Rush Liquid Incense

  • Translated from German Igor
    There are definitely stronger poppers on the market

  • Translated from French Roro
    Very good product! Everyone loves it.

  • Translated from French Lt
    Good product, nice packaging, good synergy with the LSD ...

  • Translated from French Céline
    Perfect if you are looking for a hash or green dupe thank you !! Thanks to you, I no longer smoke rotten hash, I even have a friend who regularly consumes green tea who was surprised by the effects of this product, so I recommend the effects of this product not last long 1 hour and it does not last long. should not be dosed much otherwise bad trip 😊

  • Translated from French Seas
    Quick to use, no after effect (apart from the ass that heals a bit but it's frankly very light). Intense high about 1min30-2min, instant rise. The good thing about this is that your imagination is shot to death, but since you are totally in control, you can imagine yourself doing absolutely anything and it is like you are there. No addiction. Avoid contact with the skin! And irritates the nose if used daily.

  • Translated from German Felix
    Is Dude's first poppers, Dude had a lot of fun with himself and a nice movie;) 2 times long and smell deep for perfect ecstasy. Then the dude went well.

Rush Liquid Incense

With tens of millions sold, RUSH® is the world's number one selling Liquid Incense®!

Liquid Incense is the name invented by RUSH® for their party- and sex enhancer, also known as rush poppers. Isobutyl nitrate,the active ingredient in these popular aroma poppers provides users with a sudden rush of oxygen to the head provoking a feeling of intense happiness.Rush also gives you a nice and cosy warm feeling, it relaxes your muscles and blood vessels (which causes the rush of oxygen).

This is one of the reasons many people use it as an orgasm enhancer. Indeed, mediocre orgasms are upgraded to good orgasms. And good orgasms...well they become fabulous orgasms ! People even report enjoying longer lasting orgasms. And because of its muscle-relaxing effect there's also good news for all you anal lovers out there, because a rush of rush helps to loosen up you sphincter, making anal penetration easier.

But in the end,we could well tell you Rush spices up your love life or boosts up your party. The only way you'll ever really find out is by experiencing it yourself. Why read about it, when you can be doing it? Enjoy !