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Lockz Jars - Lockable Storage Jars

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Lockz Jars

Lockable Storage Jars

This first class stash jar is the ideal storage solution for keeping your goods fresh and safe!

Lockz Jars provide airtight storage for maximum freshness and are made from hard shell plastic to ensure durability. They feature a key-locking system to keep your stash safe and secure. The clear jar locks into the private opaque sleeve for security and privacy.

Lockz Jars are available in a variety of sizes and each jars comes complete with 2 keys.

XS = Height: 10.5cm Diameter: 5cm
S = Height: 10.5cm Diameter: 5.5cm
M = Height: 10.5cm Diameter: 6.5cm
L = Height: 8cm Diameter: 9cm