Dutch Orange

  • Translated from French LECLERC
    frankly nice I recommend it

  • Translated from French Thomas
    So the shayanashop hat !! sent Friday, received this morning so Monday 3 days it's super fast I expected to receive within 1 good week and I will have already been happy ... In short now the product, what is it worth ??? hum hum well I can tell you that at the moment that I am sharing my testimony with you, I can tell you that IT IS RIPPING !!! and the best part about all this is that I have practically nothing and not even finished my joint ... I put without exaggerating, 2 pinch of powder, which is very little and with a little tobacco, It makes a light joint in appearance but I am very stoned, I laugh all alone, in short really the same effect as the Weed! but in less strong personal I prefer because I still remain conscious lol (I control what) and I am at the same time very stoned. In short it's huge, sorry it's a bit long but it was worth it .. Last thing: frankly I was reluctant because I tested a lot of psychoactive herbs and it has nothing to do with it, it's practically no effect ... and I said to myself pfff 5grams 34 € damn it's expensive and for little, but as I told you, I put 2 ridiculous pinches (just to make a little line) and the effect is felt quite quickly and strongly pleasant ...

  • Translated from French vrand
    yes very cool it's true that the time everyone pushes it revives

  • Translated from French Marco
    Excellent product, delivery in just 4 days +++

  • Translated from German ilovepeter
    have now tried the stuff for the first time. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The similarity of the effect to the original is really amazing. Makes you happy and can only be recommended. As a tip for first-time users: It is recommended to feel around with small bong heads at first and then to steadily increase.

  • Ordered this after I saw the money back guarantee in the e-mail, was fully expecting to be asking for it back. Certainly won't be wanting any money back, will be ordering this again!! Super fast delivery, ordered Monday morning, received Thursday (today), 15 mins after arriving, skinned up, smoked and I'm buzzin. Excellent mix, thanks Shayana!!

  • Rasa
    kay. dont smoke this pure w/ weed. i am tripping 2hard right now

  • Eric
    Tastes AWFUL! But has awesome effects so I'd say give it a go :)

  • Translated from German Jan-Hendrik
    So, I recommend smoking 1g directly in the bong, because the joint doesn't bring so much to the stuff. it is important to keep the stuff in your lungs as long as possible. if there is no smoke or only a little comes out when you exhale: well done! after about 1-2 min. you notice that it is a little different than usual. if you look around (best outside) you will notice that EVERYTHING IS DOUBLE. but don't be afraid at the moment it's really cool! I do not recommend this stuff alone, otherwise it is not that funny. otherwise you have one flash after the other. I recommend watching a very color-intensive film, then everything seems ultra 3D! I've ordered this stuff a lot and it's really good !!

  • Translated from French Magalie
    Indeed, it is the ball! Discreet shipping, between 5 and 10 days for delivery to us, and it's still magical to find it in your mailbox ... Effective, even if it is true that the high lasts at most 1 hour and that therefore we tend to roll more, pleasant to the taste and above all 100% legal !!! Besides all the comments here overlap, it's still a sign ... Come on, good speed everyone and long life to shayana!

  • Translated from Portuguese hugo
    very good. good girls ................................................ .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............................

  • Translated from French sheitan
    just huge I wasn't expecting this at all. Guaranteed effect. delivery in 4 days. I recommend, oblige ..... Thank you.

  • Translated from French colin
    Light product to choose I much prefer the funnier sense but having stopped smoking for almost 1 year I recommend it if you no longer smoke or if you have a frequent cannabis use note 14/20 while the sense 18/20

  • nathalie
    vrai !!! y'a qu'ca qui m'va.. ---------- un petit moins néanmoins, pas de bons de reduc ou frais de ports offerts pour mes anniv.(ersaires)

  • Translated from German Andi
    After about 1 week everything arrived that I ordered (Austria). In the beginning I made very little of the mixture together with tobacco. Then I smoked with a buddy. After just a few minutes, I was able to experience a cannabis-like effect. After about 15min-20min the effect reached its peak. Euphoria, blast, good lanue and a pleasant high that lasted for hours. You have to be damn careful not to take too much because the stuff is really very strong and you can overdose quickly. Nevertheless, clear purchase recommendation for noise lovers. Am satisfied!

  • Translated from French Shepper
    I think it is one of the best legal weed that we can find I would just like to know how to make the trip of this weed last otherwise I am very satisfied I would recommend 25 gr even if it is a little expensive this weed is very close to 'a good weed but lasts less time it's a shame thank you shayana for this gift of nature

  • Translated from French guillet
    great product me, I love it and my wife also for relaxing on Saturday evening

  • Translated from French AURELIE
    Hi everyone! Parcel received in 3 days, thank you very much! Frankly, very happy, the effect is there, I recommend!

  • Translated from Samoan Mick
    I love it! Tastes fairly good when mixed with tobacco and gives a nice high feel. I highly recommend!

  • Translated from Samoan Quentin
    Wow ... awesome! I was skeptical at first, expected spicy tobacco, but I actually got stoned more with that than with weed, while charging less. Really amazing, I recommend

  • Quentin
    Wow... impressionant ! J'étais sceptique au début, je m'attendais à un tabac épicé, mais j'ai en fait été plus défoncé avec ça qu'avec de la beuh, tout en chargeant moins. Vraiment étonnant, je recommande

  • Mick
    I love it! Tastes fairly good when mixed with tobacco and gives a nice high feel. I highly recommend!

  • Tracy
    I am soooo impressed with this product if you are a regular herbal user give it a go, it really surprised me I would recommend highly and have re ordered more than once :))))

  • Translated from Portuguese Fernando
    good smooth but motivated purchase

  • Translated from German Calvin
    Hello, I have already tried different varieties several times and I am still finding the best mix (taste, effect and productivity) for me. So far I've only had good experiences with these products on this page. High quality products. I have been surprised again and again what effect such a "herbal mixture" can have, for everyone who orders the products for the first time, it is careful !! LG Calvin, wait for the next order. : p

  • Translated from Samoan Tracy
    I am soooo impressed with this product if you are a regular herbal user give it a go, it really surprised me I would recommend highly and have re ordered more than once :))))

  • Translated from French michel
    very good product, delivery sometimes a little long but always arrived

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Hello everyone. Having stopped the bédo for several months (road control, going to buy some in the cities, ...), a friend tells me about this site and its legal side. I take a little tour and stop on Orange Dutch Mix, I read your comments, it sounds cool to me. I order 5g and receive them yesterday. The evening after eating I make a good joint of the mixture which smells quite good. First impression, it smells of weed, a light African. And take the climb, very nice, it tingles the eyes and the effect is very close to a light weed. I still did not expect that, very glad. In fact it's a good trip (45 minutes) because it goes down quite quickly, but I don't mind, it prevents me from sticking for 5 hours :-). Quite convinced. Frankly it's cool, legal and sent in a discreet way. Thanks Shayana.

  • Translated from German Michael
    Rather not the real thing. I only ordered a gram to try, and that's not possible. Acts like a bad herbal mixture, extremely artificial and uncomfortable head presses, tinitus head noise, direct breakthough / overdose at 0.1g. The next day I was shitty too. In comparison, the Dutch Manali - Himalaya is 1 to 1 like real hash, which has even become my favorite!

  • Alix
    Totally seduced by this mix, you can trust shayana : first delivery on 8days, second on 5. It is a good solution when you got no real weed or hash. Good smelling, and taste. These are different from marijuana but I like it. Effects are similar, at the beginning i would advice to not use a lot at once cause it might surprise even an old smoker like me. Then after several uses, i mean consecutives weaks smoking you might have to put some more into your joints.

  • Translated from Portuguese Luis
    I loved the feeling, very similar to a good maryjane, a good way to relax at the end of the day or go out into the night for the madness, very smooth and with a sweet taste, just be careful not to overdo the quantity, and have a nice trip to the world of joy . Good raisins

  • Translated from Italian Fortunato
    Much Thanks Shayana !!! 4 days to deliver the package to france is a really good deal;) This herb is just a great weed substitute. The effect is very similar.

  • Translated from Italian Salvo
    Shayana you are of the big 4 days and the pleasant blend pack has arrived but with much lighter effects than cannabis and also of less duration but excellent to add to spliffs

  • qw
    Greaat stuff Really really liked it. Will order this blend again asap Greaat stuff Really really liked it. Will order this blend again asap

  • Translated from Samoan Alix
    Totally seduced by this mix, you can trust shayana: first delivery on 8days, second on 5. It is a good solution when you got no real weed or hash. Good smelling, and taste. These are different from marijuana but I like it. Effects are similar, at the beginning i would advice to not use a lot at once cause it might surprise even an old smoker like me. Then after several uses, i mean consecutive weaks smoking you might have to put some more into your joints.

  • Great stuff, almost like weed but not as strong. Definitely worth it's money, I recomend this (shipping time was very quick too)!

  • Koal0r
    I ordered this about a year ago.. Yesterday i ordered it again ! It's really great, does it's work well.. The next day i had a little hangover from it, but in my job it's better than weed.. Thanks Shayana.

  • Paul
    I ordered Dutch Long Lasting on Monday, package received on Friday, of course I tested it immediately. Well, the high lasted 1h1/2 - 2hours, definitively recommended. You better not drive after taking this. Today, nothing special, no hangover or so. Guys, you've got another returning customer !!!!

  • thomas
    It was just a test... I was expecting some kind of herb that doesnt have any effect....But I'm really impressed!!! Effects are nice. and pretty close to canabis but a bit different....O wish it could be cheapper!! ;-)

  • Carepicha
    Wow! Its definatel working, and it comes on quite strong, so be sure to start with little. Onset within 10-20 Minutes, and its starts very abpruptly after about 1,5 hours. Effects are like good weed, better than street-weed from western germany. BUT: Someone here wrote, after 1,5 hours have assed, you could go back to intellectual stuff. I say: NO! after one jolly and a nap you might have a dinner with your friends and family without anyone noticing anything. But for studying, reunions with coworkers or else, I would recommend not having smoked until a day and a half before. Definitely grills your brain´s higher functions for a couple of days. Last words therefore: Wonderful, if no real stuff around. Its a great product, smells and tastes okay, kicks in incredibly nice, BUT fries your grey cells for a couple of hours/days.

  • Doesn't even burn your throat, i think the taste is nice.

  • Translated from Samoan Carepicha
    Wow! Its definatel working, and it comes on quite strong, so be sure to start with little. Onset within 10-20 Minutes, and its starts very abpruptly after about 1.5 hours. Effects are like good weed, better than street-weed from western germany. BUT: Someone here wrote, after 1.5 hours have assed, you could go back to intellectual stuff. I say: NO! after one jolly and a nap you might have a dinner with your friends and family without anyone noticing anything. But for studying, reunions with coworkers or else, I would recommend not having smoked until a day and a half before. Definitely grills your brain´s higher functions for a couple of days. Last words therefore: Wonderful, if no real stuff around. Its a great product, smells and tastes okay, kicks in incredibly nice, BUT fries your gray cells for a couple of hours / days.

  • Translated from French JuJu
    Knowing a lot of psychoactive herb sales sites and having the basics in medicinal plants, I have been ordering my herb mixes for a long time on the net and I have long forgotten the galley of shortage. What surprised me about Shayana is that, as others have said, the (super discreet) folds arrived in 3 days !!! Super fast, I'm super happy :-) I took 5g. Good volume, the quantity is there. Another good point. Then the test: A good socket :-p I wanted to go out, and well I couldn't I was smashed in my sofa (smashed in the right direction, no exploded eyes). Indeed it looks a lot like Sence and Spice but for those who have known I would say that it looks the most like Gorilla (except the taste fortunately). Go there without risk, excellent quality / price ratio! Long live Shayana Shop: ->

  • Translated from German diana
    many thanks .... my delivery came after 7 working days. and full of anticipation I built a joint with a few crumbs. the effect was awesome. I was really pounded for hours. And without consuming much. Incredibly this high feeling. The smoking was very pleasant very much on my new order ...... thanks to shayana and her good customer service, I can finally be high again. and the nicest thing ... I can drive a car the next day.

  • Translated from German Mimi
    Short and almost 7 days until delivery so great. :) & the dutch orange mix is just bomb you really have to try it * - *

  • Translated from French capflam
    I made two orders and I was very satisfied I find it a very good alternative, as a regular smoker I was delighted with the small effect that provides Thank you

  • Translated from German Leon
    Good taste, great effect. Comes very close to the THC. I am often not sure if this is due to urine checks or blood tests, do not start, maybe someone can help me there? :-) really satisfied

  • Damien
    Thx alot Shayana !!! 4days to deliver the package in france i sreally good deal ;) This herb is just a great relacement of weed. The effect is very similar but is shorter (1hour - 1,5 hour). Ths taste is good you can purchase there's no problem.

  • Translated from French MC
    That warm fuzzy feeling I'd been missing since the pompous days of Bliss :) SO HAPPY for this, bless you Shayana!

  • Translated from French Jean
    Good evening everyone. Small comment on my opinion for the Dutch Orange Mix. So firstly it is the first time that I buy a "legal smoking mixture". I was a little scared to order on the internet but no worries at this level, the package is sent very quickly with a good follow-up and very anonymously, nothing to mark on the package suggesting that it is weed. Then the test, I rolled a first joint quite well loaded, I started to feel something only after having finished the joint so a rise in 10/15 minutes. The first effects are satisfactory, perfectly similar to weed. I'm staying high for about 2 hours then a very rapid descent at once. I roll 2/3 more and no unpleasant effect, it was really a good experience. No worries for those who hesitate, it's really the same as good weed and more, a little cheaper;).

  • Translated from Italian stefano
    thanks Shayana. Top products, serious company, perfect assistance, timely shipping, really happy sn, and in addition avoid helping the underworld, with the certainty of safe and clean products. Thanks,

  • Translated from French LE
    ordered on the 9th, received on the 13th, i.e. 4 days .... frankly I never had any delivery problems ... the max ke I waited 7 or 8 days no more .... at the top

  • Translated from French Capa
    Really surprised by this product, good and less good. The fact is that this product for me is a sensation side. It is incredible that something legal is incredibly close to an illegal substance which proves the bullshit of our laws. By cons expect the less cool effects of the weed like red eyes and tired look and that is an extremely negative point because will point you in front of your loved ones who you said you stopped shit / weedwith blood red eyes and empty eyes ...... And last point REALLY NEGATIVE is that smoking orange dutch will make you lazy, you will be constantly tired and it will even make you irritable and cranky. To summarize I do not recommend this product to those who have stopped shit / weed or who want to stop because of the effects of these on their behavior because this product for me is legal weed so you will have almost the same effects .

  • Translated from French Dédé
    Same effect as amnezia (Very powerful ^^) Frankly I much prefer to smoke it than hashish cut to whatever it is because its has a very good taste and a very good effect

  • Translated from French Otto
    yes indeed it is the bomb especially in pipe socket the joints are less strong but it remains quite well the boredom it is especially the price and otherwise I would like to know how to make it last more than an hour the effect it would be cool because if it is necessary smoke it every hour we have a good lungs lol otherwise good smoke everyone

  • Translated from Italian Luca
    Perfect for living in stao high! Very affordable also in the price! 30 min about high with less than 0.3g about not bad! smokable everywhere..only flaw the smell is not natural!

  • Translated from Italian Folle
    just finished a joint of this. (I haven't smoked anything in 3 months) only added 2 fingers to the mixture. and UMH: damn !!! This shit is AWESOME! '': PPP

  • Translated from Italian FRANCESCO
    a sensation of hallucinatory stunning. I couldn't walk well. some very light (laughable) feeling of having a few laughs. I felt like marble.

  • Joana
    Really fast delivery to Portugal, only 3working days. Great stuff, smells like tea but doesnt tastes bad nor even stinks Highly recommended!!

  • Rui
    good product. not the best but its good. you can order it safely it will work loll. blessings for all.........................................

  • Kaspars
    Just smoked. I put ~ 0,1 g in the joint with tobacco. Smells and tastes like Damiana. This stuff is really strong, but it's nice. I think I will order it again.

  • Daniel
    At the beginning I was a little bit skeptical. But I tried just a little bit in a cigarete and its really good. Its good strong. I will order it again.

  • David
    I'm in love with this stuff! A great high, long lasting, fantastic. I felt like 15, giggling the day away. Consider me a regular customer from now on.

  • Translated from French Jonathan
    EXCELLENT !!! Itdem, I bought it back illico = D the same effect as a good drink =) seriously its tears, an excellent alternation when you are at the end of the world, or during dry periods = D I advise everyone who still hesitates, well ... DO NOT HESITATE !!! GO FORWARD !!!

  • Translated from Samoan Joana
    1st order not received but the team offered me a voucher for the same amount !!!! This time I received the order with the precious Euphoria seeds that I was looking forward to. All seeds have germinated (Euphoria, OGKush and OGKush CBD) all without exception and of the high quality the plants are healthy and in great shape !! I would do a review when I have tasted this renowned herb! Thank you shayanashop I will re-order soon!

