Psychotria Viridis

  • Elias
    I buyed this Psychotria Viridis in october, they were very active. Im very happy with the quality. I ve make the extraction with water and 30% lemon juice, 3 times and then the reduction to 50 ml dosis. Of cours with peganum Harmala I must only to advice the consumers that a medium dosis (full aktive) of psychotria its 25 grams, not 50 like states in the webs information. And most with this quality of product. Pd: please, please dont buy Banipteriosis caapi to make ayahuasca, they are in danger of extintion, you can use Peganum Harmala and the ayahuasca-effect its equal good. Enjoy, learn, and be carefull Elaion

  • Translated from Spanish Tomas
    good quality for my ayahuasca preparation a few hours of patience to prepare everything, a day of fasting and ready for a meditation experience limit at all levels

Psychotria Viridis

Psychotria viridis is a evergreen bush from the coffee family that can be found in the amazonian lowlands. Also known as “chacruna”, its leaves have been used in combination with other native plants in healing and sacred rituals since ancient times.


Altered states of consciousness.