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Absinthe - Artemisia Absinthium

  • Stef
    It was a nice experience, I felt very intoxicated! I chewed slightly less than a gram, and swallowed with a sip of mountain dew for flavor. It's good stuff,makes you VERY tranquil, but creative, and inspired as well! I prefer salvia divinorum however.

  • Translated from German raXility
    I ordered this here. was after a tea that had drawn 25 min and 3g. contained pretty stoned !!! Hallowe effect only became noticeable after half a bottle of vodka. However, this product tastes so hideous that I was only able to extract the tea ice cold. I would be happy if someone could tell me how I can achieve a maximum halloween effect with this product without feeling bad (from the taste)! Tip: if you season this herb with the relatively cheap galangal herb, it tastes quite good and invigorates as a tea (you wake up and stay stoned) [Alle Produkte die ich hier bestellt habe, haben unbeschadet den weg nach Niedersachsen in Deutschland gefunden]

  • Translated from German J2theK
    Well it has at least found its way to NRW ... but I know net put 4 g in my cup an hour ago and I don't notice anything ... I'm going to try it out with my bong if I want to make real absynth here is a recipe: One tea is a common form of wormwood. Let 1 teaspoon of cabbage infuse ina cup with water, do not boil. However, the tea has a very bitter taste, there is little you can do about it. You can put a little peppermint leaf in the tea. Sweet and bitter don't go together, so don't put sugar in the tea. To prepare absinthe, let 40 gr of wormwood steep in half a liter of a strong drink (e.g. Pernod) for 1 to 2 weeks. After sifting it, this strong drink is ready for consumption. First try a small glass to dose the effect well, but don't forget to explore the side effects ... best example: the cut ear from van gogh <LOL! PEACE and OUTps now smoke the shit ^^

  • Translated from German djaptsche
    I also took it but I had 5g inside my tea tastes really bitter bitter like the extract of ... what bitter lol of the effect I could notice a bit (so slightly stoned) but I didn't drink any alcohol ... But I did it one hour later I snacked mushrooms had a frequent laughing bottle

  • Translated from German MagicMuschisLover
    hmm I'm curious I bought 200g and will try 5g in tea ... but if you have better recipes, post it here!

  • Translated from French Loick
    I will try soaked in the tise, for the moment a join before bed is not refusal! It's nice, relaxes the muscles and makes you think, like green, except that it's cheaper (a smell of herbs from Provence too)

  • Translated from Samoan sadf
    Absolutely shit, tastes associative, hardly to bring down. The effect does not come well, hardly flashes and the disgusting taste in the face for hours.

  • sadf
    absolut scheiße,scmeckt assozial,kaum runterzubringen.auch die wirkung kommt nicht gut,flasht fast nicht und stundenlang den widerlichen gescmack in der fresse.

  • Translated from French FloB
    Too disgusting. It's buying something that's useless. In addition you fuck pastis which becomes undrinkable! Make it into an herbal tea or extract, but don't make absinth with it, or you'll regret it. A competitor site sells much more interesting complete absinth preparation kits. If Maupassant drank that, no wonder he fell crazy. If so, that's what gave him the Syphillis ...


Artemisia Absinthium

Artemisia absinthium, also known as Wormwood or Green Ginger, was used to make the fabled psychoactive beverage Absinthe (The Green Fairy), which was very popular in the late 19th century before it became prohibited virtually worldwide.

Absinthe was a favorite of many artists and intellectuals of the time. Several species of Artemisia are also smoked for visionary effect by various American first nation tribes. Thujone is thought to be the secret active substance responsible for the unusual mind-altering effects of the herb.


Absinthe can give a peaceful and soothing feeling. In combination with alcohol or in large amounts it can result in hallucinogenic experiences.


Absinthe was traditionally smoked or used as tea to give a high comparable to mild marijuana. When processed into a drink (40 grams Wormwood is shaken daily for 3 weeks in a bottle of strong liquor) it may act as a narcotic or hallucinogen. Absinthe is best drank very slowly so that the effect of the alcohol does not override the effect of the herbs.


Artemisia Absinthium