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Great White Shark

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Great White Shark

Cannabis growers looking for a stable and honest grow have found the right candidate: these feminized cannabis seeds by Green House Seeds provide just what they are looking for. So go ahead an buy them…that is if you dare. Because it is no coincidence that the Great White Shark bears the same name as the famous hunter of the seas.

Just like the majestic white predator, the resin-covered GHS Great White Shark will rise from the depths to knock you out of your chair with a powerful high and stone effect. Created with the genetics of Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian cannabis strains, Great White Shark has become one of Green House seeds top strains. Its buds develop fast and become real thick. The plant performs well both indoors and outdoors and boast very uniform results. Every plant looks the same, thanks to its stable genetic makeup.

Awards: 1st prize Bio HTCC 1997.
1st prize HIGHLIFE 2005.
Genetics: Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian.
Effect: Very strong body effect, stoned and long lasting.
Flowering indoors: Although many will begin harvesting after 65 days a week’s patience will reward you with extra resin and a sweet flavour.
Flowering outdoors: ready for harvest by the end of September.
THC: 14.85%
CBD: 0.22%