• Translated from French cribier
    hey !! thank you shayana no problem like dab they grow without harm and G was surprised because the biggest was 62.2G so the first successful flush ^^ I went to the second on track again thank you. BiG Up

  • Translated from French Yohann
    good receptions and very good product that makes several orders that I have made and I am still very happy

  • Translated from French Laurent
    go for it! 1st harvest, an infu of 35g fresh at 2.5 hours perched! very colorful trip with big halus. I just put them back in growth :)

  • jack
    unbelievable ordered 4/20 4/29. i thought i was out of my money but took a chance way to go shayana.soon as i finish this im going to order a couple of hundred dollars more. worth of great stuff..hadden done shrooms since in detroit usa. can wait..get it will the gettens good...after 25 years of shitty mexican pot, now medicinal strains r the bomb..never thought id see this in my life time im 50. free the weed legailize. peace to the world..people..!!!!

  • Translated from French rico
    very good champi excel shayana like dab sure !! for that ki a di kil has pri 10 g of Ecuadorian field spawning and kil has felt nothing ca not surprised on the other hand takes 10 g dry and the you will take the ball of your vi I have fresh fields ki make 25 g but dry it no more ke 2 g so voila koi there is 95% of water and for that ki put half a liter of water in the bag t crazy c too much c 1 to 2 glasses grad max voila and in this ki concerns the golden tatcher exellent champi I advise you between 5 to 7 g dry for a good big ball "for beginners 3 g for novices c largely sufficient dry obviously thank you shayana you are still as efficient as a satisfied mega customer tchoulssss friends rico breton from lannion

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Very efficient growkit with impressive performance. Very thorough trip where the connection with nature and the elements almost make you believe that the golden teatcher are the infernal source of the most intense moments of mystical reflection

  • james
    eate a full flush to myself, got greedy didn't i, i thought i was the last person to ever live on earth and was layed out astro traveling round the universe, when i came back i thought i was a warrior and id won a famous war, i was dancing to trance music thinking i was some kind of dancer, the colours were reflecting allover the place from the xbox screen with music on was like a sea of colours everywhere, then i went outside on my neighbours path layer there masterbating cos i thought i was invisible, when the police came i thought there were aliens there and that there put me in a body bag and thought me out into space, turns out there came and put a quilt cover over me and put me in ambulance, i was lucky not to get arrested, i thought id had a heart attack when i came round in hospital. moral of the story be careful with these.

  • Translated from French peter
    Always so conquered by this product, it is the TOP ... Moreover, it is with this kit that I collected the biggest mushroom since I cultivated, 7.5g dry, it was a monster, so a you to play, do better;)

  • Translated from French RONGERE
    hard hard i was scared o start because little evening mushroom planned and all and all we took it for 3 days two days of equatoien without anything no effect in fact I penceke the odse was too weak first day 10g fresh nothing second day 15g fresh nothing and 3rd day evening golden early evening 14g fresh nothing an hour later I said to myself bn we take it back so good I started to eat casiment 25G FRESH and always nothing slight feeling of well being inside, then the infusion n ° 1 with 15g of fresh in the caserol and after 10 15 minutes for my part start of trip crazy laugh uncontrollable no feeling of nausea no vomiting hallus visual at the meeting energi bodily mentally reached by the trip big delir all the evening all the world was very satisfied with this trip completely crazy that we had in the whole big evening start of the trip 1:30 am end of the trip 5h and wheelbarrows then second infu of Ecuadorian 18g this time for 5 so good not much more we downward so good to lighten the whole kelke splif de beuh. in short deganté evening we were 5 me more than 40G swallowing in the trip trip intence very pleasant only problem chest pain because of the giggles a little badly sleeping but once gone as soon as the sleep c good, "P" casiment the same dose as me a little my pence but really not on mdr brief big delir same trip, "K" starts with fresh 9g nothing then two other mushrooms of medium size 5G fresh then the infus big delir hallus same trip with less de champi je pence k'elle is more recptive ke me and "P". "E" start 5g fresh 1h after 3g after infus big delir first to have hallus gro crazy laugh delir and all (Boudah not happy very very angry the boudah) XD then "S" start 10g fresh one hour after 5g then infuse and lay well laugh no hallus he had no luck but a big one he is very satisfied with his trip because trip cool relax light no iconvegnians ^^ * (after the tisan we played a short straw to my versin ki was the champi course in general thermal big evening very good tripping. difficult tomorrow for me and "P" because of the pain toracik following o laugh light slight tired not unpleasant but just want to stay put at home here basically do not hesitated but be careful not to abuse it here or psychonauts bon voyage ^^.

  • james
    these are beasts and teach you a lesson for taking them specialy if you eat half a flush to yourself lol i thought i was a ghost and no 1 could see me and could do anything i wanted in the world lol

  • halil
    thanks shayana!!shipment was arrived 8's too easy grow and i'm telling you guys we ate with my friends and we laughed all 6 hours long and we had fun all was best trip ever.thanks again shayana

  • shantieveryone
    I have to say that Shayana never-ever disappoints. They always take your concerns seriously and at the end always you are the happy one. Because I am ordering very frequently, problems occur but Shayana gives %100 support for its customers. I have ordered golden teacher for the first time but I do not have any hesitations that it will be the best, as always.

