Royal S - Herbal Sex

  • diogo
    Pois que fique bem claro que estas capsulas sao bem potentes nao fiquie a dever nada a minha namorada ela gostou foram 3 quase seguidas. simplesmente é bom.

  • guy
    valha me deus da para esfolar

Royal S

Herbal Sex

Royal S ensures that the sex gets much more intense. With just one shot, your sexual rendez-vous will elevate and make the whole experience more sensual and exciting! Drink up and go right on it!


Royal Sex is a herbal shooter with an aphrodisiac effect.


Shake well. Use one hour after meal. Drink half of the bottle first to check response. Drink a glass of water or juice afterwards.


½ bottle: lighter effect
Full bottle: stronger effect


The feeling lasts about 4 hours, long enough to enjoy each other to the maximum.


Passion flower extract 35mg, Kratom extract 250 mg, Gaba, Maca, Citrate