  • Translated from French John
    I love the Dutch Orange Mix Original. In terms of effect, this blend really looks like quality weed. My friends who tested this product were all blown away. Price level, nothing to complain about. Each month, I only spend around € 80, or 3 packs of 5 grams. With the Dutch Orange Mix, the hell of finding my consumption in the street with unsavory dealers and at exorbitant prices. I now receive my package in 6 days discreetly in my mailbox. The dream!!! Thank you Shayana Shop and see you soon! --- JOHN --- Saturday October 12, 2019

  • Translated from German Robert
    Effect and taste is 1A for me! - Price is unbeatable. Full buy recommendation! Greetings from Graz

  • Translated from French manu79
    good little weed during the penuri period c very well ordered received be repaired I order on Monday and I will be back on Friday very good site thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Psykhéia
    Thank you for this nice little mix =) Really good atmosphere, it poses as it should, the only small complaint (many times mentioned) is the short duration of action ... Let's try the "Long Lasting" and see ;-) By cons, if someone has already tested the "Flowers" ... A little report would be nice. Ciao!

  • Translated from French Briag
    The best quality / price mix for me, it is not the strongest (for those looking for the big slap it's Barium or Deuterium, I really like the "Long Lasting" because a little more physical, it poses , but too expensive) The advantage of the DOM is that you can dose it more or less and take a small or a fairly good slap .. The taste is sweet, rather pleasant, it is not worth a real good weed but it comes a little closer and it's easier in the morning, almost no impact. In short, a good product that I always order with Dutch Manali hash in general, very good range of products too. The delivery is almost always fast and the weight is there, what to ask for more, it's legal, thank you Shayana & as long as it lasts!

  • Translated from French sonia
    first of all the delivery was made in exactly 8 working days (ordered on Thursday 16 and received on Tuesday 28) in a very discreet manner. the orange mix is great. We are now only occasional smokers, so I added a tiny pinch in a two leaf to test. After two or three tafs it was gone. Pleasant sensations, smile, desire to laugh etc. It's my favorite blend, it even has a little aphrodisiac effect I think. Last night I certainly had to put a little more and there the effects were less pleasant: tremors, glued to the sofa, want to yawn constantly, heart that beats quickly, tingling sensation in the head. In short very good but to use sparingly

  • Translated from French thomas
    good product not very effective in joint but in socket it's another story damage the effect goes quickly

  • Translated from French bayle
    occurs and has to be dosed with lightness very effective if you want to see take off from planet earth of the bomb highly recommend

  • Translated from French cezard
    frankly the bomb to recommend very good site serieu discreet delivery delivered in a week thank you shaya and the post office

  • Translated from French Gabriel
    I think it's great for stopping cannabis, you just don't have to add a little and don't overdo it! I recommend ++

  • Translated from French MORIN
    DOM order placed on Wednesday, received the Tuesday of the following week (counting the weekend). Very good product, do not overdo the quantity otherwise it's a bad trip, blanco and palpitating at 3000. The next day a little the head in the gas but not as much as with a product bought in the street. I recommend it and would recommend it

  • Translated from French Max
    Hi all !!!! Super product I recommend, it's really like a good herb except for the minty taste which goes very well anyway. Good little fun trip. Happy tasting everyone !!!!!!

  • Translated from French jbaye
    yo I have the habit of smoking certain products. and my friend made me discover this miraculous plant. I recommend it to you. it's a bit the same ke the pillons but I prefer the effect of the dutch orange mix. honestly i think predre ke ca lol. good day or evening

  • Translated from French Carcano
    What more can we say: LEGAL! FUCKED! = NICE WEED

  • Translated from French Julien
    happy good product, in brilliant socket :) big mounted and smoothly decent: p frankly that happiness !!! thank you big up

  • Translated from Samoan Teemu
    barium is an ultra cool and powerful resin but it is no longer for sale on the site or it will surely soon come back quite soft and easy to crumble without a lighter. Allow an hour of vacuum to be placed on.

  • Translated from French manu06
    Very good mix, fruity smell, very pleasant to smoke, guaranteed effect. Fast delivery, thanks to Shayana for their reliability.

  • Translated from French kairier
    hello c was my first order I had taken 1gr dutch orange mix and 2 gr tempel ball just a fury the dutch my mid a slap to the point of going to bed so j was smashed it is really necessary to put very can a fine line enough to be just good and tempel ball something to make you crazy just a string the size of a toothpick is enough even a little finer than a toothpick go straight to the 7th heaven I will order again

  • Translated from French manzoni
    Just the bomb !! Stop the weed right away. This little mixture is atomic and with 5g you will be able to get along quite a bit ^^. I hope to receive my orders quickly. thank you shayana for all your product reserve

  • Translated from French Lupede
    Super product I highly recommend it, nothing to envy to weed when you know how to dose! Too bad the price per gram is so expensive.

  • Translated from French Ekko
    Good natural blend! The effect is a bit short, light but very soothing and pleasant. We don't feel "broken". The after is not difficult at all. In short, a good mix to stay at home or to relax.

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Dutch Orange Mix: approved! Delivery with my bong and x20 extract of salvia in 9 working days. So I smoked the Dutch with the bong (by reading the comments on the product we realize that those who do it as a joint do not feel anything). And there, 2-3 nozzles and we have the same effects as our favorite weed (maybe a little less strong) and very relaxing. It smells like a mint leaf but the taste is not great (and again, in a bong you don't smell too much). 1 gram received and I have already been able to make 5-6 nozzles and I have left! Very profitable therefore, I recommend!

  • Translated from French Lecter
    Hello everyone I recommend this mixture which is wonderful. And must be said that it arrives directly in the letterbox. The most: price, quality, stoned, quantity ... Cons: small branch (very little and 1 cm large max) which goes up from the pouch. here

  • Translated from French Adri
    I bought 3 grams to try, first test today no effect in 5 minutes but after big knockout like weed and I did not put much.

  • Translated from French Grégory
    Excellent product both in terms of taste and high. To recommend

  • Translated from French CHARLES
    Good alternative for THC screening tests. The taste is different from cannabis, but the effects are similar but last shorter and the relapse has no noticeable effect. What more!

  • Translated from French Saly
    Very very TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES good alternative I RECOMMEND BOTH WAYS ^^ Thank you so much Shayana !!!!

  • Translated from French Patrick
    My opinion on the product .... HUGE !!! :-D The effects are awesome and last a long time! pay attention to the dose: you really have to start with a small dose because it really "dislocates" this thing! The only negative point: the price ........... but at least it's legal! In short: I recommend ++++++++++++! Have fun ...!!! ;-)

  • Translated from French didelot
    Hello product good to smoke, not unpleasant at all! efficient, no red eyes, I appreciate it! wears off faster than the original! good chemical vibration

  • Translated from French Jean-Baptiste
    I discovered the site at the same time as this product, and I must say that it is enough phew! Delivery in one week, and great product. Let me explain: by charging almost half as much as with weed, you get a pretty crazy stoned effect. The biggest difference between dutch and weed is the lack of the "euphoric" high that there can be with some good weed. In short, I recommend this mixture, cheap and very interesting, thank you shayanashop!

  • Translated from French Alex
    Interesting product for small smokers. For those accustomed to the W, it will take a good dose to have the same effects as the W. With this kind of dose, the rise is powerful but does not last as long as with the W. It is a good product. but it's too fleeting for me. I recommend it for small smokers who want to vary a bit because the taste is good! :)

  • Translated from German Patrick
    Hello, I'm new here :) This is more a question for the user and not a rating of a product. Back in 2008 I smoked the spice with my eyes on it, it really looked like marijuana. Then I smoked RM several times that completely stripped me and had nothing to do with the marijuana-like intoxication. Now the question and please please answer it honestly because I can't get it on hard RM: Which EM available here in the shop comes closest to the effects of marijuana? I am serious about this question and hope to get an answer soon :) Thank you in advance Lg

  • Translated from French Tweety
    I really like this blend, the high is just what I was looking for, as good as what I was taking before, but less long over time, and that's what I was looking for, something as good and also strong but less long level effect . Then this little taste that remains, and that I could not describe .. I really like!

  • Translated from French Camille
    The order arrived quite late but I was not disappointed that I received its odor and odor but if not sava c can be expensive too

  • Translated from French Fabien
    Very happy with my order, received in 8 days for my part (South West) And what can I say, I was a little skeptical about the wait for the delivery because in view of the comments between 3 days and 5 days, I was starting to wonder if I was going to receive this famous envelope one day! And there this morning to my surprise, a beautiful white envelope and rather quite discreet indeed, apart from "Netherlands" ^^ Otherwise impeccable, all well received and I had 6 seeds instead of 5! And the Dutch is also very well packaged in an airtight saddle bag, excellent! Frankly, I recommend this site, I will recommend later, nothing to say, it promises! I have not yet tested the Dutch but I think that given the comments I should not be disappointed! Thank you Shaya :)

  • Translated from French Misty
    Serious site, fast shipping and impeccable packaging. Quite skeptical by nature about this kind of product that can be found on the net, I must say that I was surprised: big climb, high effect, pleasant taste, nothing to complain about. The only problem is that we wonder what could be inside ...

  • Translated from French barbedette
    Not bad, but I would recommend the flower more !!!

  • Translated from French BigKannaBud
    Product received quickly (after a few days of loooonguee galley!). My loulou and I "tasted" upon receipt of the discreet, and oh so precious, parcel - less patient, you die !. The high came without delay, and caught me off guard ^^ Loulou didn't flinch either !! In short. I just placed my second order, with a little sample of "Long Lasting" as a bonus;) Good Smoke! x)

  • Translated from French hervieu
    Simply brilliant !!! j'adore.I feel super zen when I smoke it at night !! better than the mysticc hach which is not successful for me. Thank you shayana;)

  • Translated from French nono
    Being a big fan of Zeb I was stuck! No need to load the joint, my first spliff I did not finish in one go mdrr! Good herbs!

  • Translated from French Arnaud
    Really not bad this little grass! Do not be fooled by its little (minty?) Pleasant smell because it still dislocates quite a bit. Nice product at a nice price :) On the other hand, only concern: the high doesn't last long, after 1 hour nothing personal ..

  • Translated from French cedric
    well yeah you I confirm it is really the bomb I received it in three days beautiful shaya and I will receive the long lasting which is even better it seems I ask to see and it is soon I will tell you that. I also prayed for Ecuadorians, this is a great first for me so I will also tell you more

  • Translated from French Florian
    Ouch, it's powerful anyway, I was trapped at the first use, a real TSUNAMI, and it gets better then using a good dose. Price, I'm surprised, very good quality / Price, at will!

  • Translated from French Alexis
    Y is good :) And what regularity in the sending ... It's beautiful. I am a smoker with some experience, and frankly I advise. Especially in Bang. :)

  • Translated from French Pakalolo
    Allright !!!! Excellent product. Royal Dutch weed is perfect! Package received in 4 days, nothing to say, With tobacco, there goes Thank you Shayana! :)

  • Translated from French nadine
    hello well I'm really amazed I didn't know really super too good I even recommend the taste very good and great site thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Scotch
    Order received in three days: brilliant. Very discreet package: brilliant. Effects: frankly well stoned for over thirty minutes. Besides, I smiled for a long time on my own. Motivation and activities following smoking: limited. In short, I would like to thank shayana for the quality of her products and her professionalism.

  • Translated from French vanessa
    replace well when one is at the dech! with not too bad taste! well ettone (not to recommend)

  • Translated from French Arthur
    Satisfied with my order, arrived in just 5 days !!! 😍 very good relationship with customer support and excellent product. 👍

  • Translated from French DAHERON
    The test kit with liquid Ehrlich reagent is easy to use and reliably indicates the existence of LSD with a purple color.

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Very good product, guaranteed dissociation, very powerful effect. Be happy. !!

  • Translated from French Caine
    Septic with the purchase, throws a latte and the jme realizes that ... it is the bomb !!

  • Translated from French SCHLEIMER
    Very good product, nothing to complain about, every time I roll a fart, there is always this same trenkille shattering (little slap), it's not like with the bedo or in an evening ten smokes 5 in a row and you feel nothing, the c different, after 3 late a little slap and your trenkille for 45 minutes, not really great stuff ^^ thank you shayanna, after the mega trip to the thai mushroom I found this grass while waiting for the next trip. Kiss has the whole team.

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Good product, received in 3 days! Similar effects to weed, but not at all the same taste! There is a little smell of spice and the taste is not really felt. I was able to give my order to several friends to taste, and they were all satisfied! We were all posed. Good product!!

  • Translated from French Debieu
    Very good product, I smoke almost more but I get high every day. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French Dimitri
    Good product !! a good alternative to the herb the effects are almost similar and the taste is appreciable! I valid! ??

  • Translated from French BAUD
    Excellent, I ordered Thursday evening, I receive the product Monday morning. Good job, and good customer service. Would recommend for sure!

  • Translated from Portuguese Ana
    Very good! You don't need to put too much into smoking and the effect is almost immediate. I laughed a lot;)

  • Translated from French Marie
    very happy with this product, very good substitute, I recommend to all those who wish to feel a moment of relaxation (shorter effects than the ganja) the effects are almost the same, the taste is not unpleasant, it is just different

  • Translated from French Buquet
    Good product, but being disappointed several times it depends on the quality, either we fall on the good or it does not matter anything effect level, to recommend anyway because when it breaks, it breaks.

  • Translated from French Miceli
    Nice surprise, nice effect !!!

  • Translated from French Florian
    Not bad but I find that it does not last long enough unfortunately and it did not stoned me as much as weed (and yet I do not smoke good quality) so I am a little disappointed but hey it still works so I'm not going to spit on it! I will try a bigger dose with some friends soon and it should! Anyway, thank you shayanashop! : D

  • Translated from French Indica
    good substitute product, effect approaching the ganges package received quickly and discreet. you can trust the shayana shop

  • Translated from French Alexandre
    Very good basic mixture plus with the different qualities it is perfect to make your own mixture finally too cool.

  • Translated from French yautja
    Product received 6 days after ordering, nickel on that side! Small discreet packaging, perfect. Hop, let's not wait any longer, I'm testing this right now! Smell very similar to tea, after a few comparisons (lol) it looks a lot like an Earl Gray, sweet, fruity, very nice! I'll make myself a (tea) like. Beware of the few small pieces of branches which may sabotage the following maneuver;) Nice taste, very sweet, the smell too. For the moment it is quite quiet, a delirium well posed and pleasant! Very close to the classics. 15 minutes after operation completed, and ... Objective achieved! I am everything, I listen to quiet music or write my message and a blissful smile begins to appear on my face. It feels good! Frankly super nice, if like me you are a bit in "forced stop" do not hesitate, this is what you need! I'll think about it again thank you shaya!

  • Translated from French corinne
    It helps. A cool little high, very quickly relax that lasts about 30 minutes. Fragrant taste. Not bad at all in addition to a weak weed, it boosts the departure of zazen. Fast, safe delivery, correct quantity and pleasant gift. cooooool!

  • Translated from French Dalma
    First test concluding same effect, not too dosed either results guaranteed I strongly recommend sending fast and discreet. Thank you so much.

  • Translated from French indika
    very good palliative I strongly advise in more good taste compared to the spice for those who have tried. +1

  • Translated from French Misery
    Frankly I knew neither the site nor the product and I am really surprised good product of the moin for me it is very suitable deliveries within 8 days for the first order. So I recommended and there we are at D + 8 and I await my gift from the little postman dad. Thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Guiz55
    The best product offered for a long time concerning relaxation is perfect! And above all, peace of mind not to mention saving your driver's license! In short, it is not a solution but the solution! A nice, efficient and 100% legal alternative to date! Thank you shayana for taking over from biosmoke! <3

  • Translated from French Tronel
    Great product

  • Translated from French Rainhardt
    Ordered September 2012. Product being in my opinion the best, effect neither too strong nor too weak. A good high with 2 or 3 joints, we start with a smile, then we have a good laugh before it goes down without even realizing it. The effect is not persistent, and once again I advise against it with a medical treatment (a funny feedback, that is to say a deaf noise appeared to me for almost 5 minutes, very loud, with an opioid) Otherwise, it is one of the best products, BongBastics being too powerful, tend to calm down, while this one gives a great desire to share with others.

  • Translated from French Eric
    Good product ! Pleasant smell, good ascent without loss of resources, gentle descent ... Thank you!

  • Translated from French bm
    I am delighted with an excellent product, very subtle odor, very sweet taste, guaranteed effect.

  • Translated from French Mat
    Frankly great smoking product for 14 years I put 1/3 of what I usually put and I had to smoke it in 2 times I HIGHLY recommend. And for delivery, it was sent on 5/19/16 and received on 5/24/16 in Belgium

  • Translated from French Florian
    I am not disappointed with this dutch orange mix! I had taken only a gram to try but I might quickly recommend some, a little firecracker in the morning before a hard day's work and these gone! Love thanks Shayana again :)

  • Translated from French courtois
    Good product. To compare to the high level I would say that it looks like the old weeds like skunk or orange buds. It doesn't break the system, you're just fine, old-fashioned, smiles with lips. By cons the taste is not terrible.; No need to load too much (0.25gr per pet (this is already a good dosage for little bedot. This saves money and allows you to smoke an interesting product at a fair price.

  • Translated from Samoan Allirol
    Be careful not to put too much, a good pinch is enough if not it is nasty bangs, I lost my lol (league of legend) because of this hard smash! I recommend

  • Translated from French bonté
    we are on a product for novices, but relatively good, for everyday use, without risk, or little precaution when people have experience of this kind of product.

  • Translated from French Damnation
    good little weed, advised to all ex smokers who had to stop following the saliva test and all other bullshit that weaned this consumption. In short, we keep our ideas clear, but the body is relaxed, it's very cool, and then it only lasts an hour, it's positive as well as negative. To test!!

