Magic Truffles

  • Translated from German SaturdaynightSPECIAList
    Jippijajey pork cheek! Same order as the guy below me ... but more carefully dosed. On the first day I made myself comfortable from noon with good music à la Jefferson Airplane. I took my time and only ate some muesli in the morning. Well, in the early afternoon I went out to the Feldmark and walked in front of me. So after an hour I had found a small idyllic spot - between trees, blooming spring flowers and even a small lake. There I chewed the bitter and nutty chunks (the only drawback) - but I had some chocolate from a well-known Swiss chocolate manufacturer with me ... Well, when I choked it down, I had a real feeling of disgust, as already mentioned by others ... half an hour was really hot and I thought I had to spit. But then the most wonderful thing ever happened! After intensive discussions with my newly found friends (the trees) and tender caresses between me and all the plants, grasses, bushes and even stones, I was able to relax and exhausted - dangling my feet in the lake already mentioned - sitting down and enjoying the sunset - I started to cry miserably for the beauty I was offered ... The best experience EVER !!!! THANK YOU & HUGE COMMENTS !!!! SaturdaynightSPECIAList

  • Danny
    Weren't much stronger than the liberty caps that grow here, tasted just as nasty too lol but gets u trippin so its all good :)

  • Trenton
    if you live in germany/europe and enjoy a alterded state of mind deffintly order..i ordered thursday recived it today tuesday..awesome! i was freaking out weather id get the package or politizi,as the colors are bright and its hard not to laugh my ass off i assume i got the

  • Translated from German ...
    Dear fellow citizens! Why do you think so much about quantity, it is enough, always and of everything, smaller quantities, depending on your own weight. The most important thing is: what you do, with whom, where. Do you want funny then with buddy in front of TV or e.g. shopping. Do you want loving, then with a partner on the coach, do you want to meet God, then in nature, becomes mystical in wildness, at night ... and so on. Just think about it: you take in a plant, living being and it may also be beautiful, happy, true. Take them with respect, like friends, with friends in safe, beautiful surroundings. Lake, sunset, forest .. great !!! Then I guarantee you will cry and admire with laughter and amazement. That is the nature of "things". Enjoy them and them!

  • Translated from French Kat0ucha
    Hi to all mushroom consumers, I just registered on the site because it was very strongly recommended to me, I would like to know if Psilocybe tampanensis Atlantis are worth it for the first time? thank you in advance !!

  • Translated from Italian Bellimbusto
    I wonder, it was so colorful and full of lights and lighting .. so fucking lucky)) I watched movies on wall 12 within 12 hours)) great effects

  • Storm
    I would say I am fairly experienced when it comes to using hallucinogenics, so I bought these with the intention to take them in a flask of tea to pay my respects at the Summer Solstice party at StoneHenge along with my best buddy and fellow mushy lover. We were not disappointed... Firstly, I was organised in the preparation much more than I have been in the past and crushed them up (20g between 2 people) in a pestle and mortar before simmering them with a couple of fruit teabags. (There is plenty of useful info on the web these days with tips on the best preparation and delivery methods - In terms of time taken to come up, the crushing of the stones makes such a difference and we came up within 10 mins - something I hadn't expected as we were still in the car-park, resulting in an inexplicably hilarious mission to navigate our way out ad across the fields to the stone circle in the dark. The visuals began soon after as we walked through the mostly dark plain with the grass making some intensely colourful fractal patterns. The sky also looked amazingly unfamiliar and so beautiful, again breaking into rainbow colours. Then followed 3-4 hours (can't be too sure this is correct as time became totally meaningless) but I have to say I haven't laughed so much in a long long time! Although there is no amplified music allowed, there were plenty of drum circles, samba bands etc - all of which just sounded out of this world and when I answered the call to dance, I had this amazing sensation of 'one-ness' and people were actually telling me that I shone positivity. All in all, a wonderful experience and have re-ordered them. Perhaps it is worth noting here that the amount I brewed for two people was somewhat on the strong side - next time, for a milder trip I would probably try 5 - 7g per person, but I guess it depends what you want out of it. I would definitely say the ideal setting is within nature as well as having some tunes to dance to - moving about felt awesome - and with loved, trusted company and you're all set for your fantastic journey! THANKS A MILLION, SHAYANA SHOP! Hare Krsna!

  • Ilia
    Delivery was fast it came about in week from ordering. I ate about 15g hade some minor visual, colors were really warm and bright. Had really euphoric feeling. The taste was awfull, personaly i didint like it. I reccomend eating whole bag at once. Defenetly will be ordering again!

  • tomoya
    extremely nice taste for first 2 seconds and then strange after taste. don t worry, it goes down with everything. we also smoked strong indica (alaskan ice) all the time and it kept on buzzing and boosting trip. i have experience on psychedelics, but i found new kinds hallusinations, never had before, which is always nice. few friends took just a little bit too little of salvia 40x after peak, but it didn t change much the this. but this product of salvia is 100% working stuff. proven. now we slept for four hours and took just a little amount of mexican golden teachers so i ll continue this review there.. oh, and friend just shouted that he melted to the floor during as we were philosophers. soft, visual, intence beautiful trip. be sure not to be interrupted:)

  • Giorgio
    Well guys if u wanna feel like an old viking dude, u gotta make it 20g. I did 15g and that was kind a normal, mild-strongish colorful trip. Atlantis is awesome, much better than Mexicana or Tampanensis.

