Salvia Extract

  • Translated from French Julien
    Discovered on the site, I said to myself what is it? You want to know ? Read the description it is identical to reality. I only tried x5. First in joint with a friend, I was very disappointed. We said shit it doesn't matter at all. After consulting a specialized site we learned that it had to be used AS A SOCKET. And there it was just huge, magnificent! Here are my experiences and those of my friend (live;)): Uncontrollable laughter guaranteed every time. And also another different effect: once modeling the sound by touch (I felt the sound waves crashing into me), also an intense excitement, a feeling of happiness, a feeling of being in a waking dream, impression of seeing people in cartoon, falling wall, of being in a parallel world ... And so on. I can't even imagine what it must be in a stronger extraction !!! <3 Only bad point, the psychedelic effect itself lasts only two minutes, the psychoactive effect (feeling different, and stoned) 10 minutes. Summary and Conclusion: Crazy effects incomparable with other drugs, and very varied. Legal in France !!!! To be taken as a SOCKET absolutely and not as a joint. Weak point: too short trip duration (because it's so good). I absolutely recommend it to everyone !!!

  • Amer
    Hello friends, even if you take the weakest extract(5x) I still STRONGLY reccomend you to get a sober sitter. See before the trip I said to my self, if it goes wrong I'm just gonna drink some water take deep breaths and I will calm down. But here's the thing. During the trip I did not feel my physical body, while I was losing my mind during the trip, God know what I was doing in real life. Probably rolling on the ground making strange noises. You can seriously hurt yourself If you don't know what you're doing, that's why I'm warning you again that having a sitter is much better and safer. Anyways thank you shayanashop for this great product God bless you!

  • Jens
    Totally insane!! You nealy haven't the time to set down THE pibe, before you are blown away!!the fist time, like a rollercoaster in space!!:-) THE second time, a talkshow from America!! I found my self saying,what THE hell,fuck, i really dont want be in a talkshow!!i want Danish cristmas'songs!! then tour back and its like...What??? :-) 20x Jens.

  • Translated from French Avetand
    Very very psycho. Crazy laughs guaranteed. Hallucinations (not like mushrooms, it's different), like a wall, which separates the real world from the enchanted world, which moves towards me to cut me and pass from one side to the other, like as if the wall wanted me to enter this magical world by force. When I spoke, my voice was transformed, and I had the impression that the sound was coming from in front of me (and not from me lol) I tried the x15 and x20. Nice, but then I have too many unpleasant sensations (very very intense sweating all at once, as if I was in the shower, peaks all over my body .. not cool what). I recommend this product, to find out, but for my part, I don't want to do it again, now I know what it feels like, it doesn't tempt me anymore (I prefer shrooms; D) .. Otherwise TO DISCOVER :)

  • Translated from German El
    Very good product with a unique effect and nothing to compare. Whoever consumes it should let it go and not fight against it only in this way it can develop its full effect.

  • Translated from French renaud
    excellent product received in 4 days c the first time I tested the salvia X40 with 5 friends we all have hallucinations. the hard effect ten minutes really good product thank you shayannashop

  • Translated from French Romain
    Very good trip, the visual effects are impressive, and this just with the weakest salvia to try again.

  • Conan
    Very satisfied with product , super potent . Excited to order again highly recommend expect a inspiring adventure for about 1/4 hours it's a beast of its own kind nothing similar

  • sirius
    I've smoked just 5x extract, but it was good. I felt altered selfconsciousness, very strange.bodily sensations. It was short, but can still.feel very relaxed for the second day. I'm.going to try 20x next :)

  • Ian
    very potent stuff!

  • Translated from German Tester
    Skin very clean at 0.2-0.4 g. Brings a lot of fun for two and alone you collect a lot of impressions. Unfortunately, less than a gram has arrived, but the effect is hard even at 5x

  • Translated from French Nathan
    I haven't seen anything like it! I was used to smoking weed but it didn't matter. I took a trip. The curves became straight lines like a cubism painting and a big giggle guaranteed. The only downside that I could find but which remains my personal opinion is the infamous taste of the smoke because yes I failed to vomit the first time but it is especially the surprise of the taste and that did not prevent me from over and over again and I swear it's a huge experience! ??

  • Translated from German Jens
    People people people, so hello ballo !!! Ick was pretty buffing in the =) forest =) !!!! Hammer cool stuff, really really jut!