  • Costas
    Everything you need as a beginner or simply just to make your life easy, I'm a clusterhead so shrooms are my meds (yes they work better than anything else out there) when I need them quick or not, shayana shop is the only way to go, they may not know it but the guys here and have changed my life, shrooms changed my life, as in I have one now(clusterheads will understand that one) thanks guys.....peace:)

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Little question about these Growkit. On, they say to put 0.5 l of water at the bottom of the bag before putting the tray in it. However in their photos there is no water at the bottom of the bag and all the other methods that I found do not mention this detail. So should I leave this water at the bottom of the bag (I specify that it does not fit in the tray of course because it is rot assured I think) or should I remove it and just spray a little water every day? Notice to pros. Thank you in advance.

  • Translated from French HAZART
    Very simple very easy, successful first grow kit, soak 24 hours, empty the water, fork holes, large glass of water at the bottom, aquarium light 24/24, watering bottle 1 hole drilled with the clip 1 / day, 4 flunch 4 weeks soaking 12 hours, taste 1gramme sec (hanged with ventilator 4 days 24/24 then a hot oven 5 minutes) super crackers and full visit of a huge spaceship accompanied by music Multidimensions mp3 20/20 Especially removed the mushrooms on the side and below always check

  • Vag
    I just received the package. It took about 10-12 days to arive to Greece.I Already begun the procedure to grow them :D I didn't use the bag and paperclips included in the package, for growing. I have my own growkit with temperature and humidity control so I will now wait for 2 weeks and hope for the best :D I'll keep you posted on the details :)

  • Michael
    Abbobra Cada Ya Shah Bra... Worth every shiney cent of my money. just make shure you have ample sun (not direct) proper good temp, a little bit of patience (helps alot) and you will be satisfied. Thank you kindly Shayanna!

  • quentin
    these are grate, only really good for one gd harvest, it will grow more just not as many, I did`t no how much to take so i took the lot, frish, it looked like a huge amount till i chopped then up, i think i had an outer body experance, our elce i went to a diffrent dimension, grate

  • Romans
    This product is awesome,that's why I buy this again !!!

  • WJ
    I'll be honest that 15g of dried Golden Teacher as first trip was just a freaking awesome trip. My pupil got bigger and it explains why I saw 'white grass'. Colourful. Sharpness fisheye. The fun was when I push myself on a wall and it fell like I lay on the wall, just like the gravity pulls me into the wall and look up into the other wall. As soon I push myself out the wall - it fell like I just fly into a gravity free room. When I drop a pen and it fell like it fly away into a orthogonal direction forward me and hit the 'wall' but not illogical at all if we flip the view matrix and now we see the pen falls down. 10/10 You as a lawyer or a useless politicians with overflowing cash in your bank account where your country keeps the magic mushrooms illegal just for keep the boss-slave society, take a +10g of the mushroom and go to a quantum physics course in your nearest university, ask all possible question, may worth and useful, if your teacher is a good teacher, legalize it.

  • trichom3
    Ordered Golden Teacher grow kit, I recieved it in time and now after about 10 days i can see first shroomies :) So happy that there was no problems with anything. When my babies will be ready ill leave some trip report. Thanks Shayana !

  • Translated from French alan
    5 harvests, 48g dry in the end, in short these kits are just a slaughter for the price ... the mushrooms are very large and really have a nice mouth!

  • Translated from French boost666
    greet everyone long before I receive them me there he pushes his fate to death everywhere again 2 days and I taste his;) thank you shayana continue komesa his brother hi

  • Translated from French baptiste
    well i think ke ya ke ca say ... thank you to shayana and can you be hard

  • Translated from French pascal
    thank you shayanashop I advise them these lil 'mushroom 1 st flush 265g fresh from the heavy and level perch ba c is really not bad just a lil problem on the delivery I did not get my gift I looked everywhere and nothing but good the essential was the bigup to you

  • Translated from French De
    hello everyone ct my first order by internet and I am relatively well satisfied. Order pay by simple credit card on Wednesday delivered on Wednesday after short 7 days with weekend. By cons no manual in the package but a manual sent by email until nothing serious by cons where I stress c nothing marked on the box I hope that many golden because the manual sent speaks of Mexican good normally c the same thing so alz. But where I opened my eyes wide c when reading the manual we are not talking about filling the grownkit with water for 12 hours and putting the grownkit in a bucket covered with plastic film while leaving an opening so that he can breathe. Will have to explain to me what the bag made especially for that is used for that comes with lol. In short I recommend going to see forums to grow well and not to follow this funny manual which risks screwing everything up. Otherwise I have launched my kit for a week so I can not yet speak of the result since there is still nothing (normal). Despite this little manual pb I fully trust the site of elsewhere I re-ordered to test their famous legal cannabis which should arrive weekend :-)

  • Translated from French pipi
    Delivery within a week; easy first flush at 40 g dry; tip top effect with just half a gram, things became obvious and discussion thoroughly hehe. Then I did badly and I cracked the other flushes I thought well.

  • rob
    this is the 2nd time i ordered the golden teacher,the first kit wasnt all that great,i ended up with a small batch.but this 2nd order i ended up with about 80-100 shrooms,of all sizes,and this is just the 1st flush.i found by keeping the tempts cooler,they seem to do better.i plane on ordering many more if i keep getting the same quality.great prices,and excellent service.