  • Translated from German Achim
    Also the truffles are good. nothing more. I've had "normal" truffles before, where I had much more blatant looks! I can recommend 15 g truffles (no matter which) and 0.5 to 1 g Hawaiians as a great cocktail. But be careful! Should this trip only start with absolutely experienced PSYCHONAUTS. I do not want to describe how this intoxication or was designed. was a closed eye visions I've seen. you have to have experienced it yourself. You don't need to be scared before such a trip. If you have good friends with you and don't have any serious problems with you, then fun is inevitable. I think psilocybin is a godsend! great to meditate but also to have fun. watch a movie or let a music visualization run! best of all is a projector that is pointed at a corner of the room! a large glass of juice and lots of sweets so that you can screw down the effect if necessary. otherwise keep making you aware that in 4 to 5 hours everything will be over anyway. afterwards i always feel like returning from a wellness vacation. Greetings head bang ps: chemistry is fog, falsifies the character and makes ugly and broken! and stupid (oh these are all nice features) the teeth fall out, respectively. The mouth gets holes! Hemp, mushrooms, beer / wine more people need ned..thank you

  • Translated from Italian Bambolino
    The delivery was fast during the week from the order. I ate about 15g hade some visual minors, the colors were really warm and bright. I had a really euphoric feeling. The taste was horrible, personally I don't like it, but the effect was fresh !! I advise you to eat the whole bag at once. Surely a new order will follow !;)

  • Translated from German Nautrfreund
    I found the mushrooms very horny .... very fast delivery 4 working days !! Slightly white layer on it ---- mycel --- goods but perfect !!! I ate about 10 g on an empty stomach ... 3 h trip after 1 h eat about the peak ... my room is dancing everything has moved curtain, floor, plants ... everything pink glaring green blue ... was no longer able to use a computer keyboard letters danced and mouse felt like pudding ... grotesque grimacing .... previously only eaten Mexican standard mushrooms never experienced anything so intense ... coming down a little too quickly ... suddenly everything went down ... fell asleep within 10 minutes ... then highly recommended

  • Ricky
    I ordered thèse with another, (Majestics and Atlantis) they we/'re more or less inactive. A little feeling of energy after preparing them in tea with scientific riggor and spiritual love. I will be ordering once more today (a different species). I am a zoologist, and will use my microscope to test density of psilo compounds, as my physiology and fitness is very compatible with the kingdom. It wasn't my preparation technique or biology that negatively blocked the effects. However, I do know there are variations based on other factors shayanashop would not be to blame for ( I'm not looking to petty blame); but I would advise quality control to ensure product strain quality. Sorry I have had to write such a review. But everyone gets a second chance.

  • Yair
    The product was good and arrived as promised. I didn't take such a strong dose but they worked the way they were supposed to. I am definitely happy with the product

  • Adrian
    Been doing shrooms and other psychedelics for awhile now but I can say I was not ready for this. Had them with 3 other friends on a friday night. Took 14g staggered across 3 dose, friends were hovering around 8-10g. Coming up was pretty intense, lots of laughing uncontrollably, was very intense for me. Very strong closed eye visuals and intense body high. Saw crazy colored bars appearing and fading in fractal patterns. Watched "Trippy Animation courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd" on youtube just as I was peaking and my brain took off into another world. Overall its a mellow, body high but its very intense at times so do be cautious if your not used to that kinda thing. I was expected a high energy trip as is the case with the local types of mushrooms. This however was more like an LSD or an MDMA high, abrupt body temperature changes, sensations of euphoria, fading in and out of this zone. Even now still coming down from it. I would highly recommend but make sure you have a comfortable space to enjoy the show because it comes in an out and can be quite intense at times.Happy tripping, and warm seasons greatings, much <3 to you shayana shop, this was truly a night to remember.

  • Translated from German Thanquol
    The mushrooms are the hottest and the healthiest alternative to the chemical club for everyone so keep it on the shop

  • Translated from German Benjamin
    great run in 5 days everything was there now eat and laugh note +++++++

  • Translated from German harry
    wasn’t that for a comment, better eat a ticket or parts because ma knows how much is in it lol. did you always get a package insert or something? and people make this make only healthy things the active ingredient because they are all super correct

  • Translated from French boulidou
    Excellent ... there's no other word, there's nothing to say it's the bomb, too good. Not being accustomed to this product I dosed light for the first trip, 4g, a good little tangy taste, a little upheaval in the stomach it's a little hot inside, and an hour later the effect begins to feel good, 20 'more and the maximum peak is reached, pitin it swings to donf for 20 'and then quiet descent mimille. Too good ... still !!!

  • Translated from German Thorsten
    After 6 days of delivery, the mushrooms arrived safely. I ordered 75 grams and they are too. They are each packed in 15 gram packs of vacuum. That means you can take them and store the rest in the fridge for up to 3 months. The free cannabis seeds also came along. I am waiting until this afternoon with the first intake with my best friend. shayanashop is the best shipping i know. I have ordered here many times. Everything is sent anonymously and so far every delivery has arrived. After my trip I write again how it was. shayanashop is the best.

  • Translated from German udo
    Me and a buddy shared a 15 gram pack, each 6.5 gram there was somehow less than 15 gram in it = (after eating them on almost empty stomachs and watching TV, we didn't notice anything at first, after an hour I thought already that will not work anymore and thought that the shit is full of shit, but again ne 1/2 hour later we started, the colors became brighter and the body feeling indescribable you feel very comfortable and very chilled. We then looked 2 films that were on TV, and it was very interesting to watch the film, but it was also funny, we laughed a lot but also talked seriously, and you always try to tell the truth somehow as long as you can explain it correctly. And the thoughts are very free, you know what you want and you would like to embrace the whole world, so a good mushroom for a couple who spends a few nights at home, you will see how important you are ch is the partner and what you have in him. but the mushroom is also good for just chilling with friends, whether inside or outside, you will feel the harmony of your friendship formally (as long as you are honest and good friends). And when you sit down for a hour or so and just think, you can think very well and you recognize things in life where you never would have thought that it was, and you first notice everything in life It is important to realize how important it is to have good friends or a good girlfriend, and how grateful you can be that you live well and actually have everything you need such as food, drink, roof over your head etc. I believe that natural products such as mushrooms, mariyuhana etc. is a godsend for us humans because you recognize a lot and you also learn a lot, which is why I find the old religious terms for mushrooms such as meat of the gods, stone of the wise, or the holy mushroom very appropriate . So on the whole a very funny, amusing, chilled, thought clear, and loving piz =) Ps: but you shouldn't overdo it with mushrooms in the dose, for my part I always take a package (approx. 15 grams) and split it exactly in the middle, half for me and one for a buddy. In my eyes this is a very amusing and good dose, I haven't tried anything more, but I've heard many stories from my buddies and friends that have given me great respect and I would increase the dose if I approach it very slowly would (so 1 gram more each time)