  • Translated from French TERRIER
    WAW, (<yeah when the text starts like that, it's not for nothing) yesterday I had 6 arms and I was stuck 15 seconds in a time loop. I saw two Lilliputians between themselves helping to climb a tree branch by branch. very moving. my senses were numb and I felt thrown where I was looking (dark forest, so not cool, so I looked elsewhere, the steering wheel of the car <not good at all to feel that head stuck in his steering wheel, Antoine he reassembled has a wax representation in the manner of the Madame Tussaud museum, I had the feeling of being a chainsaw so the teeth of the blade were teeth (like the beautiful white teeth of my plastic Antoine) I had the feeling of being part of the car. I was greedy, pure x15, have to wait until the next time. It's almost a bad trip but everything and back in order in 15/30 minutes. On the other hand, the thrills of the trip, it lasted 24 hours. (First experience, javai took nothing more than weed joints before) an immense heat in my body. so psychic that you feel ps the rise and that I knew more too why I was in the middle of a trip, I had the feeling of being carried away , on the right, on the left, I drooled over like a wild boar. It is necessary Tested to KNOW and to be able to try time well as badly to TALK About the different Direct or less direct effect which happens AT THE SAME TIME with a certain time lag between them. It was not pleasant, but it was an extraordinary experience. indescribable, I would try again in a smaller dose and in better physical condition. Antoine didn't really know how to tell me what he felt, but damn the Lucas was laughing out loud and saw me in a very strange way, like me but with the 3D view of the pebbles and the tree next to the car. he also saw a pebble that multiplied (Done that with banknotes ...) Lucas and I had trouble speaking, mouth numb a little (just in the head) That's roughly. Kisses. Thanks to Shayana for forever changing my outlook on the idea I had on 'waking them up'

  • Translated from French Christophe
    Well, a little dubious I still decided to try, to see. I ordered 3 grams of it, and it arrived in 3 days! Nothing to say on that side, Shayana manages! :) Well, of course, the same evening I made a little joint to test. To begin with, the smell is a bit like herbs from Provence I think, not great but it's fine. The taste on the other hand is very drinkable, and even quite pleasant (nothing to do with smoked herbs from Provence). The effect, then my friends ... it dislocates !!! But really ! Very pleasantly surprised!: D it looks a lot like a cannabis high, but with very pleasant little nuances! I love ! Of course it's not worth a good amnesia, a jack herrer or a northern light, but it's ten times better and stronger than a basic Moroccan chichon you find in the street or a local weed! The special thing is that the effect does not last as long as with weed. Finally, it is special. With the weed, the high lasts 3/4 hour 1 hour at home, then a descent that lasts well 2 hours, which leaves the impression of being still stoned, although the real high is gone. With the dutch orange mix, the high lasts around 3/4 of an hour and 1 hour and ... then nothing! No descent! There is a moment when you look around and ... you are perfectly normal, as if you hadn't smoked anything! It is very special. The big advantage is that you can smoke a joint to relax, and have the potato 1 hour later to do lots of stuff! No demotivation, heaviness, laziness and fatigue specific to the decline of cannabis. Honestly, I am so convinced that the chichon and the weed sold on the street in the street is over for me! Until I can grow my own quality weed, I will only smoke Dutch orange mix! 100% satisfied, buy with your eyes closed!;)

  • Translated from French Daniel
    excellent legal alternative suddenly I returned to a less illegal framework thanks to this product and now I swear by the longlasting of the same producer thank you to you

  • Translated from French Aegils
    Good reception was a bit long but Christmas period requires :) So there I just came back and I rolled a bed with it, so taste level it's pretty neutral I think, but rather sweet. Level effect is quite different from the weed, especially on the climb, but the general feeling is that I feel well posed it is rather pleasant when coming back from the taff :)

  • Translated from French Videau
    nice, fast high, it quickly sets us the bar ... during the 1st after, no need to chain them it will amplify that dal, the effect fades at high speed .. nothing to do with weed, the comments seem to me very enthusiastic Oo

  • Translated from French Cédric
    Very nice little mix, much better than black stuff and especially easier 1 click and hop with a smile in the mailbox. If you do not know, try you will be pleasantly surprised !!!!

  • Translated from French Roublardos
    Great product !! Order received in 6 days, discreet and well packaged 5g of dutch mix (normal) were waiting for me, so I open my 5 airtight bags and I test this little stuff ... Being a heavy smoker, I therefore dose half tobacco and moist dutch ... the effects arrive after 5 minutes (the time to smoke firecrackers) posed, quiet and not torn either! So for those who say they put a pinch .. (???) you must really smoke shit in normal times! In short, it's nice, next time I'll try the other varieties ... nice to start the day anyway! In any case for those who hesitate this product has its small effect ... pila

  • Translated from French Krikri
    First of all thank you to Shayana, for the speed and the seriousness, order received in 5 days with a gift in the envelope :-) My first opinion by testing a joint with 0.40 gram, The taste is fresh, sweet to swallow , I thought of a small nice effect and well I took a slap like I did not expect it at all. after 5 minutes, a light climb that continues to grow, I had an effect worthy of a powerful herb, a crazy trip for 45 minutes while listening to good music, glued to the sofa, to the limit hallus caused by certain shrooms. Be careful, take it easy in the dosage at the beginning, it surprises, and it rocks seriously, do not plan anything for the next 5 hours, although the maximum effect lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, the next 4 hours are super relaxed , don't want to do much, just cool and relaxed. Great product, for a legal thing, we are far from expecting this power.

  • Translated from French Pierre
    very pleasantly surprised !!! don't be fooled by its smell the taste is totally different: fruity, reminds me of some local stuff. high effect for 45-60 min then quiet descent. the eyes are not marked. tested over a week before leaving a review. 200% recommend !!

  • Translated from French Lurdy
    Ordered last Thursday, arrived today (Friday) so a little disappointed compared to people who are delivered in three days. Otherwise, rolled a little joint with this weed, cigarette size, with a tiny pinch (about .05 gr), a good little slap, and a terrible taste. Not being a user of canna in normal times, and knowing that I am sleeping quite badly at the moment, I think that even in small doses it could allow me to rest in the evening before going to bed. Otherwise, very discreet package, thank you Shayana :)

  • Translated from French Rodrigues
    Hello everyone, here I also tried the Dutch Orange Mix. a lot of apprehension at the beginning, but in the end a very well designed product, without adverse effects. A taste close to cannabis without really being one. Question effects I will not go to say "stoned" but a gentle and pleasant rise, a feeling of well being and relaxation. Delivery within 10 days (slightly long), A product that I would recommend without hesitation.

  • Translated from French ced..
    A long time consumer now, I appreciate this product for what it is .. And it is not weed as we know it .. So experience it for yourself .. Small dose by small dose .. It may surprise you at first .. So keep cool .. Have a nice trip .. Nice experience ..

  • Translated from French Franck
    Bjr Impeccable delivered within 10 days to the barracks! The site was recommended to me by a good customer friend. When I went to see him, he tested me and frankly top. I do not regret more for a former smoker who wants to get back to it quietly c is a very good product. In short, no regrets and you have won an additional customer. Bécots

  • Translated from German Donparte007
    Fast delivery within 3 days. Very good product, stimulates creativity and has a nice high flow. Effect about 3h-4h, very pleasant through the pipe (typical smell when burning) but also a blunt is very nice. I didn't smoke it purely !!! I'm very excited

  • Translated from French Djaysa
    A little dubious at the start, really a good surprise at the finish. Very very good, nice taste, slap effect ... I recommend it. And thank you Shayana, once the payment has been cashed, 5 days to come to my mailbox. Top !!!

  • Translated from German Jana
    Wow! Acts like grass. I think it works less in the head, but more in the body. So less high thoughts, but more physical relaxation. Nice

  • Translated from French Julien
    received after 4 days very happy with my product, product well packaged and discreet but hey, written NETHERLANDS it's good your files x) Me being a big smoker, I made an almost pure stick, good taste, smash uhm , out of touch with reality, and what's cool, these legal. caution on the dose one advises.

  • Translated from French Grave
    Good fuck to troubleshoot

  • Translated from French charles
    At the top I advise I follow in weaning of weed and hash because I will want to stop being a father of a family and I find this perfect mix .... great taste good def just the price a little expensive may well c no worse than some weed of trade in holland ... highly recommend ...

  • Translated from French maillard
    cool very surprised very good product order received in 4 days thank you shayanashop for your seriousness ...... I had already ordered occurs on another site but I never received it ,,,,,,, I would recommend without hesitation again thank you ....

  • Translated from French David
    I find this great product, identical feeling to weed for me, a good trip and a more pleasant descent than weed (2 pinch of this product made me badder for 1h30 while smoking quietly) I recommend this product which has no THC, nikel for the cop checks, thanks to the whole shayanna team, you have a new client ohhh yes;)

  • Translated from German Lars
    Received in 1 week with the follow-up of the order, nothing to say remains to wait 15 days to see them come out of the ground

  • Translated from French KADRI
    Hi, Diese Boxen sind absolut empfehlenswert! War mein erster Versuch. Habe bis jetzt nur eine Box im Gebrauch, die andere lagert noch im Kühlschrank. Der erste Flush ergab 148 nass ... was meiner Meinung nach sehr passabel ist. Bin genau nach der Anleitung auf der Website vorgegangen. 14 Tage vom Anfang bis zum ersten Flush. THX an shayanashop!

  • Translated from French liam
    Very good mixtures to replace the weed or for recreational use of strong and lasting effects depending on the quantity, the smell is tip top, one of my favorite product with deuterium ...

  • Translated from French CARINE

  • Translated from French Leon
    I prefer to smoke good weed but in France it is complicated, I am a delivery man so for a joint consumed in the evening I risk big in the morning at work .... listen there is no smell but we are stone after an orange duch joint, it looks really like it ... and of course we pass the traffic control and it's cool. the downside is that I wonder what is in this product, I hope it will not break my brain too ... ps I thank frenchshayashop for their seriousness, they are at the top!

  • Translated from French romain
    Great product I have already bought several Dutch herbs and frankly never disappointed. I advise them to a lot of friends who have found his top so do not hesitate to order

  • Translated from French Roger
    Wow .... what more! You have to try it to even see the well-being that sleeps in you for a long time without being smashed ... Effect guaranteed 1 hour RCA

  • Translated from French valentin
    its not worth a good dick but frankly for a consumer like me who had to resign himself to stopping the THC c that happiness dosage slight effect guaranteed. Personally its poses me super crazy laughter quazi mandatory (even alone) all without THC so without positive control I love thank you Shayana !!!

  • Translated from French larsouille
    pfffffoo then, the best synthetic cannabis I have tasted, first a taste that I found "fishy" then I got used to it, now I love it (which is not the case of all) and then a high which (makes the difference) is not the same - FROM EVERYTHING - as real grass, but very good anyway (a big step up - don't put too much - and a descent which happens as quickly as it climbed, afterwards it is as if nothing had happened, but with the memories that remain to be engraved) = D

  • Translated from French Rémi
    Well simpa as a product, do not be fooled by the original smell quite "minty" the taste when smoking it is very different, an aftertaste of red fruit tea I find. As for the effect it is also there, not enough to start crawling but still there is something! (much better than the chit that we find in the street, even the good ones!) In short simpa simpa ^^ I can't wait to test the mystic hash tonight, ... and mix the two tomorrow: D When at the postal service , as much to say that after having read so many bad reviews on the net it was rather fast (ordered Sunday and received this day (Thursday)), it would seem that shayana has finally dropped the post and now uses TNT, a judicious choice apparently ;)

  • Translated from French P
    Hello, I tested this product with a friend, you never know ... The effect at the end of 2 firecrackers was equivalent to good weed .... We were both bursting with laughter ... No side effects, in short excellent .... And all without TCH, so no positive control .... A little dangerous all the same to drive after having smoked this! In any case I will recommend some ... Thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French vincent
    Everything has already been said ... but I'll add a layer, shayana is a serious and efficient team, well done! Then as for the orange mix it is a good alternative but be careful with the proportions of the first joints because it can be strong ... surprising !!!

  • Translated from French Loïc
    I got caught by the gendarmes yesterday with a big seal of DOM I was lucky not to have smoked real weed for 2 weeks because they gave me a saliva test which answered "negative" Thank you shayana it's super powerful!

  • Translated from French Julien
    Not great for the price and hard to crumble. I will taste 1x the herb anyway, given the positive comments about it

  • Translated from French playmo
    best current product on the market, the desired effect is really there, I am really satisfied.

  • Translated from French shynobi
    Very very good ! the effects last between 1 / 2h and 3 / 4h we are well darkened, then after all resumes normally. I like it, but I prefer long lasting ... which lasts longer. Thank you Shayana for all these great products.

  • Translated from French Lolo46
    So frankly, this legal product is simply brilliant :)! With the friends at the time we were septic we drove then I turned them on and the wahh the taste is really great the effect similar to the marie juana;) I highly recommend the only negative point is that its hard just 1:30 / 2H. Small nice info to know: When I rolled with this legal herb I put a large quantity with my friends and the surprise 3 slats we were awfully knocked out so sprinkled the very light as pepper will suffice at the beginning I tell you ! Even if you are used to smoking I can tell you that very little, like pepper, is enough time to get used to it otherwise you risk having a big sleep ^^

  • Translated from French barned
    I who hardly smoke bedos any more, I find this weed very correct the taste is not worth that of a good weed but goes very well !! This saves me the hassle of looking for often crappy plans! The highs satisfy me amply !! Only downside: the price. Orders always received in a maximum of 6 days. Serious site discreet envelope thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French Gateau
    No effects at all on me, I took 2 and nothing at all ...

  • Translated from Italian daniele
    Pas d'effets du tout sur moi, j'en ai pris 2 et rien du tout ...

  • Translated from French rt
    incomparable !! it is the best legal bud that I have tested, all the others called legal from the USA are just scented grass next to the dutch mix orange, bravo shayana

  • Translated from French Grudenik
    Hello everyone, pfiou .... what to say ... except that we did not expect that! At least not as loud ... too good. It had been 1 year since I had taken anything, the feliz made us spend a memorable evening, 15 min after drinking our drink we were already starting to feel the effects and 5 min after the bazaar was launched ..... 8 good ones hours of pole vault, including 5 hours non-stop laughing atthe top of his mind, to that you add visu, halu ..... with good music for good children. It reminded me of old, very old memories, I would compare it to a mix of fat freddy, hofmann with a hint of micro tip as for those who know lsd hobbyist I highly recommend. On the other hand it is clear that those who are not used to it must already take half of it .... unless you buy a stopper. Sensitive soul to withhold! We will do it again very soon. Thank you shayana!

  • Translated from French MR
    Very pleasant ! Not very durable effect, which is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand, I only smoke 2 times a year, and 3 slats are enough to knock me out. It is not true that it is enough to put a little bit of dutch mix. It is necessary to fill only or almost with it to feel something. In any case, sending quickly, and having a pleasant effect.

  • Translated from French Grégoire
    Frankly nothing to say, the texture is a little weird (it's not like real weed) but it really smashes well (no need to put a lot of it) and level of taste really works. A good substitute for weed.

  • Translated from French Will&lan
    Today, April 13, 6 days after validation of my order, I receive a wonderful Shayana love package. I have received my entire order (bang, dutch orange mix and my little mix of 5 free seeds) Thank you Shasha !!! The dutch test :) I offer a good little dutch joint to my friend "lan" who says to me: it's the bomb man! Stop smoking shit, shayana is here to serve you! Having been a heavy smoker for a few years, mainly of high sativa cannabis: D We are pleasantly surprised at the stone effect of Dutch! Profiting is legal! Thanks again to Shayana for being serious :)

  • Translated from German Maximilian
    So far I am quite satisfied with By Orange Mix. 6-8 crumbs from the grinder were enough for a bag. In terms of taste, I didn't find it that great. And mostly shortly after smoking, I had a feeling of nausea. Then I was tied to the sofa for about 10-15 minutes. After that I got an incredible dress bottle that made me feel like a bottomless pit! Basically I'm completely satisfied, you got a little high, but the laughing bottle and the chill / tired did not come. Hence the point deduction

  • Translated from French CHARLENE
    Having stopped smoking weed and hash, very similar effect. It remains to be seen with saliva control. Excellent product.

  • Translated from French Will
    After a lot of research I got here on Monday so I ordered 5grams. Express delivery since I received the envelope today (Thursday). The smell is indeed quite similar to a red fruit tea, the taste is not bad at all and does not sting the throat. So I tested .... And I assure you that it is heavy, I made a personal joint, which I could not even finish in one go. The effect for me is similar to weed. On the other hand from my first jobs I felt my heart beating fast enough. In any case I recommend it to all;) do not hesitate!