  • çağdaş
    Shipment is great, it took three weeks to grow and we tried 7 grms fresh than we ate another 3 grms felt perfect light visuals. Very social mushi. Next time we will try to double the dose and I think gonna be a wonderfull trip. That was my first serious mushi exprience and I adore. I read so many comments i'll like to thank them all because helped me to understand what is going on.

  • Tubi
    I ate 2grs of dry staf and enjoyed a lot, it was unbelieavably awesome,it feels soo enerjetic I couldn't sit down for 3 hrs ,the biggest difference of this with the others is that you're both soo high at the same time aware of everything around, we had wonderful house music, danced a lot, along with nice visuals , I stayed outside at the balcony for a long time watching the street and people , I learned alot by watchin the whole universe there dancing with it, 14 hrs later I'm writing these after a good night sleep, feeling still soo good:)) Love PS: Everything was good and will be all right:))

  • Giordano-Walter
    Amazing guys!!! 1st flush -110 GR fresh, 2nd flush-165 gr!!!!! This sis the 3rd ;-) Greetest from ITALY

  • Jack
    I received the kit very quickly after ordering and found it very easy to follow the simple directions, even though I had no experience. Within three weeks, I harvested over 40 fruit bodies in the first flush with the largest being 10" tall and having a stalk of nearly 1" in diameter. The experience was hands down the best I've ever had- all fun and zero anxiety. Also, they gave me the best visuals I've ever seen! Thanks a ton, Shayana! I'll be buying many more of these and spreading the word to all my friends!

  • Gus
    Needed 10 days for first pins to pop up, misted and fanned the bag once a day. The mushrooms grew up to be extremely big and juicy on the first flush, and I eyeball about 150 grams of sweet, juicy, fluffy teachers with lots of psilocybin. Now I reflushed it and are just waiting for the next flush, gonna trip this weekend and I am sure that I won't be disappointed!

  • PsyloDwarf
    I got this growbox on sale and it took about a month for pins to develop. In another 6 weeks, I got 4 flushes. The last one was one single humongus fungus, the first three were 150g-200g each, all in all 50g+ dried. Only problem was the bag which was leaking somewhere, so I had to duct-tape it. The trip is as trip needs to be. I eat 1.5g in the evening of the day I am fastening and I get changing colours, wavy textures and also much euphoria. Shayana is amazing to enable such experiences. The packet is discreet and arrives in about 10 working days.

  • alex
    Great for overcoming social anxiety and clear your traumas and give your new sights of how you can opperate best within your atmospheres school jobs family etc/ after taking it/ the trip is a whole notherstory.though. very happy tripps from these :) with very clear lessons i must say, happy summe!

  • alex
    Great experience! you tend to learn alot from these. very happy shrooms. they growed fast and happily with no problems, one thing tho is important set and setting, and make sure the shrooms are dired before eating. Get reconnected to your roots and feel good have fun:)

  • stephen
    The Mushrooms are amazing, Very Enlightening. Shared with Friends who now require a kit. Thank you xxx

  • Klaus
    The kit came like 12 days after it was reported as being shiped so it was kinda shrunk in from the sides and the bottom of the substrate box, it still works great but if you want the mushrooms to grow on top of the box you have to tape it so no light hits the side or even the bottom, i have lots of shrooms without any chance to expand and none growing in the center of the box. Took more than seven days for the kit to pin shrooms but i gave em too little light i think, was great to watch the life cirlce of the shrooms, gladly looking forward for the first harvest and what comes afterwards.

  • Klausiamish
    first flush 180-190g. Harvested all at one time, think i could have had more if i only collected the largest and gave the others more time. Anyways, pretty happy with what i got. Since only the fringes of the box were populated i can only imagine how much you get if you do everything technically right. Growing the shrooms is big time fun, even though it teaches patience =)

  • Charles
    This was the first time I ever tried any such thing. As a professional, a computer programmer, I previously never did this kind of stuff, ever. I have to say it has fundamentally changed my life and my approach to life, anyone, anywhere must try this and go through this. It is a heavenly experience which "busts" your mind right open.

  • Immerbock
    Richtig geiles grow kit bin ja schon lange euer kunde und werde euch immer treu bleiben aber bei manche sachen wie 1p lsd seid ihr einfach zu teuer gibt es hier schon für 8 Euro 1 Stück in den shops..... Gruß immerbock

  • Liston
    First of all Shayana delivers! My idea was to microdose with my girlfriend - I can really recommend this. Fast delivery 12-14 days i think, had the kit in a room a bit too cold but after it got in the living room it started growing big time. First flush about 255 g fresh. Second a about 80 g and third about 60. Last night i did 5 grams in a dark room and alone. Quite boring except for when i turned on the light. A lot of insights but i hoped for more visuals with my eyes closed. Gonna go for a more potent strain next time.. Peace out.

  • simon
    Recieved package 20/8 today (4/9 )it is harvest Day 👍👍👍 sooo looking forward to try them ... Its been 7 years since my last shroom trip ... Love ya shayanashop !!!

  • Lucien
    Bon, après près de 25 jours d'attente, la boite magique est enfin arrivée! La joie remplace la frustration et les mycélium commencent leur danse érotique. Prochain message lorsque les professeurs auront fini leur formation.

  • Arnold
    Hey there ;D I ordered the first time in 2010 and have never ever been unsatisfied. Had always multiple flushes. And last time I remember it seemed that it wouldn't stop flushing. Can't wait to get my teachers. ;;) Have a great time, everyone!