  • Translated from French Rémi
    Fast shipping, order 30g received 40g ... Thank you Shayana

  • Translated from French Antoine
    Hello ! Okay, no delivery problem, ordered Wednesday evening received Monday morning, perfect. On the other hand, this is the first time that I take shrooms, and apparently the doses in the sachets vary quite a bit oO. I thought I would take 2/3 or 10g for my first trip but they put more than 15g in the bag ...

  • Translated from German P1lz
    psylantis: And you want to have experience in dealing with hallucinogenic drugs ??? Did you take a look at the instructions? No sow speaks of the fact that you should install 15 g of your pipe. Really when I hear something about chemical drugs I know what's inside and blablabla ... I'd rather say you eat everything you can get without knowing it. Oh and by the way, the truffles are really great, never had a bad experience, which is probably also related to the fact that I would NEVER eat 15 g at a time. Long live the P1lz film and cheers to the Shayana shop, you are awesome !!! Greet a fan

  • Translated from French Noémie
    I took these mushrooms for my 1st and 2nd trip: they are fantastic! Each time taken in a small community in a reassuring and comfortable environment, the best. For the 1st, I was super stressed, so I took a very small dose, and even with that, I had a great high, I was too well. Some visual distortion, and even a nice auditory hallu: I heard my buddy scream with a girlish voice, while he spoke quietly. For the 2nd, I forced the dose, I really wanted to have visual effects that I had not been able to have the previous time. Well, I was served! The climb surprised me, fast and powerful, a good high that fell on me, I saw the colors of the rainbow rolling on the wall in front of me, the light became red, then green, then blue, the objects breathed, the elements of the paintings moved on their own and went out for a walk on the walls, the pile carpet quivered and waved ... There was a door made up of a single large mirror, clearly I saw another room behind. With the power of the climbs, I still had a good bad trip, I got out of my body and I traveled in the universe to the rhythm of the climbs and descents with an uncomfortable feeling of discomfort. I heard my mate chewing as if he was 2cm from my ear, the same for the tick tick of the clock, with abominable nausea. But when you're on an empty stomach, there's nothing to throw up, haha. Without having been prepared for it, and having consumed with novices, it scared me. But I smoked a good joint, and it eased slowly, slowly. Remember guys (a tip a coffee guy gave me that saved my trip): if it doesn't go well, or if it goes up too quickly: smoke a stick. Relax, breathe and stay calm, it will pass. In short, excellent mushrooms, with crazy effects in small and large doses, I recommend even to novices! (On the other hand, take it easy the first few times, too big a dose when you've never experienced it, it can be scary. However, it will always come down, even if it takes 6 hours, no stress.)

  • Translated from German psylantis
    psylantis i think dubist got stuck with all the chemistry, you chemical victim!

  • Translated from French protox
    just received my order in 4 days bravo shayana i'm testing this tonight

  • Translated from German Inga
    Really super fast delivery and a great feeling ^^ only to be recommended.

  • Translated from German Zerow
    Hey guys! =) the truffles arrived safely! I have never had a mushroom trip and therefore I wanted to know whether 9 g is the right dose ... and I would have liked to know how long they last ...! =) I hope it will be a nice trip! lg Zerow =)

  • Keith
    We tried but really it tasted to disgusting for us to consume it fast enough. As a result, we didn't get the experience we'd hoped for.

  • Iwona
    Hi, I bought two packs of these mushrooms for my partner's birthday. I planned it as a surprise for him; we went to the woods last Sat, sat down, ate them and... NOTHING happened. I have had mushrooms before, amazing, colorful, insightful trips... I was surprised by the lack of ANY effect and to be honest very disappointed with this product...

  • Dom
    Dear reader and especially dearest Celtic and Nordic friends. If you really want to get the most out of these humble truffles I suggest that you eat a light breakfast, wait until a few hours before sunset then eat them raw, chew them well and rinse down with a little water. Do not be a pathetic wimp and complain about taste or feeling nauseous. I ate 20 grams and not much was happening so went hero and topped off another 20 grams then headed out into the Craglands of North West England for an all day hike. Hold out and you will be rewarded. Turn off the shitty rap music, get off the internet, turn off the T.V. and get out into some pristine nature and connect with your ancestral, native roots. Rediscover your integral bond with your land and folk, look to the future and look to building TRUST and INTEGRITY in LOVE, and a LOVE of your LAND, NATURE and FOLK - one love doesn't cut it my friends. Watch out for Zio-Commie brainwashing...Arete

  • Jakob
    Very nice and recommended for the beginner or somewhat experienced tripper. Taste is sour. Should be consumed raw on an empty stomach and chewed intensely to maximize the effects. Make sure you refrigerate the product and consume in 2 weeks otherwise the potency goes down.