  • Translated from French revollet
    too good a fuck

  • Translated from French FECHANT
    I finally found the prod. kil me fô ... Rise, for my part, quite violent .. Knowing ke I had serious problems after too much bédo .. It is almost as violent kune weed rather local, and if we can call that a descent it is trankil I smoked at 6 pm and there it is 6:27 pm and I'm still fine .... I recommend it ........ // feman

  • Translated from French lalalère
    Frankly skeptical of the idea of ordering with all these glowing reviews and a price high enough for "stew", I took the leap ready to get fucked up! And I regret but then not at all ??! Convinced that the comms were bought, I put a sacred dose of a green-brown texture to the air of weed whose smell reminds that of thyme-lavender-lemongrass-etc in short I have no nose! And wow ?? takeoff I found myself at my 13 years beginning of drift marijane-hennessy! My best knocks !!!! For the rest I went easy it is good I am more a teenager in perpetual quest for smash anyway! But it feels good ??! In short it is not a scam and I am not a robot (for now)

  • Translated from French iris
    1st order on this site. Receiving in your mailbox is super practical. the envelope is very discreet and the sending fast. The product is not bad. Quite soft, does not last very long (a little over an hour) which can be an advantage because suddenly it is easier to manage. On the other hand, no way to burn it, I used a small grater found in the nutmeg bottles. It lasts long enough, we do not miss a beat ... I will try another product next time to be able to compare ...

  • Translated from French saunier
    Well, I haven't really enjoyed the taste too much, but it had to be suspected ... and then its stoned no more than its.

  • Translated from French arkhan
    Very very good product! The effects are very similar to canna. Good mental high, the body is relaxed. Really pleasantly surprised, I did not expect this. I will buy more without hesitation.

  • Translated from French Thomaa-v
    Great. The package arrived quickly. On the 11 seeds (a nice little extra?) Today there are 4 beautiful female feet left. The very thick trunks and the branches provided. I highly recommend ??

  • Translated from French
    The Dutch Orange Mix (original) is to my taste the best compromise for consuming something other than cannabis! The effect is quite similar and the taste is quite acceptable, great product!

  • Translated from French Tt
    Very good tea to spend a good evening with friends to calmly dose gradually because it will surprise you not hesitate its worth the detour .....

  • Translated from French marcelino
    a good remedy kan we do not find weed the effects are equal and long live shaya and the post office

  • Translated from French david
    What can I say .. I received a completely neon green product with a strong acid smell .. I had more seeds and weird branches than to smoke .. After, of course I had a good high but, that did not even last not 30min: / I therefore intend to try other products :) Thank you all the same shayanashop!

  • Translated from French Bryanj
    I really like it so that the taste is not too blatant it is not necessary to dose too much and small advice of smoker to always appreciate it do not smoke it non-stop vary a little with your traditional weed Peaceeeeeeeeee

  • Translated from Samoan Bonnetete
    Very good alternative to tobacco when you don't want to endure the tar, nicotine and all the crap of cigarettes and the tobacco industry. Taste a bit special but it is smokable and so pretty. It gives a little relaxing effect but indeed, it does not get high at all. Thank you shayanashop for your service always on top !! Good thoughts for everyone ;-)

  • Translated from French Christophe
    Very satisfied with this product, I recommend it;);)

  • Translated from French charles
    For me, a former big ganja smoker, I find the dutch expensive in May, super taste and def c rating not bad at all ... I recommend to all those who want a new experience ...

  • Translated from French Franck
    Shayana ik hou van jou !!! :) Super product with a real relaxing effect, we are really good and I am really surprised and I think I only order this now !!! relatively short but intense effect (about 50 minutes for me). Very pleasant taste to smoke. great product, DANK U WEL Shayana shop !!!!!!

  • Translated from French chocopos
    After trying the long lasting and original, I find this mixture nice, but really less powerful. It relaxes, that's all :)

  • Translated from French flora
    product really simpas, septic at the beginning, but really not disappointed with the effect, only lasts a few hours in the temp but me it suits me

  • Translated from French benjamin
    hello, I would like to have advice to grow indoors because I am a beginner in this area despite my 13 years of consumption, thank you in advance

  • Translated from French Puech
    Very happy with this stick on a good "stir it up" !! I ride quite well .. =) Plus it's legal. To test.

  • Translated from French Maxime
    Since I tried the dutch orange mix, I've been shooting more than its. Now I said goodbye to thc because we have all these effects together in dutch. I calmed down more than one who claimed I smoked shit. Yet at the start I was very, very skeptical. And today it's good not to have a cold sweat at every check-up. And then the advantage is the adjustment of the dose which must be very precise depending on the desired effect.

  • Translated from French Stoooone
    Quite a heavy smoker, I still try to buy Dutch orange mix, I said to myself who does not try anything has nothing, I roll a good big fart, I smoke and its not going up I tell myself this grass is really big shit but around 1/4 of the fart an effeeeeeet stooooooonnne I have removed everything what I said before, it is really potato I advise you go there your eyes close !! Effect that lasted about thirty minutes for me, the taste is not very unpleasant. I tell you go there !! And it's Legal, What could be better :)!

  • Translated from German Bayernpirat
    When I first ordered, this was the first product that I tested because it was the easiest to use as a herb mix. During the cleaning process in the bong there was nothing to be felt immediately afterwards, but after 3-5 minutes there was slowly a cleaning that washed, because it increased from minute to minute. After a quarter of an hour I had the same feeling as the original, that is, watertight eyes, smooth thoughts, grins on my face and a certain sluggishness. In a nutshell, the stuff hit me well after I had to do without for a good 3 years - thanks Shayana Shop, you gave me a little more attitude towards life.

  • Translated from French Laurent
    What happiness, received in 3 days and frankly I confirm that these legal herbs are very appreciable. Effect of 30 to 45 min on average ... thank you Shayana

  • Translated from French vion
    like bcp I think it was bullshit happens but 1 week smoking weed I tried it and it broke well for 2 hours around be careful because when we receive it it is simply in a packaging aluminum with only a date disappointed nothing written it smells of spices it does not make you want too much but once tasted not disappointed ... for the moment you have to try regularly to see

  • Translated from German Timo
    After Extreme Blend was really too violent for me, I wanted to start at the bottom. The stuff is amazingly good and makes a good stone feeling. Relaxed similar to the normal green, (red eyes and fressflash unfortunately always included) does not last very long and you get used to it quite quickly, but at the price I do not want complain ... Shipping: Ordered and paid on Friday, the package was sent on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday (DPD Express)

  • Translated from German Niclas
    Great product. The effects can be compared to an indica-heavy cannabis strain. Very relaxed body feeling and, depending on the amount smoked, a good head feeling. Caution Mixed consumption with alcohol and / or tablets can trigger a really disgusting horror trip.

  • Translated from French corentin
    So I have to say, this product is so far the best I have ordered in terms of effect and feeling: DI was also very enthusiastic about the Nepal Temple Ball but unfortunately it is no longer sold here :( Anyway, that is High of this product is identical to cannabis and you sleep like a baby, but mostly you sleep too long ^^ In moderation it is also possible to travel on it, is the same as on cannabis. It now works longer than the other products not really in my opinion but it's really good stuff! So if someone is looking for an alternative to cannabis that is unfortunately forbidden here, don't go wrong with the herb here :) Greetings from Austria

  • Translated from French wojak
    Great, really the same effects as the herb, I recommend 100%

  • Translated from French Mateo
    Hello everyone, Received my first mix today as planned, remaining skeptical about the designer of this legal cannabis, pleasantly surprised and happy with the effect, this one is closer to the forbidden. Thank you to you shayana and see you soon.

  • Translated from French Domingos
    Amateur of illegality, I was reluctant to proceed indeed the stone effect is there but the duration is not comparable on the other hand I recommend this product with pleasure to the colleague ganjaman thank you for great after-sales service;)!

  • Translated from French jonathan
    satisfied, basically I was a little afraid of the result since it was the first time I took from shayana honestly very content and now I took that, quantity I am very satisfied, good stoned, a little short me happy and very thank you shayana

  • Translated from French snoopy
    So for my part, first order received in 5 days (like many others obviously) super gifts. But no sniff gift. For the product, I recommend it (rai);). An acceptable taste even in the piping. (I put a little tobacco with it anyway). And after about 15mins, red eyes and a kind of giggle ... Indescribable! Then when I started playing the console, I felt like I was in the game. I also admit that I didn't sleep too much the day before. But hey ... If this increases the effects tenfold ... The next day, a little headache which may be due to an overdose. (My fault what). Overall it's no regrets. Thank you! ;) #Befayawithshaya

  • Translated from French Da
    Thank you shayana at the top !!! Very satisfactory first order, super fast order and delivery, serious site, I recommend the products are up to the expectations you have given us, I am now a loyal customer. Ripped off as impossible, pure high with their mixtures. See you soon :)

  • Translated from French Anthony
    I found only advantages to this herb: a good trip, a pleasant taste, legal (finally), no strong smell like weed (ideal for the neighbors when there are several of us). You should not overload to appreciate the product (a small pinch along the entire length of the bedo). I will recommend very quickly. Sending neat in an envelope, 5 days delay. No need to go hit the "good weed" (the weed is better for sure but the high is comparable) with the apprehension of being picked up by the cops.

  • Translated from French jaco
    Well it's been a week since I ordered but I still received nothing. But according to most of the comments that you put I let myself be tempted because it seems a good alternative to keep your license. Regarding the legal level in France if it is like spice / sence it has not been authorized for + or - a year, but the good point is that it is not detectable with the urine test because it is not There is no thc in it, but a chemical molecule, cp-47, a synthetic canabidoide not detectable in the urine test but at a concentration equal to cp-47 and more potent than thc.

  • Translated from French Del
    What to say apart from always as satisfied with the product of Shaya, the dutche is nice and poses well the longlast and the flower are more or less the same level effect. The taste is not disgusting and you get used to it quickly, and are much better (comparable to sence). Afterwards for those who are used to the product and increase the quantities I strongly recommend the bongBastic incense mixture, the effects are similar to Dutch but much more powerful. Deuterium is my favorite, some lattes and we already feel the effects, without have loaded it heavily.But beware of bad risk, the thrilling that gets carried away impossible to do anything .... to consume in moderation like all the products on the site ^^

  • Translated from French TOINE
    almost the taste of a pleasant effect good value for money

  • Translated from Spanish Vasco
    This will definitely make effect, just be careful, is not just a "smoking mix" this is synthetic cannabis, and it might be good synthetic cannabis but you can't be sure of what's in there

  • Aaron
    Nice blend, it gives a nice high a lot like real weed

  • good
    This herb is AMAZING!

  • Degenhardt
    I love this stuff! I found the effect even better than the one from marihuana. We giggled like 15 year-olds smoking for the first time. Consider me a regular customer from now on. :)

  • Oskars
    Perfect stuff! Little bit sharp smoke, but effect for me is better than Marry Jane. Buy it! Don't waste your time in doubt! :)

  • KosMikh

  • Tomì
    Highly reccommended <3

  • Joshua
    Do recommend! Very similar in effects to the real thing though not as long lasting. Thoughts became more creative, improved play on online games and music is beautiful. Don't over do it though as similarily to the real thing theres some comedown and you can feel drained.

  • Stefan
    It is fairly strong and tastes great when vaporized. Does anyone know what is the best temperature for that process?

  • Brok
    This is a great product, smokes well and doesn't hurt your throat. Very pleasurable herb, gives you more of a physical buzz than mental buzz, your stay high for about 5 hours max and minimum 2 hours high. Would buy again and recommend for first users.

  • Jobba
    I liked the effects. It's stronger than cannabis and has a medium long lasting duration. I prefer it much more than the only other stuff I've tried here called Nepal Ball.

  • Matt
    The taste is not too bad and the effect is quite strong, more like a sativa, I felt relaxed, had great sensations with music and was energized by the product. The package of the mix was a little damaged but I didn't lost anything. Don't put too much the first time, really ;)

  • Teemu
    Everything Works So Well .Paggaging, Custom Services, Payments, High Quality Products. Keep Going Shayana You Done So Well.

  • Stella
    For years a loyal fan of Shayana , had to get used to the new customization of product . but has to withdraw my other review, actually only got better ;-)

  • Francesco
    FAN NO1 !! live in a suburb of Rome and are almost two weekly checked at my work and can smoke as much as I want, thanks to Shayana ...

  • William
    Really enjoyed Dutch orange nice and strong and a lovely buzz off it tastes nice and very similar to weed, great value for 5 grams, thank you shayana shop 👍 I really appreciate you and your team ❤️

  • Nairobi
    I vaped it and it gets you high, but in a different manner, compared to real cannabis it is more physical than mental, u can trip if you smoke it but your trip will be lighter than weed, it's kind of an indica effect. Very expensive but very good alternative if you cant get real thing in the street because of the pandemic. Arrived in 6 working days since they shipped it. (Spain)

  • Danial
    I really like this product more than weed, it is calming with some kind of psychedelic vibes and really gets me in the mood. It feels like a really good sativa with a psychedelic touch. I recommend it to first timers and remember not to smoke a lot, specially the first time, I'd take 1 or 2 puffs and wait because its effects start about 10 minutes later.

  • mickael
    bon delire; pas aussi puissant que la marie et avec un gout particulier mais fait le boulot. je prefere le nepal temple qui est bien plus efficace =)

  • Hiroki
    As some stated, the taste isn't the most agreeable to keep in your mouth. Therefore, it's very strong, I'd not recommend someone to smoke it without mixing it. The first time I tried with half tabacco I was very high for more than 6 hours, even though I just smoked just a bit.

  • Philippe
    Géante cette beuh. Moi qui suis un grand fumeur, à jeun çà m'a déchiré en 20/80 orange/tabac çà m'a mit une claque et c'est redescendu au bout de 1h30 environ. Quel idiot j'aurais du prendre 10 grammes !!!

  • Henry
    Gare à la défonce! Je suis ancien fumeur (de tabac seulement) et nouveau testeur d'herbes quelles qu'elles soient pourvu qu'elles se fument. Je viens ainsi d'essayer ce produit pour la 2ème fois. La 1ère fois, le produit n'avait pas la même présentation mais c'est bien le même, je n'ai pas aimé du tout l'effet trop puissant et durable de défonce qui vient après une demi heure ou plus. Cette fois-ci, aujourd'hui, je me suis contenter d'inspirer une bonne bouffée de ma e-cigarette où j'avais mis une pincée de Dutch Orange Mix. J'ai aussitôt senti qu'il allait se passer des choses et que cette seule bouffée devait être chargée à mort du principe actif vaporisé, et je me suis aussitôt arrêté; je me suis dépéché de rentrer chez moi afin d'être sur place au cas où... Puis cet état (jambes brûlantes, mal de tête et frissons, vertiges, troubles de la vue etc...) est venu s'installer progressivement, de plus en plus fort. Là il descend, au bous de 2 h je crois (mais le temps paraît plus long en pareil cas) Donc je dis: attention avec ça, commencez tout petit et assurez-vous d'être en sécurité pendant quelques heures!!

  • Allirol
    Attention à pas trop en mettre , une bonne pincée suffit sinon elle est cogne vilain , j'ai perdu ma lol ( league of legend ) à cause de cette hard défonce ! Je recommande

  • Mark
    Excellent blend, nice and light not to stoney. You can still function with this but don't go mad as it can make you lazy. Wish Shayana sold 100g size

  • C'est impressionnant, largement genial pour arrêter la bedave Une pincé suffit et je suis trop bien, alors que bedave ne me fesait plus d'effets . Je recommande ( dommage qu'il n'y est pas la description des plantes ) NB : ca dure des heures

  • christos
    has a very nice smell, like green tea with some sweet notes to it. When we smoked it it went down super smooth and had a great taste too no bitterness at all like you sometimes get from smoking herbs. The effects are very strong. We rolled a pure joint with about a fourth of the 1gram bag and the two of us could only smoke half of it until we had to stop. It can give you a bit of a tight feeling around the chest though but if you just start doing something you can get past that pretty easily. It did have a bit of a comedown for us. mainly just a heavy feeling on the chest so I would still prefer good old weed over this but its still a great product.

  • Gerard
    Wasn't expecting much when i bought this on a a whim but i tell ye what it was worth it, brilliant stuff

  • Gerard
    I bought this on a whim not really expecting much for the price oh how i was proved wrong it blew my teets off, i think now anytime i get something from theses guys i'll be getting a wee extra gram of this stuff as well

  • Mark
    Nice and mellow the closest thing I've tried to Mary Jayne. No panic, no sofa lock and no whiteys. I order this regularly

  • Sandrine
    GE-NI-AL!! J'ai voulu essayer par curiosité parcque franchement, de la pseudo beuh?! Et oui j'ai été très agréablement surprise et mes amis qui l'on essayé avec moi, aussi! Je recommande et je re-commande!!

  • emmkno
    Ne pas trop doser, une pincée suffit (et je suis fumeuse régulière depuis plusieurs années) pour être bien. Bon rapport qualité/prix, colis arrivé en 10jours comme prévu.

  • Camille
    Grâce à cette herbe, finie les insomnies! Insomniaque depuis toujours, j'ai tout testé, je prenais des somnifères depuis quelques mois, mais les réveils étaient difficiles comme après une grosse cuite, alors que maintenant je m'endors facilement, je ne me réveil plus toute les heures et je me réveil comme une fleur! Par contre je l'ai fait tester à une amie chez qui ça n'a pas eu le même effet, chaque personne réagit différemment je suppose!

  • Marta
    Arrived a bit late to PT (almost 1 month) but I blame portuguese post services which are awful right now. I was not expecting much, but it surprised me. It's a lot like weed, very relaxing and lots of giggles. It's stronger though, so to get that chill high you don't need a lot, which is great. I also prefer the taste and smell (it smells like herbal tea!). It really helps with my anxiety / panic disorder. I am very happy and have already ordered more. Thank you shayana!!