  • Ulises
    Really impressed with service, I was a bit nervous but 🍀 Box arrived extremely fast and save into IRL. 🍀

  • Tobias
    Delivery was fast, mushrooms were really nice. I had some unforgettable moments with my friends in the nature, enjoying our beautiful world from another perspective. I love it. Thanks shayana!

  • Translated from French K’
    That 'warm fuzzy love' feeling I've been missing since Bliss's bombastic days :) SO HAPPY for that, bless you Shayana !!!!!

  • Yann
    Thank you arrived a little bit later than expected, but the packaging is discrete, and the content is there I am really happy with it. I'll make another review once they start growing. Thank you shayana

  • Victor
    These mushrooms will teach what you need to learn. The name live 100% up to the expectation. If you're having a life crisis, this is the go-to medicine. No doubt. Good luck!

  • Poipoi12
    This is da Bomb. arrived in 14 days, grew as expected in three weeks. But the best is: I had an awesome spiritual trip where I found myself, I found peace. Later I was able to write a text like I never did. Just INSANE. Shayana <3 You're insane!!!!! Expect me to order more in the upcoming weeks. YOU GUYS CHANGED MY LIFE when I needed the most. I'll give it a Generous 10/10 but totally deserved.

  • Translated from German ellen
    growbox was delivered quickly. the first flush came after 21 days. only 3 mushrooms ... I hope for the next flush. But I guess that was more due to the fact that I have no experience with grow boxes and that I made a mistake. always my pleasure. faster and nicer customer support! thanx Shanaya team!

  • Translated from German andreas
    Have already tested all varieties, these were the best. Make very hi and are super fun. And growing is super easy. You just have to pay attention to ABSOLUTE cleanliness when harvesting. Best with a small pair of scissors that was previously over a flame

  • Translated from Samoan Immerbock
    Really cool grow kit have been your customer for a long time and will always stay true to you but with some things like 1p lsd you are just too expensive, there are already 1 piece in the shops for 8 euros ... Greetings everbock

  • Translated from German David
    It took about 2 - 2.5 weeks until the box was there, but apparently it was sent to another country - very discreet. After about 1.5 weeks I have now harvested for the first time and at the moment a quarter kilo of mushrooms is drying :)

  • Translated from German Anke
    I didn't imagine it to be so wonderful, educational, colorful / multifaceted, golden teacher, the name is coherent, new orders are coming.

  • Diogo
    I just love them so good vibes we got after eat them and so quick bloom, like 3 weeks for the first and 1 week next i can harvest like 3/4 times.

  • Troels

  • Mark
    I received this unused growbox sometime in late February. The very first pinheads showed up on March 9th and produced an awesome flush. As of today, April 2nd, the box is working on it's fourth prolific shroom flush! How impressive is that for a Shayana grow product! Of course, it does pay to follow growing instructions carefully. Thanks for the P. Cubensis!!

  • Philip
    A pretty good growkit, managed to harvest 300g fresh in total over 2 weeks... Would definitely recommend it

  • Wow
    Very visual. We watched the movies Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the visuals were so intense, we felt as if we had traveled through both films.

  • Isak
    (I ordered McKenaii, but my review options say GT) Came with all things it said it would - but the box was roughed up bad by postal services. The casing had some weird red spots that seemed applied, guess it is a growers indicator to tell strains apart but I can't know for sure. The kit also had a frayed lid, which i optimistically decided had not lead to any contamination. It went through the 24h dunk, worked with it in sterile conditions - and it STILL got infected. Now, I don't blame Shayana for the useless growkit, but it still sucks eggs that it didnt work. There goes my new year fun... :(

  • Esteban
    Grows 4 times, 150-300g each; the first, the second and the third are lame, but the fourth was amazing. Can't focus on anything more than 3 seconds, very psychological, interesting talks, we built many worlds in our heads.

  • xand
    It took 10 WORKING days to arrive to Greece, 7 days for the 1st flush and 18 grs dry just from that..Multiple it by 4 it will give you roughly around 60 g's of dry yield!!!! tested just 4 grs of fresh and had an amazing energetic bodily high with mild visuals for 3 hours or so... highly recommended!!!!

  • G-man
    WOW! Received my package quickly and it really is just a matter of adding water and after about 12 days we picked our 1st shrooms. The 1st trip was super chilled and fun... a week later we picked again and this time I lost my mind, I have never experienced such a fun trip with the most awesome visuals like these gave me in my life, will definitely buy these again!

  • rickmatthews
    So far so good. It's taking a bit longer than it said it would, but it's been 2w 4d and there are about 30-40 shrooms pinning with 2 of them getting pretty big (3+inches). Hopefully I can harvest in 2-5 days. Can't wait!!

  • Jaroslav
    Received parcel today morning, it took 4 days(Dublin). Great service, thanks Shayana. Next 2 weeks i will be taking care of my baby shrooms.

  • Jaroslav
    So, I've got kit on 25th of November, yesterday (4th of December) first shroomy-troopaz have arrived, most of them are located on sides of box, so small kit modernization is required ) Growkit was placed straight down under the window and temperature was different, starting from 15 degrees up to 25, they got some stress and became strong) However, most of my friends usually had many longer time to wait, usually they waited up to 1 month! to be shown of first shroomies. I'm glad, that my first experience was so fun )

  • Dariusz
    So Good and very nice only a little bit patience.and you be happy like me :)

  • stonerjon
    The golden teachers take a bit longer to grow than the smaller sub-strains of cubensis(ex mexican) for me anyways... the wait is worth the trip imo. took 2.5g golden teachers and would rate them at the top 5 of my hallucinogenic experiences. they are powerful even if not grown at optimal condions from my experience.

