Magic Truffles

  • Hannah
    Brilliant visuals no negative feelings. I stayed inside so feel like I didn't take full advantage of them I'm planning to do so this time. Brilliant first time trip.

  • Translated from French abe
    Here is my story. This is my first experience, we are camping, it is almost night. Four people, including one who does not take mushrooms to be able to monitor the others. The effect is felt after a good hour, impression of being under the influence of alcohol, dizziness, loss of balance, giggles ... it's not very bad, we decide to roll a joint. My friends try to fix the trees to imagine shapes, I do not do it for fear of going bad, I am very sensitive. In short, nothing actually happens. We're going to sleep. I am in the tent of him who has not taken. After half an hour, my stomach goes up and prevents me from breathing, that's it I said to myself "it's the end". I try to breathe in big air before choking, but strangely, a path in my head or at least I feel that it is "good" for me, I should not resist ... so I trust I let myself go, I feel like an aura around me, a bit like a shield that protects me. And there ...... I come into contact with an immense "energy", I see it, I feel it, and everything gets carried away. inconsciament I ask questions about the meaning of life, the energy gives me answers which leads to a question which leads to a tac-au-tac response .... I go around the world in questions, we talk about the place where I find myself, myself, love, drugs, my friends all everything everything .... I touch the goal, I feel that I am getting closer to THE ultimate question, the meaning of my life ... and there, everything stops. I have traveled at least 3-4 hours while keeping my eyes open, incredible, fantastic, magical, I feel mature I know more about the meaning of life than in 20 years of existence, I have become someone 'another. My friends didn't get anything, I think because they wanted to have aluses just for the trip while I am more focused on meditation. We must respect the mushrooms, it is not a drug like the others, we must feel good, it reflects our state of mind. Our ancestors were right, learn about the history of mushrooms and understand ... I recommend Shayana Shop, serious and very professional.

  • Theo
    I took about 10 grams on a goa-party (psytrance, best kind of party you can be with mushrooms). Good set & setting, because of the very nice people at the party, warm summer night, very beatiful decoration, good friends of me were there too. Had a middle intense, beautiful trip. Danced in a wavy, slow creative ecstasy. I laid in the grass with a friend of mine, we talked about the stars, flying squirrels, quantum physics and philsophed about the meaning of life. After the trip, I was still in good mood and I danced until the morning. I buyed 80 grams, they were packed in 4 air-proof plastic bags á 20 grams, I think in a fridge you can keep them up at least two weeks. But they are a lot more tasty when they are fresh (They taste a bit sour, earthy, forest-like aroma). An other friend of mine tidied up her room on this mushrooms, said it was very nice, too.

  • Translated from German Jennifer
    I bought 80g and I shared 30g with 4 you all had a great trip great colors just great the laughs. I (we) were completely satisfied. Thank you

  • Translated from German Ronnie
    We hadn't been that crowded for a long time, sat on a viewing bench with a friend for almost 12 hours and were impressed by the beauty of nature and the view of the whole valley, where we were always laughing, why we laughed we didn't know ourselves.

  • Paul
    Don't eat a little and see colours. Eat the whole bag and talk to god.

  • Translated from German Mushtermann
    Good mushrooms :) Did you cum with a good buddy of mine, as it was our first mushroom experience I ordered a package (20g) and each of us sliced 10g. Have to say that they have really tasted again, had a short stomach for a very short time (about 15 minutes). We ate the truffles on a lukewarm pizza and ate them in his room, then we immediately went out into the forest and chilled ourselves with a soft blanket into a clearing (which we had been looking for days before because we were a bit wanted to prepare ...). Then we waited eagerly for the effect ... I lay with my buddy on the ceiling and we looked up into the treetop, then I noticed that the tree suddenly moved slightly wavy, I got a total Lachflash and I could not stop to laugh. I poked my buddy with laughter. Since I noticed strange feelings of happiness but suddenly I was totally clear in the head, I had ever read that the effect works in waves. I no longer had a body feeling and sometimes I just had to laugh. Unfortunately, I had almost no optics (except the distortion). Nevertheless, I liked the effect of the mushrooms as much as my buddy. shayanashop is really great !!! Delivery was about a week :) Spelling and grammar correction you can save yourself.

  • gerry
    I've tried all magic truffles and i believe the mexicanas to be the most powerful out of the bunch, you get the complete package, the deepness in mind, energy, and visuals. i find the truffles to be similar to the experince of ayahuasca when you take 25gr finaly slice the truffles, soke them in half cut lemon juice for 10mins, eat the truffles and chew in your mouth to a fine paste, then drink the juice. i normaly do yoga breathing techniques to go deep into the body and soul, the dosage and technique is really strong, non experinced psychedelics need not apply.

  • marc
    Amazing visuals. Took 10 grams about 10.00 at nigh and tripped well over 6 hours until 4.00 in the morning. Little bit of a sickly feeling in the gut but nothing to worry about. The grain on my flooring was full on warping and looked like liquid morphing. Absolutely and truly stunning. Got 20g of the dds ill be having in a few days but im gonna bosh the rest of these mexicana tonight. I can't wait. Brilliant product and brilliant people. Hats off x thanks

  • Translated from German Stoni
    So I did not notice anything and I'm certainly not a permanent consumer. But every body responds differently and therefore does not hesitate and still test guys.

  • Translated from French loicaf750
    Hi, received the 30g (between 33 and 34 ...) and a grow psilo mexican kit (+ seeds offered) well in time, ordered a Sunday received on Friday. (and I just ordered 75g for the next week, waiting to harvest ...) I did not know if I was going to take two or three, finally it was four. We made about 3 servings of 9g and one of 6g for a friend who wanted to start nice ... Finally it is the person who took the least that has the most perched ... But hey, I would prepare better the atmosphere next time ... It was put in wood Vincennes, quiet far from the people, but the first pushes made that some did not hold in place ... And we find ourselves in a big alley, full sun and people ... And even people we knew, forced to flee urgently, two of my mushrooms in full climbs, how la la, it was hot hot hot ... After we found a little corner and everyone has tripe quiet, I found them light, may have been too much to manage from the beginning everyone has spoiled everything, may not be ... M 'Finally, I remember my taking 20g of these same champi dam, in the city, and there was nothing manageable ... ^^ If I receive my order in time, this week, I resume 20g ...

  • Translated from German Marco
    I ordered the Mexican along with a packet of mushrocks. Delivery took a little longer this time - but is ok. I took the mushrocks first and was a little disappointed, hardly any optics. Two days later 10 gr. Mexican - and I have to say I'm very excited about these truffles! That made up for the disappointment with the rocks! Really crazy optics and feelings (With closed eyes light-neon-green pattern :-D) Was in the forest at night with clear skies and moonlight and hi-tech sound on the ears :-D That was really BOLD !!!! A lot of color, even in the dark! Thanks to Shayana and the truffles!

  • Chris
    15g propelled me into the stratosphere. Complete ego death and a oneness with the universe. Highly recommended, but (in case you're as susceptible as me)prepare yourself first Research 'set and setting' especially to avoid bad trips.

  • George
    Before i do the review i must make somethings clear. 1)This site is not a fake site that scams people this is a real site with real products. 2)The order arrived really fast in 4 working days. Now about the psilocybe tampanensis mexicana.I bought 30 grams for me and my girlfriend.We only tried 5 grams each one night and i must tell you that it worked.At the beginning our minds were working different,strange and fast thoughts were coming all the time.That's why they call them philosopher's stones.After a while we start laughing a lot and almost unstoppable(not in dangerous mode but it was nice and funny).We didnt ate more so we didnt have any visions but i am sure that if you eat 15grams you will have visions. For us it was a nice trip since our mind was working in different way than normally and the thoughts were coming like huge waves.In my opinion it's not for party it's for philosophical research but ofc that's what i believe and i just ate 5 grams.

  • Chowder
    We were 6 people and took 5 grams each on empty stomach. Everybody was taking shrooms for the first time. To be honest, we weren't expecting much from this low dose. Unfortunately, the conditions weren't great for tripping. We were indoors in a fairly small room and it was night outside. In the first 2 hours everybody was very quiet. Nice little distortions and body hallucinations. I personally had nice visuals, especially when I was standing in dark. All my deepest and most profound thoughts and questions seemed so easy to understand. It was a time when everybody though they went mad. The feeling was quite uncomfortable, and pretty difficult to avoid or ignore. I definitely recommend taking them in nature and either be alone or with one or two close friends. The delivery was good and fast. Im going to buy again.

  • Translated from Italian Prince
    Very fast shipping! And the product is of high quality! I was in such profound hallucinations!

  • Translated from German
    Full of the hammer stuff, what my first real mushroom trip. I've eaten with a buddy how much exactly I do not even know, each 12 g or so. evil optics and no body feeling had more, totally verballert ran around in the city: D delivery was also top and fast. Overall, a really cool side

  • Translated from German mandy
    I'm quite the house it really worked out a week ago transferred money and today had very discreet in the mailbox. In 5 hours I'll snorkel for the first time and then I'll watch you write me how it was ^ ^

  • Translated from German mauritz
    The quality of this truffle is definitely 1st class! Broader color spectrum and also light optics at full dose. I would describe them purely from a psychological point of view as an increase in a good ecstasy trip, unless you are the type who cannot sit still on ecstasy and cannot think clearly! Even for completely inexperienced consumers there is absolutely no reason to be afraid! Before you get chemical drugs or mushrooms on the street from people you don't really trust, buy it here! You won't be pulled off here, you won't get stretched shit and the customer support is really excellent! I only recommend you tripping if you either get on with yourself and trust yourself or best with a girl with whom you get on really well! There is no use if you sit down with people who run blindly through life, have no well-founded opinion and best of all fool yourself out of sheer stupidity when you are tight; D Just let yourself go and go inside yourself afterwards you become the world with see other eyes but it happens with these truffles very soft and loving so don't worry it's as violent as everyone says :)

  • Translated from French kosmos
    thank you shayana fast and discreet sending, good champote petite mont and kelke crazy uncontrollable laughs thank you shayana we can count on you lol bisx a +

  • Translated from German Mazemizz
    Wonderfully suitable for parties ... It pops well but you stay in the earthly cosmos :) Good truffles!

  • Translated from German Firsttry-Pilzlover
    So first of all great praise to the shop, ordered and transferred on Tuesday and the next week Monday they were already there, apparently even with a few grams bonus;) Is the first time I give mushrooms, just have fun 3 given gram on an empty stomach, taste really delicious but I think different (tastes of harder champingons). After about three quarters of an hour we went off completely, everything was blurry and all the colors were totally bright and strong, just awesome, I haven't felt so liberated and clear for a long time, that lasted a good 4-5 hours. just great hammer feeling, no nausea, difficulty breathing, pulse or racing heart, brilliant parts, I will soon feed 5-6 grams with mates. But don't overdo things for people who try this for the first time. 3-5 grams are enough to have a nice experience;) Thanks to shayanashop, your new loyal customer;)

  • Translated from French hightlifer
    first time with truffles, great to redo very quickly I repecho 75gr immediately parcel received in 8 days thank you shayanna

  • Translated from German age
    So money has been transferred last Tuesday?!?! And today is Friday and still not since I also got yew confirmation that it was kicked off

  • Translated from German JohannesHRO
    Fast delivery, good price. Half a pack is enough, but a whole pack is not bad either. With sleep it will be nothing for the time being. Animal / nature documentaries and a blanket are recommended. Pops in well :)

  • Translated from German Harri
    very very nice and a hammmmmmmm thank you to the shop here the king of shops I only say delivery 1 a well wait now for a small pack but this time it will probably not go so fast or so but .... The truffles are just the bürner for To recommend beginners is so little crass but nothing wild as in the instructions is in general all very well. Hope the next pack arrives soon and would be nice if I would go by cash on delivery personally I find better true against cash

  • Translated from German localoca
    So I ordered the mushrooms but never tried them. Shipping 1st class products 1st class I snacked on the mushrooms 15 grams at a time after an hour and then we started laughing pure I just chatted and ran around in the apartment, saw colorful spots on the when, after 3 hours I got full horror trip almost puked but I think that's because I have three seeds woodrose and smoked salvia just a great trip only the taste of the truffles are angular sour salty a lot of fun. your J

  • Translated from French hulin
    HELLO TO ALL hoouuuaaa I received within 10 days my piti kit of colonbian and messs 75g of mexicanaaaaa so I have what adjusted my dose ... the damage is that I do not know many people in my box ; just arrived at two minimum would be cooler but hey we do av what we did ...... suuuuper kool shayana merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lolo +

  • Andres
    Excellent distributor. Ship fast and secure to colombia. About the mushrooms I could say ...... Don't abuse.... A dose of 15 is fine we go far and whattravell.... Not soo visual.... Very introspective ideal for OBE or self analysis. Very very hard. Very shamanic. Thanks shayana.

  • Rauno
    Well, the smell reminded me of mold! But the taste was tolerable, like with shrooms. I Suggest you eat it with a very tasty chocolate bar. ;) Seemed to kick in fast. Mary gave it a quick bang aswell. Seems to be a very pure substance, no aches or nothing. :) I took about 8g, it has a nice stimulating effect with color enhancement and quite alot of visual distortion. Next time i would take more tho, I feel like another wave is hitting me, just came here to give my review, Happy travels. >:)

    excellent product. was in laughter for over 2hrs with friend who never had before but really enjoyed them!! really though, u cant put a price on amazing times so this is worth every penny!!!

  • Hendrixson
    As a "virgin" I was a little wary of how much to take 1st time around and probably ended up doing around 10g. Chewed them slowly and although the taste wasn't that nice, it wasn't as bad as the smell! Started to really kick in after about an hour, maybe less and wow - absolutely amazing. Feeling was pretty intense and very colourful for an hour or so, but continued to feel good for a total of 3 hours. Would recommend you give it go!

  • kostas
    ok, my interest is not recreational. I seek a deeper understanding of reality(ies). Completely alone, in complete darkness and quietude. In a deep mediative state I got what I wanted in terms of a kind of enlightment on some of the issues I sought answers. I will most definetely continue my studies. Beside that, the effects are very gentle and to the extent of my experience there is nothing to worry about.

  • Translated from Italian Boca
    To be honest I tried all the mushrooms in this store and these are really the best ones. First the effect is really cool and it was never stressed after you are really relaxed and all the music is really nice to hear. Many small color changes, but nothing very hard to ever be afraid of.

  • Translated from French User13301
    so here I order the champex and I received 4 days after nickel and it is said with one of my friend that we wanted to make a trip in the quiet nature Elder than for once. So we went to the hill above our city where there was a bit of landscape and we eat the 15 G cash we rolled a joint decapsulated a beer and put the music we had embarked a post or j had dub well hovering. all the beginning of the trip is well spent I felt mounted more and more supported until I start typing bad hallus too good serious too beautiful with the music I really hovered at ten thousand then we started this frozen in our hill so we decided to go home and the sound was the beginning of the bad we came back and my buddy began to serre he was assé inexperienced and it is let surprise by the power of the trip he simply serrated and I was started to affect me so we put the TV me I trip rather a lot but he did not manage and I can not calm down the final o I ended up being too very scared me too to stay perched and ducoup anguish stress very intense impossible to reason me I wanted him stopped but impossible I looked at my watch every minute it seemed to me that half an hour had just passed one of the worst experience of my life .. if anyone can give me r advice on this story I am all ears thanks to +

  • Translated from French canellas
    Energetic and visual truffles! 10g infusion and half an hour after I take off! Must be prepared a minimum physically and spiritually because all your convictions are shattered, your ego is erased and your soul is free to contemplate all that pleases him.The past, the future, the infinite possibilities of various situations, You are eye and thought, you create infinite worlds, You see the world of ideas, where everything is possible, it's very funny, and playful, we learn a lot about everything and we come back more awake!