  • AG
    Very satisfying for the unexperienced clients. But longlasting and even tolerated users should have fun as well

  • Bonnetete
    Effectivement, moi qui fume pas mal, là je me suis pris une sacrée claque. Une odeur de feuille de thé dans le sachet, aucun goût particulier ( le seul bémol ), mais une claque digne de ce nom !!

  • AG
    Sehr zufrieden mit product lediglich dauerte die Lieferung +-10 Tage. Zu sagen waere aber dass es ueber xmas incl Feiertage geschickt wurde und dementsprechen viel Betrieb war. Daher nicht wirklich hilfreich. Das Produkt amsich ist top fuer Einsteiger, Pausierer oder einfach safe gehen wollen.

  • Rory
    takes maybe about 10 mins to hit fully so definitely start out with a small amount and see how you feel after a while if you wanna smoke more

  • Translated from Italian luca
    excellent I would say the effect and very strange it seems to be shawls and it seems that you walk on cushions, negative effects if too much mass like me nausea increase salivation, tachycardia, fever. dose a small part take 4 max pralines trust yourself enough to have fun.

  • Translated from Italian Scalici
    it is very powerful and if you are sensitive it is also heavily hallucinogenic. It caused fatigue and a couple of beers cost me the first bad trip of my life. Excellent anyway, but guys, go easy. ... better than a lot of grass around anyway.

  • Translated from French Nasi
    Hello, in terms of effects, I let you read other comments, top product. Mets stone and big advantage in low doses keeps you active. Otherwise after having smoked this mixture several times, I tested on myself 1 saliva test, and 2 urine test, 6 drugs in total (including THC). Nothing, so really interesting product for people undergoing screenings for the job, or the road.

  • Translated from French
    I swear I can't understand how this has positive comments. It doesn't match, it doesn't smell good, it doesn't taste good. Anyway, it seems that this site has too many customers.

  • Translated from French Anthony
    I regularly consume this product, frankly It's the bomb. Being a big consumer, I can tell you that a stick has the same effect as 6 joined at once, so I recommend this product, but beware of the dose ????? # 2018 Shayana still above :)

  • Translated from French Stéphanie
    Good product and not expensive. The effects are less powerful than amnesia but it is a question of taste and effect to seek. ??

  • Translated from French Planche
    More than correct, 10 grams ordered, 4 more in the package. Thank you for the gesture it's nice ... Light in taste, strong indeed, a good compromise. I recommend. Thank you shayana!

  • Translated from French Rosaire
    exelen product, good value for money. exelen taste éfé stone guaranteed (just the éfé is a little short) I don't mind, I recommend this product

  • Translated from French
    Took 5g, very satisfied, very correct price and effect similar to real sativa of good euphoria good mounted it is a pleasure, if you want beefy aimed barium and level of taste and duration aimed at nepal ball (not given but we do well more ) .

  • Translated from French S.A.
    Product conforms to the description. The comments are correct. The service is quality. Easily replace the practice of other substances banned in France allowing you to consume with impunity further reinforcing this feeling of hypocrisy in the face of a system that makes THC illegal but allows the consumption of much more violent substances. In any case it is a very good product, very well served. Thank you.

  • Translated from French jorge
    Always good products this one in particular !! excellent !!! only black point random deliveries !! between 3 and 30 days !!! but that's the price to pay before tasting the Dutch !! Bravo and thank you Shayana

  • Translated from French buhr
    hello, product pay on 10 .... send on 11 and receive on 17 ... simply great ... I specify that I am from Belgium ... I come back to you ... since I am going to roll the pipe. ...

  • Translated from French anidjar
    package received in 1 week. To talk about the order: the products are very strong not to load normally! Even if it's close to CANNABIS, it's not CANNABIS! the taste not terrible and the effect is strong, mixture between a sleeping pill and alcohol, puts a slap, but c rather a BAD TRIP and not the effect of the sweet and funcki of CANNABIS, if too charge or charge normally. It is therefore necessary to put little. I do not understand the composition of these products but you have to see it as a new way of smoking! Indeed the effect disappears after about 1 hour. Otherwise the site is not fake.

  • Translated from French JgR
    Just wow !!!! 2 pinch of nothing at all, a pete for 2 and the same not arrived at half we leave for 2h30 of ..... pffffff we leave too far! No word for explained. Arrived under 3 and a half weeks (a little long) but very good quality !! Pay attention to the dose, it is mind-blowing!

  • Translated from French Vendrame
    Barely received, already experienced ... With a little apprehension because his cousin tends to make me bad ++ and make my friend totally paranoid. So we were quiet ... A very good surprise! Zenitud on the program ... relaxed ... We smoked 1gram to 2 without even realizing it. Asked to discuss, to remake the world! Once in bed, we had 2 different experiences: lead sleep for my friend with completely crazy dreams like never before. For me, impossible to sleep, but a crazy appeasement! The time passed super fast, very pleasant feeling of warmth, as well as some very very very slight visual hallu while staying with your eyes closed for a long time. The effects can be very different depending on the person. The proof for us 2, very different but super cool! And without putting us in 2 different worlds. We stayed connected ... A second command is on its way;)

  • Translated from French JABAL,
    Good product, good alternative to cannabis, its a good slap and its makes you forget the teushi, c nikel to stop the bedo, cushy to fe

  • Translated from Samoan emmkno
    Do not overdose, a pinch is enough (and I have been a regular smoker for several years) to be good. Good value for money, package arrived in 10 days as expected.

  • Translated from French JB
    Being a daily smoker for almost 20 years, g tried the intense solid dutch orange, nothing to say, you smoke 2, 3 taf you feel direct the rise, its well stoned, nothing to say, this product gives you the same effect that, a sum joint, nothing to say. By cons not worth dosing, strong product.

  • Translated from French felipe
    good product, you have to taste a little odd but guaranteed effect; word of a heavy smoker !!!

  • Translated from Samoan Sandrine
    AWESOME!! I wanted to try out of curiosity, frankly, pseudo weed ?! And yes I was very pleasantly surprised and my friends who tried it with me, too! I recommend and I re-order !!

  • Translated from German Christian
    Super mix, gladly again. Find comes better than the original, I would be happy to recommend it. MFG Chris

  • Translated from Italian Antonio
    Extremely good product. Good taste. Use with caution. Minimum quantities for an excellent state of well-being. Thanks.

  • Translated from Italian Luca
    very good but unfortunately it lasts little pff

  • Translated from Italian stefano
    I had encountered some prob with the payments. I contacted them em and they were really helpful. There was some delay and to restore me, in addition to the purchase, they sent me a beautiful gift. just a word, sayana a special one. Thank you

  • Translated from Italian stefano
    Top products; perfect company; from experience I can say that they are serious and super reliable. Thanks Sayana

  • Translated from German Moni
    After testing for the first time, I can now give my conclusion: I had never smoked KM before and was very excited about the comparison to the original. Delivery took 2.5 weeks, which I also conclude from the many holidays that were in the meantime. The smell is menthol-like, very like herbs. I'm not a bon type, that's why Johnny. Smoked it tastes very similar to the original. If you didn't know which of the two is which, it would be difficult to distinguish. Dosage should be used with caution. You need much less than ordinary smokers from the original. The effect amazed me very much. It is really very, very similar to the original. Indolence, stronger perception, cheerfulness and so on. However, at least this mixture presses very hard on the head and makes it incredibly lazy. Comfortable seat and what to recommend for gaming. I am very pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic. Will definitely order here more often, if not regularly.

  • Translated from German Manuel
    Skin really tough. Is slowly getting stronger when you smoke it. Was clapped the next day. Makes you tired.

  • Translated from German Marco
    This was my first mix ever and of course started very small and I was really pleasantly surprised. The effect is really very similar to the original and even becomes slightly trippy in high doses. The delivery was very fast (about 3 days). I'm very satisfied! Gladly again :)

  • Translated from German Cathy
    It totally blew me away - after half a joint. It was the first time that I tried the Dutch Orange and I was shocked at how intense the effect was. Unfortunately I suddenly got a racing heart, dizziness and blackouts. Then I felt sick and trembled and tensed for 1 hour. Total loss of control over the body. That was probably a bit too much for the first time. Fortunately, I was not alone. So feel for it carefully. Otherwise very cool alternative product! ;-)

  • Translated from German Holger
    JoJoBa I'll make it short & sweet ..... LIKE !! I was well served and can really recommend it. Greetz

  • Translated from German Fabian
    Dude I haven't been that wide for a long time! God protect the Dutch. You are just top, and that's awesome! I will definitely order it again! Thanks, you're the best!

  • Translated from German Alexander
    So I have to say that I am very satisfied with the incense mixture. Wouldn't have expected that. The delivery took a little longer than I am used to, but it still arrived. To the smoking mixture itself: top. you need less than the original. Be careful with the dosage initially! Effect is not like the original. Says a colleague of mine too. In part it reminds me of it, but it is something else. We will definitely order this incense mixture again. Thanks Shayana

  • Translated from German Melanie
    Tried it for the first time. Really top ???? You really don't need much of it and the effect is quite similar to the real one. ?? Definitely ideal for beginners ??

  • Translated from German Tina
    Good taste, effect available but only very slightly, is best suited for inexperienced users. For all connoisseurs I would recommend something different

  • Translated from French Laurena
    Comes well, not too strong. You can crumble easily, you don't have to burn and less is more here too.

  • Translated from French Fabien
    not bad but I prefer the longlastic mix which is more powerful

  • Translated from French stunt
    Nice, the effects are there. Nice taste without more. Good relaxation, a little less powerful and less long than the effects of the husband. Fast delivery times. I will take it on occasion but the price is quite high ...

  • Translated from French Messi
    Very nice effect and good product especially when taking the plane it allows you to go through security checks in peace! With an excellent beer

  • Translated from Samoan Nairobi
    I can really only recommend it, alone or with friends, every time an incredible experience. Shayana is of course great with the delivery, you always get what you order and should not come after 4 weeks times simply write and they give you a voucher in the amount of your purchase, but it really only happened to me with several orders :)

  • Translated from French Nico
    Good morning all. First of all thank you to shayana for the seriousness and the customer follow-up, then for the packaging and the shipment I congratulate you and as regards the products they are effective ... Each one to test and adjust the dosages according to its state of mind and physical, each product must be tested gradually and I think in view of comments or explanations of shayana we can discover everything without danger. Good luck to the shayana team and good trip to all the perches

  • Translated from French selmack
    very good product received 4 days after my order as promised, concerning the product wahououou, not to be taken lightly I rolled a little to test then 5 minutes after the effect rose, palpitation, euphoric feeling, yet I am a smoker of illegal product in my country (cannabis). the little less of the product is the next day I can assure you that we feel a big fatigue, with the desire to sleep in bed (do not plan to make big efforts) recommendation to all. ..

  • Translated from French Matthieu
    The high is similar to that of a good sativa that grew in the sun with no chemical taste and heavy stoned. On the other hand no feeling at the physical level except that it gives cold like a beginning of rise of mushroom for example.

  • Translated from French arnaud
    I made 1 stick, I pulled four slats, the rest will end up in the trash! I thought my heart was going to burst so hard that it was pounding hard. I do not recommend it to those who want to substitute it for ganja. It has nothing to see! continue or stop the ganja but don't take that. Those who want to get high in their mind and health, this is for you! Ganja like all other drugs is not the problem, it is the user and what he does with it. If the user decides to destroy himself or endanger the lives of others, it is not the fault of the plant!

  • Translated from French Kévin
    Surprising! I ordered a 1g sachet, when I received it, I thought it would make me 2 sticks. When I roll them, I realize that I have not even used the quarter or the 5th bag, or 0.1g / stick. I smoke one, the climb was done in the next 2 minutes! The 2nd it's my friend who smoked it (it didn't finish it anyway) it started with a trip bac, probably because we had an empty stomach and I had drunk one tea with mushrooms 2 hours before. We watched TV, ate what came to hand and there, the descent was exhilarating! We laughed for anything. We ended up taped in front of the TV, our body gradually defended itself until it could no longer focus on the program and fell asleep. This is my first trip with the Dutch Orange Mix. No need to put a lot to travel so that the 1g bag will still last longer. In conclusion, even if it started with a bad at the beginning, I keep a very positive opinion on this product! Besides, I just recommended another sachet! ??

  • Translated from French elisabeth
    I have been smoking for a long time and this is the first time I buy this weed because I am broken down. Very pleasant to smoke, it relaxes me and opens my mind, moreover I have asthma these days and as soon as I smoke it I manage to breathe better! I find it a bit expensive 130 euros for 20 grams I hope to have some for 20 days. SHAYANA SHOP is correct I was delivered correctly, it is a serious site and I am tempted to discover other soft products.

  • Translated from French Shu
    The order arrived 6 days after sending, the product is good, weaker than the weed but very relaxed, without heaviness. the effect is short (1 hour for a large joint, if not more 30-40 min) but that's what I expected. Occasional smoker after having smoked bcp, I prefer a less heavy high and even with a very high weed, I am quickly broken. It is more peaceful. On forums, some have had missing orders, however. For me it happened well despite a holiday in the week.

  • Translated from French manzmanzdu26
    an ideal magic mixture when one doesn't decide to do nothing of one's day !!! xD perso sa me but good slaps are those that the original version !!!! go hop good smash has you !!!! :-)

  • Translated from French varek
    You have better put very small balls otherwise it will be impossible to shoot. It kicks hard enough but has a hard time driving

  • Translated from French meunier
    wow it slams the ghoul do not put too much I have the equivalent of a stick in a 2 sheet I pulled 6 taff on it is it rose slowly but surely it slammed me all day

  • Translated from French Babybel
    order received in 4 days !! and the effects are like good weed

  • Translated from French fernandes
    my story ... I rolled a joint dosed normally its not done much but I felt that its going up. then I rolled another joint e duch orange but mix it with a bit of weed. I found it really pleasant to mix two times more sagging with a small joint .. the taste and rather pleasant in the mouth .. I recommend

  • Translated from French Pakalolo
    Allright !!!! Excellent product. Royal Dutch weed is perfect! Package received in 4 days, nothing to say, except Thank you Shayana! :)

  • Translated from German Bennet
    Highly Recommended! Please note that even the original blend mix is stronger than the original (in most cases). Really good, tastes pleasant -> does not scratch the throat. Would buy it again at any time (just done; D). The price is also not from bad parents.

  • Translated from Samoan AG
    Very satisfied with product the delivery only took + -10 days. To say, however, that it was sent over xmas including holidays and was accordingly busy. So not really helpful. The product amsich is top for beginners, pausers or just want to go safe.

  • Translated from French DonJayJay
    Very good grass. Sure, it's not great weed either, but it does have a high anyway. Less long (approx. 30 minutes) but it is legal and ideal if you want to relax without staying stuck for half a day. The taste is not bad and does not cloy like that of Sage. Personally, I recommend it and I will take it back without a doubt. I add that I had some apprehension before the first "churrito" and that I was pleasantly surprised!

  • Translated from Samoan Henry
    Beware of the high! I am a former smoker (tobacco only) and new herb tester whatever they are provided they smoke. I have just tried this product for the 2nd time. The first time, the product did not have the same presentation but it is the same, I did not like at all the too powerful and lasting effect of knockout which comes after half an hour or more. This time, today, I am satisfied to inspire a good puff of my e-cigarette where I had put a pinch of Dutch Orange Mix. I immediately felt that things were going to happen and that this single puff had to be charged to death with the active ingredient vaporized, and I immediately stopped; I hurried to go home in order to be there in case ... Then this state (burning legs, headache and chills, dizziness, vision problems etc ...) came to settle gradually, stronger and stronger. There it goes down, at the end of 2 hours I think (but the time seems longer in such a case) So I say: be careful with that, start very small and make sure you are safe for a few hours !!

  • Translated from French Luc
    Very good product with all the desired effects. a very gentle descent, in short, excellent :)

  • Translated from French Winnie
    Totally satisfied !! 5 days; exemplary speed. You seriously insure Shayana Shop;)

  • Translated from French Mickael
    basic mix: good taste, very satisfying effect but a little short it's true but good product .. Gold: an atrocious taste for me, ligth effect but present, in short not the top. Flower: passable taste, very satisfying effect, less speed than the base mix, even soporific ^^, a little longer effect, good product I would have liked to taste the long lasting but it does not exist anymore .. Voila ! thank you shayanashop for their seriousness and their discretion.

  • Translated from French Tchuta
    fairly fast delivery (sent Monday received Monday of the following week can be because of Thursday which was a holiday) in any case good product for me it is the same feeling as a good weed I put a very small pinches all along, I'm halfway and I'm already good even very good x) thank you shayanashop and good luck;)

  • Translated from French ANTOINE
    I love. I did not put much in a stick and I felt the rise after 10 min after your good for 30-40 min. Be careful not to smoke too quickly because the climb is treacherous. I, who don't smoke a lot, are super economical. To test

  • Translated from French Gueux
    I am experimenting with an interesting recipe that is worth sharing ... :) A seed of woodrose (therefore light but sustained psychedelic effects) followed by the chain of Dutch joints (which has the effect of (a light weed in normal times, without intense psychedeliic effects) and you get the effect of a very good weed with a high effect! :) To test...

