Spores And Syringes

Mexican Print or Syringe

  • Translated from German Mesut
    Super quality very easy to use, for everyone who has experience with it !!!! Have fun with it!!!! greeting

  • Julian
    I had some nice rhyzomorphic growth with this strain, so Shayana Shop provides some decent genetics here.

  • Darren
    I bought 2 mexican syringes,i used the 1st one up on 6 jars and i had 1 jar left so used a little of the 2nd syringe.the 1 jar colonised within days and i was really happy with how quick it colonised,now im still waiting of the 6 jars to show any signs at all.all jars were made up and sterelised the same time with the same ingredients (pf tek) but only 1 has worked the 1 jar off the 2nd syringe.so theres a difference in the quality of syringes for sure,i think the 1st syringe was duff as im very patient,but still nothing has happened and im very dissapointed as ive used syringes from other companys and they were all wicked and grew the same.

    Good quality products. Delivery’s take a bit longer than usual sure the virus situation. I did put the wrong address for my delivery but SHAYANA was happy enough to re send my order free of charge!

  • Translated from Samoan CONLIGHT
    I recommend it to try various blends for the first time! All in all good but some more choice for you! Congratulations to the shop are always good on the 3rd order! Super reliable and close in case of need!

  • Augustin
    easy to grow , really good product

Mexican Print or Syringe

The Psilocybe cubensis from Mexico is probably the Mushroom that made the cubensis so famous! This strain has a long historical background and was well know to the natives of Mexico before it was discovered by the western society. In the Netherlands this strain was one of the first Mushrooms sold by Smartshops, known to the Dutch as the "Mexican Mushroom".

Under ideal circumstances it performs very well, however it still can be picky. It produces small to middle sized Mushrooms with a very white stam and a small cap.