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Absinthe - Artemisia Absinthium

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Artemisia Absinthium

Artemisia absinthium, also known as Wormwood or Green Ginger, was used to make the fabled psychoactive beverage Absinthe (The Green Fairy), which was very popular in the late 19th century before it became prohibited virtually worldwide.

Absinthe was a favorite of many artists and intellectuals of the time. Several species of Artemisia are also smoked for visionary effect by various American first nation tribes. Thujone is thought to be the secret active substance responsible for the unusual mind-altering effects of the herb.


Absinthe can give a peaceful and soothing feeling. In combination with alcohol or in large amounts it can result in hallucinogenic experiences.


Absinthe was traditionally smoked or used as tea to give a high comparable to mild marijuana. When processed into a drink (40 grams Wormwood is shaken daily for 3 weeks in a bottle of strong liquor) it may act as a narcotic or hallucinogen. Absinthe is best drank very slowly so that the effect of the alcohol does not override the effect of the herbs.


Artemisia Absinthium