  • Dee
    After reading the reviews, and since I've used psychedelics before, particularly LSD, I decided to go with an entire pack. 20grams. In the end, I couldn't consume more than probably 18 because the nausea was strong (I consumed them raw). I hadn't had eaten for 6 hours before. It took about 1,5 2hrs before it hit me hard. I started having physiological changes earlier, but everything else was fine. Once it started hitting me, it hit me hard. I did it ritually and I got what I was looking for. Excellent product, excellent quality

  • Robert
    oooooook.......20 grammi per un viaggio medio..... ce ne vorranno 49 grammi per volareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.................................

  • Sebastian
    Very good, nice shipment. I enjoy with my friends, good feelings, good time , Everything is good after :)

  • Andreas
    Ich finde den Geschmack schrecklich xD Aber für die Wirkung lohnt es sich alle male! Freue mich aufs wieder bestellen :)

  • Jonathann
    (sorry for my english lol) I went to my friend's home to take these. He tried one pack for two with his gf before i come and said he liked it. I let him do the infusion and i didn't know but he put 40g for 2 and that's pretty much lol, i never tried any drug like that but i've felt ok all the time. We went out in the street and that wasn't really a good idea but we weren't totally high yet so we didn't have problem. Then we came back to his home, watched youtube videos and had fun for a while. 2 hours after we take these he began repeating me to sit down because i was standing up in the living room and i didn't know but he started a bad trip. That was quite creepy, he talked about death and society for 2 hours lol and didn't feel good at all but i stayed with him and it ended. Didn't feel visual hallucinations but to the touch yes, it was much more about euphoria and a lot of energy, but still enjoyable.

  • Translated from Italian Mario
    Consuming 10g I was skeptical, then after 2h a journey of laughter and light visual effects began

  • Translated from German Akim
    Description of the atlantis mushrooms :) These wonderful nut-flavored mushrooms give you the feeling as if you were floating above the ground and traveling in your time other times * - * The beginning when they started to work was really awesome, I have to say I was on airpot amsterdam and it was not so pleasant .... After 2 hours my life started to renew itself as a newcomer to be born again :)) I could melt with a disc and dive into a deep but beautiful world;) My friends were just laughing and glebering: D I always had the feeling that I was dying in a mirror the optical illusions were pleasant and very misleading. 7.5 grams with a little royal c is a top effect :) The duration was 5 whole hours. Super quality? Recommended for those who are curious :)

  • subrosa
    Great quality truffles with a nutty taste (easy to eat).Three of us shared a bag and a great time with lots of laughter. Shipping was fast and discreet. Thank you, Shayana you're the best! Cheers

  • Victor
    I tried this with a friend. Each one of us took one half. The effects were very mild but I definitely felt something. He didn't though. Perhaps the batch was a little old or the strain is not the potent overall. Nevertheless I had a nice birthday with my friends enhanced by a gentle trip. If you are unexperienced I would give it a go but if you're shooting for any strong effects you should buy a growing kit witch I am going to review next.

  • Simon
    Great Product. Not a bad taste overall, and magic happens, just don't go mad on it. Most know but start small and be safe

  • Translated from French Thomas
    good reception 7 days after ordering :-). I took 20 g, the whole package what, and bah 7 hours of brilliant trip, super happy! transcended by the zik, hallu, an unforgettable evening with very very good vibrations, good at times of good pushes but frankly great trip. Thank you Shayana !! I test the pro week 20 g of Pajateros

  • Translated from German Kahlkopf
    Simply the best to miss a praise to the Shayan team

  • Translated from Spanish ricardo

  • Translated from French delacour
    fast and discreet shipment! in just 3 days! Really nothing to say ... I note this site in my favorites! I haven't tasted the truffles yet, but I will let you know about it as soon as I have tasted them! very soon....

  • Translated from French julien
    hi everyone yesterday I received the truffles it was a first and I can say that its crazy laughter was looking forward to the next Foix cimer shayana gro kiff

  • Translated from French RBla
    Respect these fields: respect yourself Do not think that you are stronger than you are. Stick to the doses and everything will be fine. Many times taken, the first one can change you for life if you manage it. (change for the better) If you screw up you risk going wrong. Like the ghost trains it's funny but don't reach out. Sit well in your xD Cart The medical industry must tame these substances! They are capable of small miracles; I'm sure.

  • Translated from French Polak
    Order received in 6 days (given the comments I expected more) but the delay was more than correct! the account is there too (without forgetting the small gift) I would give you a little trip report when I tried to try the product! thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French magnin
    This site is on because g well received the entirety of my order is a super fun site I advise you to receive my order in 7 days.

  • Translated from French DarkScorpio
    Well received, very fast delivery and slightly larger quantity than advertised: Thank you shayanashop! (not yet tasted, more on the next episode!)

  • Translated from French Chevalier
    Super trip, with great visual effects but a big permanent collective stomach ache. Has it ever happened to you? We ate the mushrooms a few days after receiving them and they were not put in the fridge ...

  • Translated from French gourdon
    order well received, I got it yesterday, pretty good it's good delirium I'm getting back to it today peace everyone :)

  • Translated from French LN
    package received in 1 week, it is correct in view of the comments read here and elsewhere .... Only downside, the packaging blah, level of conservation blah blah especially in this season !!! on orders placed some time ago on other sites, faster delivery (carrier and not post) and in a rigid box with aluminum for conservation, I found it better ... I do not find the discreet packaging either, but after the quantity is there and even a little more, the gift too ... so despite my few criticisms thank you shayana !!!

