Green House

Arjan's Ultra Haze #1

  • gordon
    This shit was very strong and gave me the couch potato effect and it lasted for hours,i would recommend this to all,which I have already done .It also produced some fine hash. Be careful it will put your head in the sand thumbs up Shayana

Arjan's Ultra Haze #1

The Green House Arjan´s family is in constant expansion. From now on, you can also buy feminize seeds of this notorious strain. When Arjan´s Ultra Haze 1 enters the competition, it is bound to reel in many prizes and awards. This strain can develop a massive yield of more than 1200 grams per plant. The Arjan´s Ultra Haze 1 is a 3-way hybrid made up of Neville´s haze,Cambodian and Laos.

If you want to grow a weed that deals a firm blow to anyone who smokes it, the Ultra Haze 1 is a good option. Its buds sparkle with THC resin and are very hard. Ultra Haze 1 seeds grow into a bud that produces a strong effect which comes on in a quick rush.

Type: Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor flowering: 13 weeks
Indoor yield: Up to 900 grams / m2
Outdoor harvest: End of November
Outdoor yield: Up to 1300 grams / plant
THC: 21,6 %
CBD: 0,8%
CBN: 0,6%