  • Xuhh
    I am speechless... my shrooms have now 1 week and 4 days and i see 70 to 80 shroms with 2cm and the bigger ones 4cm :D are they going to get bigger? If so, THANK YOU SHAYANA u rule :D

  • Pocahontas
    very satisfyied * this is divine * powerful *** delivery 2 to 4 days (to belgium) * grown easy and fast * 1 weeks to see the first heads * 1 more week to harvest (2 weeks total)at 20C *** this is really a Golden Teacher * it teaches in a different way than Ayahuasca... is really amazing, beyond world * brought me to a reality so close to God... beyond physical words... unexplainable... powerful ... real *** Thank you, beyond words! thank you!

  • John
    Blessed love Shayana First head has appeared in the first week of growing,i cant wait! I can dig it shayana and i know you can to. Peace out brother man

  • jon
    Amazing got them in 5 days after ordering! and i live in the US. thanks shayanashop you guys are amazing.

  • Translated from French Psychedeclik
    One word: Thank you!

  • Translated from German Denis
    Shipping was quick and easy. It took forever to get the first mushroom but now it is slowly but surely starting and as I can judge it will be a lot. Let's see what comes out. Overall very good ????

  • Translated from German Pascal
    NOTE THE DOSAGE So for my or our feedback. I already have some experience with various trips. We have dried all the flushes and shredded them together so that we have a uniform mass and can therefore easily approach the optimal dosage ... 2 colleagues started with 1.6 grams and thought they were so chilled for the afternoon on the meadow. But far from it. The dosies were very, very strong. Byby ego etc ... Then we tested 1g again. And that was also a very good start, everything went well .... But very pleasant after getting in. Maybe we caught a stake box, because 3-4 grams of it are very, very, very stuck. Have fun and good luck. Real nice thing

  • Translated from French Le
    To have a first experience nothing to say except a long delay of reception but I have already started to harvest a part and I am already at 110g fresh while there is still more to come on my flush thank you see

  • Translated from French Deff
    Thank you this beautiful Christmas gift, a good experience to live, in addition it is super simple to use and thanks to the advice of some connoisseurs that I could spot in the reviews, I was able to have 2 super harvest / 3 the last one was less important .. I think it's normal, again thank you shayana for this christmas present and thank you to shayanaute ;-)

  • Translated from French HAZART
    Golden teacher super good, fan-dried 5 days 24/24 then two minutes in a hot oven and crunchy crackers yum Good holiday everyone and have a great trip

  • Translated from French DuduRacell
    Order on Monday received on Saturday! thank you shayana very much for testing her we all start this this aprem i will tell you more

  • Translated from Samoan Lucien
    Well, after almost 25 days of waiting, the magic box has finally arrived! Joy replaces frustration and the mycelia begin their erotic dance. Next message when the teachers have finished their training.

  • Translated from German DJSnoptic
    The box produced very nice specimens, a total of almost 40 grams dry, which also seem to be very effective, although a higher dose is still outstanding: D

  • Translated from German Matthias
    First of all a big compliment to the operators of the shop: reliable, fast communication, trustworthy! The description of how to use the set is simple and easy for anyone who can read. I had three harvests with the set and the quality is exceptional. Thank you for the opportunity to get it so easily! I do not write anything about the mode of action - this is very individual and everyone should find out for themselves ......

  • Translated from German Tim
    Hello dear mushroom friends and those who want to become one; ) About 5 weeks ago I decided to try - for the very first time - the little rackers myself with the help of a growbox. With my first positive partial success ?? After 13 long days without anything having changed apparently (maybe I was a little impatient ??) the first small caps sprouted from the rich middle earth to the surface. At first only a few, which unfortunately demotivated me a little. But lo and behold, again a day later, the quantity has quintupled? Another 3 days later, I was not aware of how quickly everything went on, I had to remove the good ones from their nursery and harvest them. My very first harvest ever dropped 154.3 g of mushrooms ?? mun has been drying the whole thing for 3 days (fresh mushrooms unfortunately remind me of the taste and consistency of something else, which is why I prefer the dry version) I think for the first try not a bad yield, at least I am personally very satisfied with it, since I in the beginning it doubted it, even without any experience. But if you stick to the electronically supplied instructions and get some input from experienced growers, for example via forums (no surreptitious advertising at this point ??) should other growbox beginners also succeed? Now, of course, I can hardly wait to pull the golden teaching out of the mushrooms, but unfortunately it will take some time due to the drying ...... At this point I will get back to you as soon as I eat and test it, and at the same time I will get over mine other, until then hopefully harvested flash's (?) reports. Until the days / weeks, A mushroom friend.

  • Translated from German Alex
    Super. Was my first box I could harvest 2 times (about 180g wet). I would have hoped for a bit more ... I had very nice optics and was able to learn a lot of good but also bad things about myself at 5g dry. Will definitely order again. Thank you dear Shayana team!