  • Translated from German Tanja
    We divided it into two and then put it all in at once :) The taste is real ...... Yeah, needy I would say but the effect was great We ran around outside and we just laughed about every shit just broke we had dutch manali stupid things in combination = abdominal pain with laughter

  • Translated from French tony
    excellent surprise ... I was not expecting this quality ... this truffle is present ... nothing with about ten g. she puts on well ... *** very good product ***

  • Translated from German Jens

  • Translated from French Take
    I ordered 80g Sunday afternoon and received 90g today, Thursday noon. Suffice to say that the delivery time defies all competition. The packaging is discreet and protects the mushrooms well. My postman handed it to me by rolling a cigarette in front of my door. Thank you Shayana for your seriousness! Report trip after tasting, friends eager to escape :)

  • Translated from German teben
    At first I only nibbled a little because I also had other products and didn't want to take it too quickly. So I tried about a tenth of it (20g) and actually felt no effect. The next morning I noticed that this sclerotium is sweating, so there is moisture in the plastic bag where it is in. That scared me, and I took a hair dryer, put it in a paper bag, and blow-dried it all until it was largely dry again. Then I ate everything. I actually expected more from this product, but I didn't prepare it the way you usually recommend it. It is a shame that they can't even lie around for a day when they are opened. If you keep in mind with these Tampanensis products, eat them straight away, don't snack a little and put them aside for later.

  • Translated from French smy06
    super happy first order and not above! order on Saturday evening and received on Wednesday super discreet and fast then in addition to order 30grm and received 40 now c part for a great weekend thanks shayana

  • Translated from German B.v.d.
    Unfortunately, very weak, the whole pack. nibbled and was a bit turned on, the word and then very, very tired. Next time itry hawaiians, either I'm used to it or the material wasn't strong enough. Normally I am very sensitive to Lsd, everything is a little be strange. OK. Best regards.

  • Translated from French giteau
    the atlantis are rather visual oriented, rather psychedilic, sound effect interesting.sympa but more suitable for light "trips", to take with friends.

  • Translated from French Benjamin
    Perfect ! A bit long for the shipment but I ordered 30g, received 40g! thank you shayana!

  • Translated from German Christian
    super fast delivery ... quali was also great. thanx :) :) :) :) :) :) :) (: (: (: (: (: (:

  • Translated from German Sarah
    Very pleasant effects deserve their name! I felt like under water for a while :-) good quality and the amount of course, as always, a few grams more as promised! Shayana is the best shop of all great customer service, the best products and a large selection! For me you are the number 1 of the leading shops on the market! Keep it up.

  • Translated from French Kévin
    We were 2. Each 15g. (tastes sour and foul) Me: Made as an omelet. After 30min, start of a weird sensation, shivering, powerful emotions (lots of laughter, then suddenly go to tears, then laugh again). 2 hours of super intense trip, deformation of my ceiling, impression of drop falling from it. Then quiet descent in 1 hour. Friend: Ate with a danette. Beginning of the trip after 45min, undulations, artistic blur of the ceiling, paintings, and all that for a little more than 4 hours. 2 hours to go down. So trip less powerful than mine, but 2 to 3 times longer. To test !

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Received in 5 working days, not yet tested but being my favorite truffles I don't worry too much. Serious site. Hats off!

  • Translated from French REINHARD
    fast and discreet thx shayana!

  • Translated from German Arthur
    I was really mega surprised how quickly the mushrooms arrived! The shop is great! If you have a sensitive stomach, it is best to prepare it for tea and drink it in stages within an hour. 10 g is a good starting dose. But if you have a lot of experience with mushrooms, you might get bored at 10. In any case, you will get your money's worth here! :)

  • Translated from French Bourdai
    Took 30g a 3 in omelet super evening with my friends impossible to stop laughing for super lontemps !! otherwise just got scared car may it's going frankly nikel!

  • Translated from German Sascha
    Honestly I dand they didn't have the pylosobies so well before I only needed half a packet of which I took 25 g and didn't even have the board of the others so I'm going to get the Hawajaniche now

  • Translated from German Dogan
    So my trip was very awesome and the things that bring it I will definitely get more from here thanks shayana that you make it possible!

  • Translated from Portuguese filipe
    Incorrect street name. Instead of Rua Dona Lewonor Mascarenhas n8 3 ESQ 2800 - 147 its Rua Dona Leonor Mascarenhas n8 3 ESQ 2800 - 147 Just the "leonor" to correct

  • Translated from German Luca
    Super nice trip, unfortunately we had to wait 20 days to order, which was ultimately made up for by a nice, carefree trip :) Trip was wonderful to steer, so bad trips could be avoided. Happy to order again :)

  • Translated from French manzmanzdu26
    For my part the best truffle on the site !!!! I find it magical soft and subtle allows you to travel where calm feels no turbulence !!!! consumed alone or with friends, either at home or in the evenings for regulars !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Translated from French crespo
    bjr, this online store is simply brilliant, a friend would recommend it to me, nothing to say !!!!!!

  • Translated from German Shroomy
    Instead of the given 20g, unfortunately, only get 16g :( I have to say 8 days waiting for shipping despite the last name order, but otherwise very satisfied, the goods look very tasty, I'm looking forward to the weekend =) Trip report will follow ...

  • Translated from French clement-demange
    very good truffles, acid taste and not terrible but with a danette it goes well ... no sheaf, gradual rise, no bad trip even with 15g. beautiful visions in perspective, I will resume it is on ... delivery in 4 working days as promised;)

  • Translated from French Joffrey
    So there you go, I tested magic mushrooms yesterday. We were 4 to take it for the first time. 10 grams each, the effects took a long time to be felt, it came to us after 1h30 at least. Then for 20 minutes at the peak of the high. It wasn't what I expected, I really thought I was having hallucinations, crazy distortions but no, however it was still a nice experience, big laughs and the feeling of well-being (Maybe being helped by the firecrackers) is magic, for 3 hours we felt incredibly good and light. In short, nice, the high is cool and relaxing.

