• Noname
    pop 2 in my bong and after an hour my bong felt kinda happy, it is very mild, more like an antidepressant than psychedelic. It is good for chilling out with friends but not really life changing here, peace .

  • Liza
    Cant say anything bad, the price is right and it does work, for some its stronger, for some milder but DO keep in mind that it does last quite some time so if you are planing to go to sleep an hour later, forget it. :) choose the right time and setting and its all good :)

  • Kathy
    only got 3 instead of the ordered 4 pills!!! :-( bit dissappointed about that, but if they have good effects nevermind... will try them tomorrow.... yipppiiieh

  • Kathy
    received my order in 5 workind days! great!! thanks for that shayana and keep on providing excellent service!! :-)

  • peter
    Good-old herbalcaps! 2 of this, and a big beer ahh.. I´m still on siesta ahh.. Just nice :-)


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