  • Translated from Spanish angel
    very easy growth and an incredible size very good product

  • Translated from German Bastian
    Have ordered 3 boxes 10-15 days until the first flush per box 200- 250 gr wet all nicely grown at the same time and evenly. 2 flush 50 gr wet per box 3. is a long time coming. Have tried some fresh not only the variety alone, but was a pleasant trip

  • Translated from German Alex
    A nice box that worked great. The first attempt was a great success. suitable for beginners if all instructions are observed. Came about 400 g. fresh out. Everyone was thrilled with the effect. Never without a trip sitter !!

  • Translated from Italian Stefano
    I received the kit very quickly after ordering and found it very easy to follow the simple instructions, even though I had no experience.

  • Translated from Italian Luigi
    i'm grateful, really good for a harvest gd, which will grow more not only like many, i have no did`t how much to catch so i took the game before, it seemed like a huge amount until i minced them then on, i think i have had an out of body experience, or I went to a different, big dimension

  • Translated from Italian Bruno
    Pop-up pins were served 10 days first, the bag tarnished and fanned once a day. The mushrooms have grown to be extremely large and juicy on the first wire, in the eye of about 150 grams from a cake, juicy, fluffy teachers with a lot of psilocybin.

  • Translated from Italian fiutata
    Ordered Golden Teacher kit, I received on time and now, after about 10 days I can see the first Shroomies :) so happy that there was no problem. When my kids are ready I will leave some travel reports. Thanks Shayana!

  • Translated from Italian Psylova
    Incredible guys !!! First wave -110 GR of fresh, second collection 165 gr !!!!! This sis 3rd ;-) Greater Greetest from ITALY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French axl
    Fairly quick reception. Good value for money despite a first flush of 150 gr fresh. And I had to mess around with the time of picking I did not have another harvest. A little disappointed but have a good trip with the golden teachers. Good little trip with 8g dry. But won't catch me on a Mexican kit

  • Translated from German Benny
    Hello, I received my box about 2 weeks ago. At the beginning I was somehow disappointed because nothing came (thought that I had filled in too warm water) but then suddenly the little ones shot out of the earth like nothing. Only a few days passed from the time of the first sighting to the time of harvest. These things are literally exploded !!!!! once slept and felt twice as much again! I'm going to wet myself a few more right now because I can't wait to see it: P I'm curious to see how they turn !! I will definitely buy again when the result hits !!! Thanks a lot :)

  • Translated from German Linda
    Unfortunately nothing came of it .. arrived with yellow veins at my home and every effort there was something to tear

  • Translated from German Lou
    Fantastic and mentally so enriching and beneficial effect. It only benefits the inner development. No negative effects or consequences with appropriate, intelligent and conscious handling. Rearing was absolutely smooth and crowned with success despite the first attempt in a Rewe paper bag somewhere in the warm shade - at mildly humid temperatures (practically everywhere where you like to live - you just don't like blazing sun / light - they are probably sensitive). Praise to the breeding of this creature / mushroom. Very enriching existence-preserving symbiosis of two individuals. (Think about it. Don't we all just want to feel joy at the end of the day? If this is part of the free development to which we as human beings have the right according to the Basic Law, then you cannot be made to feel it. You can think of it too times over. Thoroughly. Away with the BtmG - come with scientific progress, research and mental development. Not always demonize everything that you do not understand - we have that behind us.) We are happy to share.

  • Translated from French Charly
    hello everyone good the fields' are extra but I have a small question would you have any advice to make good yields and I can see who says who in we which make 40 to 60 g so I don't know me at the 1st flush I had a good mats but not big ones and in the second and third not bocoup de champ 'but big ones of 10g each but just a small ten. otherwise we can spread all the subrate in another box and work the same with the bag but just to spread it. thank you and see you soon

  • Translated from German andi
    had a harvest for about 6 - 7 weeks about every 7 - 10 days;) (golden teacher 3x medium grow boxes) top !!

  • Translated from French Antoine
    Correct production (about 100 g) before being contaminated. But the effects did not convince me at all ...

  • Translated from German Stephan
    very beautiful the whole am thrilled

  • Diogo
    OMG you guys are awsome this the second time i buy something here and it tooks only 4 days to Portugal. Thanks this shroomys are the best :D

  • Peter
    Ive eaten plenty of magic mushrooms all over the world and these are without a doubt the best Ive ever done.....we ate 30 grams each and came up in about 30 mins for one of the best visual and physical trips Ive ever had. Quality product

  • Translated from German Patrick
    thanks to my fully automated grow system there was a very good result ... my biggest mushroom was about 58 grams fresh (1st grow) otherwise the average was around 25-30 grams fresh. I was able to pay attention to the total amount so well because I had 6 boxes at different times. Equadorians are standing there to see what is going on ...

  • Translated from German Thomas
    Ordered on Friday, arrived next week Thursday, first let the box rest for a few hours and flooded in the evening. It took 5 weeks until the first pins came, but then they were unstoppable. First Flash 230g, 2 Flash 126g. Then was the bottom but death .... Super Growbox .... Only recommendable ....! Trip of the G.Teachers ..... just awesome