  • Translated from German Michael
    It is said that the Aztecs communicated with the gods with the help of Salvia. Leave a head with 40x extract in it for a long time then that will be possible. Nothing works like Salvia. Cardboards are a shit against it. Fortunately the turn is over after about 20 minutes otherwise it would be too violent. NEVER CONSUME ALONE !!! You need someone to take care of you

  • Translated from French nicolas
    very powerful, a crazy ride, matrix, the effect wears off in a few minutes c short I took * 20 and in the socket I was between 10 and 20mg. not too liking I prefer the LSD by far. I took it alone to test myself then with 1 former biker friends who know well. and he told me that it is for the real hard because there is a strong possibility of badtrip voila.j 'will not take again but that c me maybe would love you. I wanted a psychedelic trip (he is there) but it is so brief.

  • Translated from German DaSoul
    I have to say it wasn't exactly 1 gram inside = P but the effect was spectacular! ne street lantern had suddenly made a funny bow that upset me so much that I couldn't breathe, while laughing ^^ colleague had a bad experience with it, but he reacts to everything like that

  • Translated from Samoan Jörg
    Got me 5x after 2 pots everything starts to tingle and you get pulled into every conceivable purchase is well worth it for beginners

  • Translated from French Rossi
    WAW, (<yeah when the text starts like that, it's not for nothing) yesterday I had 6 arms and I was stuck 15 seconds in a time loop. I saw two Lilliputians between themselves helping to climb a tree branch by branch. very moving. my senses were numb and I felt thrown where I was looking (dark forest, so not cool, so I looked elsewhere, the steering wheel of the car <not good at all to feel that head stuck in his steering wheel, Antoine he reassembled has a wax representation in the manner of the Madame Tussaud museum, I had the feeling of being a chainsaw so the teeth of the blade were teeth (like the beautiful white teeth of my plastic Antoine) I had the feeling of being part of the car. I was greedy, pure x15, have to wait until the next time. it's almost a bad trip but everything and back in order in 15/30 minutes. on the other hand, the thrills of the trip, it lasted 24 hours. (first experience, javai took nothing more than weed joints before) an immense heat in my body. so psychic that you feel ps the rise and that I knew more too why I was in the middle of a trip, I had the feeling of being carried away, on the right, on the left, I drooled over like u n wild boar. It is necessary Tested to KNOW and to be able to try time well as badly to TALK About the different Direct or less direct effect which happens AT THE SAME TIME with a certain time lag between them. It was not pleasant, but it was an extraordinary experience. indescribable, I would try again in a smaller dose and in better physical condition. Antoine didn't really know how to tell me what he felt, but damn the Lucas was laughing out loud and saw me in a very strange way, like me but with the 3D view of the pebbles and the tree next to the car. he also saw a pebble that multiplied (Done that with banknotes ...) Lucas and I had trouble speaking, mouth numb a little (just in the head) That's roughly. Kisses. Thanks to Shayana for forever changing my outlook on the idea I had on 'waking them up'

  • Translated from French Romain
    Very good product! Being an occasional weed smoker, I was first surprised by the smell, texture and taste of Dutch orange. After this milestone, with my guitar on the banks of the Loire, the effects were more than satisfactory! I recommend.

  • Translated from French jonhy
    so this stuff is really sick stuff! I am a big lover of psychoactive product type lsd keta mesca and all but then this is the biggest trip of my life; I can't explain too much what happened but it was powerful, big inner journey; after several farts with leaves, a good big oinj x20 + ganja several leaf socket I hit a big socket of x20 is there it starts to be interesting, my eyesight starts to go nuts at this shift and all, then j 'takes the bong directly from me and a big x40 socket, is there, overpowering! on the other hand weird feeling afterwards, all tense and all, not very pleasant, but otherwise the bomb!

  • Translated from French steven
    c a unique experience brings them to another world which comes together just to let us feel their presence

  • Translated from French Monsterlunch
    I'm at home, I sit next to my girlfriend, I prepare my socket, 1 quarter of a gram of salvia x20, I draw my first socket I hold my breath, I spit out the smoke, then I enter into a conversation with my girlfriend. I don't remember what we were talking about, everything is going very quickly, everything seems a little fishy to me, I'm confused. Suddenly my girlfriend grabs me The Arm and tells me: "it's over ..." she was not talking about our relationship, but about me. And I understand that I am a book, a story, and that this is the end. I don't believe her. And she grabs my arm and closes me like a page of a book I see the world blur and collapse in this book that I am. After the terror, the acceptance I let it close in to put a therm to the story. I am soothed and ready. And I'm slowly coming back to my mind. And actually understands that I just had a trip. For me it was all real .. I'm still a little shocked. Apparently according to My girlfriend I didn t say a word for 4 minutes. Just look lost (not there) Incredible experience. Very strange .. I never thought I was a book one day.

