Royal C

  • Psychedelia
    This is super mental power and too much activity . I had just half of it and it turned me in to Caramba . Next time all . Youll see me on moon .

  • Translated from French jaflar
    C shit in a tube ... After taking it, headache for a whole afternoon, stomach ache and cold sweats ... (same symptoms for my girlfriend) No pleasant effect, only inconvenience! your tune and buy mushrooms instead !!

  • Translated from French Rominger
    And then the taste is not good ?? You are stupid or what, it is not made to be good the prods it is made to be efficient. And it's not bad for 10 euros it gives a boost for 2 or 3 hours

  • Translated from French mouthmouth
    My cop and I made us stutter to death. Yet we had followed the instructions for use. In addition it tastes disgusting.

  • Translated from French Ginette
    Too bad, no effect except headache!

  • Translated from French illegal
    attention !!! powerful product! not to be put in all hands.g taken half 2 the recommended doz and 10 minutes after palpitation, puff 2 heat, perspiration, sweaty hand, impossibility 2 to hold in place, odd feeling to see unpleasant in the chest ... effect + violent ke the cc, hard to bear, now for you to see ??? remained in the field is nothing like it ...

  • Translated from French yo
    similar to cocaine ... ??? something that makes your heart beat at 200 and prevents you from sleeping that will be more like the description ... incomparable to cocaine xtremely disappointed

  • Translated from French g'm
    I expected something phony I drank two thirds of the bottle 20 minutes after big bad, the heart at 200 an hour, the guy ka had 25 coffees in the cartoons. half an hour later it was better it was quite nice mem

  • Translated from German alex
    So that's probably full of shit! the effect was not at all on coke and it was bad all the time. so people don't buy the shit.

Royal C

Royal C is an herbal shooter with effects similar to illegal cocaine! Effects last for about 4 hours so you can enjoy your party night to the fullest!


Shake well. Use one hour after meal. Swallow half of the content first to check response. Drink a glass of water or juice afterwards.