  • Translated from German Alex
    The mushrooms arrived after 7 days very satisfied, only 17.5 g instead of 20 g were delivered which is a small minus point but otherwise I am very satisfied. Now wait for my colleague and then I will go on a journey :)

  • Translated from German Heike
    You have to take 45-75 grams, that's so wonderful everything glitters and blurs inside and you can hear music in your head all the time the warning is so blatantly changed you can hear everything so clearly and loudly for example people who are very far away and talk l , you hide everything except what you are concentrating on and that is so in the first 30 to 45 minutes of the trip so you have the feeling that you are connected to everything, and the colors tile in everything that is far away badly small and what is close is very big, you hear everything very brightly and you have the feeling of tripping forever, at the climax you hear everything much more slowly and clearly, objects change, mostly strange floating things, you have the feeling to taste the colors you usually think that the colors are made of luck, you can see in the corner of the eye objects that are not there, for example: beautiful eyes, music instruments or something in the way you have your eyes closed the feeling of being in a different place, I always thought I was standing on a skyscraper, sometimes you had the feeling that the objects were far away, trying to share something with you, really worth it, but it was always worth it who you best rested at home has or in the garden with the best colleague

  • Translated from German C.
    Psilocybe Tampanensis Atlantis After having the last joint more than 25 years ago, I was very happy to find this shipment. Following the dosage instructions, I wanted to be on the safe side and quartered the portion. So first 5g. Of course at home. The taste is reminiscent of walnut, only the mushroom is very soft & crumbly. The aftertaste is very sour & a bit bitter. The effect should appear after 30 minutes. When nothing happened after three quarters of an hour, I took another 5g. After an hour and a half I was so hungry that I put a frozen pizza in the oven and meanwhile I was snacking on a can of okra salad. Sure, I hadn't eaten all day, and the sour mushroom in my empty stomach made heartburn. In order not to make the first mushroom attempt fail, I inserted the remaining 10g mushroom between the salad and pizza, chewed thoroughly. Still, nothing happened, and I sat in front of the television. Four hours after the first dose (and two and a half after the last one) the effects finally came !! So really nice. Like a really good joint, but you only got 3-4 trains. You probably need 2 packs for a real kick. The interesting change in perception lasted just 1 quarter of an hour. The mushroom is not suitable for meditation, you are just too active. I then played PC games and was just as fit as I was without a mushroom. Only the body feeling was funny, like walking on foam rubber and growing 10 cm per minute. Conclusion: I do the next mushroom test outside and take the whole package straight away, then a good meal immediately, so that my stomach doesn't complain. If this should go rather bad again, I try it with 1.5 packets. In any case, I will stay tuned, because the quarter of an hour was really fun !!

  • Translated from French Izaruu
    First of all order received very quickly (5 days counting Sunday to arrive in the south!) In a small envelope in the letter box. So I receive my little truffles and I waited until the afternoon to take some with a friend. It's 4:30 pm I was on an empty stomach and she wasn't, so we had the lag effects. we decided to share with two (around 10g each) and we listened to music quietly in my living room. It was after 35 minutes that I started to feel the rise (on an empty stomach it rises really faster ^^) and it was more physical at the beginning, as if I was losing all the strength I had but while keeping smiling. 10 minutes after big giggles for 30 minutes without stopping to laugh for nothing, I began to have visual bugs (as if we were watching a 3D movie without the glasses, shadow plays that deform, small psychedelic effect in vision, impression that everything is distorted ). the more time passed the less I was able to do something (moving to an increasingly simple occupation) until after a while I had to ask myself so much I had the impression of being very soft .. While staying in a good mood we were delirious about anything and everything, we went out into the garden with the camera (the colors were much more vivid). finally we came home to watch a film and enjoy a little and frankly it totally changes the vision of seeing a film as much about colors as about understanding. it is now 8:45 pm, the bulk of the trip ended with the film and the descent was smooth. in my opinion they are good truffles with a fairly strong rise on an empty stomach but once well mounted it calms down and we can enjoy the trip quietly. I think it's worth trying again but with a little more next time to really harness the power of these little truffles :)

  • Translated from French Gaguik
    It was too stylish, we were having a good time the effects arrived not long after. Laughter bars.

  • Translated from French roxy40
    Really niquel! from delivery to product quality! Thank you also for the extra grams! it is really well served and we really enjoyed it! These truffles are terrible! a beautiful perception of colors and a really nice modification of shapes! I had trouble falling asleep on the other hand, but I traveled too well and enjoyed this simply magical take-off ... I would take it back! really thank you Shayana, it's a site that I add to my favorites, you have to!

  • Translated from German Marco
    So I was not so enthusiastic about them, I prefer to stick to the right mushrooms. found it not so pleasant to feed them, and I also feed raw cactus so it is not because I can not do it :-) do not want to say that they were bad but prefer the original ones in terms of effect and taste, but is known to be a matter of taste :-)

  • Translated from French barthel
    Yes the atlantis are small truffles not bad but not extraordinary, for my part, I take 20g fresh each time to smell them well the truffles we have nothing to do with the mushrooms it is more philosophy than visual but the stoned is indeed the follow my advice big eater of truffles and mushrooms so for beginners can be 10g is enough otherwise shayana is a serious site except rarely customs problem go there with your eyes closed

  • Translated from French Nick
    Good quality product, however the quantity is not at the rendezvous, it was missing 1.5Gr per package. This can represent a significant loss on large orders.

  • Translated from German Justin
    Really great!! I ordered 20 grams, they were there after 2 weeks. I tested it directly with a friend (every 10 grams). We are both really excited. The truffles are fairly neutral and can be eaten relatively well in yoghurt. After about 40 minutes, my colleague noticed the first effects in the form of euphoria. for me this started after about an hour. in the course of the trip there were strong laugh flashes and also optical illusions in the form of patterns on the walls and distortions of the view. the trip lasted about 3-4 hours and was very pleasant to endure. can only recommend this truffle !!!!