  • Translated from French Totodef
    Heuuu how to say ... Simply so good :-) I just received the 10x as usual fast and discreet. I don't know how to explain what exactly goes on in your head when you take salvia but it's a very good trip I advise it to all thank you shayana !!!

  • Translated from French NkO
    Excellent !!! Never tested below 40x, it seems that this dosage suits me perfectly. To consume salvia properly, use a bong and a torch lighter, because salvia only delivers its active ingredient at very high temperatures. Pour the nozzle in all at once, then keep the smoke as long as possible. Once it is spat out, the effects are immediate and can be quite violent! The presence of a sober caretaker (sitter) who knows the product is more than recommended the first time! They should avoid talking as much as possible, except to reassure you in case of extreme confusion, and avoid physical contact as much as possible. Avoid noisy and busy places, too many people around it greatly affects the trip. Prefer a safe place (sofa, bed ...) and limit your movements (you risk dropping things, the bong for example). The best is to lie down directly after the socket and close your eyes. Once you get to know the effect of salvia well, the best way to enjoy it is to be alone, preferably without time reference (turn off the TV, radio, music ... under salvia this is no is just noise). Turn off the laptop, put the cat away, and enjoy the trip! Do not be afraid if the objects start to speak to you or even insult you, that is part of the trip;) once your ego is destroyed, reality is dissolved, you will, with a little luck, have access to pure consciousness, you you will experience multiple realities, you will take yourself for an object or an abstract concept, you will feel your body unfolding endlessly like a magic carpet ... In short, it is a very very intense interior experience, but seen from on the outside you will just look like a deep moron unable to align two coherent syllables :) Salvia is not a party thing, it is not suitable for social interaction at all! Ah and worse in case it is still blurry for some, avoid walking, it is the best way to get hurt and hurt yourself (you will also avoid proximity to sharp objects, candle flames or windows open ... Friendly advice!) There you go ... very enriching experience, nothing to do with other known psychedelics, salvia is a totally separate universe, it is a powerful delirogen that should not be under -to estimate. Consume it with respect, and perhaps it will deliver its divine message to you ...

  • Translated from Italian Heisenberg
    High level: be in the company, the euphoria that brings you this fantasy can lead you to the way of not understanding a cock: D (I used 0.3 in the bong)

  • Translated from French romss
    just wonderful I can not explain my trip at least my plural trips May it was good very good I recommend the x20 for the first time and then the x40 and not bad at all again thank you shayana :)))

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    my escperience !!! my first toke sitting at the table !!! the view turns on the left side !!! a feeling of knowing where you are who you are !!! and the head this gets hot and it stings a little and I felt all my body to envy it as if my body had stayed put and my mind had turned around sick thing! I felt my lungs swallow it up (I couldn't breathe anymore)! I felt my face to envy! my heart to envy (I thought it would stop)! my hands, my arms, my feet, my legs, my fingers, my ears, my cheek, my nose, my eyes I was I was I was in trance (I can't stand I put my head on my arms on the table 3 times in a row) !!! and there I have a food of heat which forces me to undress (find in tshirt in winter while I am chilly) !!! and I twisted in the armchair as if I was at the beach !!! trying to make it short I send shit all who try to talk to me !!! in short I was not well and at times sick thing !!! all this in 30 to 20 min !!! and afterwards I felt like a rebirth put to eat everything that found at the table that opened my appetite sick thing I ate 3 times more than usual !!! and felt the food craving stronger and even when I smoke it's like it's the first time !!! in short, my renaissance delirium !!! sick thing to resume !!! tank you !!!!

  • Translated from French Alexandre
    a killing trying to close my eyes, it feels me away.

  • Translated from German yvonne
    Coli received after 5 days and this grinder in fesai gone thank you shayana for the seriousness good product mix well

  • Translated from French Guillot
    Excellent product to smoke with a socket. An unpredictable rise to the head with a high that lasts for about 10-15 minutes. Very good experience, on the other hand very little effect that one smokes it in joint. Very good experience I will try again without hesitation. ;)

  • Translated from Samoan Sebastian
    I found it very noticeable, but I ordered 10x from now on. It is definitely worth it. I used it to mix my smoking mixture. :-) Shayana great as always.

  • Translated from French Le
    Received very quickly as quickly as the auditory hallu pole only because of mdr jm got confused with my wife who looked at me and not even calculate me and her with x10

  • Translated from French lord
    I want to say that salvia is certainly not to be underestimated, even the x5, which I made myself a fraiyeur. but otherwise top quality and delivery 3 days.