  • Translated from German Holger
    I threw in half a pack first because I didn't know this type of truffle. Since the desired effect had not yet arrived after an hour, the other half got it. Unfortunately I have to say that even after a whole pack, the truffles are not that strong. They are more suitable for beginners and newbies than for experienced psychonauts. Fun anyway, only without real optics :)

  • Translated from German Michael
    Delivery quickly and discreetly in good packaging. Top!!! To the truffles .... very suitable for beginners. Coming soft ... going soft. At about 10g good body feeling, clear thoughts and light optics. In terms of taste, just like any good medicine, it is simply delicious :) But it shouldn't taste good, it should be fun. And they do it in full. However, for people who like to travel to Nirvana too weak. Nevertheless clear purchase recommendation!

  • Translated from German Marcel
    Although the effect sets in rather late (approx. 90 min.), It is extremely strong. In addition, there are strong spiritual experiences, as well as the feeling of enlightenment. If you want to have a spiritual experience you should definitely try these mushrooms.

  • Translated from German Einfach
    Delivery top! The first dose was 5g after half an hour. then it started to work. Only slight optic's a little later it then increased. After 2 hours the fun was over. Will try again 7.5g tomorrow and see what comes around. But it can only recommend good mushrooms. Best swallow with a little yogurt because the taste is a bit nasty. kind regards

  • Translated from French sabria
    Great, I really enjoyed myself! I turned into a kind of Boudha from the 60s (psychically speaking of course)! However the friend with I took it had nothing at all: / 9a surprised me because it was his first time!

  • Translated from Spanish chess
    I had a good day in a huge, sunny park with some colleagues. Perhaps the only bad thing is that the taste is very strong and somewhat unpleasant, but the experience was worth it, let's say we were in complete harmony all of the group and maybe we did not laugh as much as with other types of mushrooms but we do enjoy as children circling and discovering areas of the park that for us was a WORLD. It is not a bad idea to go to a place where you can go for a walk and enjoy the day with these truffles. Very cool everything;) PS: the page one pass, and completely reliable.

  • Translated from German mario
    too bad that each of the 4 packs only weighed 17 to 18 grams instead of 20 grams, the quality is good, I would also pay the price for 17 grams, just feels kind of stupid if the information is not correct ...

  • Translated from German Andreas
    Unfortunately, only 17.7 grams came after 6 days. with me. Don't tell me about "moisture loss". (2.3gr. In 6 days in a vacuum pack?) Well, usually the amount is okay. By the way, the truffles are recommended. My recipe: 4gr. Mexicana + 4gr. Dragons. schüssi.

  • Translated from French ilovemushrooms
    delivery time a little long but sent in discreet folds. very good product good little hallu less long and less powerful than champi but fun enough ... I recommend to amateurs ... very good to start

  • marc
    Came in the post today. Speedy delivery only took 4 days to come and am very pleased. Will be having these in a few days. Post details soon. Thanks guys

  • Translated from French BAVKT
    Taken 10g on an empty stomach before going to dubstep evening. 15-20min to go up, max effect after 45min-1h for about 2h then descend calmly. Not at all hallus, no psychological journey, a feeling of well-being and joy, happy to live and be there, feelings of touch much more developed ... If you want to make a great trip, these truffles do not are not advisable (or perhaps by increasing the doses) but nice anyway! Although a bit expensive for my taste.

  • Translated from French Graille
    Excellent;) 60 grams for five, completely perched and euphoric! Really powerful and good

  • Translated from French kkk
    thank you shayana fast delivery and good quantity even a little more than expected may have tasted

  • Translated from French mathis
    so for a first I swallowed 10g good trip without halu I advise anyway to take them with a person with whom you have some affinité.bonne mounted: I felt good like this I was aware of my problems but without them find too important (I am a former tox which would explain pe be the dose for a first) I still was throwing up all day in a good trip lol. the duration of the trip is about 2 hours without feeling any descent which concerns the delivery time top of the top thank you shayana:) tomorrow I test another kind + cost ... I would tell you some news. I took 5g with a friend but with another substance that I advise against by the way. .. :) good trip has hooked you for guaranteed takeoff with shayana

  • Translated from French C6bon
    Order 80g received a bit more, delivery in a perfect short week. I had previously decorated my apartment & fitted out (for dancing) and finally to stimulate the hallus as much as possible! 2 lights changing color (one fast the other much less. Drawing exhibition, poster, stretched dye & lava lamps. I hide all kinds of things that we don't like to see too much. Music drumb n bass & trap We were 5 & 4 to take it being my first time I contented myself with 15g. Put in a croque monsieur eaten quickly made accompanied by some beer & 30 minutes spent: A nice push resembling MDMA all guessing game & adventure my small apartment had become like a village but no visual effect until one of my friends exclaimed loudly "-OOoouuaahhHHH !!!!" & there ... I understood what we call an explosion of color !! visual effects of 3D movement of color everywhere a unique beauty! Quite a lot of laughter as you roll on the ground whatever I did I like. I stayed most of the evening on a carpet or me always nearby, I always came back near my little carpet ^^ kind of woolen hair (good trip I ou advice to test) We wanted to take a walk outside to go smoke, & there the laughter was more and more numerous and intense! back at the bottom of my house we don't want to go home anymore & continued our little trip, so we know said "let's smoke a little cigarette then the apartment comes out" yes very logical this story, faith up we know report that we needed a specific objective or else by wanting to be everywhere we were nowhere. Sublime magnificent evening discovery no problem no bad perfection in its purest form. A friend who had already taken LSD to find the effect almost similar (to specify who had taken 20g) Once the effects dissipate he stay 20 g we share them in 3 but without effect (so do not do s 'is to spoil the product) the next day a slight headache but fleeting. Little advice: decorating your apartment with a font; allows you to reconstruct your reality the next day by tidying up in case of bad. But luckily no need for that ^^. Do it smart & Thanks to Shayana

  • Translated from French david
    with a medium dose I had crazy laughs

  • Translated from French JULIEN
    First experience with this excellent "light" variety, gentle heat traversing the body, slight numbness, beautiful lasting euphoria and great feeling of well-being and saving relaxation. I also experienced a nice mental cleansing, as if a mist in my head had been removed. No hallucinations or visual distortions, just a very slight distortion of the perception of images (when viewing a film), and intense immersion in the film lol, light and sounds felt more acutely also. I was fully aware of all the physiological changes and modifications. Regarding the operating conditions: Fasting for about 6 hours, 173cm for 80Kg, taking about 14g crushed in a pestle and mixed with a little Boursin and a large fresh button mushroom. The maximum climb was reached in about 2 hours, very gradual, no sudden peak which could be disturbing. So this first test was a great success in my search for personal development, perfect variety without risk for beginners next step Majestic Madness to go further in introspection and visual phenomena. Kisses to all mushrooms, and bravo Shayana

  • Easy-E
    Clean delivery in 4 business days, packaging is correct and discrete. Had a wonderful trip :))))))

  • Barbora
    Brilliant product and amazing visuals, fast delivery. Deffo use it again!!!

  • charlie
    product arrived in the uk in 7 days, clean and well wrapped The shrooms looked a little like crushed walnuts, but tasted like mould! Crushing them up in a lemon tek with plenty of honey made them a lot more palatable, and intensified the trip... we did 20g each spread out over a day dropping 5g about every 2 hours. This gave a sustained strong but manageable trip for the whole day with nice visuals, a pleasant happy buzz and no nasty comedown. Excellent service, excellent shrooms, excellent day on the beach... Excellent!

    Extrange mushroom , very oniric. Best if you are alone or meditating. Could create a mind travel very intense. Don't abuse......respect them , energy of light. Very shamanic.

  • Wendy
    A friend and I did 10g each a couple of days ago. I'm a somewhat experienced tripper but hadn't done any hallucinogens in a decade so was a little apprehensive and my friend was a 1st timer. Even though we had a great experience we were both left somewhat disappointed with the visuals. We have decided to up the ante and try some high Hawaiians. Just waiting on the super fast, excellent service that we receive from shayanashop!

  • 001110010101011111001
    I live in Germany and for some reason it took 14 days for the order to arrive. This is not a complaint, though, the mushrooms were wonderful and this was the first of many orders I'll make. :-) Just thought I'd let people know that in some cases it might actually take a little longer.

    Lovely stuff, yes. It will give quite a journey within. And you might see yourself in past experiences, that will appear disgusting. That indicates that you need to relax and think of the end game. You will most of the time enjoy it.

  • Hayden
    These truffles changed my life by shifting my perspective of freewill and consciousness completely. It was almost as if it gave me a humanism and scientism awakening that persists to this day. I realised that our consciousnesses give the illusion of freewill. I came to this conclusion because I experienced intense ego death that enabled me to perceive that all the things in the universe are governed by physics and thus cannot be manipulated. An analogy for this is how when you stack dominoes and topple them, they cause a chain reaction similar to entropy; which our universe is governed by. Thus I was able to deduce that everything on every level, from stars to the most basic form of any existence which is energy; is manipulated by the past in a chronological way. Our freewill arises from all these neurotransmitters and synaptic structures that move in a completely predictable and decisive way. Thus our freewill cannot exist as this what governs our thoughts and actions. We do not decide what we do or think, it is simply a manifestation of chemicals and their randomness. This begs the question, Are we responsible for our actions? Are our choices and thoughts based solely on chemical matter probability? I also realised that time is a skewed concept because if everything does function in a 'domino effect' than at any moment the past, present and future is determined. These insights have changed the way I live immensely. I accept things that happen regardless of what I wanted, I try to use time more productively and I try to have numerous perspectives on a concept since I understand that anything we think is biased through pure chance. I still cannot however wrap my mind around my insights in time. During this trip I had 17 grams of truffles and 4 HBWR seeds.

  • Cassie
    Ordered and came within the week :) straight up just vacuum packed mooshies in a brown envelope! Love it, haven't tried yet but I know they are gonna be awesome!

  • Gareth
    UK buyer here. Ordered them last Friday, got here this Friday so they got here pretty damn quick. A dose of 9 gram has the same effects as 150mg "1p lsd" bloody great lol you can not go wrong with this truffle its highly recommened by me personally :P only negative i have is i got "18.7" gram over the promised "20 gram", But with 2 strong doses in that, i call that "nit picking" lol. have fun all will be buying again (or something new you never know) :P

  • Gál
    We took about 8g each 3 hours ago. It comes in waves, every wave is different. For me, it is taking my mind to a clearer view of thing, it has many visual, colors seem differently, sometimes it feels like im in water. My friend had a bad feeling, so he took the trip stopper, but im still on the water ;) I think, ill take some more a bit later with an other friend.

  • Evgenij
    Eine tiefe spirituelle Erfahrung gepaart mit interessanten visuellen und akustischen Halluzinationen, der einzige fette Minuspunkt ist der ekelhafte Geschmack und beißender Geruch.

    Very fast delivery to Germany, the package aririved Saturday, order was made on Monday.It even included three free shayana marchandise bracelets, one of each kind. Would be cool if I could rate them too, but no option for that sadly because they weren't included in my personal order. The Adventurer bracelet is awesome and I wore it right away, Thank you very much Shayana! Now to the review of Mexicana. I am 25y m 88kg. Took it with a friend of mine and made 50/50, everone took 10grams of the product. Before consuming, we cut everything to little pieces. I chewed 5grams as long as I could. The taste is nothing to worry about, I expected it to be much worse. I would relate the taste like old yeast, it does smell like it, too. I put the rest into a strawberry yoghurt cup, good option for those of you that don't like the taste at all. Trip kicked in after aprox. 1 hour and lasted 5 hours. I have never laughed so much and so heavily as in that trip, I was very happy feeling and full of joy, kind of like xtc throughout the expierence. Gladly recommend this stuff and will definetively buy again!

  • Adriano
    The Trip was good but not good as with the Psilocybe Sclerotia - Shayanensis.... Clear visuals and colors, with appropriate background music it's like being in paradise!! (Recommend: Pink Floyd) the Effect was not intense for the duration of the blow But for the Beginners it's enough and it still does his dirty work... ;) Il Trip è stato bello ma non tanto quanto con lo Psilocybe Sclerotia - Shayanensis... Immagini e colori molto nitidi, con la musica appropriata di sottofondo sembra di stare in Paradiso!! (Consiglio: Pink Floyd) L'Effetto non è stato intenso per tutta la durata della botta ma per i principianti è abbastanza e fa comunque il suo sporco lavoro... ;)

  • Mario
    Very good travel companion.. Take it for the first time (never took any truffle/muhroomms before) and had great visual experience. But...I took 13-14 grams and after 45 minutes there is no nothing. And then I took rest of 6-7 grams. So took all 20 grams. And after about 20 minutes show started :D :D So...about 70-80 minutes passed until experience started. I think it's too much time. Everything stop after 3 hou. Expected much better experience, but that was pretty good for first time.

  • Zak
    These are the first ever truffles I've tried I felt so joyest no visuals but I didn't mind! . a little bit intense on the come up other then that for first timers this is for you! relax and put on a movie #NEXTFRIDAY! . Gonna try Atlantis next keep ya up dated :D shayana is the best for sure !! First start off on 10gs then work your way up

  • Marco
    Great product. The trip was worth every cent! Paid cash through mail and it worked without problems.

  • -
    Die Lieferung lief super, keine Probleme (mit Banküberweisung bezahlt). Es lieft alles innerhalb von 7 Werktagen ab. Wir haben uns 40g für 4 Personen (alle keine Erfahrung mit Pilzen, ich als einziger einmal eine Ecstasy mit 2-CB) geteilt. Genommen haben wir die Pilze in einem Wald. Als wir angekommen sind, hat jeder seine 10g gegessen und wir haben uns auf den Weg gemacht um einen Platz zu finden, wo wir uns hinsetzen. Nach ca 30-45min hat es dann ca angefangen, dass der Kopf "leichter" war. Alle Gedanken wurden klar. Man hat sich einfach gut gefühlt (ähnlich wie auf Ecstasy). Es ist einfach sehr viel passiert, an manches kann ich mich auch kaum erinnern. Irgendwann haben sich dann überall Muster gebildet, es waren zwar keine krassen Optics, jedoch für das erste Mal doch recht empfehlenswert. Außerdem haben wir uns zu einem Zeitpunkt zwischen Lachanfällen und Optics dann sehr intensiv unterhalten. Es hat einem irgendwie die Augen geöffnet. Wir haben uns sehr verbunden zur Natur gefühlt und Materielles war uns im Prinzip egal. So nach ca. 4h war es dann extrem, die Optics waren zwar nicht mehr wirklich da, nur hohe Kontraste, aber dafür kam das gute Gefühl wieder richtig durch. Lachanfälle (mehr als bei jedem Gras, was ich bisher hatte - Ich hatte schon "krasse" Sorten, jedoch war das wirklich ein ganz anderes Level) kamen dann auch hinzu. Kurz bevor der Trip dann das Ende erreicht hat, sind wir nach Hause gefahren und haben uns einen netten Abend mit ein paar Bier gemacht. Für den Notfall hatten wir auch viel Zucker und Vitamin C dabei, es war jedoch nicht nötig. Der Trip war durch und durch schön.

