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Magic Trip Stopper

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Magic Trip Stopper

Bad Trip? No worries. When your mushroom trip is not going as planned, you can always take a break to relax and recover with this magic trip stopper which helps to minimize the effects of a bad trip.

We strongly recommend this product to beginners and experienced explorers. Just the comfort of knowing you have this magic trip stopper within close reach will ensure a great experience and safe journey.


The valerian helps you to relax while the dextrose helps to neutralize the effects of magic mushrooms. Follow the usage instructions below and you will become calmer. It will not completely stop the effects or stop the effects immediately, but it will definitely help you recover.


Take the dextrose tablets BEFORE taking the valerian tablets. After 10 minutes or so, try to eat something solid.


Dextrose tablets (x2)
Valerian tablets (x2)