Lemon X

  • Translated from French thonyxot04
    its torn, 1st faith took 2 caps, feeling of well being, May on the other hand 3-4 hours after stacking gone, vomited for at least an hour, so the next day resumed a cap and the good, may less than with the 2.! ! I recommend its torn. !!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French Joe
    Good product, well-being, cool and euphoric, great desire to discuss. In association with the atomic herbal impecc. Thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Raphael
    really disappointed, no euphoria nothing ... oh yes indeed we do not sleep with a headache which comes as a bonus so not for me

  • Translated from French hightempo
    We no longer question the effectiveness of these capsules. They are her best! Friesians in the body and no fatigue. On the other hand, give up to get the stick.

Lemon X

Lemon X...the energizer that's on everbody's lips has just come in. Lemon X is a lemon-flavoured, caffeine-based product with some other secret ingredients guaranteed to keep you awake and give you that ecstatic and euphoric feeling of happines for a long time.

If you just want to stay awake, take one capsule and it will get you through your sleepy fase. If you're looking for action and power, take 2 to 3 caps and you're ready to go !

Ingredients per cap:
caffeïne 100 mg, chromium, niacine, vitamine B12