  • Translated from German alpenstrom
    pretty good. light to medium optics. but in the head it really goes off;) don't mix with other things!

  • Translated from French Ludivine
    Awesome, psychedelic ... I saw a lot of people that evening, shadows, drawings on the walls ... very visual what. And also good laughs, beware of overdose !!

  • Translated from French aliane
    Excellent trip and 4 hours of well-being and trip with a friend who tested them for the first time. Being experienced in mushrooms and if this is your first time, go there with peace of mind. Very social effects and nice trip with good laugh bars guaranteed We ate 30gr each and no problems :) Nono

  • Translated from German R.I.P
    Well, I treated myself to something from your shop;) I took around 25-30g of your psy. I chose this day very consciously because I wanted to have such an experience. I took her on an empty stomach. The first body effect arises after approx. 20 min. It is a feeling that comes from the stomach like a prickle !! Very pleasant. Then I decided to go outside and walk a bit through the meadows in my area. I noticed how my condition had changed significantly. Colors and sounds are strong green and very green !!! The rustling of the leaves is almost annoying at times !! My walk took about 40 - 50 minutes after that I went back home. There I took another 25g 1 and half packs to heart !! Have drunk some coke well because of the taste;) Then I went outside again to explore the meadows on the way I met my neighbor / buddy with whom I then talked I talked to him for about 2 minutes and he informed me that I gave him the impression that I was standing next to me !! I told him about my take !! He laughed and accompanied me home briefly. At home I listened to some music and let my lava lamps enchant me! After 4 - 5 hours the effect decreased significantly! I felt fit again but felt very hungry! I decided to go to a fast food chain because it was already after midnight, so I took this trip with my car (car). Eat good and tasty. On the way back then police control is clear Fast food chain / At night / young guy stayed calm. They wanted to do a drug test so ok !! Usually I always refuse him and have my blood drawn makes the boys do a lot more work !! Thought this time it is better maybe urine !!! Test negative !! My mood is positive !! First laughed at home !! The rest fully fed !! Driven to the bank 50 € fetched for 30 € then it was around 3:30 p.m. driven on the highway through the night. Good mugge in the player and a bass in the neck !! PS These things are not so strong that you can no longer take part in life!

  • Translated from German Goarambo
    You saved my weekend. !! Ordered on Sunday, came today Friday :) Experience report follows: D

  • Translated from French Paul
    I who hardly smoke bedos any more, I find this weed very correct the taste is not worth that of a good weed but goes very well !! This saves me the hassle of looking for often crappy plans! The highs satisfy me amply !! Only downside: the price. Orders always received in a maximum of 6 days. Serious site discreet envelope thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French bete2bombe
    Great first experience for me ^^. well it's disgusting and all but the trip that I paid myself was well worth the wait to grow them

  • Translated from German Roy
    I got them last year in May and are still in the fridge. Does anyone know if they are still good?

  • Translated from French lolo
    I am not an expert but I ate 20gr when I woke up I had just drunk a coffee 20 minutes before ... Slight stoned effect some rise in stress while I am well called its now three hours .. Still nothing no hallu no colors shadows etc. nothing at all! I am really disgusted!

  • Translated from Italian Mancini
    Hmmmm the very interesting product! These mushrooms are good, I took the light dosage .. Go on continuing with the dosage medium soon!

  • Translated from French miklos
    super fast delivery (two days), 23g instead of 15g - taken all at once. mystical, magnificent trip! super happy, highly recommend for those who love creative travel. thank you shayanashop ;-)

  • Translated from German PeanutButter
    Very good product ordered on 01/04/2018 received on 01/17/2018 its has nothing to do with what the street vendor sells to you is much more powerful and its smell does not have the same even the same taste produced at the top

  • Translated from French Arthur
    Just at the top For the dosage do not put. Not much otherwise Bad Trip ensure get to know its high and dose a little more if you feel it for the next but it's great Taking my order when it's written sent I receive it 3. Days after I buy this produced 4 times already And at the time of the surprise weighing there is always a little more its pleasures Certain the appearance and bizarre the smell not too reassuring but a crazy effect The I will try the pollen so see you soon in the comments

  • Translated from German rasputin
    great, lovable little friends who gently and gently push you into a long wave of euphoria and well-being. Very soft in the long run, but there are enough other delicacies here if you just hold on. Super delivery, a total of 6g extra in a package! Thank you!!!

  • Translated from French Dean
    This is the first time that I tried truffles and frankly not disappointed, for 13.5 G fresh I spent a very good evening with a pleasant calm effect, visually I saw a lot of things, a lot of distortion and illusion of distance (impression that the roads were very large), the worst was compared to the trees I do not know how to describe what I saw in relation to his but I had the impression of seeing in another dimension, In short a lot of other nice visu :) threw with 2 friends who took 11 G spawning they also appreciated his truffles quite a bit.