  • Translated from French Seb
    Excellent alternative to the usual herbs, I have already ordered several times, the long last has a lot of effects and feels good, the flower has a nice color, no smell and also has its lil 'effect (which lasts less than the long last , obviously). and delivered in 4 days with that :)

  • Translated from French Anthony
    Colie received in not even a week I order igrow Can is dutch orange and. A weed flavored lollipop, very good product I recommend

  • Translated from French laporte
    Good substitute for light dosage tea: 2 pinches per stick good rise, good relaxing, soothing, no descent effect of about an hour not want to smoke again after but rather ready to do lots of stuff .... C the product that allowed me to stop the hash and weed while keeping my license lol! Now I vape in i taste v3, clearo kanger t 2 and c cool bye ;-)

  • Translated from French Daniel
    very good herb to choose from, I only take the "Long lasting" whose effect is barely more powerful and lasts longer

  • Translated from French anthony
    yeah nice, obviously it does not make a splash of a good weed but must admit that it shakes a little, it's nice in case of food shortage.

  • Translated from French tnt
    ok no problem once again, shayana serious site 1st order of normal orange mix 2nd order of orange mix + long lasting, personally I mix the two (5gr + 2gr) it slams well, it does more than troubleshoot while waiting for it to grow: D

  • Translated from German DW
    Kudos to Shayana, ended up here by accident looking for an alternative to the originals and was not disappointed. Within 4 days everything was there and well packed. You really don't need much and it is at least comparable to a strong weed, but even more so

  • Translated from French C...
    a good pinch for a joint, it stuck well to me anyway .. :) Good peppery taste, it's special, do not expect to find the taste of weed, but it is very appreciable. The head is high, no feeling of fatigue like a resin joint .. it's all good :) Only negative point, the effect is not very long, around 1 hour, but it's worth it My opinion !

  • Translated from German Christine
    Not bad! Doesn't taste so good and skin is a pleasant high! Perfect for beginners ^^ Shipping was 8 working days. Think me every mall that it does not come ?? But overall this is a great product Thank you Shayana ??

  • Translated from French Marchand
    PROMISE KEEPING! -Delivery time ok -The product also keeps all its promises! I thought the comments were made by site administrators because they are all along the same lines. But now I understand. all say the same thing because YES! occurs is effective. Thanks Shayana! I will talk about it around me.

  • Translated from French Mister
    CANNON for legal weed !!! Can be compared to the local, no need to load the joint, it looks like Provence grass in texture and smell but it is very pleasant to smoke. I smoke since I have nothing more and frankly I am ready to buy more (I smoke at least one bif per day for more than a year !!!!) I advise.

  • Translated from French Mathilde
    Thank you Shayana, this is our second order and we received the packages in less than 4 working days, keep it up ... PS> the orange dutch is really efficient, no need to put a lot ... it's a bit like the effect of the first joint where everything is a magic smile ...

  • Translated from French Tarantinesque
    Order sent Tuesday and received Friday then from there, nothing to say, it's fast. Then regarding the product, I must admit that I was at first a little dubious, I did not know what to expect and was only motivated by the comments. After two slats, Wouawouu, big Hight, it's really good effect. What's more, the effect lasts about 40-45min which I find is a real plus, so as not to slump. Really very happy with the Shayana product and service. ^^

  • Translated from French Remi
    The best alternative for weed. For those who have questions about the legality of Dutch in France, they can rest assured. This is the second time that my package has been checked at customs (we can see a "Roissy postal customs control" tape) and indeed its nickel pass, just ~ 1 gram of sample for analysis. The pleasures of imagining the head of the customs officers are matched only by the high of the dutch ^^.

  • Translated from French Erwann
    Very good alternative to so-called "illegal" substances .. Taste a little space at the beginning but after that passes .. Very relaxing effect .. I love j adhere ..

  • Translated from French marie
    This is exactly what I was looking for. He sends me to the 7th heaven. Be careful it doesn't take much

  • Translated from French kooloolimpa
    a little septic before the purchase, a little more when seeing the product ... well I roll a little ... not unpleasant taste ... 2 puffs ........... 6 puffs. .......... 10 puffs ......... and there ................... and there ...... ............. AND THE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SLAP!!!!!! it's like a well-packed mary joint, but alas that does not last as long (1 hour maximum) I strongly recommend the dutch orange to avoid those small evenings of penu 'has to struggle in neighborhoods not too frequentable in research a pouch (not always top and often too expensive) frankly thank you shayanashop!

  • Translated from French Maxime
    Apart from a smell of wood that burns when you smoke it, it's quite good. The effects are minimal for me who has smoked for 4 years daily but there is a small effect

  • Translated from French daniel
    really great a nice alternative but be careful not to dose the little beast too much because it is not banana peels

  • Translated from French Planche
    I was tested the product. Light in all, strong indeed! Strikes! I ordered some. Nothing received after a week ...

  • Translated from French Anonymous
    So how do you say ...? Great, a try for even regular consumers. For the others, to try too, while being careful all the same ^^. I ordered with suspicion 3 weeks ago, today I am ordering with my eyes closed ("long lasting" test this time) High almost immediate, then rapid and gentle descent, and LEGAL in addition to all that. Shayana +1 for fast and discreet delivery;)

  • Translated from French pitbull
    effects comparable to weed but the breaking time is quite short about 45 min but very good product

  • Translated from French Frederik
    Very good product, effect comparable to cannabis, but legal; the duration of the effects does not exceed one hour; Very satisfied with Shayana Shop, a very serious site, which I use regularly

  • Translated from French vincent
    Taste quite flavored, nice For the effect it's quite close to weed, with a good high effect at the beginning followed by a more relaxed effect =)

  • Translated from French Servet
    Excellent product. I am a daily socket tapper (10 to 15 / days), I stopped overnight when I received my bag. I was extremely afraid of not being able to fall asleep but finally, after 2/3 farts loaded at 0.29 / 0.30, we go very VERY far, much further than after a socket. So level hits, it hits dry. On the other hand, I am at the end of my first sachet of 5g & I still have trouble falling asleep "quickly" in the sense that the psychoactivity of the plants contained in this mix has really been felt. Your brain is bubbling, lots of ideas are flowing through your mind. Being currently in a period of sanitation of my life, of putting in the sport etc, I do not know if this mixture is directly related to my will to continue in this direction but when I smoke, I have even more ideas for move forward in this project! To see for habituation now ... I smoke much less since I consume this product, it is a certainty. I have always finished my joins so far, this product is the only one that ends me before the end of some fart. Delighted with this purchase, I recommend (in every sense of the word)

  • Translated from French d2co
    FRANCHEMEN !!!! dthe bomb g had to stop the weed for the occasion and I would resume on occasion but the coward the case g took a gram for test where at first it was scary it smells of red fruit herbal tea and it looks like dla weed grinder g cru have an arnake pi taste a normal stike I have to smoke in 3 faith and its vo alaise dla white jorai su jorai pri cash 20g I strongly advise early the world in addition c legal ke to request more

  • Translated from French Roudaye
    Order Friday received Thursday: Super !!! Well what can I say like any self-respecting smoker the pretty envelope arrives 3 small sachets with 2 of 2g and 1 of 1g !! Immediate try !!! draw of a few slats and then my friends a rise which gives me a great slap !!! to oblige my wife to tell her to come home because I was to disconnect lol !!! In a nutshell: CREATE !!!!

  • Translated from French Sabrina
    when I received this product I thought I had bought some Provence herb so I was terribly disappointed until I used it ... it was how to put it, TOO MUCH BALL !!!! By smell and taste it is exactly the desired product same effect can be even more powerful than some varieties so I seriously approve I recommend it as an alternative to Marie Jane.

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    This mix is an atomic bomb !! I only smoke that now, and I no longer have the small lump in my stomach when we come home from a party having smoked weed because now, the cop controls, its no longer laughing with cannabis. With the DUTCH ORANGE MIX, more THC, and it's legal !! THANKS SHAYANA !!!

  • Translated from French Gihaut
    hello everyone;) this is the first time I have ordered on shayana and also the first time I have tasted a mixture of smoking herbs;) I was pleasantly surprised, it's pretty powerful so the first times is better to dose small and increase as you go (even after a week I put a lot less than for a normal fart). the effect is quick enough in my case, the muscles relax and a feeling of well-being appears ... to sleep it's great and in the morning we wake up much more fit than if we had smoked a fart the day before. By cons for the order follow your package because some delivery platform are really shitty (DPD) and your package can be returned to the sender (I took 3 months to have my package instead of 1 week if the deliverers had done their work)

  • Translated from French Marie
    Very nice discovery effect more than nice !!!!!! I recommend this product and am in a hurry to discover other adventures ........

  • Translated from French Vincent
    They all have a different effect, which allows them to be used as needed. My two favorites, La flower with a very powerful aphrodisiac and sedative effect, so to be used preferably in the evening for a good night's sleep. And the long lasting for its strong top cool effect.

  • Translated from French Zakfiel
    Frankly a killing! I really underestimate the effects, its looks like spice but smoke it anyway! His head quickly turns, see bader. I mixed the dutch orange mix with salvia 10x, I can tell you that for 1 hour I have bader!

  • Translated from French laurent
    Great product, I'm 46, smoked weed from 15 to 45, then I quit. For a year I had not taken anything, this product is a very good alternative, very good quality / price, no large doses to put, very economical, cool effect, and very fast. Thanks again for these extra finds

  • Translated from French BAUVOIS
    Not bad ! Do not expect the taste of a dewee but it smokes, it smashes, and especially no need to put as much! Niquel to take a break and recuperate a bit !!

  • Translated from French François
    Excellent product, with 1 gram I have to worry about 3: a pure stick, a "normal" joint (not big, not small ^^) and and a mix with the mystic hash only negative point, the effects last 30- 45 min.

  • Translated from French ferrand
    Frankly I was not expecting that !!! Total in the west !!! The same as if I had to smoke a big cone of weed !!! Delivered in 5 days at home, a real kiff to discover its envelope in its mailbox. Good product, good bang, to recommend ...

  • Translated from French laurent
    as well see better than the blue, and clearly superior to the crappy shit that we can find in the street, the effects do not diminish over time 4 or 5 years of Dutch orange mix behind me and frankly happy to find my favorite product, , message of October 09, 2018

  • Translated from French Berbey
    Hello everyone, really good produces a nice slap if you don't know how to dose a little because 5 minutes after smoking the slap comes !! !!

  • Translated from French Anna
    Great product that enlivens our evening with friends (giggles), nice effects that don't hurt. I became a true follower!

  • Translated from French Duterte
    A great product which for me poses better than a classic weed! And believe me not worth loading, two little pinch is enough!

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    [08.déc.2018] Its price justifies it, but frankly, especially after work, it knocks! It's a bomb that explodes like fireworks, which ends in snoring, so much it agrees! lol I don't know what you put in it puts the result is explosive, it is obviously the favorite for the evening, especially on weekends! And thank you Shayana Shop for the service could not be more rigorous, even when it is wrong, unfortunately not so frequently;), it repairs without counting, go ahead quietly (French from Alsace formerly and lastingly satisfied).

  • Translated from French Torrent
    At first, the package disappeared, but I contacted Shayana's team after a month, who returned it to me within a few days. Great !

  • Translated from French Alex
    Like everyone I was a little skeptical before ordering but after having tasted it I quickly changed my mind! Perched well with this product and pay attention to the dosage ... Heavy paw refrain ??

  • Translated from French Deuve
    Rather perplexed when ordering, my package arrived 4 days later and I am delighted with the result !!!! I recommend it to all weed smokers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French tioman
    houaaa that manages at Shayana shop !! package received in 1 week that's fine !! this morning I rolled a spiff with the orange mix duth and frankly it gave me a good slap with super nice blunt leaves as a product !! serious 8/10 as a note ...

  • Translated from French BOCQUIN
    Excellent product for those who want to stop or reduce their consumption of smokes the effects are frankly similar and the package arrived 5 days after ordering Thank you Shayana

  • Translated from French jullienne
    First faith that I smoked dutch orange mix, frankly not over the taste, the smell, its much less unpleasant than some shit ex .. (barium), since especially the most important point the effect it really pisses you off good good vibe peace the men.

  • Translated from German Jen
    So after I have ordered Dutch Orange a few times now, I think I will now also tell you how I find it: DI love the stuff =) whereby I have to say that my first time with it was my first time with such a herbal mixture and I just popped in as much as I knew from normal Jonny (who was also a while ago) ... that popped me up so much that I thought from minute to minute I was suffocating and then I was almost really because I definitely couldn't stop vomiting for two hours straight. But I just dosed it much too high for the first time .. Well after I had this "horror trip" digested for a few days, I dared to go back again but this time very careful xD and then it was as it should be great, chilled ..wattiges feeling and fressflash = D then I was able to slowly increase from time to time. Conclusion - great stuff but if you haven't smoked for a long time or you don't know these herbal mixtures, dose gently first! Although I will continue to order this variety, I became curious about new varieties and therefore I also ordered Dutch Manali a few days ago and my order has arrived today, by the way, again really fix 4 days - Top Shayana! =) only had to wait about 4 weeks for the first order with normal shipping that was hard ?? but since then I always take insured shipping and that’s fixed = D

  • Translated from Samoan Camille
    Thanks to this herb, insomnia is over! Insomniac since always, I tested everything, I took sleeping pills for a few months, but the awakenings were difficult as after a heavy drunkenness, whereas now I fall asleep easily, I do not wake up every hour and I wake up like a flower! On the other hand I had it tested with a friend with whom it did not have the same effect, each person reacts differently I suppose!

  • Translated from French stiou
    what to say about a pearl mdr nan seriously it is a great product really 1st I run more everywhere to find a little herb it is on average less expensive than the market a taste which varies according to the version that you use. for those to whom it has been a while since you haven't had a smoke, go slowly in my case, it surprised me the climb and fast for me. "the beux and in mind what water is to life." I don't know I like this sentence anyway thank you shayanashop for this wide range of legal canna thank you

  • Translated from French Quentin
    Very good product to overcome the grass! Smack less long, but very pleasant.

  • Translated from French Videau
    without more, the first sticks send you a bar with a quick high but the effect wears off so quickly: s and smoking more is useless (well for me). Far different from a good weed.

  • Translated from French eddy
    I ordered (3gr flower) I think I received a little more and thank you :) so what can I say? I put two pinches (about 0.3-0.5gr) in a roll, not being a weed smoker. The effects came very quickly: euphoria, relaxation, I was laughing for nothing. In short, some say that this product does not work and well if it works !! and how !! On the other hand, I have a friend (also non-smoker) to whom it did not have the same effects, he did not have a real high and was a little disappointed but we must admit that he was also euphoric! In short: very good + legal effect ... what more could you ask for?

  • Translated from French Jacky
    Good product, and not expensive. It relaxes well, without exaggeration. The climb is quiet and the descent is very gentle. In addition, customer support is very good: 1 package was lost but shayanashop compensated me with a reduction voucher. Thank you and well done!

  • Translated from French FAGNOT
    Unbelievable ! With my companion, we injected 0.1g of it together, spread over about 5 hours (little by little) and it was absolutely brilliant! We talked, listened to music, danced ... Between the MD effect, c, speed ... On the other hand we realized after taking it that it was a synthetic molecule, as we are used to to order mushrooms on this site, we did not expect that! But don't worry, we recommend and start again! Super Shayana, thank you!

  • Translated from French Christian
    Excellent product. I have the impression that it is even a little stronger than before. the effects are very close to a good herb, duration of the effects approximately 3 to 4 hours, and leaves you well relaxed for the next 12 hours. A good additional point for Shayana, it is the super fast sending by UPS, delivery in three days, against 15 days by post.

  • Translated from French eve
    to buy with eyes closed; good driving; and all that in the mailbox; What better? ps: great customer service, big up direct response!

  • Translated from French vegilo
    assembled quickly but effect quite short: 15/20 (note with respect to the other products on the site taking into account that they are all powerful apart from one or two exception, I also had lots more or less strong on certain products )

  • Translated from French Pierre
    for x years, I smoke it every day. I even forget to smoke homemade weed! When's the tobacco in the corner? I have more than 10 years left, I would like to see that before my death !!!! in any case, nickel delivery!

  • Translated from French joseph
    hello to all of me i discover and not knowing therefore that the sensation occurs is super even if too short the only criticism comes from the delivery times I read that people are delivered in a few days only me minimum more than 3 weeks I think I would not be published but hey I wanted to mention it otherwise excellent product

  • Translated from French Sandrine
    I would say that it is not bad, even if when you open it you rather have the impression of opening a tea bag, while smoking the taste is much less pronounced than the smell. A small mounted lighter than marie-jeanne but present. To change it a bit it's worth it.

  • Translated from French Fabio
    Received five g about 10d ago. All done. Unbelievable. Too good. Small adaptation time for the taste and we end up loving it. When the effect, just crazy, we believe to smoke green or brown, but good, and it lasts .... a little speeding, featherweights and occasional smokers put only a small pinch otherwise beware of bad delirium ! The others, the heavyweights, a good pinch and off we go ":-)) I think I will never buy thc again. And settle for what's in Shayana.

  • Translated from French Xnoob
    Great!!! The Dutch Orange Mix-Original Blend is a great product. With my friends, we smoked about 0.30g to three (we are good consumers) and we had a blast for about 45 mins! This product is of very good quality, well packaged and of course legal! The price remains quite reasonable for a rare product on the French market. Of course, shayanashop is very serious, fast and discreet deliveries, without any problems. I wish everyone who wants to have fun a good trip!