  • thumper
    Yesterday I went outside at a lovely and somehow quit place and had my first experience with mushrooms ever. I took 10 g on a non-empty stomach. After 50 min nothing happened and I got impatient. I took 10 g more, and in the next 45 min both portions kicked in. Everything sharpened, nature breathed a little. Closing my eyes made bright colours and much self awareness. I had the experience that my body was more a spiret than a physical body. I become as one with the grass and nature beneath me in a very pleasent way. Having read about levels today (1-5) I figure I had a level 2 experience. Recommended for first time users I think.

  • Ken
    Arrived in 5 working days (7 normal days)to a certain oppresive European country with Draconian laws (you know the one ;) ). Chewed 10gs raw, gave the wife 10gs. We were tripping for 6 hours +. We had amazing sex and then went outside to the nature. Cliffs and the grass turned from green/gray to purple and the green again! Also saw many cartoons with sharp edges that looked Mayan or from that cartoon Kuzco. I could hear every instrument from the Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon album. I also thought deeply about Nietzsche and realised he is just a pseudo intellectual meme. Would do again? Hell yes! Thank you Shayanna.

  • Sara
    So... I wasn't expecting much of this to be honest HOWEVER I gotta say I had one of the best trips of my life! I ate about 2/3 of the pack and only didn't down the whole thing cus my friends wouldn't let me ahahah! All of a sudden I felt like I was floating, AMAZING visuals, at a certain point I felt like I was one with the sofa... And all in the world was right where it was supposed to be! ahhah If you're someone that freaks out with the inability of controlling your surroundings, proceed with caution... I just left myself go into this high and I felt amazing. It was incredible!!! Will definitely be getting this again!!

  • Translated from Spanish moritoald
    Awful experience! They were clothed! Seriously great experience, discovering new sensations, really high having fun for hours Although the taste of the mushrooms is disgusting the prepared tea was cool. Really recommended. Shamanism !!

  • Jion
    The shrooms I ordered were all great so far, I'd just like to add some info about the customer service for those who aren't sure whether to order or not. I ordered three times. I live in Germany, so the order has to cross a border. The first one took about ten days to arrive, the second one four days and the last one unfortunately didn't arrive at all. As it says in the FAQs I waited 30 days, contacted them and they responed within 24 hours. I was asked to wait another two weeks, get back to them, and when I finally did I was given a voucher for the full price of order that got lost. I re-ordered and it arrived eight days later. This is great customer service and I'm, really happy with it. One more thing, because I didn't see it mentioned anywhere. Once you opened the bag the shroms turn black/blueish. Put them in the freezer and don't wait too long. Thanks guys!

  • Miss
    Order to Spain 9 days ....well packaged. First timers, so Swallowed 5g each to start...but no effect after 2 hours. So, another 5g each chewed this time, but again, little effect. To be fair, got bored and ate lots of crisps!....this may well of effected our state of mind. So, consumed 10g each, and within half hour started to feel the benefit! Unfortunately, my boyfriend...after an hysterical laughter fit, and sudden excitement through excellent visuals, proceeded to empty his stomach (and mushrooms) in the toilet bowl.....this kills the afternoon, but will re-order again soon....but with a better game plan! Great service though and looking forward to our next purchase.

  • Japeeeksi
    I took 6grams and it doesn't give full effect, but then i smoke some hafnium with this and i get the full effect :3

  • Thailandman
    very amazing around me change คุ้มค่ามากๆครับสั่งเลยตอนแรกนึกว่าไม่มีอะไรสักแปบทุกอย่างเปลี่ยนไปเปนทริปที่ วิเศษมากครับ very fast delivery 8 days to thailand best shop is shayana

  • Mika
    Great service from Shayana. After a minor problem with my order, it was resolved quickly and hassle free. Great product also. :)

  • Milisav
    Great product, brings happiness, tranquility, and clear thoughts. Eat them with someone whom you trust and feel comfortable in his/her presence it makes the experience even better.

  • Bonnie
    Gestern Abend hab ich zum ersten Mal Pilze gefuttert. Ich fand den Geschmack echt widerlich. Zuerst hab ich 5 gr ausprobiert um mich langsam an die Sache ranzutasten, hab dann innerhalb von 2 Stunden die restlichen 15 gr konsumiert. Erst war mir unglaublich schlecht, aber nur etwa 10 oder 15 Minuten lang. Die restliche Nacht hab ich mich sehr entspannt und wohl, zur gleichen Zeit aber auch energiegeladen gefuehlt. Die Zeit hatte fuer mich jede Bedeutung verloren, es war einfach nur perfect!

  • Elias
    It was a nice first time experience. We were 3 people and shared the bag. After 30 minutes it slowly started to kick in and we were laughing continuously, though we didn't know about what. We were then going to a club and partying to electronic music and it was amazing! You've felt waves of energy and dancing was really nice and the colours of the light were on the floor all at the same time. We felt like being in a movie and we were asking us: is this really happening at the moment? All in all I can just recommend these! Good for beginners as they're not too strong. Definitely worth a try and will order them again! :)

  • RickD
    I ordered 80g of these, tried 20g last night, and already know i will be ordering more. :-) I need to check if you can overdose on these things because although 20g was very profound, introspective, loving, and very close to Ayahuasca at times, with a quasi dissolution of ego and getting close to a feeling of One-ness, i feel that it may have needed 25g to get there. I am by no means recommending anyone should do that, however. In fact i cannot recommend anything to anyone, you are responsible for your actions & feelings & decisions, no one else is. I'll add that if you are "psychotic" or mentally instable in any way or even in a victim mentality then i would recommend you DO NOT go close to any of these substances. Victims will always sabotage themselves and take every opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot, even when dealing with substances or experiences that could help them had they opted for a healthier perspective on life. So if you are one to whine & feel sorry for yourself and to reason yourself out of doing what's right for you, then by all means, do everyone a favor and stay away from these things that can teach you because you are not yet in the right place to learn. Some realisations from this experience : Fear is Poverty, Wisdom is to smile back, we are One, I am God the Creator or my reality, all of it. The first effects hit about 45 mins in, with a lovely warm euphoric loving feeling creeping through my veins & bones, something typical of shrooms in my experience. Felt absolutelu amazing. By 15 mins later it was even better. I watched 2 episodes of Suits, the best episodes i have ever seen, enjoyed the shadows of my fingers on the white ceiling of by bedroom, the room & the low light in it was incredible, everything was incredible. Next time i intend to listen to some Brahms (they say that's THE best music to listen to during psychedelic experiences) and some Mozart (more peaceful & calm). I think i might even do that today, with the same dose (20g, one bag), but on an emptier stomach. During the night i got extremely thirsty. I got waves of sexual energy, with a longing for bodily fusion & exchange of energy & fluids. To make love on these must be absolutely incredible. As said above, i cannot recommend anything, you either want or you don't. But for me, these things are a BLESSING. Thank you for producing these. If govts had any sense or will to help people they would make these legal all over the world now.

  • Sirius
    Thank you, Shayana Shop, for allowing people to learn about dimensions that are existing parallel to ours! I am more then delighted with your mushrooms and i will recommend this site for sure. I cant wait to order again! Delivery of my order was extra fast and extra professional! Best regards!

  • Sirius
    Great experience, professional and fast delivery. Me and my two friends shared 2x20g and we had wonderful time during sunny day, although for some short time we were inside in darkened room just enjoying wonderful visuals.Trip lasted for 6 hours, and the rest of the day we were clear headed and very positive. Shayana did it again. 10+ grade from us!

  • Linda
    My partner has cluster headaches and these truffles work miracles on relieving his pain. We make tea and then freeze them in ice cube boxes. This way they are always ready just when his headaches start coming. He loves the colours he gets out of them, but the pain relieve is just magic.

  • Thomas
    incredible, I was guided by a mayan shaman through grassy plains whilst enveloped by the sound of drums and pipe music.

  • sean
    well, me and my friend got a load and where here within 3 days, (awsome) took some about 20 grams each and were tripping for a good while, bit of advice tho good music and good company is always a benifit. we laughed a lot but if u do take them chew and swallow juice it might taste like sh**e but it hits u quicker we took a load first then chewed some and they all hit us at once but yeah. awesome thank you for the shrooms. it was my friends first time and he enjoyed it. a good walk is always beneficial. got loads left for halloween :D

  • tomoya
    Great stuff altogether. I ve done these many times and always a satisfying experience!!! Love it:) Mellow and nice trip, but with higher doses more visual and deeper, deeper...

  • Aaron
    Best Purchase ever! took a bit of time to get here (14 days) but it was so worth it! took 10 Grams first time and had amazing trip that lasted around 6 hours, visuals and all!

  • Jeremy
    Amazing, well worth the trip.

  • Larry
    Fun! I got the package after 5 days. I took 8-10g or something yesterday, laughing so much that I cried, great fun and a great product. Nice visuals and good feelings. I recomend this product! Peace&dance

  • emirhan
    great visuals thank you shayana. eğlenceli halüsinasyonlar, canlı renkler ve derin düşünceler!

  • Emil
    That and this is nice as good.Took 10g with smoke and went to a forest at full moon.Trees were CrystalViolet and ground covered with snow.When i walked by far distance shadows of trees were going with me.COOL!!!

  • John
    Very Fun!!! Must Try

  • Translated from French Dreamz
    Hello, So my experience (with 2 sachets) first dose about 1/3 of the sachet, nice little trip that seemed to me when mm last a long time. After on my other takes I had quite strong nausea during the first hour, the mushrooms leave an earth / acid / ferrous taste specific to truffles on the tongue. I tried to eat them with honey, it's easier to eat but it doesn't take away the nausea that comes next. Orange juice for me reinforces the taste of mushrooms in the mouth and suddenly does not work to prevent nausea. I think pineapple could be better but I didn't have any. On my last catch I ate "country" cereals in water (I think cow's milk will not mix well with truffles) when I felt the too present taste of truffles going up in the mouth. For me it worked best, the almost nonexistent nausea effect. After we are all different, some have nausea, others not. I noticed however that if I "wait" for the climb, I also expect nausea, whereas if I am active with good background music, I have less attention to what is going on in my body and on nausea; suddenly it passes without my realizing it and the pole arrives with all its magic. The trip: colorful vision, fusion with aspects of my Being, psychedelic laughter, heightened senses, shapes that move and inner journey is very nice. For me lasting 4-6 hours. Provide something to smoke a little at least to soften the descent. If you are very sensitive to nausea, provide an antivomitive pill (or even dehydrated powdered forms of truffles, I have not tried but it should be easier to consume). With a medium-strong dose, knowing the product and my body the trip is very nice and very intense in the high phase ;-) The time expands, the 4-6 hours seemed to be 10. Have fun :)

  • Translated from French Chris
    I tested champie there can it was huge! but I had taken only 1.5g for what the light dose here is 6g? (I would be tempted to grow it soon ahah: p

  • Translated from French marie
    Super fast delivery, we ordered them on Sunday before midnight and received them on Saturday (in France). Super good delirium, it was super powerful, taken about 3/4 of the package (15g). We ate it with mozzarella it went well. So very satisfied.

  • Translated from French Sarah
    I just received my order today, in just 6 days! <3 Good little trip planned for this afternoon. Thanks again Shayanshop, you manage!

  • Translated from French Charlène
    Very good trip, big feeling of happiness throughout the body, big laughs, hallucinations at the meetings with 10 grams, see me for my friends. Only problems: the effects fade a little quickly (3-4h of full boom)

  • Translated from French Fififo
    I really recommend these truffles. Very interesting good experience both visual and physical. Really very satisfied and yet we were not excited at the start. Correct delivery to redo. By cons very mental and attention to takeoff anyway novice beware you its my a good slap in the head

  • Translated from French Emeric
    These mushrooms are really not good (they have almost all the same taste, except those in powder which goes a little better). You may have no trouble ingesting it the first time, but the more you take, the more difficult the consumption will be. After several good trips I had a bad one (feeling of being oppressed, ill being, sick), and since then, impossible to eat without vomiting before they are even ingested! just thinking about the taste makes me want to vomit, in short, of course eat 6 hours before and even during the trip (after trying I realized it was a bad idea)

  • Translated from French pascal
    I took the package in nature: big trip! long and powerful climb at the end, too taped, not well at the end of mounted sick hallus! after, after about 2 hours, total wonder! immense beauty a joy to find my element in the magnificent spectacle. big bad at first, super kiff near.

  • Translated from French de
    We tested that last night, with my boyfriend, on an empty stomach, half and half so about 10g each. A tiny visual and mental effect that lasted barely 2 hours, so a little disappointed! By cons, the next day no side effect of fatigue so pretty good anyway! Otherwise super fast delivery so thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French seb34
    arrive in 4 day nikel (even if I have concerns for my last order which arrives not short I c that shayana its corect therefore no concern ... otherwise a stomach ache with c truffle c deguelasse to eat we vomited like d shit but just after bn mount kelke halu but its not the good champot ... good for a 1st experiance ...

  • Translated from French HAZART
    Very good first experience, I crashed deeply buried fears, in every sense of the word, given the spiral labyrinths of triangles (Aztec or Maya) turning on themselves with eyes closed and eyes open given the sequential desynchronizations. .Decent with laughter so evacuation all tension my partner for her part was transformed into Boudha, Divine Mother Universal Wisdom she was his Soul We took 4grs dry philosophy and 8grs dry Mexicana waited 2 hours before taking Mexicana because no effect but with mexicana in more 12 minutes and it was gone Received in 3 days PS: it would be necessary to sell truffles sechent would be better than to do it manually

  • Translated from French cindy
    I ordered mushrooms on this site but I forgot the kit to make them grow how can I do?

  • Translated from French cindy
    I ordered mushrooms on this site but I forgot the kit to make them grow how I can do?

  • Translated from French thomas
    Great, I had no visual hallucinations but I had my limbs anesthetized, I felt more my arms at times, I had to say shit constantly, I do not know why, like the effects of l alcohol more pleasant, not bad in the head or in the stomach and no hangover the next day, it took 1h30 to really have an effect, then it took 3 hours to stop, I was at the movies in front of godzilla , it was really incredible, I was much more attentive to the film thanks to the 6/7 grams that I took. I advise, especially in public places it's fun, we understand nothing about what's going on around me and I couldn't speak properly, I passed for an illiterate, walking straight, it was hard too. On the other hand, the mushrooms stole all my vital energy, they had not given it to me. In short, only happiness

  • Translated from French Tico
    hello everyone and thanks to shayana for this first order, which will surely not be the last ..... These little truffles are very nice, not the greatest trip of my life, but it was exactly what I was looking for, beautiful colors and pretty halus, a most euphoric mood. A fairly soft descent, all the same important detail! In short the 80 grams made me 2 very good evenings (to share).