  • Translated from French Grandblaise
    order received in 5 days nickel chrome thank you shyna for the speed of your service now v test everything and will come back to give you my opinion more the music festival tomorrow enough to test this quiet with good zick peace people

  • Translated from Italian Giorgio
    I tried the 5x with considerable effects, smoked in a glass pipette an amount of about 0.2 and held for as long as possible led me to a daydream where what I saw had no dimension and the background music made me stay very well, everything was accompanied by crazy laughter because I could not speak I felt the language divided into 3 parts. It lasted a short time is really intense. ps during the trip you sweat a lot don't worry

  • Jesper
    Of all the Things, i have tryed from the site, I have to say, that not much of it have not had any effeckt on me, but this salvia extract really kickt me right in the face, damn this really does its job, me have more of this i will yes.

  • FG
    I highly recommend smoking this with a water bong instead of pipe/paper. First time we tried using the pipe, it had little effect yet still fun coz i was laughing but no body sensations.. now i got myself a small bong and it blew me away. I floated onto the bed and had very intense sensations and visual effects and even some sounds ..I wasn't able to move for 5-10 minutes but then you're okay. I bought the x5 and it still was really intense! And another thing, Thanks Shayana for the very good customer service and the discreet packaging and the fast shipping. Will shop again soon for something different to try!

  • Raphaël
    Very good communication from the website, good shipping and safe. Good Trip, very high and powerful, Bonne communication du site, bonne livraison soignée et sécurisé. Bon rapport qualité prix, à consommer en bang ! attention à ne pas trop doser ! Trip puissant et profond !

  • Translated from French Chanta
    As a precaution I took 3 twigs of * 5 I had the fear of my life. Much too powerful .. fear, regrets, uncontrollable terror absence.

  • Translated from Samoan Raphaël
    Very good communication from the website, good shipping and safe. Good Trip, very high and powerful, Good site communication, good neat and secure delivery. Good value for money, to consume in a bang! be careful not to dose too much! Powerful and deep trip!

  • Translated from French nicolas
    here are my little Shayana articles ..... little mix of Salvia, Barium Hash, Dutch Manali, Dutch Manali - Himalaya ..... perched for an hour .. very good product. thank you Shayana.

  • Translated from French Jonathan
    very nice, good vibes

  • SvenLauber
    the firste experiance we had with this was in holliday in croatia. my frinds and i smoke weed about 10 years, but we never had something like this. dont take the first time to much. take 3-4 breath and hold them for 30sec and u will love it :D

  • Braydyn
    This stuff is crazy strong, my first time smokin it threw waterpipe and i had two in a row n held em in, big mistake i ended up floating threw my bedroom wall into a time hallway were i could see layers of different dimentions, but then got stuck in my own reality, defenitly do not go hard like that, take your time with it. Trust me.

  • Braydyn
    This is very powerfull and awesome when you come out of it like wtf just happened, thats why i prefer 15x extract its perfect to keep in touch with your real life and enviroment why goin on a crazy spiritual quest,

  • Sebastian
    Ich fand es schon sehr gut spürbar habe mir ab jetzt aber doch 10x bestellt. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall. Habs aber eher zu untermischen meiner Rauchermischung benutzt. :-) Shayana top wie immer.

  • Amer
    Don't underestimate this plant, that's all I can say. Even the 5x extract can be very strong. If I could give you one advice, do not struggle, just let go and enjoy the short and amazing trip

  • Jörg
    Hab mir 5x geholt nach 2 Töpfen fängt alles an zu kribbeln und man wird in jede erdenkliche richtig gezogen der Kauf lohnt sich gut für Anfänger

  • Dean
    I'd never tried salvia before, my experience was kind of strange. I smoked it in a large pipe, firstly just a small amount and held my breath, I had a slightly trippy sensation and a feeling of disconnect. I then filled the bowl to the brim and smoked a good hit, this time It was stronger and my mind seemed to flicker with my heartbeat and I felt like my mind was drifting. I let this wear off for a few seconds while I loaded another really big bowl, after a massive lung full and holding my breath, I suddenly realised I'd completely slipped out of my reality, the television was showing a horse race and I was pretty much there, and I can remember thinking, this isn't my reality and blinking hard trying to regain my senses, and then I'd find myself some where else, a completely different place, this went on for what felt like minutes but could have only been a very short time, suddenly I became aware of my surroundings again and realised I was in fact home and in my living room staring at the tv remote. Within ten minutes It was like nothing had happened, I remain totally confused by this stuff! Now, I've done quite a lot of acid and various mushrooms over the years, but this was the first time I've been tricked in to believing I was elsewhere without being lucid enough to realise I was actually tripping, strange stuff!

  • randy
    wow most intense 5 min. of my life!!!felt like i was being pulled and could not move!!!!! again wow!!!!!!