  • Translated from French philippe
    product to be ordered with eyes closed; always regular delivery; and for the weed of course the taste has nothing to do but a medium dose marocco and the smile guaranteed

  • Translated from French Oz
    Smoker for about twenty years it is through a friend that I knew the existence of this herb, and be guaranteed that these effects are as high as a small cushy weed, its relaxes and its travels a good half hour, in short its done the job, second order for me I leave on Extreme and Solid Pollen!

  • Translated from French Poupz
    Great !!! Discreet and quick delivery. The product corresponds to the description and guaranteed effect ... For me who was looking for an alternative to thc (especially because of roadside checks) I am delighted. Thank you Shayana Shop you are at tooooop!

  • Translated from French kenny
    Good product good little slap to recommended for the super price tomorrow delivery to the top received in 4 days ??

  • Translated from French noname
    As always nothing to say just PaRfAiT SHAYANA, the times less than a week, the quality, the quantity (sometimes there is more but never less for my part), small gifts, without counting on discretion and all that to home !! I am starting to get used to ordering and my personal tastes in terms of quality / price traps are: Long Lasting to go to bed, Barium, Intense, extreme and for the orange mix it is my favorite both in taste (I put everywhere) when effective because it adapts to tooooooouuuuuuuuut time of day ^! ^. . . By cons go easy if it's your first because accustomed to smoking good grass, the first time for me I will always remember I thought I made an attack and this for 8 hours (I loaded like 4 good pinches) but over time and quickly you learn to dose and it still has its fucking effect after two years of consumption alternated with good weed ^^. . . LONG LIVE SHAYANA FOREVER ^! ^

  • Translated from French Ernewein
    very good attention not to put too much good value for money yes with it's true worthy of a very very good weed

  • Translated from French Clément
    Very nice and fast effect, can even stick a big slap if you have a heavy hand on the dosage! Be careful not to abuse it, beyond 1 or 2 joints in an evening it can give a bit of a headache: X Taste not folichon but nothing unpleasant, just like the smell. In summary I highly recommend to reduce consumption, troubleshoot if you do not have a good herb on hand, or even to build a bit of a pre-dodo joint =) Special mention to shayana and its ultra-fast deliveries like always (between 3 and 5 days maximum for my part), no idea of the method but it is quite unique in the genre!

  • Translated from French cindy
    Very good product a sacred alternative to gandja more without thc! Thank you shayana for this good fruity dutch! Unfortunately the waiting time for delivery is really too long certainly due to the incompetence of the post in France :(

  • Translated from French Horny
    Very good grass, roll a firecrackers in 1 small ocb leaf, 1 can of tobacco and still a good pinch of this mixture, deny too much deny not enough, you have to find your dosage .. I consume the Moitier of my little leaf, 5 min apred relax, when the effect disperses, you consume the other half, and then the bah you relaxed, your brain gradually goes out and you hover well, as well as a good shit or that a good herb, the effects are the same .. Then the smell is not the same which allows to remain discreet, to advise, comment dated April 2, 2017

  • Translated from French Chacal
    Very strange taste but tearing effect, however I have the impression that addiction to the product happens quickly enough

  • Translated from French Collet
    Hello I waited for the package long enough 2 weeks or so but superb fabulous products not to overdose but otherwise nothing to do with the right beu kon found here

  • Translated from French Roussies
    A great product so well used. Because what is harmful to the organism is the abused and repeated use of foreign substances. And this is true for all things we ingest: be it tobacco, drugs but also food. Even the abuse of sports destroys the joints. All that to say that you have to be reasonable whatever you do if you want to live by reducing health problems to the max. This herb is divine if it is consumed with respect for itself and by being attentive to its body. Advice that only engages me but which can reduce the annoyances: Consume when your mind is calm and rested (7 hours of minimum sleep) Do a moderate physical activity once or twice a week minimum. Eat natural and minimally processed products. Whenever possible, do everything so that your life is happy and you can smile every day. Nowadays the mere fact of being alive is a chance. Become aware and have fun! Be happy ! Otherwise for the product: Effects similar to cannabis with an equivalent rise but over a shorter duration. By cons not really lack effects, or paranoia. Personally, I feel good even one or two days after consuming it: less irritability, soothing and feeling of peace of mind. It seems to regulate my mood. Really interesting...

  • Translated from French laurent
    Excellent substitute for getting away (moderately!) While waiting for the weed to grow.Thanks Shayanah ...

  • Translated from French Saly
    Very very TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES good alternative I RECOMMEND BOTH WAYS ^^ Thank you so much Shayana !!!!

  • Translated from French Arkenya
    Order on January 9, 2017 received in France on January 20, 2017. First order to test because Septic at the start but once trying very surprised, I was tired of looking for dealers with a crazy price. I came across the site by chance and I said let's try heavy smoker I was forced to try. In terms of taste it is different to weed but without gravitating because it has rather a good taste. Rather treated after 3 slats we say yeah bof but beware I put a small pinch and after 10min here I am in another world lol. To be dosed slightly. Even better than illegal !!! I'm a fan! Thank you shayana

  • Translated from French didier
    hello, received my order this morning, super happy and great product to try. Thank you and happy new year. popi

  • Translated from Samoan fanny.arraslaposte.net
    It is impressive, largely brilliant to stop the bedave A pinch is enough and I am too good, while bedave did me more effects. I recommend (too bad there is not a description of the plants) NB: it lasts for hours

  • Translated from French De
    So delivery at the top, very professional in all discretion, very good quality / price ratio. A powerful High similar to a good ganja, very economical, no need to load the bed, thank you shayanna at the top

  • Translated from French Roch
    This is my second order for this product. Regarding delivery times: my first arrived in 14 days, the second in 9 days, so it's variable, so I advise the most impatient not to yell on various forums as I read the bullshit from like "yeah but Shanaya is a scam" after 3 days of waiting. Concerning the product: after years of smoking, I am now an occasional smoker, one or two 5g of grass in the year at most. But in recent years more contact, so more smoking, and I came across the orange dutch. I took a long time to order because necessarily the questions cons jostle like "shit a kind of substitute for weed it would know, it stinks the scam". But I regret my apprehensions, because yes it's true, the orange dutch does indeed have the effects of weed. I recommend this product, and will recommend on this site.

  • Translated from French Willy
    Frankly super good product I recommend it's sweet be careful not to overdose it can be surprising but you can go it's cool thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French zen
    Hello, shayana the best website, excellent product with a lot of effect with very little product and moreover not expensive. Customer support is always available and provides you with excellent advice. Do not hesitate to try and buy you that. The barium is excellent too I love it, I do not find it faulty. Very happy holidays to all and see you soon shayana :)

  • Translated from French Roch
    Ordered on 07/11 received on 21/11. Very anonymous parcel with intact product. The dutch Orange? Exelent I recommend.

  • Translated from French Brochado
    First impression, it smells like weed, but differently. And stuns the climb, very nice, it piques the eyes In fact it's a good trip (45 minutes) because it goes down quite quickly, but I don't mind, it keeps me from sticking 5 hours :-). Quite convinced.

  • Translated from French morte
    good troubleshooting product, but Know that this product remains prohibited for those who believe it is legal for example France it remains a psychoactive herb so beware

  • Translated from French serus
    Relatively fast delivery the product is good it's true it is not necessary to put a lot and the effect is nice

  • Translated from French Sph
    First try of dutch orange Mix because I am a long-time consumer of weed and mainly in bang and I had nothing for a little while so curious I ordered this and two other products and well frankly the dutch orange Mix m 'was very pleasantly surprised, effect felt direct enough powerful rise and effect of an hour or so it should not be too much to put because I had a heavy hand at the beginning and I admit that I regretted it because after going out in public at been trying for me I had smashing eyes and the impression of being stupid when I spoke ?? When you dose quiet it is a nice effect and worth that of the basic weed

  • Translated from French MOUROT
    I have ordered this product several times. Being an old smoker of green or good bedo, between 2 harvests or during the holidays and therefore shortage, I opted for the test of this substance. long for me: (15 days). Not having loaded my first joints excessively, The effects turned out to be rather quiet, even comparable to a small commercial. In short a good troubleshooting for me in times of scarcity., After, charging a little more the mule after a good evening of polite-consumption totally abused, This prod poses well, just the smell that frustrates me a little, (not unpleasant at all, but can be a bit "flat" for my taste). But as long as the effects are there, it's not too serious ^^. We are still not far from "potlike" as our friends in Quebec say. Prod that I recommend to change a little or to troubleshoot .. Thanks to the whole Shayana team.

  • Translated from French lefour.veronique
    Very nice product, very surprised by the taste which my time is not unpleasant! I recommend ! no need to put tons to feel the effects that happen very quickly !!! :)

  • Translated from French Jean
    Order placed on a Tuesday and received 1 week and a half later, I open my cover and first thing, the smell that is unknown to me, I put 2 pinches to see and there biiim, slap ^^ Frankly not disappointed for the report quality price, especially that you are delivered to your home. I will reorder at your house shayana;) for someone who is in shock like me I was pleasantly surprised by the effects

  • Translated from French Alex
    From the first bars, a feeling of numbness, neither good nor bad, in the legs and arms. Then the trip arrives after 3 minutes, a very solid effect and super pleasant sensations. In the pouch it smells like Arabian spices, smoked it's not super good but it goes well, it's not annoying. I highly recommend !

  • Translated from French robin
    very cool effect and well manageable for the price !!! a cheap product and at least you smoked vegetable!

  • Translated from French Buddy
    Not bad while waiting for harvest. Must not be good for the lungs anyway. But the effect is there.

  • Translated from French Nastor
    So frankly I recommend it very good product and not worth putting a lot to get high. The duration of the effects is variable whether you consume it alone or not

  • Translated from Samoan Philippe
    Giant this weed. I am a heavy smoker, fasting here tore me into 20/80 orange / tobacco here put me a slap and it went back down after about 1:30. What an idiot I should have taken 10 grams !!!

  • Translated from French Nuel
    I loved this taste which doesn’t look the same as the real one but I had already encountered it in a mixture of herbs without thc and I was very pleasantly surprised to find it here. Suddenly a little crush that makes me take 5Gr today. For the effect, very pleasant without being too powerful ducoup c is nice when you just want to smoke a little during the day without being taped in the sofa. Be careful not to overdose all the same, the effects can arrive relatively late, or rather the peak of high may surprise well 15 minutes later and again ...

  • Translated from French Mat
    Pretty violent the first use! Do not put much because otherwise you will Bober thoroughly. The taste is not horrible and the effect is more than present. The only thing is that it really leaves a weight on the brain (very strong indica genre, with which you can do nothing after).

  • Translated from French fachiche
    for my part I received my package in 5 days, the taste at the beginning was not great but after we got used to it, but level farther; then there friends I find that it smashes well anyway. not to put in all hands I think. thank you shayana ...

  • Translated from French jean-francois
    I love this grass, really good product, big slap, well put, just a little backyard, three quard an hour an hour, then nothing, practical during the day, but its grows a little at the conso lol

  • Translated from French canna'weedeur
    I have just received 5g which I hastened to taste; it gives the same sensation as a good spliff, but it bursts the eyes on the other hand and the product has like a drug smell, afterwards when you smoke it the smell is less unpleasant and the fumes do not break the throat. Frankly shayana hat

  • Translated from French Pierre
    It's great, the smell is like a spice and it creates a posed state like weed with moments of euphoria, simpa. I mix a little afgan (very good bédo) with dutch orange mix and a little rolled tobacco so that the smoking is less "strange in the mouth" and all this in the socket X) perfect but I admit that the mixed alone it produces a stale smoke like that of salvia. Thanks Shayana!

  • Translated from French Vincent
    Being a regular at the Dutch Orange Mix, I wanted to try new things. So I ordered 3 g of Long lasting. And well there is no photo! Much better than the classic! The effect is much more powerful, it better matches what I was looking for. Word of a former heavy smoker of weed repented because of abusive repression. On the other hand, the high does not last longer for me. Now I am trying the Gold and the Flowers. Even if it remains expensive, the quality is there. And in addition always, the service, the quality, the speed, the discretion of Shayana. Thank you.

  • Translated from French Wilfried
    The Dutch Orange Mix is exactly what I have been looking for for a long time! Being schizophrenic, cannabis made me have seizures to the point of having to quit definitively some time ago. (I'm 31) Dutch Orange Mix is THC free but it still has all the good points of a nice high. It's perfect for me ! In addition, it is completely legal. What more ? I will recommend it again and again! Thank you Shayana :)

  • Translated from French Frederic
    It is a very good product, incredibly close to cannabis. The site is very serious, an order that the post office had lost, was indeed returned to me after checking that my package had disappeared. For all those who are fed up with smoking bad stuff, no doubt dutch is well worth a joint of a classic weed.

  • Translated from French mister
    excellent, sweet, good, delivers in 4 days on average, c the legal alternative that relaxes!

  • Translated from French PIERRE
    Simply EXCELLENT !! Attention the climb is very slow, when I smoked my first joint with this thing I still remember having crushed it in the ashtray once finished saying to myself "but it's shit this thing does not matter all" ... then eight / ten minutes later only I started to feel weird, then it starts to go up slowly but it goes up it goes up it goes up it doesn't stop going up lool ... good big half hour later I collapsed on the sofa and I did not move for three hours so high ... this thing is the peace pipe of the Native Americans too nase for any physical activity but in the head c is maximum activity and in the best sense of the term! To be avoided during social relationships requiring a minimum of vigilance required, total banishment if physical activity required, on the other hand ultra high recommendation to rest quietly, the trip is interior and personal ... but what a trip!

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Taste level is less good. On the other hand level effect is not bad good feeling similar to the weed the effects rise faster and its stronger but it lasts less long. I recommend !

  • Translated from French PHILIPPE
    Very good alternative to canna. Received in 4 days Very close effects, neither bad trip nor hellish climb GOOD STUFF

  • Translated from French BOUCHELAGHEM
    Thank you, it's quick, correct effect I do not regret having bought.

  • Translated from French gonachon
    A spiritual herb that allows access to knowledge and allows you to connect ............ and also to live unforgettable experiences that allow if we give it a meaning ...... .... to achieve real miracles, thank God and shayana

  • Translated from Samoan Mik
    My favorite choice, very well served, with 5g you will easily have it for 2 weeks if you are an average smoker.

  • Translated from French nicolas
    for the Sunday smoker that I am, this product is very good. Good taste and a (very) low dose, it has a nice effect

  • Translated from German Florian
    Pleasant, slightly menthol-like, in taste and with an amazing effect for the price - I'm really impressed :)) Now, too;)

  • Translated from Italian stefano
    exquisite product, even improved delivery service. I am really satisfied. Thanks very much

  • Translated from German teben
    Lasts for a few days, even if it is only a gram. Similar conditions occur to the original. It was a real relief to feel so light and carefree again. Maybe it even has advantages ... I'm thinking of traceability due to urine tests ... Or that it doesn't hit you as badly as cannabis, so that you tease less, with others, and stay a little more in everyday life.

  • Translated from German Philipp
    Very chilled product, soft and slightly spicy smoke, pleasant turn not too strenuous and with 90 minutes optimal journey. For beginners as well as experienced friends of Legals High, a product to be recommended with a great price / performance ratio! Everyone is in good hands here, Advice Quality!

  • Translated from Italian Luca
    excellent pleasant feeling

  • Translated from German Senddogg
    Delivery took 4 days. At the beginning I was very skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised. Of course, the taste cannot be compared to the original. But the feeling comes very close to that. At the beginning you should stick to the low dosage, but you can increase it quickly. All in all just good, gladly again!

  • Translated from German ngl
    I once ordered a G to try. So I think it's ok. It's not as strong as some hash here in the shop, but I like to smoke it with the Essence. Top mix. I'll order more from next time. I can recommend it to everyone: 0.05 from Essence and 0.025 from Dutch Orange. Super delicious and seals me safely in the herbal cigarette for 1-1.5 hours. +++ ngl

  • Translated from German smoki
    So it was skeptical at first because I've really tried a lot lately but I have to say this mix .... great class !! After lighting the fuse, it takes about 30 minutes until it slowly clicks off, but an "after-high" is there ... the best mix I've been able to try! Delivery 1a ... super shop!

  • Translated from German Pilzi
    I am absolutely convinced ... staker flash but no food bottle and no fatigue, unfortunately no laughing flash either ... still very good stuff

  • Translated from German danny
    Top effect I'm surprised small amount put in the pipe and I'm as wide as a nadder thank you again.

  • Mik
    Mon choix préféré, très bien servi, avec 5g vous en aurez pour facilement pour 2 semaines si vous êtes un fumeur moyen.

  • Translated from French milouse72
    Like a good weed, it dislocates and it's legal

  • Translated from French widoo
    slt to all nice this dutch for occasional smokers the taste I found a little special but its happening, do not expect to have the effects of a good weed its has nothing but from time to time a dab of dutch is appreciable .a +

  • Translated from French Ruckenbusch
    good little mix of grass, the effect is there; in addition I received 2.7g for 2 purchased, thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Moaaaa
    I have been smoking canna for a few years and I went through the forums a lot before I decided to try a 'substitute' and it looked the best. After trying I would say: biennnnnnnnn; o) Obviously it is not canna, but the effects are cool, it feels good and it relaxes a lot. The smell is quite special but it is not unpleasant when you smoke. Also thank you to the site for its speed and its seriousness!

