Dutch Passion

Brainstorm aka Hempstar

  • Translated from French mx
    Hi, I recommend this strain / briders for beginners as well as advanced. The genetics are irreproachable a nikel yield a sublime haze-lemon aroma, do not hesitate on this beautiful plant with beautiful fruits, fragrant to the point and very photogenic;) Friends gardeners let's go.

  • Translated from German martin
    10 seeds, all germinated on 2sqm under 2x 400 HPS, fed with a complete Hesi program. The babies grow very well, increase their size again in the flowering phase, approx. 40-50cm. Yield per plant 60gr dried. High nutrient requirement, like extra shot magnesium and nitrogen from the 3rd week of flowering to the Hesi program. Flavor ok but effect really strong, moves into the couch. Conclusion - recommended

  • Translated from French bastien
    slight effects, a medium taste. for me it is a tobacco substitute

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Plant very easy to grow and very pleasant result on the effects (I advise to use only organic it will give it back to you;))

Brainstorm aka Hempstar

The genetics of Brainstorm were introduced in our seedcollection in 1996. The strain has been updated for the second time in 2006 by selecting a premium clone from the original seed stock. Through this premium clone the “Brainstorm” feminized seedline is produced. Brainstorm is a sturdy plant with the power and yield of the famous Northern Lights 5, hybridized with potent 100% Haze genetics. Brainstorm has a solid, strong long lasting "high", combined with a well balanced, soft smoking experience. Good for bumper harvests. A perfect variety to select clones from.


Indica Dominant
Haze X Oasis X Skunk
Feminised Cannabis Seeds
9 weeks


One of the best things about Hempstar is that its high lasts for no less than three hours. As soon as you begin smoking the strain, you will feel the high overcome your body and mind. You will not only feel extremely relaxed but you will happy as well. The strain is better known for its medical applications. On several occasions it has proven to be successful at treating medical conditions like schizophrenia, severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and loss of appetite.