  • Translated from French zav
    Order placed on Wednesday (night) received on the following Tuesday quantity pile hair, tasted with two friends (12g each) very nice effect died of laughter in front of the TV a few small visual and sound hall and quiet descent (big dodo live after 6h)

  • Translated from French Mickael
    So I received the product within 4 days, well done !! apart from a feeling of well-being, no visual or other with 20 grams ingested!

  • Translated from French pouf
    Hi all !! Well nothing to say, this is my first time, and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!! BALL !!!!! crazy thing!!!!!!! sensible soul to withhold!!! guaranteed takeoff with 5-7g on an empty stomach, 3h trip with ups and downs, but it depends on the people, we were 10, everyone had a good trip, thank you shayana !!

  • Translated from French Steeve
    Very good experience! The taste is awful ... But that's not why we buy them! I took half of it, it was enough to hover for a few hours seeing everything around me move, even the walls ...

  • Translated from French franklin
    Just awesome. I took the medium dose .. Feelings of well being and beautiful visuals .. I traveled for a good four hours. We were three friends to take it. Experience to repeat, without any hesitation. To consume preferably in the great outdoors, the hallus take on an even nicer dimension.

  • Translated from French Gaeremynck
    it is top an opening of spirit impossible to explain each that its reality an experiment to be made to know itself or to reveal capacities buried in the bottom of us even I understand why the governments prohibit this opening towards the reality of the life and not what they want us to believe on TV or in the newspapers at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. which pollute our minds thank you. other than consumers of false realities

  • Translated from French Legrand
    I have already ordered here and never disappointed, once again and ordered 6 days ago and with a holiday weekend, received this morning in 4 days! discreet and neat folds received a kdo in addition to my order so happy! nothing to say except that I continue to trust them so you too can go there without problems!

  • Translated from French Psykcid
    Being a consumer of psychoactive in the past and hallucinogens (LSD, Keta, PCP, MDMA, Speed, ...) I let myself be tempted by these truffles after 2 years without trips. A first experience, alone, with 16 g. After a stomach a bit turned over I felt a strong rise which offered me a trip close to LSD in more light from a distortion point of view but intense in color. I laughed well. A second trip 5 days later with 8g and friends made me vomit on the way up (I had eaten just before) and the effects were much lessened (lower dose and taking times quite criticized) but nice all the same with beautiful colored effects around objects. My friends also appreciated it. All good, however, I ordered mushrooms whose effective dose is lower to avoid nausea and vomiting of the truffles which are quite indigestible ...

  • Translated from French cellardoor
    Yo! so I took 9g crumbled in lemon for 10min, the taste is awful but it does not give horrible nausea like LSA seeds, it digests rather well in the end. I went outside to take the air and smoke a joint, I came back to play the guitar, then I felt the first climb, very pleasant in the body, stimulating in the brain. I felt like I could play anything without problem, it really gave me an impression of all the power that was felt in my actions throughout the trip. I launched a 1.5 hour film which seemed to last the entire aprem. In fact we are so bombarded with thoughts and feelings that time seems to pass very very slowly, hence this impression of all power, of "control" of the situation, it was quite huge. By cons very little visual for my part, no big hallu. One of the most interesting days of my life, although I hadn't done anything exceptional. Frankly it goes very well during the day since it is super energetic. Good trip to you.

  • Translated from French
    taste too bad to drink in infus, very powerful attention, too good

  • Translated from French Hassen
    Ordered 80g, received in 4 days, vacuum packets, I'm crazy in the fridge, everything is perfect. First catch between friends at the edge of a pond in the middle of the afternoon. We are 6, we have everything planned, the weather is good, we eat 10 g each with olives, we are fasting ... For me it's the first time, but apart from a friend, everyone has already tried. After 30 minutes you start to feel that something is happening. The colors are more accentuated, we can see the details, we laugh, we discuss everything and nothing, we feel good. But that's all ! No halus, no philosophical reflection, none of that! Too bad, I tell myself that I came across bad truffles and that next time I will try something more powerful like Hawaiian. 1 week later, I repeat the experience, with my girlfriend this time. Sunset by the ocean, on the beach with a breeze and South American music coming from the bar a hundred meters from here. For her it was the first time, so I explained my first experience to her by explaining that it might not be very strong. So, we watch the sun go down, after 30 minutes the colors become more and more colorful, the ocean water becomes silvery, the waves slow down, we laugh like idiots. After an hour we are completely perched! I even let myself be surprised by the power of the trip but I took advantage of the colors. At that moment the landscape in front of me began to become unreal. As if it were drawn, it was very beautiful but quite creepy at the same time because I had not prepared to go so far. Once night fell, I started to be very cold because of the wind, suddenly my girlfriend went to get something to cover herself. I put myself under the blanket, close my eyes, and go on an introspective trip. I was asking myself a billion questions at the same time (I am what is called an over-thinking), I had a little discomfort, I did not understand where it came from, but I was nevertheless aware that I was tripping and I was safe. The music came in waves and I thought it was the wind that carried the music as well (which is not false in itself but not to this point there). I stayed under the duvet like that for an hour thinking. My girlfriend spoke to me, touched me but I was unable to communicate with her because she turned .... into a cat !! Real halu of phew! After this introspective passage, I start to speak and move a little but there is always this discomfort which is there and which prevents me from reaching this state of well-being. So I wondered where it came from but I didn't understand. Then I went to get something in my car (I don't remember what). When I left the beach, I was no longer cold and I started to feel really good. The warm ground under my bare feet made me feel good. It was there that I understood that my discomfort came from the wind and the fact that I was cold! So I turned around, I went to get my girlfriend and told her that we would be less cold outside the beach. At that time, I felt like I understood everything! I went on a trip "the mushrooms help me, thanks to them my mind is more lively", I understood everything, spoke without hesitation, found the things I was looking for

  • Translated from French FEYEUX
    Hello everyone, Here I did not know the truffles but I had already taken champi type cubensis Mexican Thai Hawaiians and small psylo several times. I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by these Mexican tampanensis. It was September 10, 2013 around 8:30 p.m. at my brother's. I first took 7-8 g at first before the match of the France team against Belarus the trip looks very nice knowing that I have not taken mushrooms since 2008. I proposed to the little brother and he preferred to have my impressions before taking it (it's his baptism). I smoked two or three drumsticks to speed up the climb knowing that I had a snack around 4:30 p.m. so I'm fasting. The first signs are felt around 9:30 p.m. I climb in trankilou steps while drinking water because it dehydrates a lot. Especially no alcohol otherwise the bad trip is almost guaranteed. Around 10:30 pm I arrive at the peak everything is cool in me and around me I reassure the brother by telling him that it is like a good space cake. Not really hallu but I have a feeling of well being and I can philosophize endlessly. Good laughter bars add to all that. The match ends and we fall on rasta rocket I cry about laughing I could not take it anymore. It is almost midnight and still delirious by drinking WATER regularly. I have to go home to Nanterre with the last trains, I don't have a car and under champi it's too dangerous. There I decided to finish the 20 g since they are moldy a little (I advise to dry them upon receipt on paper towel or newspaper). I eat everything else. The second climb goes even better than the first since I already have it in my helmet. From successive stages to my home it is 1:00 am. My girlfriend is sleeping so I put myself in the kitchen and there it is much more serious climbs of hallu and always well being. Threads of rainbow colors of geometric shapes purple yellow red a little like with a little light acid. I also had a little kaleidoscope. It is 3am and I am starting to have the flagstone. I take brie and wholemeal bread to sleep a little tomorrow, it's a job, it's going to be fun. Super well slept super cool descent. Good product for beginners 6 to 8 G and for connoisseurs take 20 G and it will be fine, all that empty stomach with water and belly. Remember to wash them before use and if you can dry them it is better and it keeps longer but it is also more concentrated so pay attention to the dosage thank you shayana.

  • Gary
    15 working days to deliver though I'd put the delay down to our national post service as apposed to this websites business. My friends and I took 10g each, laughter and a calm buzz for 2 or 3 hours. Next time I'll likely try 15 or 20g and aim to experience what people describe here.

  • Tommy
    These truffles are awsoom! Made me and my girlfriend laugh for hours, up in a wooded forest on a clear hot day, the trees were breathing with my breath and the warping ground beneath my feet. Highly recommend these beauties :)

  • Translated from Spanish bruno
    Perfect, at first I wanted to explode, then the body stopped being interesting and the conditioning attacked me, it dissolved and I went down to the inner layers of human memory, the doors opened easily and it was the eternal silence of living death, of death. all life. I saw and lived the first memory of consciousness, then came back and felt the peace of breathing. highly recommended, they taste disgusting but worth it (I ate a pack and a half).

  • Translated from Spanish SM58
    Great experience. Notice: They know horrible, I couldn't finish the dose; but the bad drink is worth it, visual distortion, a lot of inner peace ... a great experience. Recommended to take it outdoors, especially in areas such as forests with rivers, good landscapes, etc ...

  • Translated from Samoan Adriano
    The Psilocybe Sclerotia - Shayanensis .... Clear visuals and colors, with appropriate background music it's like being in paradise !! (Recommend: Pink Floyd) The Effect was not enough for the duration of the blow, but it was a dirty work ...;) The Trip was nice but not as good as with the Psilocybe Sclerotia - Shayanensis ... Very sharp images and colors, with the appropriate background music seem to be in Heaven !! (Advice: Pink Floyd) The Effect was not intense for the duration of the blow but for beginners it is enough and does its dirty work anyway ...;)

  • Translated from French Dumont
    hello all the world me I found c super violent truffle pourt n n took ke 6 to 7 gram m good gt all alone played at the console m good ..... impossible I turned in go back there I said to myself what a con I would have had to wait for the priests ... to be with friends well delirious m not too close from 10:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. perched mast ..... ... (see all) I left in tripe ...... m good po tro nasty g just simply expected ke ca pass .... I advise detre with a person of confidence ....... ...WARNING!!!

  • Translated from German Pascal
    Fast shipping good goods you can not complain about. The only thing that annoyed me is that the quantities were not correct .............

  • Translated from French Jessica
    This product is great, as long as we do not vomit it ... This is what happened to me two out of three, I really must have a sensitive stomach. However I was told that it was mainly thanks to the saliva that the effects took shape, but apparently not always .. I would therefore try an infusion, which is in my opinion much more digestible. However the second time I took it, and it worked, it was just magic. Having taken them by going to the forest, I gradually felt myself becoming a part of it, having to take off my clothes in order to feel more in touch with nature, because the clothes represented at that time all my superficiality. It was beautiful, and it was all the more so since I was spending this time with the ideal person. Long live Shayana which allows you to discover such things around the world! (And thanks for the few extra grams!)

  • Translated from German Daniel
    Mega nice and great experience that I could have through the shop. No signs that the truffles are bad, very fast shipping and great customer service. Ordered Wednesday and arrived just perfect the next Tuesday. To the effect I can only say that it was one of the hottest trips I've ever made and I can really recommend it. Everything from lachkiks and optics to philosophy. Will definitely order again.

  • Translated from French Jaime
    Good evening everyone. For my part I made a first order Saturday and the next day I said to myself and then shit as much as it is the party in total 40gr of Mexican truffles, 1g of Hawaiian and 5gr of Mexican. After a short afternoon of moving and a well-organized squat, at 4 we decide to eat them around 6:30 pm each one at will with honey, in a yogurt or plain for my part, so we start our 10gr of truffles each fasting of course, and there in 30min when I hit my socket there was already a little thing that made that .. but nothing more. An hour goes by, we have to move because a rooster is barred from the short enclosure I get up and the aa starts to make ptites go up, which progressively continues and it became more and more intense, then more frequent also: s 2h passes and there we find 4 cons on the balcony smoking our cigarettes we were on each other uncomfortable impossible to finish an action, I left 2 socket on the ground impossible to finish them prepare I did not attempt the joint either .. we walked the dog that was feverish because he felt the thing poor, we badd a little in the field and then we left with a colleague we put 1:30 for doing 700 meters it was horrible we went through fields to climb it was endless, with the hallu on the road you saw that the road nothing else it was empty everything seemed huge and we had a lamp you can not focus on all the light effects you have to capture that an xD return home exhausted from the trip we decide to install and eat Mexican champi in front of kameloot book V i n blue-ray, laughter and dizziness and hallu, there is one he fell asleep and he woke up he was dead laughing he was full of hallu ... The next day we took the Hawaiians at 2 but not on an empty stomach this time or perhaps the fact that we did not feel much compared to the truffles it was huge..I have recommended and I recommend them to everyone, it sticks out, it's delusional and you see things not normal ^^ +1 +1 +1 + 1 +1

  • Translated from French Alex
    So it all starts one afternoon, at the beginning I bought these 20g of truffles for a little evening which was canceled, so I decided one afternoon, that tonight, I would take 10g maximum, first, I was surprised by the taste, everyone told me that it is disgusting, that I would vomit xD I "liked" the taste, 100x better than salvia, of course, after 10-30 min, we feel that his stomach becomes fragile ^^ So passed about 3 quarter of an hour, or the first effects were felt, something very nice and very light, (I chatted with my family, without anyone suspecting anything) I So I decided to resume a part, (in fact I finished the bag of 21g precisely) to pass the time , so I put a film (harold and kumar 3;)) at the end of the film, always the same effects than before, so I doubted the effectiveness, I expected something very powerful, talk to the gods, or have hallucinations / distortion , but nothing at all ela! (for the moment) so I put on some music, and closed my eyes. I had to fall asleep about 5min, time to move on to another title, and here we can say that its did BOOM, my bed was spinning and an old witch was in front of me, instantly, its scared xD A little panicked, I turn around, close my eyes and pof, finished nothing more, more distortion, more shape, more nothing, 20g anyway ... Next time I would take a more powerful variety! This one, I could take the equivalent of an average dose, and work, it would not pose I think a lot of concern, it is true that this variety is the weakest, I think I have felt it, to reiterate, to fast of the day (I was only at midday) and I avoid falling asleep or hanging out in front of a movie!

  • Translated from French Le
    Hello here is my story, the first time we were 3 we took 5 gr each, I was stressed and made myself vomit immediately after taking them. My roommate him 2 hours later had not seen anything he took back 5 gr. The take-off, he sees himself very tall, immense even, second phase giggles after giggles just by telling him a fork or a spoon, he bursts out laughing, phase 3 he sees a shape on the ceiling impossible for him not to follow afterwards phase 4 he sees his grandfather in the veluxe which speaks to him phase 5 he sees a slide of his whole life, with a photo of his acquaintances, childhood, teenager, current life, future life and date of his death. Phase 6 only pdt 5 minutes impossible to call me, he sees himself above his body. My other buddy got him into his video game. 2 weeks later, my roommate also takes it, but half as much. At the beginning the light changed, the walls move as well as the windows, the shutters opened and closed. Then my bed was a swing, the cushion next to me was a veiled woman praying, my roommate comes back from the toilet and the nightmare begins for me. He remains stuck on the TV, no longer answers me, he is sitting on the bed with his back to me, his body changes, he gets better, he becomes a wooden doll, I hold out my hand for the touch for whoever turns around, I call him but he does not answer it and I turn around I hit the wall, I knew that if he turned around I would have seen a corpse! 3 hour bad trip for me and he saw nothing, luckily he was there. If I was allowed to fall back on reality became my worst nightmare I no longer knew how to separate the true from the false. After 3 hours I descend slowly then come his turn. He looks at me and sees the face of another girl in my place, then I go to the bathroom I come back he tells me no no I can't look at you, you no longer have a face. I tell him to look at my feet then my legs and finish with the head, it's okay he recognizes me I'm normal. Then I lie down next to him and he sees me as a double, the real me on the lying bed talking to him, and the other me standing behind me. I go into the kitchen to get some Coke I come back and I see him in tears, 1h30 of bad trip for him no longer knowing what was true or not, he does not want to tell me what he saw after a hour he looks at me and puts tell me I saw you standing looked at me with a knife and tell me it's your fault and I slit my throat. End of the trip but 2 days of nightmares as soon as we close our eyes. A tip never take her alone. Never again for us. Have a good trip.