  • Translated from German Angelina
    The first mushrooms were already visible after 9 days. :) Harvested about 4 times and got out 50 g dry. I can only recommend not to put water in the plastic bag if you water the box well beforehand, as described this is perfectly compatible with the air humidity. Have previously had experience with the mushrooms, and had such wonderful hours .. was at a Goa party and this decoration ..: D I didn't want it to stop .. this beauty .. almost had to cry: D HD optics and this floating feeling .. From mild hello like known people XD to voices, I went through all phases of a trip .. I didn't even know how to open my bag haha hard to believe ey: D Other dimension * - * Nothing worked anymore right people spoke another language haha I guess it lasted about 5 hours. A dream and I am sure that you can only experience it on these mushrooms .. the other cause another turn .. I also cut in about 3 g. It was just nice. And a few days ago I tried my bred ones .. I also hoped a lot .. and yes .. there were only a gram but this magnifying lens was there: D So I'm sure it will be a few grams more be like that and I'm already looking forward to the next Goa <3 So folks, try them out and convince yourself;) Have a good trip, Peace

  • Translated from French quiel
    super mushroom good yield In terms of effects must be careful these mushrooms are really strong, reserved for an informed public I took 4.5g dry in infusion and 30 min after it was gone for a trip of 8h, Tingling, sensation of to be in cotton , to eat heat, and then the big one arrives visual hallucination very intense and to color to finish by a kind of astral projection I felt myself leaving my body and I saw myself from above after that I believed never get high to finish 8h deep and 5 good hours of descent

  • Translated from French Jory
    Not bad! worried at the start of cultivation because it takes a long time to show their heads. But after no worries, it was also my first kit and it was a success. Mushrooms are great for beginners with very pleasant effects!

  • Translated from German Kati
    So first of all a big compliment to the Shayana team. Great support and very nice team. Shipping was reliable and fast as always! The package arrived after 5 days. The mushrooms started to grow after only a week. I can harvest tomorrow. In terms of quality, the golden teachers are true teachers (they had already ordered them). Beautiful effects and great depth. Can only recommend it.

  • Translated from German psy
    As always, everything is great, with shayana you can always be sure that everything fits, no problems for 4 years Thanks for that

  • Translated from French alex
    1st Flush 180 grams fresh. strongly the second. High quality tray. Thank you SHAYANA. Plus for other orders.

  • Translated from French Pichardo
    First experience of champiculture and I am very satisfied. Take the time to cross the information found on the net, not to launch into trouble. But even if I was not the most rigorous in the world, I had 3 respectable flushes! Quality level, no complaints.

  • Translated from French Sevman
    Hi, to answer Nicolas, I recommend putting a little water at the bottom of the bag, just so that the mushrooms are very moist, it seems to me that half a liter is a lot anyway! These mushrooms are really very zen, to take in peace, they open the mind !! Long live Shayana

  • Translated from French Sevman
    Hiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaa Thank you Shayana! After two weeks of waiting above my water heater, the first harvest looks excellent !!

  • Translated from German Eileen
I got the grow box and am satisfied with the growth. Very little optics. I ate 50 g

  • Translated from French Gregori
    Huge Trip !! Essentially at the mental level, we met up with a friend on a beach in the middle of the night, a little joint to accompany the climb and then a little later in a bar, a smile from ear to ear that we couldn't hide, and crazy laughs without stopping! These fields make you really happy, and hyper philosopher for that matter. I recommend !

  • Translated from German alex
    box was terminated and completely moldy after a week :( .. I'm waiting for my new coupon box and then report again ... but until now I'm disappointed

  • Translated from German magicgirl
    very good quality !!!! Always my pleasure

  • Translated from German Roland
    Was a really pleasant high but not so strong on optics (for me) but rather laughing yes and with the right people really good experience, great delivery the first shrumming came after a week or would order me again.thx shayanna

  • Translated from German Sascha
    Really a whole convincing qualification it comes best when you ride a bike in nature (nature reserve), you get the full look if you look for a place where you can watch the sun go down enjoy it

  • Translated from German Patrick
    just awesome hammer intensive trip

  • Translated from German Tweek
    Fantastic box. Phenomenal trip. Definitely back in the order soon: 3

  • Translated from German Patrick
    were great mushrooms, neatly potent ... no risk of contamination since the boxes arrive completely mixed ... but doing it yourself is better ... ^^ mfg

  • Translated from German Sascha
    great thing loud colors everything was lit and is really a teacher because the effect does not go so deep into you you felt totally comfortable everything became much more intense from its color and everything seemed to appear colorful this trip could only be enjoyed I can only recommend 3waves I harvest it from wave to wave less but the effect remained the same I was thrilled

  • Translated from German KoolAidAcidTest
    Hello dear psychonauts. The box arrived intact 5 days after the order was placed. Just put under water and I have to admit my hands are trembling in anticipation of what may come! Shipping so far top, whether the quality is right? I want report. ; )

  • Translated from German Thomas
    so the first 20 - 30 gnomes are there and there will be many more. I'm looking forward to drying and testing the magic mushrooms .... trip report follows !!!!

  • Translated from German Sascha
    Hy I can only recommend the golden teachers the room was changed so much that I would always like to have it as only to recommend peace

  • Translated from German Christian
    Hardly any yield, the others are better! The flash is not so much a hit optics !! Not the variety again!

  • Translated from German Janos
    So the first harvest was very good, nice mushrooms up to 15 cm in size. Now the box is watered again and waited for the next harvest and next week I will try it. However, the mushrooms were not so easy to pick because many mushrooms on one I grew out of it. I hope I didn't do much damage while harvesting. But otherwise everything was top.thx shayana that you have.

  • Translated from German Thomas
    Monday Überwießen.Friday arrived.Now we can start ... Report follows .....

  • Translated from German Christian
    I ordered the first time. Now it was the first harvest. Almost 300 grams. I can't say anything about the effect.