  • Translated from French Hemmache
    Stormbleu Hello earthlings, I ordered received 8 days later, very surprised by the rise 30 seconds after having inhaled 3 puffs it only went up, sincerely I was on my knees, the taste not very strong , but I still prefer the taste of the Weed if not tranquil to be able to relax legally.

  • Rauno
    Bought 2 of these and both came over 1 gram, one was 1.5g :) I'm a regular green smoker. I put about the same amount in a joint as i would do with the real thing mixed with a little aromatized tobacco. Well i guess it was quite a lot for a first time hit of a new substance. But i must say it feels exactly like a big hit of Mary. It took 2-3 minutes to kick in, it came on pretty fast and hard. Like good quality Mary! I wasn't expecting it to be this good. Will probably order more :)

  • eLBaRTo
    I was really impressed by this. You often expect legal herbs not to work, but this was good. It gives a relaxed but short(10-15 mins) high wich is not necessary a bad thing. Its perfect for dry times or when u have shit to do. I actually bought this again, this time with some wild dagga

  • Mellk
    This amazed me, taste good and feels good man.. I also got a bad trip from this, the effect is better than cannabis.

  • Dexter
    I had high expectations and i can confirm its goof stuff. Surprisingly close to the real thing. Good value for money and fast delivery. Recomended

  • Translated from French Massart
    Wow, very fantastic! Tankyouverymuch my friend! I Have eating 2 stamp in the same time, it's not strong, but regular For 8/9 hours.The next time i buy the pills and i wanna see if 2 pills can crashed my horns .... to remake

  • Translated from German Mr.Anon
    That stuff is rude! I haven't been that close for a long time! 1A! Thank you ! : D

  • Translated from German THC
    Hello :) I ordered the Hawaiian truffles and 1g Dutch o-mix. I'm so looking forward to the truffles, but they're on the weekend. I didn't really expect much from the bong cleaner and didn't expect anything, I washed the (small) head of the bong pur through the bong. At first nothing happened, but then after about 2 to 15 minutes the effect became more and more visible, and now it shines like the first time! Top! If I had known then at least 10g would have been bought! Thanks to Shayana, everything packed well and safely, had 23g instead of 22g for the truffles (y)

  • Translated from French GUILLAUME
    good product similar to weed so well inspired even if the weed is still better but being now in a remote area of Holland, it's a good transition ... let's hope there is no junk in it like the biosmoke products ...

  • Translated from German Pascal
    shayanaaaaaaaaaaa, best shop best products, best cleaning, everything here ... I think it's good. About the product and delivery: packet there after 4 days, smell herbaceous sweet, taste ok [Hazeliebhaber] , .... cleaning [Hazeliebhaber] , on the other hand, very pleasant, slowly dissolving good. could clean a bit longer but I'll make that clear in another order.

  • Translated from Italian Jovani
    I am in love with this mix! A great high, long lasting, fantastic. I felt like I was 15, giggling all day.

  • Translated from German GEIL
    So first of all a big thank you to you! I was so crazy about it: D it's probably still haha :) So it's really good stuff !!! Skin clean;)

  • Translated from French Lolarasta
    Very nice to smoke: sweet and pleasant taste, it hits as well as a good drink and it smells much less strong. Order arrived in 3 days, conclusion: what happiness !!!

  • Eternal
    That stuff gets you higher than the usual thing. It puts you in a real slow-motion, relaxed state. The best thing is that 1h1/2 later you can get back to whatever you were doing, even intellectual tasks. However, don't take this at times when you're having negative thoughts. If you're feeling good, then you're going to feel good, but if you feel bad, smoking will fuck your head up for a good hour.

  • junglewizz
    ... and just when I thought it couldn't get any better with Shayanaians ... This is the real deal, fantastic (somewhat sharp but not that sharp to cough it out) herbal taste, smells really good, not as nearly as invasive as your favorite plant's sweet scent ... Kicks in in a heavy, fuzzy manner, it is heavy on the head in completely different way than Lady Jane. I am a chronic devotee so I can discern the qualitative properties of the fuzz, and I tell you, it is different. Deep, heavy, meditative, contemplative, I really enjoyed it and will surely get me some more ! Half way between Lady Jane and sub-threshold puff of dry Salvia leaves, at least to me. Arrived fast and nicely packaged, super discreet, all the way down here. Much love to Shayana, as my 1st experiences with you are smooth and flawless. Peace on and tryp responsibly !

  • heyehhey
    Absolutely Awesome, best pot i've ever smoked The taste is not that good but, 5-10mn later... u're high as never before. I'm really impressed by the quality... Well thank u guys

  • Translated from German stefano
    5 working days was the mix because anticipation was pure first head was very very good haze-like taste and effect lasting effect not as good as with the weed but transition for those who have to pee off perfectly hollow me directly thank you

  • Translated from German Radoz
    Not bad, effect 5 out of 10 taste 6 out of 10

  • Translated from German Dom
    Great, flash is different, but similar and when you first use it is very intuitive, taste is unfortunately very special note 2

  • Translated from German Andre
    really great but unfortunately only a short 30min approx

  • Translated from German sebastian
    top mix :) taste ok and very potent. strong and pleasant effect, but does not make you bedridden. you can't do anything wrong.

  • Translated from German Antonio
    Hello, is the first time I've tested an RM. The smell is pleasantly sweet, but it tastes very similar to tea. The effect is okay, it comes very close to the original, but it seems to me that you are a bit clearer in the head. The effect is somewhat delayed and lasts half an hour. In terms of strength, it's okay, I've smoked a lot more, but it makes it pleasantly high. Conclusion: the price is okay, the taste is not so good, it works well :)

  • Translated from German Norman
    Good goods - good price! If you don't pull it through the bong, you should definitely use a filter in the bag. Vigorously in the throat and scratches. Effect lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. is completely OK so far! TO BUY !

  • Translated from German Peter
    Fine smell when opening the package and brings a relaxed high - good to smoke ... tastes super pure !! if I want it stronger I add a bit of hash assortment :) Super Shop - Super Stuff !!!!!!

  • Translated from German Daboss
    I really have to thank shayana for this part mixture * - *: D that was the first one I tested, and so far the best! I recommend taking 0.05-0.1 gr in the incense cone! in the bong Ca 0.02-0.04 (no longer because the effect of the bong is really violent Better!) to the effect of: depending on. Whether bong or bag floods the effect after 1-5 minutes. The first impression of me was very similar to the case of weed: D after about 10 minutes the highest high level (peak) had occurred. the mixture is very oppressive ie. you don’t want to move around much more and chill on the couch. the effect decreased after approx. 45-1 1/2 hours. after and had a slight afterhigh about 1 hour. but that didn't bother :) Rating: Strength: 7/10 Smell: 10/10 (sweet to minty) Taste: 6/10 Duration of action: 7/10 (45-1 1 / 2h) greez. Daboss (if you still have recommendations or anything else you can contact me on skype at jasonxd8)

  • Translated from German Bischoff
    Very good. Definitely lasts a long time. Also bangs for a long time;) Comes slowly, violently and well. Really recommendable!

  • Translated from French le-xot
    its torn and these legal. !! what more.!!! I'm for 300 for 100. !!

  • Translated from French max
    I am not disappointed with my purchase! Good effect but unfortunately really short compared to that of cannabis! Brief effects really cool, is very useful when you are in trouble ...

  • Translated from French diméglio
    wow !!! its loose! I smoke 5lates and I took a big slap, it will be hard to finish the join :)

  • Translated from French SENE
    Already it is green in color and it's just DINGLIGO of crazy evil XD Sends very fast and no need for discretion for this type of product ^^. Just a headache with a policeman but in 10 minutes it was gone, his head when it was noticed that it was legal and that I was completely dead XD. Great ! , Long live Shayana!

  • Translated from German tim
    Does what it promises scratches something and unfortunately only takes about 30-45 minutes. The effect is strong and the shipping takes a little too long

  • Translated from German Calvin
    Hello, I have now tried different varieties several times and I am still finding the best mix (taste, effect and productivity) for me. So far I've only had good experiences with these products on this page. High quality products. I have been surprised again and again what effect such a "herbal mixture" can have, for everyone who orders the products for the first time, be careful !! LG Calvin, wait for the next order. : p

  • Mikaël
    Best stuff to smoke on this website, I definitly recommend it. If you like to smoke weed, the effect is pretty similar. Of course, the effects last less time, but trust me, this is a good product. The taste can seems strange at the beginning but you you will like it after a while! Cheers.

  • smiley-green
    just finished a joint of this. (haven't smoked anything in 3 months) only added 2 fingertip to the mix. and umh: ''DAMN!!! THIS SHIT IS AWESOME!'' and hitting hard. ....

  • Translated from French thonyxot04
    its serious dechire I buy kash .. !!!!!!!!

  • Translated from Italian roberto
    good, cheap and does its duty.recommended !!! thanks shayana !!! this product I recommend it to anyone who has never bought x hesitations or doubts .... try it you will not be disappointed!

  • Alfred
    Does exactly what its meant to do!!! Cant complain. I'll also be ordering this again. I think that people that medicate regularly will be pleasantly surprised with this product. Doesnt make you feel too down and out. Also as the effect only lasts about 1 1/2 hours, i means you can back to what ever it was you were doing before you took it!!

  • Piotr
    A very nice herbal blend. In some ways it is similar to cannabis. The taste and the smell are okay, but they're not nearly as intense as the good ol' MJ. Plus this doesn't make you cough as hard. At first I was surprised at the quick onset of this mix, plus how stoned it made me feel. The delivery was quite fast too. Definitely recommending this.

  • Translated from German Marcel
    A really big compliment to Shayana :) Ordered Sunday evening and everything there on Wednesday. In any case, it is the right thing to do if you go to bed at night. I can only recommend it :)

  • Juho
    Almost like the real thing. Very good, but I still prefer the nature's creation giving similar effects.

  • hyst3ric
    Perfect stuff was impressed by the feelings, maked me smile psychedelic high :P highly recomend

  • gökhan
    Great stuff . I liked it. After that I will always do shopping from this site. All questions were answered and guaranteed delivery thanks shayana !

  • Keith
    It's OK but very mild compared to newer blends like Barium. Whereas Barium has a euphoric tint to it, I found this slightly sedative. That could make it better suited to the morning after clubbing when you want to wind down as Barium's energising effect could be annoying. But other than for that, I'm not a great fan. It's the real deal but Shayana has far better things for fun seekers.

  • Agnes
    this is amasing, I recommend it!

  • Translated from French Leeoh
    Effects of the weed, lasts less, but it works well!

  • Translated from French Audrey
    Very good product!!! Guaranteed effect !! But beware, contains THC! The package may be legal but you are positive for the cops cotton swab test !! So beware, smoker, if you drive you risk a lot because THC is flowing through your veins .. ;-)

  • Translated from French nico
    1st experience "Dutch" and frankly yeah it's heartbreaking! I had never smoked psychoactive herbs before that! I was in a bad mood I said good, I was going to try that! I had read the comments rather positive and frankly I am not disappointed! I had not smoked for a few days and this thing smashed me well! in addition it tastes great! I received the package in 3 days! Thank you shayana

  • Translated from French LOISEAU
    Hello, The effect looks like the products that existed in France but that the state forbade us, and suddenly the box itself put the key under the door, biosmoke (Spice, Sense Gorilla, Gold, and I past ...). An effect resembling a good, well high weed that only lasts about an hour, and then you become clean again. Smoking too little will give a slight headache without gravity. I recommend it for those who are waiting to harvest, as a palliative.

  • harzic
    super alternatives au produits illégaux, un petit peu écoeurant mais vraiment sympa, je recommande !

  • Translated from German Calvin
    Hello, I have now tried different varieties several times and I am still finding the best mix (taste, effect and productivity) for me. So far I've only had good experiences with these products on this page. High quality products. I have been surprised again and again what effect such a "herbal mixture" can have, for everyone who orders the products for the first time, be careful !! LG Calvin, wait for the next order. : p

  • Translated from Italian Ace
    Wow! it's stronger than weed! Definitely worth the price, I recommend this (shipping time was short)! God bless you Shayana! magnificent, with pleasure!

  • Translated from Samoan harzic
    super alternatives to illegal products, a little disgusting but really nice, I recommend!

  • Translated from French Max
    I had already ordered some and I really liked it. I placed an order for this product with something else and once received it missed the dutch orange mix. There was a cutter blow on the envelope covered with adhesive. Someone must have served themselves in the post ... I post this message to underline the seriousness of shayana and her customer service. Answers within the day and he returns the product to me. THANKS SHAYANA

  • Translated from German Petra
    Indescribably good, it is really worth trying !!! It was my first product and I can only say: just great!

  • Translated from French Kévin
    then first test: 1 normal joint of 'Dutch Orange Mix' I pull 3-4 slats and I say to myself: "It tastes a little bit like 2spicy .." I keep pulling and there I eat a nasty slap in the figure! Oh boy so the guys I did not think it tore as much, I would take it back for sure !!

  • Translated from German Dennis
    Very good from flash. Makes you smoking too ... one of the best on the market ... Only one knows whether it can be proven in tests. Request for feedback. Peace !!

  • Translated from Italian Davide
    Great stuf, like hashish or marijuana, but short trip It's not bad at all, the only drawback is the very short effect (45min max)

  • Translated from French Vincent
    it is not worth the sence mixture but it is not far from it. Good effect, fast, cool, to try.

  • Translated from French Shaolin
    Very good replacement during off-peak periods. A little water in this desert.

  • Translated from French Florian
    I made 3 orders of this little grass and each time different results: - 1st order, I did that rolling spliffs with and the result was just a little relaxation effect. - 2nd order, I continued to roll but I finished the bag on a wooden pipe and it made me quite stoned for 45 minutes - 3rd order, I invested in a water pipe and there, it is the allu! amazing, I have never been so high in my life, I tell you about my trip (quite complicated): Without realizing it I am completely torn off, I think I'm dreaming and therefore I think I have no need to act, that my brain will carry out the action itself and that therefore I do not need to speak, to move. From there it is enough that I realize that we are waiting for an intervention from me, that I move, that I answer a question, and then I come out of my dream, I say to myself "it's good you know that you are no longer in a dream, you will be able to continue your quiet evening "and this is not the case, I leave in my dream and the loop starts again ... => in light a little pipe is cool ^ ^

  • Translated from French Timotei
    Nikel Premiere order received in 1 week, frankly good with 1gr 4 or 3 pet and good effect (lumpy, want to eat lol, euphoria, pose well) very comparable to the weed simpa smell good goud and especially its change from the weed and its its very cool. Thank you to everyone who left comments and thank you shayana !!! :)

  • Translated from French nawack
    great content order a little long (8 days) big splif, good trip I recommend ideal for the shortage thank you shayana

  • Translated from French kingbouzeu
    Parcel received within 4 days in a very discreet envelope. I open my little bag of grass, sniff it and surprise it smells of Provence herbs! I roll a cone by putting two pinches of this fabulous mixture, light the object with all my hope. The taste is not unpleasant and is largely worth that of a poor quality resin. By cons no effect, a little disappointed I finished my joint when suddenly paf! a big slap I have the sensation of having smoked two good cones of weed but without the sensation of being a large slug ^^. The effects are short it's a shame ~ 1 hour but it pleases at the moment. Thank you shayana :)

  • Translated from French Shroomy
    Second impeccable order: 4 days. Not a centigram more unfortunately! (Good, there are seeds as a gift!) Always as good this thing but here is my little experience: Avoid smoking it when you take magic mushrooms, it stones them (poor little ones) and suddenly, they are less "virulent". Afterwards, you even feel the effect of the Dutch Orange Mix more than that of the mushrooms. Note that if your trip is too violent, it may eventually calm you down a bit. And then you can always smoke it after ... Do not put too much, two pinches are enough for a good stick. Hi everyone and thank you Shayana.

  • Translated from French de
    I love! Regular weed smoker, from time to time I like to use the dutch orange mix to vary. Super taste, great effect!

  • Translated from French radiance
    Quite skeptical about this kind of herbs before trying, and even more skeptical when the package arrives (smell of Provence herbs!), I must admit that the desired effect is there, no doubt !!! !! :-) I will buy it !!!

  • Translated from French Shroomy
    Damn, this thing is great! I put 2 small pinches in a stic 10mn ago and there, it does! I seem to have smoked good weed. In addition, the taste and smell, great! Nothing to do with Spice and other Sense, for those who knew. In 16/20 shorts! Thank you Shayana, I will order more, that's for sure! Kisses to all.

  • Translated from French Simon
    this little mixture of herbs is very nice, good taste, no need to put tons, the small pouch of 1g allows you to have fun several times :) Why I can not remove myself this smile that I have since ten minutes ???? because frankly it tears

  • Translated from French Dju
    Apart from the really disgusting taste actually there is a nice effect, in small doses all of that is not worth a good weed

  • Translated from French truchot
    it's bomb, thank you nature, thank you shayanashop

Dutch Orange Mix


The King is back! The best selling herbal blend on the market is back and better than ever. With a new and improved formula, combining the best natural herbs into a premium blend unlike any other. Enjoy its euphoric sensation and accept no imitation!


Pleasant body high, psychoactive stimulation, sensory enhancement. Effects are best experienced in a positive mood and a comfortable setting.


Dutch Orange contains a special recipe of natural herbs and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that occur naturally in the Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) plant.