  • Translated from French babarus
    Absolutely no effect. I got the whole bag in 2 steps and NO EFFECT !!! I would never take it again.

  • Translated from Samoan Evgenij
    A deep spiritual experience paired with interesting visual and acoustic hallucinations, the only fat minus point is the disgusting taste and pungent smell.

  • Translated from French Rotondo
    A deep spiritual experience paired with interesting visual and acoustic hallucinations, the only fat minus point is the disgusting taste and pungent smell.

  • Translated from French GEFFY
    Troooooooooop cooooooool! I advise them to all those who want to see life in pink, fast and discreet delivery, thank you shayana;)

  • Translated from French Jordan
    I have already tasted Mexicana in Amsterdam. There were 5 of us in all with one person watching. We all ate 15 G each at 10:30 pm outside, the laughter started at around 11 pm and didn't stop until around 5 am Feeling of euphoria and warmth too. the taste can however cause vomiting if everything is eaten too quickly I just ordered them again on shayana, waiting to receive this product ;;)

  • Translated from French Grégory
    Wonderful ... Just wonderful ... Fast shipping, pro! Fresh products, kept for 2 weeks in the fridge. No notable alteration. Trip to 5 friends, infused with 11g each by the river, we had a good time. We validate. We take it again :)

  • Translated from French Florian
    hello everyone, good that good thing to say ^^ its the first time that i take muschrooms and serious very very good trip that last me more than 5 hours, big laughter bar I got a stomach ache so it was huge :) delivery in 4 days;) after taste levels: / not top my suportable voila mrc shayana.

  • Translated from French laporte
    Sweet euphoria, no visuals but social and in tune with the environment good truffle to learn about the effects without being too perched!

  • Translated from French Batier
    With my friend at home we took 20 g each an intense trip for us hyper visual for me it's a crazy thing !! Phew colors positive thoughts thank you shayana !! : D

  • Translated from French jackychan
    very happy with my order, 23 gr received instead of 15 gr.thanks shayana

  • Translated from French albert
    yesterday I received my very discreet package with the product nothing to say as expected ... see you very soon

  • Translated from French mamitek
    Very good mushrooms not too visible (in any case bcp less than the giant pajateros truffles or that the mex) but kand mem very good from 15gr fresh. These truffles are very good and make a lot of talk by opening the mind enormously. Received quickly and vacuum packed. Keep long enough (about 1 month under fresh vacuum). Thank you shayana and good perch to mushroom lovers!

  • Translated from French jumel
    really great with incredible laughter really tried and the j awaits my order keenly what happens the small mexi truffles

  • Translated from French Kev
    Rather not bad ... 10g each with two big laughs, we saw our surroundings in a different way ... The stars outside it was a real spectacle :) a little distortion but soft otherwise! I recommend for those who do not know too much. Here is a good trip to all thank you shayana

  • Translated from French sandra
    A first for me, whew thing !!!!!!! with a good friend who was experienced. guaranteed takeoff with 10 g on an empty stomach, we ate in two times, a 3 hour trip with only happiness ... the walls breathed, the colors were bright, gold filaments dripped on the walls, whaouuu I tripped over my hands all along , they were tiny and deformed. and the connection with the music was divine .. Thank you for your seriousness!

  • Translated from French Lolo
    I took these little mushrooms last year at a festival, 2nd experience, the first was with Mexicans but I didn't feel anything. we took 2.5g at 2 and after an hour small climb, small heat wave the smile on the corner of the lips and after 2 hours of trip quite light but pleasant. laughter, impossible to hold a serious conversation, incomprehension, but which nevertheless made us love the sound. disillusionment total indifference to the eyes of others, extreme sympathy. It did not last very long and once the descent they were impossible for us to know what we really wanted, impossible to decide.

  • Translated from French Jason
    Yesterday was my first experience with magic truffles I tested the Mexicanas with a friend, I had to take ten grams and she four-five. The effects arrived quickly, a slight nausea at first concerning me but after it quickly passed. It's a pretty incredible experience that works in successive waves, at times we will have endless laughter; and after a feeling of great relaxation Regarding the visual effects, we realized that we dwell much more on the play of shadows and lights. We also had the feeling of being in a 2D world, it's impressive ^^. Finally, regarding the "descent", we don't really feel it, just the feeling of being emptied but not of depression or anything else. I highly recommend magic truffles, with a low dose you can already have fun for several hours. Thank you shayanashop, see you;)! PS: I will test the Pajaritos soon!

  • Translated from French tlemsani
    1st experience very successful: 20gr has two so 10gr each. Taken at 8 pm with honey, the taste resembles tart nuts, chew well until boiled and swallow with water. An aftertaste persists so for the most sensitive do not hesitate to take 3 chewing gum menthol after swallowing so as not to be annoyed by nausea during the climb. 30min: Slight tachycardia pupils begin to dilate 1h: Pupil completely dilated heart which beats fairly quickly and very pleasant feeling of warmth and pressure on the belly, arms and legs relax completely as in a hot bath. 2h: Perception of slightly different sounds and small hallucinations at the rendezvous especially if you look in a mirror 3h: Total introspection, existential questioning, understanding of things that seem obvious and acquired in our normal state, brief moments psychologically very pleasant provided you are well in your head and have a good setting set. 5h: Quiet descent without depression and wake up the next day having understood things and being much more serene. No post-trip depression on the contrary therefore only good. I recommend for a first experience.

  • Translated from French Lucky
    It is the first type of mushroom that I tested, The first time: Take 15 gr effects: -Very dilated pupils, -Slight deformations (Ripple), - Colors a little more intense (it blinks a little if we focus on a bright color ) -Sense of being tense and a little excited Council: looked at the starry sky at night it is impressive it makes it very clear;) 1 year later For the second time this time I took 20 gr the effects were I would say 10 times more powerful,: -Extreme deformation (trees which undulate, buildings which undulate without having to concentrate. -pupil very dilated -Intense colors and more intense light (I think that in a very well lit room one is bathed in light My Conclusion: I do not think that having taken 5 gr more is greatly increasing the effects compared to the previous time where I took 15 gr, I actually think that the mushrooms received the second time was fresher or better. Anyway to buy the iron eyes sea, good trip more for introspection but not easy to take in group p hilosophical discussions guaranteed;) Thank you Shayana good delivery time all nickel

  • Translated from German Michel
    Shipping took a while ... but the truffles are really good, I drove 20g in and thought to me what the hell is going on here! I have often had experiences with mushrooms, but I and my homies have underestimated the truffles a bit;) better start with 10g (for beginners) 20g only for professionals !!! The absolute blast 6 hours on the road with pleasure again .... I was gone, thought the earth shook etc.!

  • Translated from German Ivory
    At 10g 0 effect but 100% effect for thin shit ?????? Vllt it works at 20g I have to test first but at 10g garnix

  • Translated from German Nikolai
    Just the right thing for beginners, the only drawback you should be able to overcome a lot of Eckel because it tastes quite miserable. Although normal for something like truffles and mushrooms, it is a little warning.

  • Translated from German Lisa
    I took it together with my friend for New Year (our first time) Unfortunately I was completely wrong in the dosage and then didn't read it anymore .. very smart. We took 4 times 1-2g each .. nonsense stop. Didn't feel anything, I just had a little stomachache, but I don't have to be connected. Fortunately I also ordered Hawaiians and meanwhile read the dosage; we'll try right away, this time right. As I said, my fault, I will definitely order it again, the reviews are great. Everything intact, discreet and arrived quickly (in Austria), great gift, surprisingly enjoyable, informative online shop! Will definitely order again

  • Translated from German Christian
    The trip was super many colors, visual changes and the body feeling was pleasant. Delivery was super quick too.

  • Translated from French ouachi
    we took 15 grams each, we were 5 and we had no effect! we were too disgusted, rotten these truffles

  • Translated from French laporte
    Good delirium, not the most visuals with these mushrooms but good climbed euphoric, respect the doses: it is better to be asked at 10g than too much perch at 15 g and be in bad ... (for novices) Very social, close with the nature, philosophical I adore the Hawaiians for the halls ... and pajateros excellent too (walls deformed, objects distorted and breathe! Mandalas images rotating, kaleidoscopic ....) When we know that this is part of the trip we finish to find that normal ... everything moves around ... and we continue to laugh and talk like normal c lol too strong..mystic, terrible, requires to keep in mind that the sugar cancels the effects hallus, it can help for those who would be too much in the wrong! :)

  • Translated from French Saint-hillier
    So here I ordered on this site for the first time and I must say that I am not disappointed! The delivery time is very correct, 10 days for me and discreet. I ordered 20 grams of Méxicana and 15 grams of Mushrocks and I admit that I have a big preference for mushrocks which are really powerful fields visually speaking and I love that :) when in mexicana I will say 3 times less powerful for my part with no visu just a little high, but hey I do not have to complain it's already great to be able to order on the internet! My opinion: buy the Mushrocks if you want to see beautiful things and leave in incoherent but delirious discussions x) (of the bomb). THANKS SHAYANA !!!

  • Translated from German Philipp
    So I only tried half and have to say that it is a bit more like medium ....... Comfortable warm waves of satisfaction, optics, laugh flash, mentally .... only to be recommended!

  • Translated from French Marchand
    Hello everyone I received 80g of these champi and I tested with a friend 30 ranges each spread throughout the day. No visual hallucination with the vibrant colors. My mouth was itchy and I thought I was a Mexican in a rather funny western. It looks like a trip with a gentler ascent and descent. Thank you shayana

  • Translated from German Pfeiler
    So the truffles were really good, but dear Ecquardorian mushrooms, 1 taste better, pop better and look better too !!! Kick fits, colorful and good mood !!! :-) sers Don thanks Shayanshop

  • Translated from German Maik
    Kudos for quick and discreet shipping. I will definitely recommend Shayana and stay with you as a regular customer. The truffles themselves serve their purpose. I shared 20 g with a buddy and everyone had a great trip. I am very satisfied with these truffles, but very curious to try other types of mushrooms from the Shayana range. So in short 5/5 stars;)

  • Translated from French laporte
    good laugh, good climb, well posed with 15g light hallus, more philosophical trip ... lacks the euphoria; I preferred the pajateros .... where I had the smile blocked!

  • Translated from Samoan Sara
    1st order received in a few days despite the covid 19 Surprised by the smell but very good effect nothing to say again .. :)

  • Translated from German Philipp
    Goods of 8 and took all 6 gram to us. Since we are still the professionals of mushrooms / truffles. Unfortunately, we almost didn't touch anything. Optics were normal, neither distortion nor anything else. The only thing that was after 3 hours, you felt a bit drunk. Speaking was a bit uncontrolled. Everyone expected more somehow, so either the delivery was old or maybe even wrong or the amounts specified for an easy or normal trip too little. I also don't quite know, is body weight crucial? Of the 8 people, some have 45 - 85 kg and nobody felt anything.

  • Translated from French Popolskov
    With a friend, we took almost 20 grams each, (my little tip, eat it in a yogurt, its going pretty well), 1 hour of climb, 4 hours of phew trip, 1 hour of descent then heavy fatigue at the end. My friend had a stomach ache 15 min at the start and then nothing. Otherwise crisis of laughing for nothing (I took 2 or 3 hours to roll a blunt), deformation of the forms of the concept of space also, mounted energy at the bottom, fart of cable, mounted by different spikes at each sometimes you have the impression of going higher "it's so daar, the impression of looking outside your body (will understand who can). This is a good trip

  • Translated from French Bastien
    Order Monday received Friday against 18g instead of 20 but we will not quibble we will see what its going to give for the effects, Thank you.

  • Translated from French Adrien
    I took 10g no effect 1hapres I take another 10g 30min after pupill dilate crazy laugh c tt I expected a + voila tt

  • Translated from French Gaudin
    Nice trip, but beware, with a minimum intake of 7g you will have a huge uncontrollable euphoric effect (good friends advised), below you will have just a few physical effects, a slight fatigue and nothing ... The taste is bitter but not unbearable. For a first take it is ideal, try squarely the strong hold the undesirable effects are naz compared to the delirium

  • Translated from French cindy
    I ordered mushrooms on this site but I forgot the kit to make them grow how I can do?

  • Translated from French Blabla01
    Very effective product, we took a small dose of a not too strong mushroom and we left with my friend in a few hours of daydreams that we had taken the trouble to dress in appropriate music. We realized after 2 hours that we had not exchanged a word, simply because we had not felt the need. Calm, High and Voluptuousness

  • Translated from French sophie
    very good delirium of 3 hours more or less a visual can for a small box for two so I highly recommend and the jattaque the third order so go there I have not been above nor my friend

  • Translated from German Valentin
    Good mushrooms, trip not quite as intense as with the Hawaiians, but still very clear purchase recommendation! Peace

  • Translated from German Yin-Yang
    it was my very first experience with magic truffles. I took about 10 g. it tasted like sour walnuts; is a bit disgusting. I took the truffles with CBD tea and then I went to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. (After taking the truffle, I felt sick for about 30 minutes.) About 40 to 50 minutes later, the walls began to flow; the walls looked like the sand at a spring then i just let myself be navigated where the effect of the truffle leads me. that was the most wonderful experience! the inner voice answered all my questions of my life. I was deeply connected with myself and with all other souls (people and animals). the experience was a great and mysterious gift of my life. Thank you

  • Translated from French korobka
    so order rewatched in very discreet and fast days then for my par I just took a portion of mexicanna in latent to mount it I tell you again its tonight thank you shayanna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

  • Translated from German Wolfgang
    Super happy with this purchase! 😃 Frankly no complaints, a very good alternative to the cc. It's not, that's for sure, but much better than the s in my opinion. Halfway between the 2. Thank you shayana!

  • Translated from German christian
    first thing about the taste, because it apparently disgusts and even discourages a lot of people - I think they taste exactly the way they look - nutty, maybe a little like chestnut, but not disgusting and more pleasant than the typical mushroom taste! to the effect: I shared the portion with an unknown "friend" at a tekkno0party .. he was fine the rest of the night and all morning .. unfortunately could not look into his head, but he was having fun !! = DI got what I expected: a nice mushroom frenzy that lasted until I was home at noon .. since I am "multitoxikolioge", I can say that the mushroom frenzy comes back when the xtc no longer works .. also amphetamine did not have a negative influence on ME and the mushroom rush .. I consumed them fresh .. due to a delivery error I have the opportunity to dry a portion - let's see what happens there =)

  • Translated from Samoan Bonnie
    I was eating mushrooms for the first time last night. I found the taste really disgusting. First I tried 5 gr to feel my way around slowly, then I consumed the remaining 15 gr within 2 hours. At first it was incredibly bad for me, but only for about 10 or 15 minutes. The rest of the night I felt very relaxed and comfortable, but at the same time I felt energetic. Time had lost all meaning for me, it was just perfect!