  • Translated from French quentin
    To be good you have to eat between 10 and 20 g for regulars and for beginners 5 7 g are enough good product very healthy taste a little acidic with a nutty aftertaste .. overall not disappointed although being an eater of mushroom, I was expecting something stronger ... but cool 80 gr 2 evenings

  • Translated from French lachaize
    Hello, delivery in 1 week, nothing to say 20 grams to 3 so a girl (who took 5 grams) soothing and well-being effects, but no deformation or hallu, a good time but not unforgettable

  • Translated from German lauser
    So you are all Memmen! I had the truffles 30g on empty stomachs was ok. For me 0.5 g Hawaians were too much, after 2 hours I considered going to the pats - those were the worst optics and I-dissolving things I've ever seen, and they didn't look like the usual ones reminded more of blue hay . I find the truffles really harmless and somehow trusts another psilocybin greets

  • Translated from French flodrey354
    hi rapidity of coli ri1 to say kommander 60g received 80g I advise c truff pr anyone nayan never eat from the field on the other hand pr amateur kom me I advise more violent thai bokou besides c my next order lol thank you shayna

  • Translated from Italian Samuele
    The taste is excellent even if a little acid, but the effect was more light

  • Translated from French LECLERC
    hello, if jdois make a comment this one will be 10sur10 frankly good, good delirium nothing has to say delivery 6 days, the j awaits my next order with impatience hurry it will be good for this weekend. thank you shayana shop ...

  • Translated from French La
    TO BE RESERVED FOR AMATEURS !!!! except for the foul taste (the word is weak!) Of these truffles, these mushrooms are amazing, full of spirit and colors ... beware of the overdose, the psychedelic outbreaks are intense and it it's easy to lose your feet ....

  • Translated from French louis
    I just received my potpot in 4 days and c discreet c cool. I give you news as soon as I taste it

  • john
    Great stuff split a pack with my girl and we hit about 5-6 hours of trippy ness had nothing to eat apart from breakfast about 9am 2 pm ate the truffles and had about 45 mins till it hit quite nice high feeling with trippy undertones but wasn't a strong dose so what quite nice smoked a lot of weed with it but I do with shrooms very happy love truffles not as good as the Mexicans and dragons dynamite

  • Diogo
    Shipping was really fast and everything arrived as expected (the whole 150g...we were a bit sceptical as it was a lot of money) and everything went really fine. Top quality, we were around 6 guys doing between 7.5 to 15g at the same time and we saw the most beautiful sunset ever. Definitely a go! Already ordered second dose!

  • christiano
    Very good :D

  • stian
    nice shrooms and verry fast delivery. verry happy :D

  • Mark
    Thank you shayanashop just received my order in 4 working days. These truffles are the bis. Done Liberty Caps many many times but these are something else. You have a new customer for life !!!

  • Victor
    These are great, shared 45 grams with 2 friends. It took us out on adventure in a weird looking reality

  • Dormaraleim
    4 Friends, Peacefull forest. 11g each. "Life is a cycle of consciousness evolving. Had very stong visions of infinity and beyond.. so beautiful it brought tears to our eyes and so much happiness, like hitting the refresh button on life and seeing all that is and will be... eternal balance, eternal love. We're here to learn and play and move on... Life is amazing, lets make the most of it." Truffles were really fresh and had great effect on us, my only gripe is each pack only contained 18g each rather than 20g but to be honest I don't care, it was one of the most humbling and amazing experiences of my life so far. Peace.

  • Robert
    i just got'em (btw it took only a week so great job shayana)i'll test them on Friday night with my friends thank U very very much for this opportunity to show this magic experience to my closest friends

  • Eric
    These shrooms rock! Me & my roomie both had a blast off of this stuff! Planning another trip very soon :) HIGHLY recommended!

  • Translated from German Anfänger
    So I started in the morning with a good muesli, mate and I only had school until 2 o'clock in the afternoon and didn't eat anything until then, came home, I, wrapped up for every 6 grams for our first mushroom trip, chewed things up for a long time (were fresh) and swallowed after a few minutes, I personally find it really tasty jummie;), after snaking around and no further visible effects, we planted ourselves on a large meadow with a stream next to it, we could keep from being gay because we were first 5 hours next to each other on the meadow. After an hour the first laugh flashes started and they were really amusing: D it was about 1 1/2 hours. stopped and stared at the sky and literally imagined that the clouds are only 5 meters above us, funny feeling, but otherwise there were no big optics or hallus, probably because of the small amount. Greetings, next time I'll try 10 grams I'm curious how it will be;) and good trip to all other nature lovers;)

  • Çağdaş
    We ate 8 grs dried and all i can say is that it was just a wonderfull exprience of my life. We were laughing like it never ends. I don't know if it is our luck but we have no negative exprience. Even we did it at home it was a feeling like we were in a open and a wonderfull party.Thanks to shayana:)

  • blsf
    fast delivery,no stress over panicking[it's all coordonated easily and saved me a lot of stress about the PO-lice] it was my first experience with any kind of shrooms and boy did i laugh my ass off. took 10 grams,friend took 5,we mostly had the same effect,so don't waste to much not many visuals but boy did this experience make my day,all i can say is ifnever tried truffles,try these,they made a great first impression and i surely will use shayana more often has a nutmeg taste at first but then disolves into a ,well,not such a pleasant taste but anyone could deal with it,

  • José
    Ordered these twice from Shayana and never got disappointed. Amazing social trips with 13-15g of these (Im 83kg and 1m84). Totally recommend!

  • Aiden
    Had an excellent time, sat in the garden on a beautiful sunny day, wore comfortable clothes and just fell into pure happiness.

Psilocybe Atlantis

The experienced truffle user will really appreciate the Tampanensis Atlantis. This sclerotia producing mushroom has only been found in the state of Georgia in the US. This close relative of the Psilocybe Mexicana is every bit as good as both its little brothers. Its main psychoactive compounds are psilocybin and psilocin.


Effects begin 30 to 45 minutes after truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


6 grams
9 grams
10-15 grams


4-6 hours when taken orally.
For many people there is an additional period of time (2-6 hrs) where it is difficult to go to sleep and there is definitely a noticeable difference from everyday reality.


Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head.
For the best mushroom experience make sure that you’re in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable and that you take the correct dose.


Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge between 2 to 3 weeks maximum. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.