  • Translated from German Tom
    Mushroom yield was a total of 10 grams dry weight. I was expecting more. I paid attention to temperature, hygiene, irrigation and maintenance. The box only brought out about 10 mushrooms with a size of (hat 25mm, stem 70mm). When optimizing, I think about 3-5 such mushrooms should be given as added value. Then the substrate is dead. The fact that people get 300-400 grams of fresh mushrooms out of the box is a mystery to me. The mushrooms were gently dried with calcium chloride. Well, still better than chopping the mushrooms than buying pinapple or other flavor tablets. I prefer the mushrooms in one piece. The box is easy to use and I recommend it as there are no practical alternatives.

  • Translated from German Lorenz
    Ordered last Wednesday, transferred the money on the same day, Friday came the message that the money had arrived, Monday it was sent and today, so the package arrived ;-) From Montaq to Wednesday I could easily follow the course of the Track parcel as registered shipment. Instead of 5 cannabis seeds as promised, 7 seeds came !!! Support said it was a skunk mix.

  • Translated from German die
    An acquaintance grew the mushrooms for the first time. Everything went as described and then came the harvest and drying time. We were looking forward to the day we wanted to take it. A tea was made from about 6g, drunk and after about 20 to 30 minutes. It startet. I did this for the first time, tried truffles before and thought about the same thing will happen. But what I experienced was not comparable and completely unexpected, but great, just great. The colors and patterns, all things in the living room started to move. My shower mat in the bathroom strolled around my feet and flashed or crackled ... I can't describe it, and I laughed without end. The floor next to my sofa was full of handkerchiefs because I laughed at the water. Later we watched a concert (Xavier Naidoo) on TV and it was just wonderful to really live the music singing into the songs. The whole thing lasted from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., or maybe longer. At the end I tried to sleep and it was really difficult, how can you sleep floating ??? ; 0) It is great, you reach dimensions unknown until now, I think you should try to meditate and you will definitely end up in previous lives. I'm thrilled, even if I was a little scared at times, but I could calm myself down and enjoy it all.

  • Translated from German Christian
    Super goods Good harvest. Effect is great

  • Translated from French crapul
    good coli reception in 6 days. quality product after transport. already 8 days that nature accomplished its task. everything is going well for the moment and in kelk gross cassav day. THANK YOU shay !!!!

  • Translated from French Armingaud
    I harvested this morning the first niquel !! I tasted them at 10:30 am I ate a little over half a gro I laughed like a cunt all alone but they are good advice to amateurs

  • Translated from French M.
    Hello everyone, this is the first time I order, and I admit that I was a little afraid of never receiving them !!! but good good reception of my packages 8 days after order + small gifts !!! I'm super happy, in 24 hours they will already be warm !! I keep you informed for the quality but frankly juska today all that I tasted from shayanna overwhelmed me !! a love float awaits me soon !! Hi! and thank you shayanna!

  • Translated from French julian
    Thank you Shayana for the delay, ordered on the 19th received on the 22nd now more than waiting for nature to do its job.

  • Translated from French Anthony
    Good morning all! I have been ordering from this site for several years and never took the time to say that Shayanna is really a serious site I really recommend, no tricks, fast shipping and good preparation of the material. Regarding the grow-kit, for those who hesitate to grow at home, the shipment of the grow-kit is not intercepted by customs and you make a much higher quantity compared to a purchase of dry shrooms of the same amount! The only downside is the growing time, allow two weeks to party !! Ciao

  • Golden Teacher

    Magic Mushroom Growkit

    Golden Teacher, with its beautiful golden caps, ivory stems and large mushrooms, will teach you the insights of a wonderful new world. Even though it does not grow as abundantly as other psilocybe cubensis, their impressive size totally compensates for this, as you will notice with their dry weight.

    These massive magic mushrooms will be a great teacher in finding the ways of the universe and clearing the path to spiritual enlightenment.


    The trip can be spiritual, and for some, profound and emotional. Magic mushrooms produce effects which may include a deep connection with nature, sudden appreciation or joy for life, open and closed-eye visuals, colour enhancement, sensory stimulation, increased sense of humour with fits of laughter, creative and cognitive enhancement, music appreciation, thought acceleration.

    Reminder: effects are usually enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


    The overall trip can last from 5 to 8 hours, and inexperienced users should start small and up their dosage only after waiting an hour to assess their condition.

    Harvest average
    Standard (1200cc): 400 - 500 grams
    XL (2100cc): 900 - 1000 grams
    *Growkits can produce multiple flushes of mushrooms with proper care!


    Heating devices: for the best results, please avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the growkit. If you cannot create space, use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel.

    Storage: the growkit is ready to grow as soon as you receive it. If you need to wait, the growkit can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Any longer may compromise the grow results.

    Product information
    Psilocybin strain: Golden Teacher
    Cultivation difficulty: Easy
    Strength: Moderate to potent
    Colonization time:12 - 14 days
    Colonization temperature: 28º - 30º Celsius
    Fruiting time: 14 - 21 days
    Fruiting temperature: 23º - 26º Celsius


    Magic Mushroom Growkit contents:
    - Substrate growbox with 100% active Mycelium
    - Mushroom grow bag with filter, to create a micro climate
    - Paperclip(s) to close the grow bag

    REMINDER: Please do not order more than 2 growkits at a time to guarantee delivery!