  • Translated from French DEVIN
    hello shayana, superb effects put for my part I have them a terrible belly sore! I might have had to eat a little odds and ends before, if not to recommend..and good read the friends and attention the abuse can cause huge rise, so for those who do not know this product took when a stop trip box .. ..

  • Translated from French michel
    the order well received I do not know what happened felt nothing but the field was yucky, this the 1st time that it happened to me but I just took myself from the dynamite dragon it was much better good little halu and crises of laughing it's too good to hover sometimes

  • Translated from German Manfred
    These are good mushrooms, they are also optimal in terms of price ratio and also have a good effect. I would definitely recommend them because they are not too violent. Very good.

  • Translated from German fanny
    good effect! I dosed low, the first time about 4 - 5g, very friendly in style, spreads a good mood, but still clear head! the second time a few days later approx. 6 g. again very friendly, nice optics but not too much. laughing cramps, not too thoughtful. my recommendation!

  • Translated from German Pascal
    Good truffles that taste like walnut ^^, I took 7.5gr and it came to nice looks and interesting play of colors only recommended.

  • Translated from German mario
    after enjoying 10 g I can only say, forget my first comment and many, many thanks !!! have been consuming teacher plants for 35 years and am deeply impressed by the experience !!! gentlest way to penetrate this mystery, very tasty truffle !!!

  • Translated from French HAZART
    Very good first experience, I crashed deeply buried fears, in every sense of the word, given the spiral labyrinths of triangles (Aztec or Maya) turning on themselves with eyes closed and eyes open given the sequential desynchronizations. .Decent with laughter so evacuation all tension my partner for her part turned into Boudha, Divine Mother Universal Wisdom she was his Soul We took 4grs dry philo and 8grs dry Mexicana (each) waited 2 hours before taking Mexicana because none effect but with mexicana in addition 12 minutes and it was gone Received in 3 days PS: it would be necessary to sell truffles sechent would be better than to do it manually

  • Translated from German Daniel
    Ordered on Mondays and in the mailbox on Fridays ... Top Top Top ... I have had a lot of experience with all kinds of drugs and thought I would try a pair of truffles because psilocybin was not my favorite yet ... Took Saturday Evening 15g of not exactly delicious things and about 20 minutes. Later I noticed a slightly drunk feeling, after about 1 hour it really started ... We heard horny Dutch House and the colors in the room shimmered to the beat ... It was really so mega beautiful ... When I hit it Loo through the darkening hallway I saw my watch and everything glowing in neon colors ... It lasted about 4 hours and then something happened that I could not explain and I could not see the people in the room look at because I saw their faces 3 times slightly below each other which was not too bad for me since I preferred to look at the changing colors in the room ... What was also very funny is that time was not around ... for everyone who did it Want to try it only in a good mood and with people who can not pull you down then everything will be fine ... Oh yes, I find psilocybin to be the best medium against normal so far ...

  • Translated from German Jakob
    So you don't have blatant optics of them now, but you really feel very trippy, music & environment take to a new level. Can you imagine that with a whole package + then strong optics come. PS: I recommend placing the pieces on the tongue and washing them down with cocoa :)

  • Translated from German Gerdude
    I struggled for a long time with whether I trust this site and whether I really "risk" my money, but it turned out to be very positive. I can only say ger .. it arrived just like the growkit that was ordered. No problem. Shipping took about 2 days by the way (on the 1st day after receipt of payment it was dispatched and on the 2nd day it arrived) I was very surprised. The shipping method was insured + tracking. I hope the evaluation helps some

  • Translated from Samoan -
    The delivery went great, no problems (paid with bank transfer). Everything expires within 7 working days. We shared 40g for 4 people (everyone had no experience with mushrooms, I was the only one with an ecstasy with 2-CB). We took the mushrooms in a forest. When we got there, everyone ate their 10g and we made our way to find a place to sit. After about 30-45min it started that the head was "lighter". All thoughts became clear. You just felt good (similar to ecstasy). A lot has just happened, and I can hardly remember some things. At some point, patterns were formed everywhere, although they weren't blatant optics, they were nevertheless recommendable for the first time. In addition, we had a very intensive conversation between laughing fits and optics. It kind of opened your eyes. We felt very connected to nature and in principle we didn't care about material things. So after about 4 hours it was extreme, the optics weren't really there anymore, just high contrasts, but the good feeling really came through. Laughing fits (more than with any grass I've had so far - I already had "blatant" varieties, but that was really a completely different level) were then added. Shortly before the trip came to an end, we drove home and had a nice evening with a few beers. We had a lot of sugar and vitamin C with us in an emergency, but it wasn't necessary. The trip was thoroughly beautiful.

  • Translated from German Nino
    So I can only recommend the sclerotia, I had light visual optics that lasted a good 5 hours, whereby I noticed that they looked similar to baby wood rose, TOP

  • Translated from German Jörg
    I bought 20 g of Psilocybe Mexicana. I took 8 g on the first day and 10.3 g on the second day. Unfortunately there was nothing more in the bag. But it's ok. I know that Shayana often gives you a little more, this time it was a little less. No problem. It was only my second order. The effect: after half an hour a feeling of body weakness, pleasant fatigue, with the higher dose also slight nausea. So I just lay there and had classical music playing in the background. It was very pleasant. Was in the garden with my dogs in the evening and just felt very comfortable. Thank you dear mushrooms. Thanks Shayana. Note: Since I regularly have mild depression, which I don't want to be treated with conventional medicine (they only feed me with some chemical dirt anyway), I treat myself with psychoactive plants, fungi and other various hallucinogens. I'm not looking for the ultimate trip. So I'm taking it slow. But I was still surprised that 10.3 g didn't trigger anything else for me. It is probably because I have disciplined and slowly dabbled in Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican and a little more every day. I will continue to treat myself with it and report about it. Greetings to all psycho-builders out there

  • Translated from German Christina
    I took the whole 20gr in two stages (90min. In between). Had a tingling body. Unfortunately no optics or the like. Had wished for more thoughtful movement, but was a nice feeling. Here is another nice word about the shop. My email was always answered promptly. And I'm super happy with the service :)

  • Translated from German Szabolcs
    I had no previous experience with mushrooms, so I started with 5g. The effect was relatively weak and did not last long. Then a few days later I consumed 10g outside alone in the forest. I felt the effect about 50 minutes later. When I looked at something it moved very easily how everything would breathe. Then I was connected to everything in nature. Have looked at all the smallest details with wonder how everything can be so beautiful! All the colors were more vivid and I felt safe without people. I went for a walk and felt happy. I hugged trees and thanked them for existing for us. The total duration was about 5 hours for me and I remember every minute! Nice experience and can say that in nature you can not get a bad trip. Thanks Shayana!

  • Translated from German Philipp
    The stuff knocked me off my feet, so I had to work against it: D Take it easy and not too much, then it's cool;)

  • Translated from German PsychedelicToy
    Truffles are quite ok, ate both 10g with a colleague in the course of the evening, had a lot of LKachflashs, the TV program was also very funny: D Unfortunately, we both had almost no optics at all, I only once thought that the glass table in front of the couch was light is curved. Since it was our first experience with Psilos, we were slightly disappointed. The next experiment will probably be carried out with a different variety and with a higher dose. Product for beginners but definitely recommended I wish you happy tripping :)

  • Translated from German Yves
    Goods did not arrive 2 times at first, but as a goodwill the goods were sent to me a third time and after only 4 days my mailbox was full. I ordered 40 grams and 40 grams arrived. As "compensation" I got 40! Free gram! Top service from the staff, thank you :)

  • Translated from German friederike
    Dear friends of the sun, because I love magical nature experiences with magic mushrooms, I thought I would take them on a mountain walk on vacation ----> Stupid idea! by lifting the circulation through which the mountain was running, they had an effect after only 10-15 minutes (eaten at 12 o'clock on a classic, empty stomach -> woody, earthy, tasty as ever). As a result, these Mexis groomed me over my knees and visually spanked my butt. Despite rainy settin, the world was wrapped in kaleidoscopic Madala's bunch and very fast-paced colors / shapes enjoying life, the day was spent with "I just stare at this stone for 1 hour". The trip lasted about 6-7 hours, although I also tend to overdose and added a second mushroom dinner after 3 hours Freund took about 4 hours (he didn't eat). The excess after snaking was stronger than usual with truffles (lasted about 30-40 minutes). The coming down was a bit more uncomfortable because you don't slide out softly like with other mushrooms I know but sit on the ground of the facts as you slipped in. nevertheless very entertaining (especially if you like colors and mandalas) but not for the beginner).

  • Translated from German Harry
    My first order from you ... The delivery or shipping = 1A ^. ^ I got what I expected from the Mexicans ??

  • Translated from German Andre
    I can only say that it was delivered very quickly. Simply welded and well looks little but it is very good product. With receipt of payment and all 5 days delivery time (money transferred Monday / Friday everything there)

  • Translated from German André
    We gave the rest of the 80g to 25g each later. EVERYTHING has moved. Proper film pushed., .. colleague even made a selfie of himself and a tree. Was super cool. They both took about 10y nothing in the direction. Delivery also 1a price / performance ok. Many talk about the taste ... nutty, caviar doesn't taste better either ... in my opinion

  • Translated from German Luca
    At the beginning I have to say that the shipping was ok, it took as long as it said here. I took it with my friend yesterday, she had no drug experience (except 2 times weed but everyone does that). ^^ And I already had experience with other things. It was fun for both of us and we have already reordered (although my wife is really not a fan of something like that. Don't be surprised if it doesn't take half an hour, it can take 2 hours before you notice something. That was the case with me. ;)

  • Translated from German Tripper
    Hello, I am quite experienced with mushrooms, so I ate a whole pack by myself. I hate the taste. Taken at 8:00 p.m., noticed at 9:00 p.m. and at 10:00 p.m. I looked at the wall and it did Booom. Many colors and patterns even in the dark or in low light. Was full of love and joy, could have hugged the whole world. Listening to music was awesome! (Techno, House) In my opinion, these truffles are very good and also suitable for beginners. Approx. at 02:00 the fun was over. Unfortunately, as a side effect I had total stomach pain, next time I will eat something before. Best online shop of this kind!

  • Translated from German .....
    Hello dear people. I have to say it does what it says on the tin. A package shared by two. every 10g. And after about an hour it started. I can highly recommend it.

  • Translated from German Tobias
    Probably by far the best time I've ever had mushrooms .... Finally what it promises ..... Shanayashop I'm a new regular super mega cool ..... Looking forward to the next package ... .. Lg ... from the north

  • Translated from German PilzWunder<3
    I ordered this truffle to experience this type of drug. Since I do not take any other drugs except stop smoking, I will start small and get into it, because the reviews often say that certain quantities are not beginners' cans, but many also say that this product is good for beginners. Since I prefer to listen to my feelings rather than the experience of other people, I start small with about 5-6 grams but not more. I hope I will have fun with the truffles: D

  • Translated from French beurk
    We ate 2 15gr each with sautéed potatoes and a piece of cutlets + carrots to mask the disgusting taste but after 20 min, we start to float in our bodies and there ... drama, my friend taps a big sheaf and after 10 min to control me, too. finally we still have a light trip so we decide to go out on the street but frankly nothing huge. In short, do not eat something with it otherwise it makes you stack up ...

  • Translated from French hulin
    hello being tox and metadone, for the first experience of champex so I chose Psilocybe Tampanensis Mexicana following the multiple subject read so I decided to take the 15g in very small pieces with a danette it went all by itself was mounted well there with a little visual effect but it would have been missing 5 g at this evening so as I liked and well I ordered 75g I would tell you the next if not good prod + laurent

  • Translated from German Thomas
    Well, I had better imagined the trip ..... I had never eaten truffles .... I will not do that either, stay with the Psylos ....

  • Translated from German Flash
    After 1 week (including the transfer time) the envelope with the vacuum-packed truffles was in the mailbox, I first ate 5g and thought the whole time I would not get it until I noticed that I was trimming my house plans. After that, I continued to add more and more until a total of 21g found my way into my stomach, which I did not (more) realize during the trip. At some point I turned off the lights and started rhythmically dancing to AmbientChillout (xD), which is otherwise not my style ... so dance. Then I seemed to have dipped into the right dose or mood and switched off almost completely. With my eyes closed, I guess I don't have the right word to see honeycomb or HEX patterns, the play of colors was of course extreme, and when I blinked, "Latin American" or non-definable face masks came up to me, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Later I switched on the voice recorder on my cell phone, put on sunglasses and a hat, stalked through my apartment, fear-and-loathing style (golf shoes, muddy, etc.), and held the cell phone with the orange voice recorder menu color close to my eye, while I was completely fascinated by each light source and recorded 2 hours of voice memo ... Generally a very interesting trip or stuff, new order is still out today: D If you order more, you should take care of the amount of re-throw, depending on the person different, but it is best to prepare a lot beforehand and give the rest to trip sitters, if available, for safekeeping. For the cooldown after the trip, a little marijuana is definitely recommended, because, depending on the type, "celebration ideas" similar to those of MDMA consumption can fanned out. In addition, tolerance develops very quickly, which means that you should allow a little time to pass between trips, even in order to process what you see first, for example when there is a strong eye-opening effect. So long

  • Translated from German Schenny
    First of all kudos to the shop! With various others you wait for weeks for your package .. Different with Shayana .. As with some previous speakers, the package found its way to DE pretty quickly! Ordered Tuesday night (paid by credit card) and there today (Friday)! 5/5 stars !!! Trip report follows, this afternoon it starts ... :) Peace & Harmony

  • Translated from German Piotr
    for the price in any case geilll !!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from German patrick
    very good euphoric feeling I had to eat approx. 20-25 g (my current girlfriend too) and was like in a dream. * _ * great thing but to see colors and deformations there are definitely better.

  • Translated from German Stephan
    Very cool, not desperate that there are so many bright colors! ;-)

  • Translated from German Dominik
    Never had mushroom experience, let alone psychedelics. First chewed 7 1/2 well (metallic taste) and then washed down with water. After 30-40 minutes (approximately) it flooded. I got a queasy feeling in my stomach, I was reading a text I just didn't understand at first and other characters smuggled themselves in. At the climax I feel like drunk but still clear in my head, my buddy wanted to come over, he rang the bell. I didn't notice it and called him where he was staying, and he rang the bell a few times. Should have heard it. ^^ When he was with me we sat on the couch, the visual perception was now distorted everything was rounder, sharper and "warmer" but it was quite pleasant and interesting. We split the legal 7 1 / 2g to write a lot of everything so I come to the end, we admired the stars afterwards as if we had never seen them so numerous and beautiful. Definitely worth buying. ;)

  • Translated from German Alexander
    Hey Leude, got up at noon after about 7 hours of sleep. Instead of eating something, I immediately snacked on 15 grams and washed it down with a nice, sweet load of cocoa. After about 1/2 hour, the effect started. For me that meant: First smoke a small sticky (grass) to slide in gently. Then I was everything, nothing, dead, God, existence itself, pure energy for about 4 hours, but words are not enough to explain this state in an understandable way. With the right music, everything can be there or not. (Take 15 grams immediately after sleeping, add a sweet cocoa to ensure the quick absorption of the active ingredient into the blood with a joint afterwards can really lift you out of your shoes but having experienced this makes me look at many things differently) 5 of 5 stars from me. Highly recommended.