  • Nima
    So... Shayanashop... these guys are legends, they’re no dealers they’re a group of professionals and genuinely nice people that gift us beautiful experiences in this mad world, secure payments, wonderful support and the shipments are fast secure and %99 of the time they arrive sooner than expected. I still haven’t tried the Salvia but I know already it’s legit ! Thank you Shayana, mad respect ✊ peace ❤️

  • Translated from French pean
    an experience apart !!! first use of a product that gives halus and honestly it was there! Impression of being at the bottom of my house while I am on my sofa, trip with my shadow which does not move while I do .... In short, a big giggle at the beginning and after the hallu phase !! sometimes hanging up on reality is not long but really funny do between friend and personal with 1g of times30 we make at least 6 nozzles. I recommend it's cool

  • Teresa
    Haven't yet used half of what I received but we already did experience (with the friends) a lot. Highly recommended, I'm got to order some more of that :D

  • Translated from German Richa
    Top product! It is delivered in the best quality and also very quickly. You have to like Salvorin A, the material is unique and cannot even achieve a comparable effect from other opiods. I ordered the x15 extract, but unfortunately I had no scales available. So I took a very careful look at a pipe. I was lucky and was level 1 on the first try, very pleasant. Then I was level 2 and level 3 and also dared level 4. I often had level 5 on other days. Definitely a very interesting experience, I got the rest of it out in one evening under a larger group and some of my friends who underestimated it had the fright of their lives: D So be careful with dosage, otherwise you just howl ^^.

  • Translated from French Muzy
    Crazy laughs guaranteed, that's for sure! But on the other hand not for long at all, and finally I did not find particular interests in this product ... Some psyche effects but nothing very transcendent ... This is only my opinion!

  • Translated from French dim
    it's a sick thing first socket good effect surprising 2nd socket a little more dosing case the same but the 3rd it's incredible with just a little more, it's hallucinating never I would have thought that we could see so much with a only latte frankly c'es a pdt to try but with respect and not only because it is not a joke and again I "have to try the x10 should not even ask the other in any case do not hesitate go for it but do not do not the greedy lol

  • Translated from French Yannick
    Slt tlm, I just wanted to give my opinion on Salvia * 10 in extract ... Yet I have consumed Hoffmann trips, Panels 200 ...... But despite the seniority on what I have consumed same microtip, the Salvia plant only has an effect for 3-5 minutes But overpowering it, however, only * 10 impossible for me to move because I am completely broken down into thin strips and afterwards in playmobil ... That's why for that is why I don't will never do it again but now I'm going to buy Spoon Pipes because they are too good and try intense dutch or barium blend because I have smoked more for about 10 years unless you advise me to smoke something else mci ... Yannick

  • Translated from French Thomas
    (SORRY from the hortograph) Hello everyone! = D I just received my little letter this morning in my letterbox :), Everything is there as planned, 1g as expected :), I ordered Tuesday, and I received his Monday morning, Small brown envelope very discreet, , I am super happy ji didn't really believe that this is my first order from abroad and especially the first on this site! , I am conquered ^^, In short, make sure you get the maximum Shayana Shop, It's not easy to be the last order, I tell you! : P

  • maili
    im 19 years old i smoke weed about 2 years i tried mephedrone cocaine shrooms but THIS WAS CRAZYYY i took the 15x extract HOLD IT IN FOR 30 SECONDS started laughing then got the feelling of being blasted at high speed, then i saw nutting. when i was comming down the world was spinning i tought it will never end, then after 30 minuts i came to my self (higly reccomnded)

Mystic Herbs Salvia Extract

This new Salvia Extract from Mystic Herbs will provide you with a short, but very intense experience which you won't forget. It is perfect for social reunions!

Salvia divinorum is a plant, native to Southern Mexico, which contains a powerful psychoactive chemical known as Salvinorin. It has been used traditionally in Mexico for healing and divination and became available in the underground psychedelic culture around the world starting in the early 1990's. It is also known as "la pastora", "the shepherdess", "the leaves of the shepherdess", "diviner's mint" or "diviner's sage".

Strong effects can be difficult to attain from smoking dried leaf, but extracts such as this will induce completely enfolding entheogenic mind-states.


1) Uncontrollable hysterical laughter.
2) Becoming objects (candle, chair, vegetable,…)
3) Overlapping realities. Being in several locations at once.
4) Loss of the body or identity.
5) Entering a 2-dimensional world.
6) Revisiting places from the past.
7) Weird physical sensations, being pulled or twisted.


The most common way to take Salvia Extract is to smoke it in a joint or (water-) pipe. If you’re not a regular smoker, then the water-pipe may be the best option.