  • Translated from German MissPlaybook
    Fast and uncomplicated delivery after transfer, completely in good condition and well packaged. I split it up for 2 times (20g total), ate it with yoghurt - the effects set in quickly but not too violently, a blatant feeling and later a slow decay. I would definitely recommend it and will be back with the next order!

  • Translated from German Krass
    First of all a big compliment! I ordered on Monday and the goods were in the mailbox on Friday. That was my first (real) experience with mushrooms. I prepared everything nicely in my apartment, provided the right music, etc. Then I ate 15g. I have to say that it was pretty awkward, but with a lot of water it was no problem ^^ So, full of excitement and expectations, I was now waiting for the first effects .. And there it was xD. Everything was moving, and these bright colors everywhere .. Wow! I sat down and looked out of the window at the sky. It looked as if a large rainbow was shining down on me directly through the window .. Absolutely beautiful, this "rainbow experience". After that I sat down at the PC and tried to play some COD (purely "experimental"), but it went badly because I collapsed laughing over the keyboard while hitting my own teammates without a plan xD. When the trip reached its climax, I lay down in bed (on my back) and enjoyed the stark looks (colors, faces, etc.). Suddenly - as if I would wake up from a dream, I realized that I already felt 30min. Stared at the palm of my hand, and plunged into the deep expanse of my palm. This seemed so absurd to me at that moment that I broke into another laughing bottle. When the trip subsided, I tried to watch some television, but then it started to get annoying that I could no longer organize my thoughts, and at that moment I secretly wished that it should stop ... but time goes by at such moments very slowly xD. All in all a very interesting and intensive trip that I would like to repeat. I have already ordered 2 more loads of this wonderful mushroom, and I'm looking forward to the delivery ^^ I'll tell you about the experience again .. Until then, Trip it! Fuck yeah!

  • Translated from Italian Don
    Amazing mushrooms! I prefer to eat them outdoors, on the nature .. It was an incredible journey, I saw so many colors !! I'm sure to order again!

  • Translated from French fredG
    Correct delivery times, I didn't check the quantity too much but it was more than 15g. It was my first experience with a psycho, I thought it would be soft ... I went for a day trip, got up early in the morning, ate the truffles as they were, about 6g I think, with a coffee and a bdo . (In the morning why? Because I don't like to eat for 4 / 5h and it seemed to me the best way to arrive on an empty stomach) Last mushroom swallowed around 7am. Alone at home. 8:30 am The effects are long overdue, a little dizzy, slight nausea. Heavy arms. I run a film at random "the teeth of the night" funny thing about vampires, it makes me uncomfortable. I stop. Bdo + a glass of water. 9am there I start to have big rises in waves, rise in the pulse, I feel not well upright, I sit down, then lie down. I tell myself that it's off to a good start. Watch unpleasant TV clips. 9:30 am the climbs follow one another, a blow very good I am hot, a blow super bad I cold uncontrollable tremors in the legs which go up to the middle of the body. Tachycardia. Bad trip. Attempts to vomit but nothing comes out. A clop. 10:30 am the climbs calm down, I even manage to send an SMS to a friend who had to test the day before. I don't really have a hallu, I'm a little nervous. I'm exhausted. Small splif. 11 am and it's gone again, big climbs in bad again with tachycardia, I feel really uncomfortable. I put myself in orange juice to try to calm the champote, chocolate for magnesium. Some water. It gradually calms down until 1 pm / 2:30 pm with small lifts. All the rest of the afternoon of the small lifts, switch to fastfood at 7 pm, still very slight lifts. Punctured until I fall asleep around midnight accompanied by some bdo. The next day, relatively fit, a little disappointed to have taken the bad face full face for not much ^^ If ever I start again, I will do what I advised a friend for ingestion: the infusion, and not to swallow the meatballs directly , I had the impression that they decompose a little too slowly and therefore release their active ingredients in spurts. But hey it was my first of its kind, I would recommend not doing it alone ...

  • Translated from French Célas
    Eaten with a little pasta during a good drum'n bass evening, getting stronger and stronger. Beginning: change of colors, loss of sense of distance. : Deformations of walls, faces, objects. : full fun: hallus, extremely close contact with nature thanks to the wood near the house, impression of rediscovering everything as if I had known nothing ... Excellent

  • Translated from French samira
    hello everyone accustomed as it was not mexican, I took 1 sachet of 16gr and 1 other 1 hour later and super delirium. really the habit i lived labas made att qd mm; and delay nikel barely a week and more av period of celebration shayanashop hat

  • Translated from German mario
    super quality, I took 10 g each with my wife, then I added more, started surprisingly early and we had very extatic 4 hours, also had profound insights into our lives and were able to clear up old habits freely and cheerfully afterwards ... many thanks to SHAYANA

  • Translated from German Marco
    Just awesome Have I had to go to the bathroom but it was worth what I laughed at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French tomleperché
    Took the 15grams, alone, on the country lanes. away from noise and crowds! After 30 minutes, welcome to Champiland. Very strong visual effects. A powerful inner well-being. A 2.5 hour trip, without an unpleasant descent. Really great. I recommend! But it is true that it is a fairly powerful truffle. I recommend 7g for a beginner. Thank you shayana

  • Translated from German böser
    First of all a big compliment to the fast delivery! I shared the 20 g with a friend, she had 7 and I had 13. My trip was unfortunately not as great as I thought, despite the higher dose and empty stomach. On a psychological level, optics were completely absent for me. To my girlfriend; it was her first mushroom experience and she got the full program. hours of optics laughing fits ... even hallucinations and talking plants xD

  • Translated from French rimako
    good result my pot to piss everywhere at home received in 6day and 37gr awesome

  • Translated from French Tonio
    Order received in 4 days, nothing to say discreet and fast: the top! tonight we share all this and we will tell that tomorrow! Thank you

  • Translated from French Mariz
    WAW! It was magical ! MAGIC ! With half the dose I flew to another world! I looked at stained walls and these spots turned into full of small multicolored drops which made spirals, it was beautiful: D I looked at myself in a mirror and my face started to melt, my eyes to grow: D I was with a friend, who took the other half of the mushrooms, we looked at each other and we laughed. The ground was moving, when I closed my eyes I saw faces talking to me, objects moving and lots of other things impossible to transcribe! Intense trip! My pupils were completely dilated, I was too scared and I couldn't see in the dark! I opened my eyes in a slightly dark room and instead of distinguishing the shapes I saw nothing, too bizarre but too funny! I had almost no control over my hands, as if they no longer belonged to me. My laptop screen was distorted. My hands became "old": they retracted and wrinkles appeared! It was excellent ! Lots of giggles! I will resume! : D

  • Translated from French malo
    Order placed on 7/01, received on 01/01, I took around 6g, a short trip of 3 hours with a feeling of well-being and comfort with giggles. Then consume around 7.5g of pajateros with a friend. But my stomach did not appreciate (nausea). My colleague on the other hand took off: hallus, giggles, connection, feeling of déjà vu ... We were tripe for 3 hours approximately, there I await an order from Colombian. I thank shayana for the gift and their seriousness.

  • Translated from French stuart
    Really serious, received the package 4 days after the order. By cons attention to the dosage, 6-9 gr is enough, I took 15 and it was too strong..not hallucinations but a second state ... and 3D images which can turn into a bad trip, for me it was half bad the first hour and a half and completely hovering the next 2 hours .... but do not underestimate these truffles. 10/10 for the value for money thank you shayana

  • Translated from Italian francesco
    great product i highly recommend it :) thanks shayana great product i highly recommend it :) thanks shayana

  • Translated from Spanish lugo
    for me the best trip of all, really peaceful and visual, it is not as funny as the stem but in truffle as I said before the best option, always in nature to be never in flats or houses,

  • Spk
    A lot of fun! With friends or with your lover, it's pure comunion! Not too heavy (my girlfriend took those for her first time on psycho, she was alright the whole time!) Spread love!

  • Translated from Italian Marco
    Unbelievable! God bless this product and this site !!!!!! I received this product so fast! These guys work very fast! Im going to shoot again now ..

  • Translated from French robin
    Ouaaaa! Unbelievable ! Received in 5 days! And 60 g instead of 40 hihiii. With my best friend we took 6g each to start soft. I went on a serious trip! an impression that someone possessed me I was uncontrollable, fit to laugh with my best friend for 20 min at least. I badged for a while but we started making drawings on a notepad for 3 hours! And the surprising drawings we discovered a talent for making drawings super well done but super weird. the descent went very well while drawing haha !! Seriously as an effect it is inexplicable you must try I guarantee it!

  • Michelle
    Have bought a couple of different types of magic truffles, and these Mexicana gave me the trippiest trip. Loads of visuals and pink light. Was amazing! Had a good breakfast, then didn't eat the rest of the day. Took about 10g at 6:00 in the evening, and was travelling till way after midnight. These truffles are the business!

  • Braden
    Not being dried, I was expecting more but it makes more sense at the price it was at from them to still be wet. When I opened the package, it was raining and upon being wetted, they began to leak this blue green psylocin liquid. It was pretty cool. As for their potency, along with some homegrown fungus friends, they help facilitate a 3 day psychedelic experience. I was not at all disappointed. Also, I noticed a bit of an alcohol taste when eating them. I wonder if there is some natural fermentation process involved or if it's just how they taste? Either way, many thanks

  • Shamus
    Fantastic!! They did everything it said on the box and more. After 20 minutes me and the missus were off. She couldn´t stop laughing and I was gone, astral planing!!! Walking definitely enhanced the experience, I felt so tall. Excellent delivery and excellent invaluable pot of gold on the internet......BIG UP shayanashop!!

  • Angel
    It´s very good and nice trip, magic colors and bush kiki. Better inner understanding and very deep experience. Better take in a quiete place and relaxed place. Wana makumba, mambo mambo.

  • Lesleyanne
    these are a good giggly trip good for beginners wanting a good night in or out the house. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Francois
    Produit incroyable. Arrive au Québec en 5 jours. Merveilleux.

  • Translated from French jonathan
    I just want to congratulate the seriousness with which my request was treated, order on Thursday evening, package received Monday in the box. Fast discreet, brief as it should be. For the rest the product is of quality, I would not go into details but it was a good evening and the product is reliable. In short, I put 10/10.

  • Translated from French Dumont
    hey o well felt in 4 days thank you 37 gram instead of 30 thank you shayna I tasted it this weekend even if I want to take my good tonight these abused I work tomorrow ....... how much I owe take it for a good trip ???

  • Translated from French polback
    cooooolll ... its got there c ... good a little week..but good auchun worries about delivery..i have 18g instead of 15 ... my growbox..the 5 seeds offered..and 2 more ... thank you shayana .. !!!!

  • Translated from French anthony
    simply magic we took 6g with 3 colleagues all started well I had a trip very fun kind with the shade of my screwdriver I draw triangles on my tiles then two friends came and I showed them my delirium they did not there hang on until one of my friends cries "but yes of course it is the triangle" and there it went totally in the dark my friend who shouted to start taking this for a messenger like tell me "I'm here to warn you they are there to prevent you from getting there" then he started to cry like a baby, it's not really why, then my 2 other colleagues, uh, we type tripe like balls of colors that merge between her the face that melts confuse guys with girls ect .. and me ba I saw my tiles move the noise of the toilet fill me with happiness the bottle lie down I see in black and white crazy laughs and sudden urge to throw everything here is my story I advise them strong ement

  • Translated from Samoan Francois
    Amazing product. Arrives in Quebec in 5 days. Wonderful.

  • Translated from French yannick
    hi to all the perched good start order placed on monday received friday niquel for the weekend a long time pot want to come from friends and my wife have is 5 have a 75g but you panicked not the dose and 7g per person that sufi largely for starters does not exceed 15g per person nosé powerful enough bad trip what c advice friends and above all DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH SOMETHING VOMITING FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE aperitif advice with pastis olive chips it makes it good rum not whiskey the mixture makes gerber here for the advice the friends let's go on so 7 g per person during the aperitif then pouuuuuuuuuuu half an hour after light strange as fog in the house crazy laughter madness played music guitar and piano super awesome have continuous drinking and after 2 hours the mixture of firecracker alcohol beu not chit beurk makes us hit bad allu too good I recommend it to all c really too good as the taz or trip no decent t good and the next day your nothing as if your going to do nothing the day before against friends it lasts between 4 and 5 hours so take this a biz weekend to all and thank you to shayanashop for the quality and seriousness see you soon for new adventure flu flu flu flu.

  • Translated from French Olivier
    So I ordered 2 X 15 Grams on Tuesday October 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm so the order was sent the next day Wednesday October 3, so I patiently wait for the postman to pass and today Monday October 8 it goes with a discreet bubble letter without problems. I take 10 grams to properly test the effects, it's been a long time since my body has not absorbed psilocin or psilocybin but I have the abit of hallucinogenic products in general. The product starts to rise after half an hour but it is rather dizziness and incomplete sensations. The best effect starts to feel after a good hour without having stacked (if you want to stack I advise to walk for a good half hour or an hour until the truffles are completely digested, so no losses ^^) In short for me who had not taken hallucinogenic stuff for 7 months I had visual effects with the bright colors and the contrasts well raised but no strong hallu nor deformations. I highly recommend these magic truffles which contain both psilocybin and psilocin which have a very peaceful and very cool effect.

  • Translated from French tyler
    yop yop package received in 5 days discreet package more than correct quantity in vacuum excelent thank you shayana one more customer on Saturday if we will test all his thank you and see you soon ...

  • Translated from French seeeeeb
    I spent an evening of madness here is everything, I give you the recipe: 5 friends, 11.4 grams of these mushrooms per person in a small Swiss or in a yogurt (to mask the taste because it is really despicable lol) and go for the whole night floating in your own body and laughing and laughing without being able to stop !! another positive point, it makes the abs work !! a true evening of madness. I recommend it to everyone!

  • Translated from German Lukas
    Great truffles had a wonderful trip in the forest with a friend .... didn't go that long (about 4 hours, whereby about 1.5-2 were really intense), but after 5 hours I was completely clear and clear felt really comfortable . as if I was just coming out of the thermal bath :) I jumped through the forest from plant to plant with my friend and admired them, at some point we played drums on the tree with rough coarse bark, both of which we were so mistaken to hear so many different tones who presumably all sounded the same without the influence of the drug. Unfortunately, out of sheer amazement, I someday knocked over a balsam plant, which felt like 15 minutes. very busy and I thought about how I can apologize to Mother Nature: DI came to the conclusion that something like this can happen and I didn't do it on purpose. In the end there was a Beatbox session on the high seat where we slowly let the trip end. Conclusion: I can only recommend it. I will try others now but will come back to it again sometime !!

  • Translated from French FAUL

  • Translated from German mandy
    So on Friday, October 11th, 2013, I snacked on the truffles with my friend and a colleague and it kept everything it promised. I had an inner peace like never before in my life we laughed my living room was colorful and everything was moving was really funny. My friend and I had no experience with only micros etc. so we knew roughly what to expect, since I have always read from 10-15 g it will be a strong trip was experienced with it and said go slow and start with 5 g which we did and I'm very happy about it. After about 10 minutes after swallowing it started slowly. I really want to advise everyone who does it for the first time really starts with 5 g. You can have a snack afterwards, but we did that too, but as the saying goes "caution is the mother of the porcelain box". No matter how much experience with which drugs you have not rushed and then you also have a pleasant colorful and fun trip. I will definitely order them again and there are many others who are very hot for it :-) Kind regards M

  • Translated from German Xpressive
    Ate 40g with a friend. He ate mushrooms for the first time, but came across quite normally, a little drunk. But I got totally insane and was a bit too much for me towards the end. Was pretty happy then that he was not so crazy ^^ The taste was too disgusting for us, but the condition of the sclerotia was very good, no visible impurities. Definitely a lot of fun!

  • Translated from German Dardan
    took only a medium dose for the beginning. -> light optics -> inner calm -> euphoria -> indescribable attitude to life, satisfaction strong dose will be tried soon! recommendable

  • Translated from French Cochondingue
    >! HUGE ! <Is the word that suits what I lived, with not far to see more than 20g of mexicana and Philosophers stones to mix, I went far! I felt strong enough to go through it on my own but feel free to do your first group experience to test the effects. It's powerful enough to launch you into a rather nasty bad, so be careful if you don't feel reassured or comfortable in your shoes because, it brings out all that is in you and all that your subconscious assimilates. In case of severe bad, I am not an expert, but tell yourself that it is a test that your unconscious throws you in the head to make you stronger, so face it, instead of being afraid of it and at worst if it's unbearable to prepare a way out with food (I use milk and cereals it makes me go down immediately) see even medoc if you're really freaking out, but just telling yourself that you have a emergency exit in case, its reassures. After that, it's all happiness! The colors, the hallus! Magnificent ! I put on some music to relax me and there, poof! it enters you, overwhelms you, crosses you! you feel every note, every vibration. It is simply magnificent. I advise you to make a playlist of your favorite songs and just lie down for take off. I got into my bathtub for the start of the trip and the bathroom was transformed into a beach and then into an aquarium with sharks coming out of the ceiling to pass over me, something bad looking in the water, but you just have to tell yourself that these are just hallus! and they become passive. I even thought I was stroking the fin of one of the white sharks which passed above me in my bath! just huge, and that was just the start! So rather effective for those who are starting out. Have a good trip!

  • Translated from French maro
    hello to all, first faith with truffles, and frankly to advise, less expensive than mushrooms and less yucky. to eat, I was on an empty stomach and my friend came to eat and we hit the ride after half an hour, and we hit laughter in front of the TV for 2:30 and after super descent with pretty 3D. me and my friend we are lsd lovers and we compare this delirium a good buvar during 2h30 of montè.ps: we eat 15gr each

  • Translated from German Nico
    So, first of all great praise to the shop, delivery took only 3 days to DE. About the truffles: I decided to snack with two friends. One 8g, the other 6g and I 10g - I felt strong euphoria, as well as bright colors. My door started to breathe and flowed a little bit into itself. That lasted 3 hours and then unfortunately everything was fine again. With girlfriend A, the one who had 8g had the same effect. Girlfriend B, who had a snack of 6g, could not talk for 2 hours and started crying and laughing again from now on. She found the trip very nice and couldn’t explain the crying - next order is for everyone Fall out soon! Nico

  • Translated from Samoan Marcel
    The mushrooms have a very pleasant effect, but hoped for optics largely failed to materialize. Too bad ...

  • Marcel
    Die Pilze haben durchaus eine sehr angenehme Wirkung, erhoffte Optics blieben allerdings weitestgehend aus. Schade eigentlich...

  • stephen
    these r beginnet shrooms in my opinion,still nice affects with laughter,good to take with friends,just dont die of laughter.

  • Hakan
    I have eaten like 9 gram and I feel like very cool and light was very cool...but i did not saw any hallucination .I think every one must be eat 15 minimum.Of course Thanks shayana

  • noel
    Very nice. Tried this kind of shrooms the first time, very good trip. I took 4 grams and first thought it wouldn't be enough, but after an hour I noticed that it was just right. There were not too hard hallucinations I was just very euphoric an enthusiastic. Was comparable to MDMA in the first steps of the trip. Colours were very beautiful, it was sunset and everything was inked in dark orange and red tones. The beautiful contrast of the green leaves was the best thing I've seen for a long time. Very chilly shrooms! Thanks!

  • snorkelshins
    Believe me, this site is genuine and I'm so glad that it is :o) If you like mushrooms then these are perfect for you. Descreet and prompt and just bloody lovely, cant wait for outdoor experiences come the summer and bring on Glastonbury. Cheers Shayana x

  • Translated from German Rämi
    So, first of all I praise the shop 3 days shipping and so far everything has arrived without problems really great :) I have already ordered some mushrooms and I have to say that until now they were the best ... I ate 1 gram Hawaiian and was funny for 2-3 hours but nothing exciting. A week later I ate 20 grams from the here which is really not too little. The beginning is a bit hard with 20 grams but after an hour everything is mega bunch and super chilled. I ate the 20gram at about 9:30 p.m. before that I didn't eat anything for 5 hours and after 20 minutes we started to move lightly then colors really chilled about 1 hour later it was not really nice but only lasted 30 minutes and then came at 11:00 p.m. highlight :) Slight optics pushed cool colors and everything had moved ^^ really great then went until 3am the things can only be recommended and for the money really great with 15 grams you definitely had a lot of fun :)

  • Translated from French D'HOLLANDER
    hi la raya! very fast shipping (3 days) discreet packaging !!! super delirium guaranteed! to take with respect ...

  • Translated from French tony
    very nice crisis laugh for a good mounted explosion of color after very good mushrooms !!!!!!! Thank you Shayana

  • Translated from German FirstTry
    So guys the mushrooms are crazy, but it really became crazy (literally) ... Wa my first mushroom trip and bought 30g, then with a friend of my girlfriend and another girl in the forest and smoked a little grass, then I got schoma started eating the mushrooms -> 18g (really sick). Well then chilled a little through the dark forest and were so after an hour with me. Just when we came in, I was just quickly in the bathroom and then just dropping into bed, then everything went very quickly ... I laughed and cried for 30 minutes and the faces made waves, the tepich crumbled on my bed wa hell go the craziest pattern everything has moved EVERYTHING ... The zimma suddenly became totally small and all the others totally big sometimes words just got stuck as if the ribbon was hanging (hello hello hello ...). Well then nothing was funny anymore ... I was lying on the bed unable to talk or moving, I got hot and the halucinations were always bad, got total panic that it didn't stop and only got shredded with what was going on around me. .. my frenudin thought I would fully enjoy it and was lying on me all the time which only made me more afraid ... I noticed everything several times as if everything would repeat itself I was suddenly suddenly uhro then I somehow completely lost consciousness just lay there unable to do anything and thought I was dead in my mind the craziest things. after everything was clear again I lay naked on the carpet and had everything pissed off and everyone was gone ... I really advise you not to take al 5gram because you really turn off and have no more control ... Still great stuff and super fast delivery time =)

  • Translated from French Mush-mush
    A big thank you to shayana !! Parcel received in 5 days! 30g to 2 ... first time with truff and it was magic. Visual level really not bad and psyko it was delirious !!! Thanks again

  • Translated from French LoGiTeK
    Hi, I'm going to take back his truffles soon during a birthday party. 2 years ago in Amsterdam, I bought some being amazed at the shape (of the box and the mushroom); usually it's in a meat tray. Well ... with my little wife we each took a box, tears my head with the weed from there waiting for the first effects. And there a mounted more powerful than the mushrooms with the hat and the stem! The room expands, shrinks visibly. Every sound of horn, tram was a sound of music and rainbow8 Waoouh delirium !! In sunshine mode then the rest is reversed in industrial, horrific zik mode; the same thing but in black. Finally everything passes, we "try" to fall asleep; impossible suddenly I stick (horribly hot) and move away (horribly cold) the same for my girlfriend. Result more or less worshiped according to the perception of the senses ...

  • Translated from German Lucky
    The truffles are great, I took them with a friend who unfortunately had to vomit a little half an hour after taking them, but that was probably because of him because I was wonderful. Flashed a bit in the forest and the colors and sounds were just wonderful, we observed nudibranchs and balsam and drummed on trees: D We took the full 15 grams, which I would recommend if you already have a bit of experience .. After 5 hours of tripping I was never so clear in my head, a total reboot with reflection back to the essentials! ohm

  • Translated from French Gaetan
    First of all thank you Sayana, you are really pros !!! Thank you for your speed (6 days including the weekend) and everything !!! For the mexican tampanensis and ben I tried with a small dumpling like 2 grams (it was my first time) and an hour later I did not feel much; so I took 5 or 6grams which I crushed and I soaked them in fresh lime juice ... and there I felt ... I felt the effect coming and I had to ask myself because this thing is for me an incapacitating trip; so I skipped Akhenaton's METEQUE ET MAT album and went on my trip. So I went quietly into this very powerful trip, and into this trip; it was better that I didn't try too hard to move; my way of thinking became deep and therefore i could not move: + O but so much the better. And where some people ask questions that concern their existence, their life; well I realized that I have already found satisfying answers to these questions. I mean to say that the effect of this trip brings us to see with discernment (or we try in any case) the conflicts that prevent us from moving forward without going backwards just after. So, I just found that the problems of my life have already been observed with a perspective that has dealt with them and I already saw them clearly ... Otherwise, the effect is overpowered and I realized with the poisoning of this product; that many people are already poisoning themselves very strongly throughout their days but this, using legal tricks (red bull, cigarettes, coffee; poisoning of thoughts by intoxication of words and harmful thoughts; etc ...) this product gives resonance to your thoughts. It is said that this product is not recommended for sensitive souls but I am sensitive and what I experienced was something that was in me and not foreign. Do not take it to party it's clear. Creative, destructive, creative, destructive product. This product will show you what you may have hidden so far and if you have hidden it, then in the trip it will be shown to you. (In general, we hide the spiders rather than the dreams.) But if you look at what your eyes have trouble looking at, then you will face your fears ;;;; and if this product shows them to you and well you will face. For the bad taste I recommend consuming them like this: Soak in fresh lime juice like for a few minutes and crunch the dumplings and then drink the juice. Do this on an empty stomach or the product will be blocked in part of your belly and the trip too. The descent is great; by blows we feel him able again to move the little finger, then the hand, the arm; the eyes; back and we get over it. Trip of two or three hours on high and after that it is to live; thank you Sayana for allowing me to know this trip there. And I continue my way; see you soon

  • Jon
    Me and a friend went for a big one, we had 15g each. We had an amazing joint experience where we saw the room change color at the same time, totally loved up on the grandeur of the universe. Music.....oh god the music was like a living being moving through us. Enjoy

  • Translated from German Kubilay
    servus people, very consciousness expanding you could feel your rider, hit the jackpot totally on the optics, without joke people buy you the things sit in nature and you will see them like never before thanks shayana ps: sorry i am still fully consumed

  • Translated from German Michael
    The madness!! I dropped 5.5g with 2 friends (incidentally, only 3 days delivery time to DE) and the result was awesome! we watched TV and waited for something to happen. I got a little tired and closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them again the guitar was crooked. out of sheer joy we immediately went outside. the effect grew stronger over time, the street no longer felt hard and cold, but as if padded. this feeling was accompanied by constant laugh flashes, which really are almost impossible to control. when we met a friend's father a little later, we tried to pull ourselves together as best as possible, which turned out to be impossible. we babbled some toilet paper and laughed at everything and everyone. when he asked us what was going on we said that we might have smoked a little too much and would now go to sleep. We tried that too, but without smoking you are too turned up to sleep, you just think too much! well after 3 good pots the usual tightness was added and falling asleep was no longer a problem. the next morning you wake up a bit high somehow, but not negatively or something, just a little bit lost. 5/5 stars!

  • Translated from German Bahari
    Tried for the first time, each taken 10 gr, then added 5 gr, the finest !!! Even the second and third time, always great! Good look, great feeling! The third time there was only 10 gr left, but just as flash as the first time, who would have thought that and the moral of the story, better put it on !!! Recommended at any time, try it yourself!

  • Translated from German snacker
    Since I have to be fit today, I only installed 4g, enough for a cozy evening with a good film! for a short time the walls have shifted but nothing wild with such a large amount Simple dosing can be a lot of fun, even for beginners. Except for the first time you use 18g like your colleague below me ... and when all else fails - sleep once and the spook is over! Just keep in mind if it gets too much ;-) delivery was here after 4 days, absolutely great! thank you

  • Translated from German Daniel
    So, really recommendable. At first I was skeptical about buying psychoactive goods online, but so far there have never been any problems and the weight is always right. I find the Psilocybe Tampanensis Mexicana best from the selection on this page. Many optics and with larger quantities also deep trips which could also be negative. So choose a pleasant, interference-free environment and start your trip!

  • Translated from German christian
    I dropped 5.5g yesterday and lo and behold I was in another world watching TV and just enjoying the trip !!!! Really great shipping only 3 days to DE continues like this

  • Translated from German Pille
    super great service 10/10. Will be tested later :)

  • Shannogh
    I recently bought 30g's and shared them with my wife under a full moon. We walked all night the ridgeway up to the uffington white horse and down to Waylands smithy. A truly magical night. they were awsome and I'd advise anyone who wants to know why they're called philosophers stone to take them. You're sure to understand

  • vaselis
    These mushrooms have creepy power.Respect them!

  • Charlie
    Just received them today, and havnt taken them yet. they took a while to arrive, but we've had very heavy snow and everything's been running slow. what i am very surprised by is the packaging. i was expecting big boxes like in the photos, which i was worried about, but instead 8 packets arrived shrink wrapped in an envelope. i wouldnt have even guessed myself that they in there. very well done. cant wait to give them a go. i've always been a huge fan of mexican truffles :)

  • alessio
    This was very nice, nothing aggressive but easily going. I like strong so i take 1 and half or 2 doses together.

Psilocybe Mexicana

Flesh Of The Gods

If you’re a fan of the normal Tampanensis and would like to step it up a little and to go to the next level, the Psilocybe Mexicana is a good option. The species has been known by the tribes of Central America for over 2,000 years and was consumed for its entheogenic effects. The Aztecs referred to it as teonanacatl (flesh of the gods).

The mexicana is a bit more visual than the Tampanensis and is slightly more energetic. Shayana suggests you go outside, look for a beautiful private spot in the park or forest. Make yourself comfortable and discover how wonderful the world becomes with a little help of Psilocybe Mexicana !


Effects begin 30 to 45 minutes after truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


6 grams - 10 grams
10 grams - 15 grams
15 grams - 20 grams


4-6 hours


Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head, For the best mushroom experience, make sure that you’re in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose.


Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge between 2 to 3 weeks maximum. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.